Assuming Google Translate has it right– and it seems pretty right based on what little Spanish I can use my common sense to figure out– Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes is pointing us away from Manny Acta as the winner of the Jays’ current managerial search:

In English, what he’s saying is as follows:

“# Bluejays now focused on picking a new manager. Toronto did not offer the job to Manny Acta.”

“Manny Acta is in the Dominican Republic with his family. Acta is likely to work in TV in 2013.”

That’s a shame, I think. So Felipe Alou it is, right?

Or whoever. Just as long as, y’know, it’s not Jim Tracy. Or… shit, maybe the fact that the Jays “did not offer” it to Acta doesn’t mean that they will not offer it. I mean… how the hell should I know?


Crotch grab in the direction of @stivbators for the link.

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  1. I think everyone’s been eliminated at this point.

  2. as someone who doesn’t think managers make much of a difference, do you really know enough about jim tracy to have such a strong opinion?

    • Yes.

      • than you would know that Manny’s clubhouse had separate camps with billingual foot soldiers who kept feeding him info on the non billingual players who despised this complete bullshit to the point of non communication and avoidance by the non billingual players towards their paper cutout manager!! Vi con Dios Manny!

        • source?

        • I would suggest that most clubhouses have cliques, which among other ways in baseball usually break down along linguistic lines. The trick is how a manager brings these groups together. I think for a manager like Acta, being bilingual can be double-edged sword, as it’s great for communicating with everyone, but if you’re not careful you can run the risk of accentuating a divide by being perceived to speak to separate groups differently, or even favouring one over another. Have no idea if this what’s being suggested with Acta, just highlighting it as an extra challenge.

  3. Let’s hire Larry Walker!!!! MAPLE BONERRRRRR!


  5. It’s getting easier to say who it isn’t all the time. Can’t be Guillen, he made castigating comments about Toronto and Canada a couple years back. I think they’re trying to lure someone really high profile out to manage this club and he’s still sitting on the fance, hence the delay.

    • I’ve thought that too, otherwise, why the hold up?

      • Who qualifies as “high profile” that hasn’t already been eliminated?

        As far as I recall:
        Cox said no
        Torre said no
        LaRussa said…. no? (Colby died a little the day that rumour circulated)

        Who else is “high profile”? Pinella?

        • could be someone like Molitor as already mentioned, although he would go against the experienced part that has been floating around

        • Has there been any public “confirmation” on Torre and Larussa? I’ve heard the stuff about Cox, but no denials from the others.

      • Maybe they’re trying to lure a manager from another club. Like Maddon.

      • Maybe they’re trying to lure a manager from another club. Like Maddon.

  6. Who knows. We often don’t know what’s going on until it’s done. And since this one is between AA and the manager, it would be tough to find a leak.

  7. Spoiler alert! Joe Torre obviously.

  8. Dave Martinez.

    Then we’ll see whether or not Maddon is worried. Smug cocksucker.

    • fuck maddon
      must be tough employing the brilliant strategy of having your starters dominate for 7 innings every fucking game

  9. Who the fuck knows now?
    Addressing the holes remaining on the team is much more important than the fucking manager!

  10. Stiv Bators was the man

  11. fuck it, ozzie.

  12. Somehow, I am not surprised. AA has this thing about rumours, seems that he.s gonna pull another fucking rabbit out of his hat.

    Torre? Sure why the fuck not. Just put me in the anyone but Tracy camp.

  13. Lou Piniella! OH MAN, that would be great!!!


  15. After all this hyperactive fantasizing, Wak sure would be an epic letdown

  16. Tom Kelly?

  17. So basically no one knows who the hell Anthopoulous has his mind on, and these reporters need to get better sources.

  18. Piniella or Guillen please

    by the way i dont think Ozzie ever ripped Toronto, I think it was just that A-Hole who writes for one of the Chicago papers and wont stand up for canadian anthem when he visits Toronto

  19. Paul Molitor??

  20. why aren’t you hijacking Griff’s dirty ‘ol bag yet?
    y’know he actually wrote “Blow me” in one of his responses?
    oh yeah, of course you don’t… cuz u don’t read his answers, right?…

    • I had to verify this. Pretty out of character for old Griff. I think he’s been hittin the DJF a little too hard…

  21. At this point I think it could just as easily be an unknown or someone who has been “eliminated” by the media.

    It’s fun to speculate, but it’s all pretty meaningless until it happens.



