Per an official release from the Jays, The Trade has been approved by the league, and is now, seriously, honestly, officially, stop-worrying-about-it official.


The email from the club to reporters (and, y’know, bloggers) reads:

The TORONTO BLUE JAYS have completed a 12-player trade with the Miami Marlins that will see the club acquire RHP JOSH JOHNSON, LHP MARK BUEHRLE, SS JOSE REYES, C JOHN BUCK, INF/OF EMILIO BONIFACIO and cash considerations. In return the Marlins will acquire SS YUNEL ESCOBAR, SS ADEINY HECHAVARRIA, RHP HENDERSON ALVAREZ, C JEFF MATHIS along with the following minor league players, LHP JUSTIN NICOLINO, RHP ANTHONY DESCLAFANI and OF JAKE MARISNICK.

It also announces that Joel Carreno has been designated for assignment in order to make room on the 40-man roster for all of the delicious new players.

There was a separate release that soon followed the announcement, alerting the media to a press conference tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM, which will be attended by Alex Anthopoulos, though “it is not anticipated that any of the players involved in the recent transactions will be able to attend the press conference.”

That’s… somewhat odd. And it’s certainly not going to quiet any of the whispers we’ve been hearing that some of the players may be unhappy that they’ve landed in Toronto. But even on the off chance it really is something like that, they’re ours now, and they may have to just suck it up. I mean, sorry if your shitty agent didn’t point out that a supposed verbal promise not to trade you isn’t actually binding.

More to the point, worrying about that stuff is truly jumping the gun at this point, and may not be based at all in reality at all (see picture above). The deal is done, after all, clearing the widely reported hurdle that was Bud Selig.

The Commissioner was said to be very unhappy with the Marlins’ end of the deal, especially following all of the work that the league did in helping Jeffrey Loria get a new, taxpayer-funded stadium for his club. In the end, though, there was nothing Selig could do, as he explained in an official statement of his own:

“I am sensitive to the concerns of the fans of Miami regarding this trade, and I understand the reactions I have heard since Tuesday,” he explained. “Baseball is a social institution with important social responsibilities and I fully understand that the Miami community has done its part to put the Marlins into a position to succeed with beautiful new Marlins Park.  Going forward, I will continue to monitor this situation with the expectation that the Marlins will take into account the sentiments of their fans, who deserve the best efforts and considered judgment of their Club.  I have received assurances from the ownership of the Marlins that they share these beliefs and are fully committed to build a long-term winning team that their fans can be proud of.”

Ultimately, however, it was his “conclusion that this transaction, involving established Major Leaguers and highly regarded young players and prospects, represents the exercise of plausible baseball judgment on the part of both Clubs, does not violate any express rule of Major League Baseball and does not otherwise warrant the exercise of any of my powers to prevent its completion.”

So… there’s that. It’s still pretty damn awesome. And so is this:

And this!

I’ll say it again: PLAYOFFS!!!!1!


Image via Instagram.

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  1. the war is over

  2. I’m over it. Or rather, I have already processed all the emotions surrounding this and taken the entire event into consideration and in my mind, it was already a done deal. So this news merely confirms the joy I have felt all week.

  3. Fuck Yes

  4. *Sigh of Relief*

  5. *shart of relief*

  6. Great news. I can already feel my scrotum loosening up now.

  7. *fistpump*

  8. Did something just happen?



  9. l love the trade, I love the blog, I love the jays, but I hate that logo.

  10. The rational part of me was always 99.9% sure this would go through.

    But I feel a hell of a lot better now that it has actually been approved.

    Really looking forward to the next ‘AA Speaks’ post.

  11. Farrell has been admitted to bellview.

  12. Stage one complete.

  13. Selig’s statement pisses me off. “Baseball is an important social institution with important social responsibilities.” Where the hell was that while the Expos sold off their team for literally nothing, trading Pedro 4 days after he won the Cy Young for Carl fucking Pavano and Tony fucking Armas? Oh that’s right, Selig and Loria were busy working on how to destroy the Expos.

    Oh well. The trade is done. I’m happy, and I’m sad for what few fans are left in Miami.

    • +1. Bud is of course a hypocrite. He has sown the seeds of the Marlins’ mess.

    • What are you thinking? You want Bud to admit that he participated in a conspiracy with other owners that destroyed baseball in Montreal?

      He would have been admitting that he did precisely that if he disallowed this trade because Loria is following the same pattern and destroying baseball in Miami – which clearly is not in the best interest of baseball. He would also be facing possible criminal charges (more likely another lawsuit) under the US’s anti-racketeering laws (RICO act) and for abetting fraud in the construction of the new stadium in Miami.

      He’s allowing this trade because it’s not in the best interests of Bud Selig to disallow it.

