Melky Signs Officially

Because obviously I would never want to stop staring at a computer screen for a few damn hours, angrily tweeting with people desperate to work out a way to bring Roy Halladay back, or certain best catching prospect in baseball Travis d’Arnaud needs to be traded because he’s “unproven,” or that JP Arencibia is a whole lot better than his yet-to-break-.285 OBP might suggest, the Jays just continue making news, officially confirming tonight, by way of an official release, their signing of Melky Cabrera.

So… there’s that.

Or… well, there could be a few more words, I suppose, but why? We knew it was coming. I think we’ve all digested it. Let’s drink a beer or something– or, atleast if you’re not, I know I am…

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  1. woooo

  2. At first I thought there w/b no melk today but finally the deal is signed. one more thing for AA to talk about at the presser tomorrow. Reading a US blog today that suggests the BJs are still interested in Marcum and Ejax. Be great if they could snare one of these for $$$ which would make another trade for a !b/dh more believable. However, I question whether we can do any of this w/o dumping some salary first like adam “sleepy” Lind or John “fukstik” Buck/ Naybody hear anything?

  3. D’Arnaud should be traded because he’s worth so much more than Arencibia and i can’t see them starting a rookie catcher in a playoff run. 2013′s too important.

    woo melky

    • Just like the Giants couldn’t use a rookie when they won the WS in 2010, right?

    • Boo.

      AA keeps talking about sustained success and TDA > JPA long term.

    • 2 years ago, rajai davis was a better major league baseball player than mike trout.

      darnaud shouldnt be traded unless its for an ace. but he kinda has one in johnson now.

      TDA hasn’t played in a while, if he got to the AFL maybe they move arencibia, before his SSS and acclamation to the bigs turns in to him just generally not being a good hitter.

  4. Was that directed at me beardo?

    Hate on my opinions as much as you like but the fact is, TDA isnt proven and has been a bandaid in two of the last three seasons and sorry but that worries me a little in the grand scheme. But yeah JP has an average of 29 homers per 162 games and has a good relationship with the players so sure, let’s give up on him after two seasons and give the job to a guy that cant stay healthy and hasnt had a major league at bat.


    • you’re an idiot

    • travis snider had a pretty good relationship with a lot of the players and he was moved. AA doesn’t give a fuck, as he shouldnt.

      and its funny to say the reason to keep arencibia is TDA isn’t proven and cant stay healthy.

      you know who else isn’t proven and cant stay healthy? the guy you are advocating for the starting job.

      Arencibia’s likable, but unfortunately you have a player who plays his position who is better offensively and defensively.. Ideally you keep both, and let JPA DH, but his bat doesn’t play.

      mid season he’s gone, start dealing with it now so it doesn’t hit you so hard

      • Yeah I also don’t get all this stuff about d’Arnaud being injury-prone. I can think of him being injured twice: once it was something with his back (I think?) and the latest I believe was his knee while sliding into 2nd base. We have no proof that these were anything other than freak accidents. Players get injured. That doesn’t mean he’s made of glass.

        Arencibia’s the one who injured his thumb when his hand was in his lap rather than behind his back like it should have been.

        • Alright maybe not injury prone fine but in 2010 he played 71 games and in 2012 he played 67. Sure the numbers were off the charts in the time he did play but he has been through a couple fairly significant injuries in his young career. When you see that in a young player sometimes it’s a little unnerving is all.

          Sure he will likely be a star but my whole way of thinking right now is, he hasnt proven shit all at the major league level and if he came up and flopped he sure wouldnt be the first and wont be the last player with high rankings and tons of hype to do so. I could name 50 top prospects that amounted to shit all. So… until he delivers at the major league level excuse me if im not riding the hype train that Ive ridden before with other players just to be let down.

      • Personally I couldnt give a fuck who catches as long as they do the job. I am not advocating for anyone in particular here.

        There’s no way they deal JPA mid season if theyre contending, it simply will not happen that way, you dont take a starting catcher out of a contending team’s line up mid season or at the deadline or at any point during the season really. If theyre going to move him, the time is either now or next off season.

        Sorry, but when everyone was sucking up JPA’s minor league numbers like he was going to be the next Brian McCann, I said the same damn thing, wait until he gets to the show and then see what he brings to the table. For me, his major league production has been fine but I feel he has a lot more in him offensively, he just needs work and a new hitting coach whether that be with the Jays or someone else.