  24. Dave Winfield!

    Jack Morris!

    Pat fucking Borders!

  25. Howabout that 26 year old Rabbi from Thornhill that Elliot wasted a full sheet of Sun real estate on, amirite bros

  26. If it’s Jim Tracy, I’ll cheer for the Marlins.

  27. Here is a thought.

    We still have hella talent in the minors and such. Perhaps da Ninja might pull off a trade for King Felix? TDA,Gose, blank and blank?

    Think about it.

    To quote my fav basketball player. “ANYTHINGS POSSIBLEEEEEE!”

    • To quote Jack Zduriencik : “Think I’ll carry around a recording: ‘I am not trading Felix Hernandez’.”

      People act like the Ms need to trade him before he gets to FA in two years, but they have all kinds of money to extend him.

      • yeah, he’s getting the Votto treatment whether it’s a good idea or not, i think. i was actually expecting an extension this offseason.

        which is fine by me, keep him away from the Empire.

  28. In terms of Managerial search I know Cito aint happening but shit I wish he would. How about Joe Carter doe?

    • why does everyone always want to bring back guys from the glory years? seemingly because of nostalgia and not because of how qualified the person is.

      let the 2013 Jays build their own identity

  29. Tim Johnson could do a second tour before resigning amid allegations he never actually served the first time.

    • Face it, was Johnson THAT bad as a manager? Yeah, he embellished a few stories along the way – but big fucking deal. I guess the Americans have less of sense of humour about that kind of BS that we do. Gord Ash figured the ongoing media orgy was turning the season into a giant clusterfuck, and cut Johnson loose.
      But wasn’t he good for 88 wins or so one season? Seems a shame to spend the rest of your career managing in one minor league shithole after another…yeah, yeah, I know. But still.

      • Tim Johnson was an excellent manager. In the 20 years since the Jays last made the playoffs, only once since then would they have qualified for a second wild card spot (if one had existed): that strange 1998 season. Remember that team? Clemens won his Triple Crown and Cy Young, Jose Canseco kept getting thrown out stealing in September trying to get another 30-30 year, Delgado made everyone dye their hair blonde, Shawn Green broke out, and Roy Halladay threw 8.2 no-hit innings in his second career start the last day of the season (and would have had a perfect game if Felipe Crespo didn’t boot a routine ground ball). All while Tim Johnson told false stories about Vietnam. And if a second wild card existed in 1998, that team would have made the playoffs.

      • Tim Johnson was an excellent manager. In the 20 years since the Jays last made the playoffs, only once since then would they have qualified for a second wild card spot (if one had existed): that strange 1998 season. Remember that team? Clemens won his Triple Crown and Cy Young, Jose Canseco kept getting thrown out stealing in September trying to get another 30-30 year, Delgado made everyone dye their hair blonde, Shawn Green broke out, and Roy Halladay threw 8.2 no-hit innings in his second career start the last day of the season (and would have had a perfect game if Felipe Crespo didn’t boot a routine ground ball). All while Tim Johnson told false stories about Vietnam. And if a second wild card existed in 1998, that team would have made the playoffs.

    • Now, I don’t want Johnson, but he’s the best manager the Jays have had since the first time Cito was here.

  30. Press conference tomorrow at 9:30am.

  31. Glad those posts were too long and unambiguous to fit onto eyeblack strips. Although an alternate translation for the first one suggests Acta is a space alien, so – whew! , we dodged a bullet there…

  32. Tomorrow’s press conference will probably just be to discuss the Mathis trade and maybe Melky’s signing too. I bet the manager announcement will come after the Grey Cup.