    • This- like +100 fuckin’ times.

    • + 1994

    • I’m not sad about Miami fans at all

  14. Hey Farrell…How you like them apples???? ……………………………

  15. When the fuck does Melky get signed?

  16. Laissez le bon temps roulez!
    Now the fun can start – AA’s got a new bunch of “official” Jays players to work his mad ninja trading skills with now. I suppose none of the new Jays could be mentioned in a trade scenario until their status was officially announced.

    I wait with breathless anticipation.

  17. So a presser scheduled at 9:30 tomorrow, none of the acquired players expected attend

    Odd timing

    If thats the case, why not do presser tonight?

    another shoe to drop before then???????????

    • Probably want out of town press to have time to get into town…

    • another blockbuster possibly, names leaving Toronto that just arrived. Jerse’s being printed to direct towards falsity… hmmm… ninjas move in the darkness, amirite?

  18. Carreno? I’ll be sad to see him go, I guess. Maybe. But I guess it was him or Crawford.

    Wait does someone else have to go for Melky? If so, change that or ^ to an and.

  19. And yet nothing changes. What’s the headline on Not,…”Marlins complete largest trade in MLB history”

    • who cares. it will be more satisfying if/when the jays appear in a division title or…well, you know…

      • Well now I see there’s a more slanted Jays article also on So yeah…I’m picking.

        Who fucking cares, Jose Reyes plays in Toronto!

    • Statement from the Marlins: “We’ve finished in last place the past two years, and that is unacceptable to our fans, to us as an organization, and to me. We want to get back to our winning ways, and we want a winning baseball team for our fans. It’s incumbent on us to make the changes necessary to make us a winner again. It may not happen overnight but with the players we acquired in the second half of last season, coupled with the infusion of players we are acquiring now, we will be returning to Marlins Baseball: high energy and hungry.”

      BIG LMMFAO!!!

      • and with the money they saved, The Marlins signed Juan Pierre for a million bucks!

        Epic Fail.

  20. Nice muthfukin Juzi!!! (Jays Uzi)

  21. F U Selig for making us sweat it out. Bring on the season!

  22. By the way reading marlins fans reaction to each marlins tweet is hilarious

    • I don’t think it’s hilarious. Those poor guys got hosed. And we know what that feels like :( I’m not gonna gloat over them.

      The Sux on the other hand…

      • I especially love the reports that say that Boston passed on the Marlins deal to the Jays.

        Like as fucking IF they even had a fucking clue.

        • Boston a passed on it because they didn’t think it was a good trade, yet they don’t think it’s fair for the Bluejays to do it because it’s too favorable for the Jays. I love Masshole rationale. Suck it Farrell!!!

      • + Billions and Billions

  23. We’re gonna gangstah the AL beast bitches.

    That logo should be very seriously considered as the new trademark.

    Don’t Drink Your Juice in Da Hood of Waterfront Tee Dot Without Your Jays Cap Y’all

    – Spike Lee, new Jays fan

  24. Excellent news but really the only decision that could have been made by selig. Now where’s the manager and when goes spring training start. Oh it’s manny Acta by the way ! Take that to the bank

  25. I guess Marisnick changes his jersey now.

    Good news all round! Now we need a manager and in a perfect world a Cy-Young-winning knuckleballer…

  26. Wikipedia updated the pages. Now it’s official.

  27. Those uniforms look Fucking awesome

  28. I can see why the logo was changed, as PCness has taken over the world.

    But that was the best picture I have ever seen on this webby.

  29. Now we will likely be hearing about the new manager tonight or tomorrow.

  30. I know us Jays fans have been spoiled over the last week with hotstove stuff. But I think there is a decent chance of another transaction b4 US Thanksgiving and not just the announcement of a new manager.

    Either related to Buehrle or JPA would be my guess.

  31. Where is the jersey pic from? It’s mighty purdy.

  32. About time this became official. Awesome logo, that needs to be on t-shirts that all the hipsters can wear.

  33. Trade JPA
    Trade JPA
    Trade Mr. Flyout
    Trade JPA
    Trade JPA
    Trade JPA
    Trade JPA

  34. Just in from NotBusterOlney @TrippingOlney…


  35. In the words of a tyrant, “Bring ‘em on!”

  36. I’ve had a massive boner since Tuesday. No signs of this subsiding.

  37. “Plausible baseball judgement” is the greatest phrase ever spoken, and probably my fantasy team name from now until forever.


  39. this is creature that is forbidden in Ontario:–/YXBwaWQ9eW5ld3M7cT04NQ–/

    maybe he could sneak it into the country and take whatever slap on the wrist is the penalty for doing so

  40. has darren oliver made any decisions that anyone knows of?
    this team needs some black magic

  41. Flex pack bought.

    • @gsmc welcome to the flexpack club.

