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  1. #GotMelk.
    Got. Melk. Period.

  2. Did I hear Parkes say ‘We’ when referring to the Jays signing Melky….

    Not that I could really give two shits, but holy bandwagon. Ive been listening to him piss and moan about the Jays on Podcasts all summer and now he sounds like a kid at Christmas.

    • wtf?

      As if he’s the only Jays fan who was pissing and moaning a lot this summer? Or are you mad that he likes two teams (Giants and Jays)? Is that not allowed?

      Your post seems much ado about nothing.

  3. sooooooooooo what’s this business about JJ and Mark crying about coming here??? Is that even true? Or just speculation?

    • Haven’t heard that. Where di you hear it?

      • To be honest now i’m even embarassed to mention it, some deusch on another site was mentioning that he was hearing that through the US media. Should be looking into credibility, before getting worried.

        On a side note, I do feel AA is going to pull a few more ninja moves before the spring. Feeling or hoping he’ll be getting someone younger like a ‘McCarthy’ type guy and getting rid of either JJ or Mark, who knows. exciting shit though!!

        I check your site regularly and listened for the first time today…Loved it! I’ll be definitely listening to your next one.

        Keep it up boys, GO JAYS! And esay on the Gibbons business , f that guuy and Shea Hillenbrand

    • The Buehrle stuff seems to be surrounded around his dog and the pitbull ban in Ontario (a ban which while really dumb, also exists in Miami, for the record). The JJ stuff seems to be based entirely around a quote from his agent which (if you heard the entire interview) has been taken waaaaaaaaay out of context. In fact his agent went out of his way in that same interview to make it seem as though the transition to Toronto is a complete non-issue, taxes and all. Whether or not he was just being diplomatic in saying so, he definitely didn’t say anything that would lead you to think JJ was upset about being traded here.

      So, speculation with some merit on Buerhle’s end, and a whole lot of bullshit with JJ. Basically typical sports media nonsense.

      • If the Johnson stuff is taken solely from the interview on Blair’s show that I did a post about, it’s absolutely ridiculous. It was all really positive about playing here, though at one point he mentioned, hypothetically, the Yankees and Rangers. Some people, I saw after, took this as some kind of winking signal that he wants out. They heard something completely different from what I did, that’s for sure.

  4. …not quite sure why, but I’ve avoided your podcasts up until now, but my raging hardon lead me to this podcast to pop my cherry with… LOVED IT!!!

    Great stuff guys!

    Just a thought…is Melky the kind of hitter that we want Lawrie to be? Maybe he’ll have a new mentor? Gotta be better than Vizquel…

  5. Yeah, I was a first-time listener to this too, coming out of a 3-year hiatus of following the sport until I heard about The Trade (Halladay trade just killed my interest after 7+ years of following the team like a hawk).

    It’s really nice to listen to people who aren’t anti-intellectual feebs and allergic to math talk baseball on a professional broadcast. I’ll be listening to you guys regularly from here on out.

  6. What is John Gibbons up to nowadays? Last I remember, he was on KC’s coaching staff (bench coach I think).

  7. This was basically my drunken conversations with a pal on Saturday night.

  8. Just thinking out loud here, but doesn’t Davis fit as a soft platoon partner for Colby Rasmus depending on how his 2013 develops?

    • Agreed. Rasmus hasn’t shown an ability to hit lefties so far in his career. He’s young enough that I’d still start him full-time to see if he can, but if shows that he can’t by the summer, Davis is a good guy to have around for LHPs.

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