  33. Never forget Riggleman was the guy who ruined Kerry Wood the first time. He’s not who you want managing a team with all sorts of young arms in the pipeline.

  34. It’s John Farrel.

    Biggest AA Ninja move of all time?

  35. Ernie fuckin Whitt. With Kelly Gruber taking over 3rd base duties.

    Nobody knows more about 3b than the Grub.

    Book it!!!

  36. Honest question here: What is wrong with Jim Tracy? I’m asking from an “I actually don’t know anything about him” point of view, not a defending him point of view.

  37. TDA, Gose, and Noah Syndergaard, Plus maybe rajai davis for King Felix. I’d be down with that.

  38. Why aren’t Fasano, Wallach or Martinez still in the running here?

  39. Has there been a name put out there that hasn’t been shut down?

    To a degree all of: Wakamatsu, Tracy, Riggleman, Alomar, Hargrove and Acta have been shot down. Either it’s a super secret candidate or someone has bad info here.

  40. Picture this…

    Jays hire (insert name here).
    Jays win World Series.
    Jays fans rejoice.
    (insert name here) is a hero.

    20 years later…
    Jays fans think (insert name here) is an idiot and want nothing to do with him.

    You’re all fucken retarded.

    • hey man we don’t go full retard on here, that’s what it would be if we bring him back

      AND i liked him

    • Yup

    • Jays hire (Cito Gaston)
      Jays win World Series.
      Jays fans rejoice.
      (Joe Carter) is a hero.

      20 years later…
      Jays fans think (John Farrell) is an idiot and want nothing to do with him.

      Did I get my Jays history trivia right?

      • I’d go with Cito, Pat Borders and JP Ricciardi personally….

        But it could go any number of ways.

    • Or it could be that, amazingly, things tend to change over 20 year periods and the right people then, you know, fail to evolve.

    • baseball has evolved, cito has not

      not sure whats so difficult to grasp

  41. Fuck Rogers!

  42. interesting that the presser is not until tomorrow. why wait if no players are coming anyways? makes me think something else is likely to go down tonight. something already agreed to in principle but waiting for league approval to move forward. my guess is buck or arencibia are gone but who knows with the ninja.

  43. GM AA brings out a caged ferret to the press conference, announces it is the new manager, says it will be able to serve as adequate replacement for the former one.

  44. Earl Weaver for Jays manager, mostly because maybe they’d make a new version of Earl Weaver Baseball

  45. Stoet: Is it possible that the longer the NHL lockout goes on, the more money will be available for the Jays? For eg. the Leafs have saved about 10 mil on players salaries. Another month, another 10 mil. What’s your thought?

    • No, the Leafs are losing lots of money right now

      • yeah if it was up to MLSE, there wouldn’t be a lockout – even the most terrible Leaf years are still going to be profitable ones. they’d have settled long before now. hell, they probably would have been fine letting the players play under the old deal while negotiating.

        lockout is the Boston Bruins and the poorest quarter of the NHL.

  46. Just as long as it isn’t another retread castoff I’ll be happy.

  47. Sweet Lou would be a nice surprise, loved watching that guy explode on umps.

    Please, no more Cito. This team, with all the fresh faces and nice little core of young guys needs someone fresh, not another nostalgia-inspired hiring. I get it, the guy skippered two WS-winning Jays teams, but he was fired for some bad seasons shortly after and had the entire club house wanting him out when he came back to the team.

  48. Fuck is it hard to listen to Greg Zaun on PTS….turning the station now…

    • I watched an video from the MLB network this afternoon. It had Bill Ripken and Matt Vaskergan or whatever his name is interviewing Zaun for the perspective “north of the border”. I can’t stand Zaun, but he did not look amused as Vaskergan made a joke about Canadian bacon. Then Bill Ripken asked Zaun a pressing question: “Did the Jays make this trade because there’s no hockey right now?” I turned the video off.