        If they trade JPA now with say Happ and a mid level prospect, they add whats likely to be another very solid arm to the rotation, which would leave the Jays with a Buck / Wilson combo to start the year and then TDA knocks at the door at some point and Wilson finds his way to AAA. I’d be OK with this.

        Scenario 2, they hold onto JPA and he combos with Buck for the year and TDA gets a full year at AAA with a call up if there’s an injury. Also fine by me. They would just have to sign a guy like Marcum or Blanton for the back end which wouldnt cost much. At year end, assess the situation and see what you have with the two young guys.

        Either way… I am not advocating for JPA but I think the hate on him and praise for TDA is completely retarded. JPA’s OBP and OPS arent great,, it’s true but he is young and with some work could turn the contact hitting part of his game up to a more respectable level.

        • I didn’t read much of that for obvious reasons.

          but why do you keep making blanket statements like, you don’t trade a catcher midseason before the playoffs. etc etc

          if you replace him with a better player, you’re doing your team a service.

          not that TDA is going to be buster posey, but posey didn’t start with the giants and lead them to to the WS.

          a good player is a good player, and with the bar set so low, TDA really doesn’t have to be amazing when he comes up. so theres really no way the jays performance will take a hit

          fuck even buck has to take over the bar is just so low, its not really that big of a deal

          • Please go back in baseball history and find me a time that a team has traded their starting catcher in the midst of a contending season and replaced him with a rookie that has never seen a big league at bat.

            All of this is very hypothetical obviously but say the Jays ARE contending or leading the division and JPA is having a decent year.

            Just saying if they move him itll be now or next off season. The only way they move him mid season is say in theory Buck gets moved / injured and TDA comes up makes an impact during this season that makes JPA expendable.

            • Tool, someone already mentioned posey.. Dont u remember the giants traded Molina midseason to give him the starting job. If jpa is traded midseason, it will be because tda has shown something and proven himself.

          • rangers added a catcher last year at the deadline and went in to the playoffs with said new catcher.

            its been done man,

            i get that catcher is an important defensive position, but its not like JPA is Yadier or something. What did JPA not being a rookie or having a good relationship do for ricky’s performance last year?

            not saying that its JPA’s fault, just making note that its not that important

    • is your Disqus username Daniel Delvecchio ? Because you sound an awful lot like the same guy I’ve been pwning in this thread on MLBTR:

      In this thread he argues that Kotchman had a better 2012 than 2011. Uh oh guys, RBI’s. he will likely expect a top of the line starter (Darvish, or something of similar value) from Texas in exchange for JPA.

      Either way, help me heckle this guy.

  5. welcome to the team

  6. Melky could be the bargain signing of the offseason.

    unless you believe that testosterone can turn johnny mac into ichiro

  7. Darnaud should get weened into 1st base after we get rid of lind nxt year

  8. what do we think we could have subtracted/added to the marlins trade if we included JPA instead of mathis?

  9. Probability of finding one of these:

    Yeti – 10000000 to 1
    Unicorn – 1000000 to 1
    Clitoris – 100000 to 1
    A clip of JPA taking a walk 10000 to 1

    I’m holding out for a unicorn.
    JPA is seriously over valued by you guys who only see the HR numbers.

    TDA will be a star. Everyone in baseball (Espn, baseball america, Baseball reference …etc) agree.

    Don’t let one fuckup (Snider – whether or not it was him or how he was handled) poison your view of prospects.
    And to that, Snider had serious question marks and was never even as highly regarded as TDA is.

    • actually Snider was a higher ranked prospect at a much younger age.

      you’re right about everything else though.

      • Snider’s highest ranking overall was 11th, TDA was 6th.
        These are Keith Laws prospect rankings:

        I’m sure you can probably find someone who had ranked Snider a little higher or TDA a little lower but from everything I’ve read D’arnaud is much more highly regarded then Snider was.
        Also TDA is at a premium position.

        • I just reread your post. You’re correct regarding age.
          When Snider was ranked 11 he was 20 years old.
          TDA is/was 22 years old when ranked 6th. So, I’ll begrudgingly give you that point.

          • potatoe patato

            i agree with your overall sentiment, but Snider was probably the best hitting prospect in our system since delgado

        • in 09 baseball america had Snider #6 in the league as a 21 year old.

          remember Snider was in the bigs pretty early and lost his prospect status.