      I suspect the ticket office will be very buy the next few weeks.

      Great Day for Jays fans.

      It’s fun to be a real big market MLB team again.

      In 2008 at the peak of JP Riccardi, the team’s payroll was 13th out of 30.

      I suspect the Jays will be top 8 by opening day.

    • I bought mine last week:-)

  42. Hey Everyone!

    Can we stop talking about how much all this is going to piss off John Farrell?
    Seriously, who gives a flying fuck what John Farrell thinks at this point!?

    Take if from a guy who’s been though some serious break-ups. Stop thinking about your Ex!!!

  43. So excited about next year, but in no way are playoffs a lock.

  44. so what exactly is jose’s comment supposed to mean? He’s confident in himself or his GM?

    • it means he wants to kick some fucking ass next year

    • Griffin wrote an article last week where he talked about AA & Jose Bautista.

      They apparently talk a lot & AA promised Jose that he would try to bring a playoff team to Toronto.

      I would love to find out what triggered Rogers desire out of the blue to build payroll past 125 million after Davidi article the week before talking about 90 -95 million.

      Was it the 73-89 season?

      Was it the embarrassement of Farrell walking away for his dream job?

      Did AA get a surprise call from Loria saying he wanted to trade his team at a discount?

      AA could never get Reyes ,Buerhle & Johnson at those contract terms

      • Or, you know, maybe you were completely wrong about all that trial balloon BS you were spewing not long ago.

        Clearly Rogers was not telling Davidi what to write.

        Amazing, isn’t it?

        • @Jays 2010.

          How do you know it was BS or not?

          Stephen Brunt has repeatedley said that Rogers was upset at getting the reputation of “being a cheapskate”.

          What triggered this big change in philosophy?

          Sure we were told AA would spend more this offseason, but no one expected this much of a jump.

          • What if it wasn’t a change of philosophy? It seems to me it was just the next logical step in what they stated they were going to do from day 1. First, rebuild the farm system and develop in-house talent that is controllable and team friendly. They always said when the time was right they would spend money to fill in the blanks via trade and FA. This reminds me a lot of how it went down in Pat Gillick’s days as GM.

            I really doubt that Rogers made a $50MM to $60MM decision. Based on whether sports fans think they’re cheap.

          • “No one expected this much of a jump.”


            This is why your repeated notion that Rogers was feeding Davidi stories and that Rogers would never let Davidi write whatever was all ridiculously stupid.

            Zaun, Blair, Brunt, Davidi & McCown ALL work for Rogers and yet they had/have different perspectives.

            Doesn’t that make it pretty clear that Rogers was/is not feeding them info?

            I repeat: you have the media literacy skills of an infant.

          • @Jays2010

            “This is why your repeated notion that Rogers was feeding Davidi stories and that Rogers would never let Davidi write whatever was all ridiculously stupid.”

            So Rogers doesn’t give any info to Davidi??? He is making up stuff as he goes along??

            Davidi seems very reluctant to criticize anything Rogers does, so I am sure he gets his info from someone at Rogers/Blue Jays.

            “Zaun, Blair, Brunt, Davidi & McCown ALL work for Rogers and yet they had/have different perspectives.”

            Zaun criticized the Jays last year for not getting Darvish /Fielder. He is honest that a team has to have veteran players who can perform at elite levels.

            Mccowan has been demanding a 120 million payroll for 2 years.

            Brunt has been confused about what Rogers is trying to do & he came up with the Rogers doesn’t want to be known as cheapskates meme.

            Doesn’t that make it pretty clear that Rogers was/is not feeding them info?

            When did Rogers decide to approve a 120 million payroll for 2013???

            Let’s say the team had won 84 games in 2012 with a healthy roster & the 80 million payroll.

            Would there be as much pressure on them to spend 125 million in 2013??

            I don’t think so.

            I believe the team was in such dire straits that Rogers realized that the sham was up & gave AA the extra money. Rogers couldn’t hide the fact of increased TV revenue from the MLB & once small market teams were getting extra money from regional cable deals, & they could sign Votto for 200 million , they couldn’t continue to play poor.

  45. Privately Selig is probably ecstatic. To possibly get a 4 million person market to stop acting like a 800,000 person market? And really, Toronto has a legit potential 25 million+ tv market.

    Id say hes salivating to get Toronto back to the early 90′s heyday…..if we had that level of support combined with the business model of todays baseball world (a lot has changed since 1993 revenue wise)….then that would be very very good for baseball as a whole.

    • enthusiasm was created in one 4 million+ market but was also destroyed in another. Miami has never been that great of a sports market but if he is happy about what happened there he is a moron.

      • Miami is not nearly as big and has no history of being a good aseball town.