      • Awful, awful, awful.

        I must admit, I am at work and bored, so I am still listening.

        When asked about Melky, Zaun replied that the Jays overpaid by a few million. Unreal. What a troll.

  49. Ernie Whitt!

    Yeah I know. Gotta change my name.

  50. Maybe they just haven’t offered Acta the job yet? Maybe we ruined the surprise :(

    Please, no more Cito. Yes, he skippered to World Series-winning teams in Toronto twenty-odd years ago, but it’s time to move on. There was a reason he was fired the first time around and reasons why the clubhouse revolted against him when he came back for his second tour. It’s time to move on, we don’t need another nostalgia-inspiring hiring of Cito Gaston, let the man enjoy retirement.

  51. If they want someone with an edge…

    I think Lenny Dykstra should be the guy.

    Could probably get ol Johnny Kruk too.

  52. How bout JPA + Syndergaard for Sammardjzia

  53. George Bell- he knows the latin player and can tell the media to kiss his purple a#$

  54. Who are all of these new names in the thread?

    You guys better learn quick or the comments section will turn into BlueBirdBanter.

    • Long-time reader….new writer, though. Been a Jays fan since DAY ONE – (I was in high school, and our teacher had a TV and we watched it in class).
      Any rules the newbies should know about…other than don’t be a douchebag, don’t dispute stats with Radar (no matter which way its spelled), and NEVER ask for Tracy to be manager?

      Otherwise…it’s nice to talk with some intelligent, literate and opinionated fans – other than Fukstick, KellyGruber’s BS and Wilner’s Hair…those guys are off the hook.

      • one thing you need to learn, arsehole, is fi it’s one thing we are, it’s opinionated, and most of us have played the game too not like you little politically correct moma boy whiners. I and guys like GBBS know more than you’ll ever forget so if you wanna be on here and not be classified as a pissass then I suggest you learn how to do proper research, issue cogent comments, nd some being a douchebag

        • Good-natured ribbing = 1
          Fukstick’s sense of humour = 0
          Calling me an arsehole = -1
          Calling me a PC moma’s boy whiner – absolutely out to fucking lunch, based on zero evidence, but still – a recipe for dental reconstruction..
          I’ll say this one – I played ball for a long effin’ time..yeah, maybe with a lot more enthusiasm than actual talent. I coached and managed for a decade after that, too. So maybe – just fucking maybe – I might know the difference between my arse and a hole in the ground when it comes to baseball.
          Now we can either talk nice to each other, and maybe hoist a beer or two when the Jays do good shit….or I can be the guy who comments like a douchebag on every stupid thing you say.
          Now do we want to start over again…or do you want to confirm that Fukstick is more an personal adjective than a noun?

          • By jove, I think he’s got it!

          • First of all you are saying that what I say is stupid which is highly judgemental and not backed up with fact to support your contention. You do not want to comment like a douchebag for it will lead to expulsion from the club.
            For a person who says they never write in you seem to be in a verbose and bellicose mood.
            However, if you wish to have a beer that is perfectly Ok with me as this is DJF afterall. Although I would rather go for a good merlot myself.
            But Please, live and let die and as potatoes would say “take it to the limit one more time”

          • I stand corrected…and chastised.
            A fine merlot is even better. I am partial to a fine Italian red, and have recently developed a taste for an Argentinian Malbec or a Chilean red.
            I am verbose…but rarely bellicose. I look forward to sifting through the offerings here.

      • LMAO

        • Fuck I hate fucking fuck WordPress sonof a bitch looking like the comments are responding to fucking comments they weren’t intended to.
          The LMAO was in response to fastballs original response and was never meant to seem like a response to fuksticks and fastballs tete et tete.
          Where the fuck is disqus when you need it?
          Fucking IT fucking tech wizards.

          • tete a tete?? Sounds gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…but I don’t even know the dude.
            Buy me dinner first, ok? I’m easy, but I’m not cheap.