  10. Just thinking with all of this awesomeness, would anyone agree with me on this:

    1. Trade SP Mark Buerhle & another player to Astros for 2B Jose Altuve. (They could then flip him for more prospects once the big name free agent pitchers are taken)

    2. Use freed up cash to grab Edwin Jackson and Shaun Marcum

    3. Keep both J.P. & D’Arnaud!!!

    Lineup: (crazy how it can be better at this point)

    SS Jose Reyes
    2B Jose Altuve
    RF Jose Bautista
    DH Edwin Encarnacion
    1B Adam Lind
    LF Melky Cabrera
    3B Brett Lawrie
    CF Colby Rasmus
    C J.P. Arencibia


    Josh Johnson
    Ricky Romero
    Brandon Morrow
    Shaun Marcum
    Edwin Jackson

    Lets GO Jays!!!

    • interesting proposition, however the Astros would have to accept, but this trade leaves us with no holes and gives us the best IF/OF defense in the American League, playoffs!

    • They have 2 second base options in house, so that seems moot to go and try to build on it.

      and here’s the thing

      you will probably pay jackson more than buerhle has left, and buerhle is better

      older but better.

    • I like your way of thinking big and dreaming big but Altuve is the closest thing to a franchise player that the Astros have, if they trade him, they would lose 7 of the 22 season ticket holders in Houston.

    • Why on earth would they trade Jose Altuve for a slightly above league average, overpaid 34 year old starter?

    • The Astros are horrible and will not be trading for guys like Buerhle with an avg wage of 16m/year and giving you one of their decent controllable for 5 year pieces-nowa y in hell.
      They know they will not be competitive for 5 years so they just want cheap kids.
      So the trade will not happen as constructed but I’m hoping the jays can find a way to get Jackson ( maybe 4/44)

  11. Bring back the Doc? If we’re choosing aging Phillies pitchers, I’d rather take Cliff Lee…

    Whatever, after this past week of fine-ass trades and signings, I trust AA.

    • both have no trade clauses right?

      • I believe so, but that’s not the point I was trying to make. I’m just saying I don’t buy into some of the nostalgia-driven lunacy about bringing Doc back for the sake of bringing the Doc back.

        • I think with JJ and BM leading the rotation

          they could go for more depth moves instead of high priced trade or sign

          like brandon mccarthy or e jax.

          as much as I’ll always love doc, i’d take Johnson moving forward

  12. Why would Houston trade for Buerhle?

  13. A young catcher,who missed the last half of the season with a KNEE injury.

    Leave him in AAA for the year.Let’s see how his knee is responding without the pressure of rushing him to the show.Let’s see what his real stats are outside of the PCL
    TDA has less than half a season above AA.
    Catching is the toughest position to play,let the kid develop.
    In the meantime,the incumbents may increase their trade value.

    • With that logic Buster Posey would not have won a rookie of the year or his first world series. I’d even argue that San Fran probably wouldn’t have won the series in 2010.
      All he did that year on top of the rookie of the year was go .300, .333, .450 in the world series. At age 23. Which D’arnaud is now.

      If he hits and catches well in spring trade that walking strikout, no obp Arencibia for an asset. Let our best prospect since Roy Halladay Play!!!

      Free D’arnaud

      • I think Radar’s point about the injury is valid though.

        Travis hasn’t played baseball for a while, handing him the starting job out of spring training is risky, its better to let him get some swings in buffalo first.

        I wouldn’t leave him down there for the whole year though if he performs.

      • @ Smasher

        Was Posey recovering from a knee injury?Did he take 8 months off then come back to win ROY?
        I don’t beleive any stat is valid coming out of the PCL.
        Free TDA when you’re sure he’s ready to be all that he can be.
        Don’t set him up to fail.

      • Shit i totally forgot we don’t have to rely on that Vegas/PCL guage any more.

    • I agree.

      • I agree with RADAR. Give the boy half a season at least in Barfalo.

        • All the way around, it’s a good problem at least.

        • Nice flip flop bitch.

          I want pancakes, no I want waffles, no pancakes…

          Brother, I’m ashamed we’re blood.

          D’arnaud shouldn’t spend more then a month, 2 TOPs in that shithole Buffalo.

          I’m not saying he reminds me of Buster Posey…. but… he reminds me of Buster Posey.

          Get that bat in the show.

          • Hey I want crepes.

            And, I don’t believe we’re not going to be contenders based on the catcher scenario. But I like your passion.

            Hey its fuckin debate, keep breakfast out of this. Goddamned crepes are delicious.

