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Starting with the blockbuster trade with Miami last week, everything to do with the Jays has been moving incredibly fast– y’know, outside of whatever’s going on in Bud Selig’s office as the paperwork on The Trade is being reviewed. As quickly as we’ve been able process one new, juicy tidbit of information, it’s seemed as though another one was right behind it coming at us. And with the club making headlines across the continent, there has been an absolute deluge of words spilled on the club, The Trade, the Cabrera signing, the managerial search, Rogers, the fans, the upturned division, and whatever the hell it all means.

But it’s been a damn week now, and looking back at the innumerable links I’d been filing into a massive always-changing reaction roundup post, it’s kinda dawned on me that at this point I no longer give anywhere close to enough of a fuck to read about anybody’s gooey feelings on Rogers’ small heart growing three sizes that day, or to read the same analysis of the deals, over and over, in different words, from myriad sources, or fifteen of the same stories pointing out how Jeffery Loria is either a giant piece of shit, a ruthless, intelligent business man, or both.

Which is, basically, just a long way of saying that the reaction post I’d been compiling has been trashed, and I don’t think anybody’s going to lose anything for it.

Moving on…

Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Jays deal is on the path to approval, adding that Bud Selig isn’t happy with the Marlins and may take his time in order to let them twist, but making clear that he’d be shocked if the deal didn’t go through.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun examines what to expect on the field from the Jays next year, and suggests that JP Arencibia is going to be the club catcher, because John Buck has reportedly been told he’ll be the backup, and Travis d’Arnaud only has a half season at Triple-A. I don’t buy that such a decision has already been made, myself, but that’s what he’s saying.

At his North of the Border blog, Gregor Chisholm looks deep into the long-term dollars that the Jays have just committed to, which– in this new payroll era– doesn’t appear to be crippling for the franchise going forward.

At FanGraphs, Marc Hulet has updated his top 15 Jays prospects post, in the wake of Justin Nicolino (5th), Jake Marisnick (6th), and Adeiny Hechavarria (10th) heading to Florida. John Stilson, Christian Lopes and HELLO KEVIN PILLAR!!! have been added to the list.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Dave Cameron really likes the Melky contract for the Jays.

Speaking of Melky, Mop Up Duty gets into that ESPN Stats & Info goodness to provide us with a nifty scouting report on the Jays’ new left fielder.

Forbes looks at the Jays’ recent dealings and note that they’ve done it on the cheap– at least for next year– adding 16.8 points of 2012 WAR for a cost of just $3.2-million per win. That’ll play.

Jays Journal is counting down their top 30 Jays prospects, starting with #30, Wulimer Becerra.

They’ve moved on to counting down prospects at Jays Journal because they’ve completed their last positional prospect primer, looking at the left-handed pitchers in the system– a group topped by Dan Norris, now that Justin Nicolino is headed to Miami.

The Jays have re-acquired reliever Bobby Korecky, who lost his 40-man roster spot earlier in the off-season, by signing him to a minor league contract. MLBTR has the info.

Sticking with MLBTR, they have their off-season outlook post up on the Jays– a piece that probably went through considerable changes in the last week.

At, Gregor Chisholm looks at the prospects on their way out of a still stacked Jays system, and goes counter to other reports by pointing out that the Jays have been loath to deal Travis d’Arnaud in the last two off-seasons, suggesting that he’s ultimately going to be the club’s everyday guy.

Elsewhere,’s Jonathan Mayo notes that Jake Marisnick wore a Jays jersey in the Arizona Fall League title game this weekend, though both the Jays and Marlins had to sign off on his participation in the game, and I saw elsewhere that he had both a Marlins and Jays jersey in his locker, in case the trade was approved at some late stage before the game.

Friday’s ESPN Baseball Today podcast featured the always-entertaining Keith Law, who spoke at considerable length about the AL MVP nonsense, as well as the Jays’ trade.

Law also fielded a number of questions on both subjects in Thursday’s KLaw Chat at

Extra Base Hit looks at the Bet365 odds for the World Series, which now have the Jays at 10-1, down from 100-1, and the sixth-best in baseball, third in the American League (behind the Rangers and Tigers).

Bluebird Banter appears to copy a press release without providing any kind of source link or notification of such, informing us that tomorrow, Tuesday, November 20th, the Jays’ new Triple-A affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons, will be unveiling their new logo, which is expected to have some kind of connection to that of their parent club.

With no manager yet announced, Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star looks at all the possible big league-experienced managers who are out there– presumably the pool the Jays are fishing in.

Lastly, because it’s awesome, at Getting Blanked “Rick Sutcliffe” reviews the major transactions we’ve seen take place so far this off-season.

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  1. The article on the Bisons was certainly not copied from any press release. We received a media advisory about it, wrote up the article, and spoke to their PR Department about it. I did not include a link ( because it does not give any more information than what was in the piece.

    • If you don’t credit your sources, people don’t take you seriously.

      • you can be an original Captain Obvious

        I retired the handle in lieu of this Bill Sussman character from the show Weeds

  2. There is no way that the trade gets blocked…

    The marlins could just turn around and trade reyes, buerhle and johnson individually, which would leave them in the same position. and theres nothing the mlb can do to stop that.

    as for the catcher situation. TDA hasn’t played in a long time, I doubt they feel comfortable moving JPA under TDA can come back and play some games in buffalo first.

    I’d be shocked if both D’arnaud and Arencibia were both on the jays come this trade deadline

    • Exactly you have to flip one for a pitcher with years of control

      • maybe a pitcher, but maybe another hole opens up on the roster due to poor performance/injury.

        we don’t need to end up with a championship roster in spring training, I expect some tinkering through the year.


  4. Jeff Sullivan wrote the article on Fangraphs liking the Melky signing (but he did indicate that Cameron would’ve love that considering his article on potential free agents based on crowdsourcing).

  5. I see the name ‘Kevin Pillar’ and my brain thinks ‘Kevin Millar’, and then I want to punch something.

  6. These writers are so STUPID! From the middle of this article (, the writer in question is responding to the devaluation of pitching wins that was made evident by King Felix’s CY Young win in 2010:

    “I have a hard time computing that,” said Paul Hoynes, who covers the Cleveland Indians for The Plain Dealer, and has voted for BBWAA awards since 1993. “Runs and wins, those are an essential part to a baseball team. For a starting pitcher, I know there are pitch counts and limits and a lot of things out of his control, but in almost every game there’s a crucial time for a starter where he can make a pitch or get an out or get a double-play ball and that would allow him to continue to pitch to qualify for a victory. I think that’s important and that tends to get overlooked.”

    He’s so close to being there – but why not then use things that MEASURE THE ABILITY TO MAKE A PITCH OF GET AN OUT OR DP BALL, rather than filtering all of those things which he has deemed to be important through the horrible metric that is pitching wins???

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