          • It’s not a gay expression.
            I’m trying to show off my sophixiation,no i mean sophiztikation.
            I trying to show I’m a high society,educated guy and not from the backwoods redneck guy.
            Is it working for me?
            Did I convince y’all?

          • Throw in a couple of “hyuk-hyuks” and the first three chords of Dueling Banjos – and you’ll have me convinced.
            Contrary to my venal outbursts at times – I too, am an educated and erudite fellow…albeit prone to fits of profanity when my good character is called into question. Sometimes, I fear, I THINK I am way funnier than I actually am in reality at times.
            My apologies to anyone I rubbed the wrong way…(which also sounds sorta weird – but what the fuck, right?)

  55. Johnny Fuckface Speaks:

    “The timing of Toronto’s willingness to take on players who are owed more than $150 million, which came less than a month after the Sox acquired him from the Jays, caught Farrell somewhat off guard.

    “There was always, I think, an indication that there was going to be a point in time in the future that finances were going to be freed up to increase payroll. But to balance that out, there was such a high value placed on a number of young players coming through the system. To see it shift so quickly, that’s probably been the surprise,” said Farrell. “There was a number of good players that they gave up, from a baseball standpoint and setting aside the money that’s attached to those contracts, Toronto gave up a lot of good talent to get more established big league players.”

    Farrell is aware that the reaction throughout New England to Toronto’s decisive moves has been an increased urgency among fans for the Sox to do something. The new Sox skipper noted that the emotional investment in the offseason merely underscores part of the appeal of his return to Boston, even as he noted that the best thing for his current club is to avoid reshaping its offseason based on the transactions of his former team.

    “There’s passion in both [Toronto and Boston], but I think this is a more intense environment, which is an attraction in and of itself,” said Farrell. “But I think the more important thing is that we stick with a plan that’s been established and we go through that process to acquire players who are a fit for multiple reasons. I think there are times when forces speed up that play. But to react and be reactionary, that’s when you might do some things you didn’t set out to do initially and that can come back and haunt you a little bit.”

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease give me a cap tip stoeten

    • Wow, Farrell is really full of shit in that interview. What he seems to have prescribed as a course of action for the Sux is EXACTLY what the Jays have been doing since AA took over. Looks good on him in so many ways. Enjoy trying to appease the Massholes, John.

    • Please Boston, do something stupid!! You’re trying hard to return to form before those 2 world series interrupted your century of ineptitude.

    • Nice job with the link.

      Jesus, Farrell should run for Senator. He’s got the fucking chin for it.

      Comments section are pretty hilarious.


    • farrell is a fuckin slimeball “in an of itself” (his favourite fuckin phrase that means absolutely jack shit 99% of times he uses it to sound super articulate). this megadeal is great but i’m still pretty ecstatic we shed ourselves of this whoreson’s ludicrously aggressive baserunning philosophy and nightly egregious bullpen management. can’t wait to see the look on this schmuck’s face after bautista/EE light up the scoreboard and do whatever hotshot handshake they have with reyes and cabrera when they all meet at the plate.

    • Comment section of that WEEI article is fairly epic.

    • “Stoeten

      My wifes clit is bigger than your penis. Regardless, you can suck it Farrell.”


  56. Hey Andrew (or anyone)… can someone please explain all the Jim Tracy hate? I’m being serious; I don’t know much about him, but everyone (not just DJF) seems to be pretty down on him. What, specifically, is his deal? His managerial stats don’t look terrible, and he’s had some success. But I’m the first to admit I’m clearly missing something… did he sabotage a good team? Any specific incidents? Anyway, I’d appreciate an explanation for why he’s so down on fans’ list.


    • Everyone Loves meh. Its just a running gag. The whole 4 man rotation thing has nothing at all to do with anything

      • Stoeten posted this podcast link earlier on, but I’ll report here for you. KLaw is on about Tracy around minute 23. He really really trashes him.