          • @ Smasher

            Jesus fuck , Your brother is very astute and wise ( at least this time). Just admit you’re wrong and all will be forgiven.

            BTW Just in case you’re a large man with a bad sense of humor.
            I kid.

          • He’s not astute, he likes crepes.
            And no, I only resort to violence when forcing my will upon summon fails to do the trick. Either way Nurse Karen makes house calls.

  14. We got Melky.

    But what about Belky. Bartholomew?

  15. For all this bullshit talk about JPA’s “relationship” with the Jays, he has caught only 2 of the projected top 4 starters in the rotation.

    John Buck, on the other hand, has caught ALL 4 of the projected top 4 starters in the rotation.

    Of all the alleged relationships a catcher has, THAT is the most important one.

    Reports have the Marlins sending the Jays somewhere between $4 – $8 million. Cots, for example, has the Marlins sending over a little more than $8 mil for 2013.

    Presumably this money is to cover a large portion of Buck’s contract and possibly some of Buehrle’s signing bonus.

    Why would the Jays have added Buck and Mathis to the deal if not to dangle JPA? Wouldn’t it have been simpler to just keep Mathis and have the Marlins not add cash to the deal?

    I don’t give a shit what JPA thinks. Everything points to him being available in the right move.

    • maybe the marlins just really wanted mathis

    • And to that catching is crazy scarce right now. Teams are locking up Dioner Navarro, Laid, and the like. It’s got so crazy that Geg Zaun might be getting calls.
      I think AA can take advantage of the shortage and steal something valuable.

      I hope he does.

      • Laid = Laird.

        I’m getting rum dumb.

      • JPA and brett cecil for ogando.

        turn ogando in to our 4th starter and put happ in the bullpen.

        rangers owe us one for the napoli fiasco

        • I’d do that. They probably would too.
          Nolan is getting cranky, he wants a winner. He dosen’t want a Soto or some shit bag behind the plate. Rangers have so many arms that tis would’t even ding their depth chart. They have Perez coming up, and a whole pile of fireballers throughout the org.

          • exactly,

            not to mention they will probably dabble in the free agent market,

            they should sign grienke, then make according moves.

          • I’d do that as well.

            Whatever the trade, it’s pretty obvious JPA is available.

            Otherwise adding Mathis & Buck/cash doesn’t really make sense.

    • I like you already

  16. I really hope AA isnt done making additions. My gut says he is not. The winter meetings are a few weeks away. I mean, its november 20th!! The team could still improve in a few areas.

  17. Looking ahead to the potential top of the rotation starters in next season’s free agent class, Roy Halladay is at the top of the list in terms of pitcher’s who would realistically sign with Toronto.

    Hell, he might be the most realistic possibility including the recently acquired Josh Johnson.

    It might have been a longshot to talk about Halladay a week ago. But it’s laughable not to acknowledge that the recent transactions make a Halladay reunion entirely possible.

    He’s a very realistic midseason trade target/free agent signing next winter.

    There has been a ton of discussion on this blog about different pitching targets. The fact is that Roy Halladay is one of the more realistic targets down the road.

    To discount the possibility just because a portion of the fanbase wants him back at any cost (i.e. TDA +) is parochial.

    Obviously a lot of this depends on how the Phillies do this year. But there’s a fair chance that they do not contend again in 2013.

    As I’ve said before, there is a much better chance of Halladay in a Blue Jay jersey in 2014 than Zack Greinke.

    • Why would the Phillies not be contending in 2013?

      They aren’t moving Doc.

      • They didn’t contend last year and would require a nice makeover to contend this year. Granted, injuries and all, but every team has em.

        • not really, one or two FA”s and they are right back in the thick of things

          Lee, Doc, Utley, Howard is a pretty lofty injury list,

          they finished pretty strong when they got healthy.

          with hamels, lee and doc you really cant write them off, especially not now.

      • Because they didn’t contend in 2012 and their core is now one year older?

        Philly is one of those teams that could go either way and obviously they could add a couple of good players this offseason.

        But it’s certainly not a lock that they contend this year.

        • theres a lock any team doesn’t contend this year.

          they finish 7 games back of the 2nd wildcard last year

          missing starts from doc, lee, and long term injuries to significant position players.

          even with regression due to age, you have to assume they will improve in the offseason, be a bit luckier and therefore right back in the hunt for the playoffs.

  18. Heh… completely out of the blue, seems about right.

  19. Rogers signs John Gibbons and instantly their network goes down. Coincidence?

  20. Holy shit.

    Pleasantly surprised with Gibby.