        Not saying Selig enjoys what was done to Miami….but I guarantee you if he had the choice between baseball being huge in Miami or Toronto, he takes Toronto every day of the week.

    • Does Toronto count towards US MLB tv ratings?

      From Selig’s perspective he would rather Miami be a successful team since it is based in the USA & has a large hispanic population.

      Ideally all teams would try & be competitive.

  46. Alex….Call Me!!

  47. Press conference tomorrow at 9:30am.

  48. Start planning the parade! Not for the World Series, but rather the Gay Pride Parade (now that Escobar’s been punted)

  49. All I can say is that I will be severely pissed off if the Toronto fans don’t pack the place. The Dome was awesome back in the day, when they averaged 35-45K per game. The place was rocking, and you couldn’t help but get shivers when the place started going.
    Yeah, I know the fans were getting more cynical and blase with every lost season and every line of bullshit excuses that ownership threw out….but now, it seems that management finally walked the walk – and the fans should reward the team in kind.
    Pack the freaking house, is what the unofficial motto should be.

  50. As much as I would love seeing R.A. Dickey here, I really hope the Phillies suck again this year and Halladay has a mediocre season through the all-star break. Halladay on the last year of his contract would be significantly cheaper (look at the number of Dickey articles vs Halladay) then Dickey at this point and I still have confidence he would rise to the occasion for a Jay’s playoff run. Well one can dream…

  51. Now that the deal is official I just went and got a flexpak, as I said I would if they invested $$$ in the team. Can’t make it to Game 1 but will be there for game2.
    I am actually quite proud to be able to say Jays fan again instead of trying to rationalize to myself about a lot of the bukkshit players walking thru here the lat 3 years-u know Coello, Careno, Chavez, Reyes, Eveland, Mills, OKHA,Igarshi or whaetver the fuk he was,Rauch, Fukin Cordero, Beck, Dyson ( best stuff this side of fuckin Podunk according to Farrell) Tallett, an don and on.
    Fianlly, a team that we can say can compete with the big boys and has a reasonable chance of winning on paper at least every single day.
    Now I do not think AA is finished yet as he has inherited a fukstik in Buck;absolutely the worst defensive catcher in Baseball who hits all of .200. A lousy defensive catcher will cost you lost of runs and while JPA isn’t Yodier Molina he;s not bad and getting better, compared to Buck who is getting worse.
    I still think that he will try mightily to unload this piece of crap but he will have to throw in some $$$, say Buck + 3m _ sierra for maybe Masterton.Ok, we may have to throw in Rsmus

    • Buck will at best be the back up catcher, it’s really not a big deal. It’s not like AA wanted to downgrade Mathis to Buck.

    • @fukstick.

      Welcome to the flexpack Club. I am looking forward to next season. I suspect the Jay ticket office must be very busy today filling new subscriptions.

      I suspect that the move to 120 million payroll is more than a 1 year tryout, so there is genuine hope for 2013 & 2014.

      At the very least , the Jays will play competitive baseball into September.

      It will be interesting to see how the fanbase evolves with many new fans but also higher expectations on in game managerial decisions & performance by players.

      Lawrie trying to steal home when a game has playoff consequences will be a lot more serious than what happened last year.

      How will the players adapt to more scrutiny?

  52. So someone explain this to someone that doesn’t follow baseball, at all actually. Is this a good trade for the jays? Do we Torontonians finally have a sports team that’s not embarrassing?

  53. Thought “PLAYOFFS!!!!1!” was a type. Hilarious Stoeten.

  54. *typo

    the irony is delicious


    I know Buerhle might be pissed about his dog situation and I know I would be pissed and sad as well but I am sure there’s a fix for it. I hope he figures it out.

    I can’t wait to see who the new manager is and who the other new faces are going to be

    • The Argos should sign Michael Vick for next season, that would really please Buerhle! Maybe he can get visitation rights?

  56. Just a suggestion here but what about Rasmus + a mid level prospect for Kinsler. Just a thought haha. Then just hope Gose can rock n roll.

    • Interesting but I cannot see it as this trade essentially, from the Texas perspective, boils down to Kinsler for Rasmus-so uh no they won’t do this.
      Rasmus IMO is a fukstik who will follow in a long list of talented guys that just never put it together-you know like Travis Fukin Snider. Oh sure, you get a red hot week here and there and Buck goes crazy about leadership and “reaching his potential” before the inevitable slide to .250 occurs.
      No I think 2b is settled between Boni and Izzy. Big moves now will still focus on pitching with a secondary goal of 1B/DH-especially if he could somehow unload fukstik Lind

      • Mlbtraderumors said buck and jp are being looked at by Texas…any chance of a catcher + getting an ogando, holland or Feliz back?

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