        The highlights? Jim Tracy would bunt all of the time and would make sure the #2 batter was someone like fast and incapable of getting on base (but can bunt! yay! in front of JoeyBats…!). He’d institute a four-man rotation for no reason. He’d be very bad with the pen, and he is notably brutal with developing young players.

        To go back to your original point, there are no “managerial stats.” By that I mean that it is really difficult to say how many wins and losses a manager contributes; however, we can see what kinds of decisions a manager makes and note how often they are likely to fail or succeed. The kinds of decisions that Tracy makes are likely to fail…epically…

        • Thanks for the reply. I meant more of just a win/loss record, which I know is hardly a sure bet indicator of anything substantial. With our line-up, it seems he would be especially a bad choice, given his penchant for small-ball and not riding starters.

          As to the first reply, “Jim Tracy,” obviously I was asking because I didn’t know much about the dude. The unoriginal sarcasm isn’t really necessary. I’m so sorry I don’t have the particulars of every possible managerial candidate memorized… get a life dude.

          Anyway, thanks Fitz for the reply.

  57. Nobody knows who the manager will be at this point. I’m not buying experience is the necessary ingredient the Jays are looking for. I am buying the best “fit”. AA is now infamous for the understatement based on The Trade. I think if we look at the search in terms of the team he has now assembled and the best fit, we might be able to figure something out. BUT…this team may not stay this way. I think AA has a big move yet to come. Not as big as The Trade but significant and it will happen within the next two weeks. He still has some guys, some inventory, that he needs to clear out and teams may want. And I think Rogers will give him even more money, which is really going to cement the Jays as favorites in the AL.

  58. Here’s what the title above could be read: “Manny Acta Not YET Offered Jays Job”

    also, is it just me who likes to look at the roster and see the new players in jays hats?

  59. I like others do think we still need a left handed bat in the 5 hole.
    Could be lind, If it is Lind I really do think they need to sign a guy like Johnny Gomes.
    But what about Lance Berkman dude is crazy good from the left side of the plate and can do damage on the right side not so much in 2012 but small sample size before he was hurt.
    Could be Primary Dh and paly a little first. This is assuming he’d want to come here, after the moves we made he might wanna.
    Would you guys want Berkman if he’ll come here for 5 millon and incentives?

    • Or are you comfortable with Lind, just seems really crazy to put faith behind Lind yet again, when your spending this much money now. I’m fine with Lind and his guaranteed 7 million if they sign Gomes.
      Are you guys fine with Lind if they sit him agaisnt LHP?
      The beauty now with this team is you can sit Rasmus vs LHP as well with Bonnie.
      Buck could DH vs LHP I guess, instead of Lind or do we need a Gomes?

      • Vs Rhp Reyes SS vs LHP Reyes SS
        Melky LF Melky LF
        Jose RF Jose RF
        EE 1B EE 1B
        Lind DH Lind ?/JP if Buck ?/ Gomes ?
        Lawrie 3B Lawrie 3B
        Rasmus CF Buck if Dh
        JP C Bonnie CF
        Bonnie 2B Izzy 2B

        • John Buck has zero business DHing.

          • I agree and it’s very early into the offseason, right now who DH’s agaisnt LHP instead of Lind Buck or Davis. That’s why I really agree with whoever suggested Johnny Gomes..

  60. At least Ricky Ro doesn’t mind not being the number 1 anymore from his Fan590 interview. He’s probably lucky he didn’t get shipped out…Let’s just hope things go better for him in 2013 if he’s with the Jays.

    • Arash on Tim and Sid had an interesting tid bit saying that he talked to Romero at end of year and that he admitted the pressure had got to him. Also when they were in New York, Philly happened to be in town too and he sat down with Halladay and talked baseball.

    • I bet he has a bounce back in 2013.