  21. So for all the shit he gets, score one for Bob Elliot on this one. It’a legit scoop, and it broke in a fucking NEWSPAPER. Not a tweet. That shit is rare these days.

    Now, presuming AA and Gibby have a good relationship, as is indicated, this seems as good as anyone. He won’t be looking at platoon splits like Acta, but it probably hardly matters in the end, according to Those That Know.

  22. 10:1 that Lawrie and Gibby wrestle each other before the all star break…

  23. Wow

  24. Does anyone recall who was on the coaching staff when Gibby was managing?

    • 38 Brad Arnsberg (pitching)
      14 Mickey Brantley (hitting)
      55 Brian Butterfield (third base)
      45 Marty Pevey (first base)
      53 Bruce Walton (bullpen)
      12 Ernie Whitt (bench)

      • Speaking of spontaneous combustion.

      • Thanks DC.

        I guess we can assume Walton stays. Too bad about Butters heading out, I’m sure he’d be happy to still be around with Gibby back. I hope the plan is still to add Mottola as a secondary hitting coach. Aaaaaand take a flyer on Robbie for third base?

  25. Funny story, my brother KGBS and I were at the series when Lilly and Gibby had their dustup. We were staying in the Holiday in on King(not sure what it’s called now) right beside the skydome. We jump on the elevator bound for the lobby, elevator stops a few floors down and in walks Gibby(still don’t know why he’d be in our hotel). We had Jays shit on, hats etc. and big shit eating grins because Gibby was national news for fighting his insubordinate pitcher. Gibby smiled and said, “Hey guys, heard any good jokes lately?”

    Thought that was pretty cool.

    I won’t say I’m thrilled that Gibby’s the man but he definitly has a sense of humour.

  26. Well I guess that does it for BFF.
    He’s got nothing left to bitch about.
    The Jays payroll is over 120 million AND they hired his choice for manager, Gibby.
    Enjoy retirement BFF, I hardly knew ya.

    • oh you didn’t hear?

      He spontaneous combusted, there’s just a pile of flesh and goo in front of the computer in his parents basement

      • I keep missing these spontaneous combustion things.
        Honest to God though,he’s been playing the same note for 3 years.Gonna be interesting to see what negative thing he comes up with next.

        • -adam lind
          -colby rasmus
          -fake grass
          -price of beer at games
          -we still dont spend as much as yankees
          -we still dont spend as much as dodgers

          he still has some stuff to work with

  27. RE: Arencibia trade possibilities wouldn’t trading arencibia + for kinsler make a TON of sense for both teams? The rangers have profar coming up at 2b and andrus at ss. They need a catcher and jays need a 2b. In theory, this is a perfect match. Jays would have to take on some salary but kinsler would be an upgrade on bonifacio/izturis. Not convinced that bonifacio/izturis are everyday guys. Jays would lose speed in the lineup but speed doesnt really matter if you cant get on base as we’ve seen with rajai davis. Kinsler is a good hitter with some pop. Guess it depends on whether the rangers like arencibia but I think he would hit great in that ballpark.

  28. What?? Gibbons is the manager. Hmmmm interesting. Cant say I have a problem with it. Thought it would be a sexier name but cant say i have a problem with it.

  29. maybe he bring fasano up to be the bench coach since they already have a relationship?

  30. How i picture Gibby speakin spanish to Melky

  31. Can we expect status quo in terms of coaches???

  32. The Fan is awesome right now.

    “Bring back Cito, he brought us glory. I don’t like Gibbons’ style. AA made a bad move. Sign Cito! Go back to the glory days, you know?”


    i am ok with this

  34. Some time, Rock, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gibber…

  35. Think we can trade JPA to the Dodgers for Ted Lilly?

  36. Gibby don’t wear watches. He decides what time it is.

  37. I just hope he doesn’t always roll his jacket sleeves up like he used to…. drove me fucking nuts. I still remember JP saying “I know Gibby, and if any player has a problem playing for Gibby, I question their willingness to play” or some shit like that.

    What I don’t understand is why on earth AA would want anything to do with a JP guy… I would distance myself faaaaaar away from that shit.

  38. (and yes, I realize AA was under JP…. but still, I vote for regime change….)

  39. Gibby doesn’t leave messages. He leaves warnings.

  40. gibby’s fists fly forever in Toronto!

  41. People think the crop circles were created by aliens. They were created by Gibby telling the crops to lay the fuck down.

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