  61. jp arencibia ‏@jparencibia9

    Word of advice… Every move the jays have done dont make it to rumors… If u read it, it’s prob not true! #JaysPolicy


  63. Haha I’m a grown ass man and i still get excited when JP tweets me

  64. why not keep JP and d’arnaud. chances are JP’s probably going to have a better 2013 than an inexperienced d’arnaud. and if the jays are going for it this year, wouldn’t they rather have JP than d’arnaud, and worry about letting JP go in 2014?

    • I take that bet any day of the week. Of course it depends on what you mean by better..

      if you wanna count obp, ops+..ill take Travis from day one.

      • hitting isn’t a very good way to evaluate a catcher. d’Arnaud will probably be a great player but it is a lot to ask to play quality defense, call games and get to know pitchers, and put up offense in his first year.

        JPA would almost certainly be the better catcher, and he would have a decent shot at being better with the stick too

  65. Man I fucking love how AA makes baseball writers look like the clueless bullshit artists that they really are.

  66. Sal Fasano, Matt Stairs bench coach. Hire’m up AA.

  67. If I can’t have Acta, bring me Gibbons.

    • I really +1 this. I don’t think they can bring backa “failed” manager (what would Simmons say?!?), but he’s the type of guy I’d like in some ways.

      • Gibbons had the worst stutter on the planet. I loved that he kicked ass and kept the boys in line but his interviews were fuckin painful. Took him twenty minutes to get out a handful of words.

  68. rangers fan here. was happy for you guys…. well, jays fans. until that is I scanned a couple of days of these comments. and here I thought red sox fans were the a-holes of baseball.

  69. I agree. AA is trying to lure someone out of retirement–possibly Bobby Cox. If it was Wakamatsu or any of the other available guys, the delay makes no sense.

    Unless AA is gonna trade for a manager.

  70. Jack McKeon.
    I’m just saying a random name like everyone else.

  71. By the way, the comment section in that Farrell interview is a riot!

  72. Mike Hargrove? I recall him screwing up his line-up card during an important home series with the Jays. Lost the game as a result. That’s the type of thing that haunts a coach forever

  73. Suck it Farr- sorry wrong comments section

  74. I wonder how much of a role that 2013 is obviously the 20th anniversary of the last post-season appearance for the franchise. How much did they want to step on the gas of The Plan to avoid having it become another “nostalgia” year instead of focusing on, ya know, today.

    No matter, here is a little musical toast to 1993 – and whatever role it played in pushing AA into Warp Speed/Fort Knox mode (although, I think a little JohnFarrett-fucking is part of his Kill Bill persona). How about a photoshop of Alex in Uma Thurman’s track suit with the ninja sword??

  75. good, Acta is awful

  76. 1993 – the last blast from Kurt

  77. Just saw this in the Toronto Star, RE: The Manager position:

    “It’s believed that Jays president Paul Beeston is directly involved in the process.”

    Now I’m getting worried again. Ugh.

    • Why? Considering how many friends Beeston has in high places, it makes me believe they really are going for a heavy hitter like Torre or Cox. They don’t need Beeston to get Tracy, Riggelman, or even Acta for that matter.

    • Joe Torre works front office at mlb like Beeston used to. Now that would be ninja.

  78. The Jays marketing department is “ecstatic” to not have to rely on the 1993 bag o’ tricks to get bodies in the door (ie. trying to coerce Paul Molitor to come to town for a White Sox weekend, Todd Stottlemyre/Mark Eichorn autograph table for Tuesday, May xx, etc).

  79. Adam Linds off season training program:

    Roll out of bed at the crack of noon.

    Enjoy a wholesome bowl of fruitloops with chocolate milk.

    Have a nap.

    Call up Cito, tell him to get his hat in the ring for the Managers job.

    Have 4 Nuttella sandwhiches.

    Rock the bike for 10 minutes straight. ” I’m makin it burn bitches”

    Take a nap.

    Hit the beach to get some rays on my pale, pimpled, ass.

    Fall asleep.

    Wake to a crew of marine biologists trying to roll me into the waves to unite me with my pod.

    Take a swing at one of them.

    Marine biologist drops low and away so I miss horribly.

    Show no emotion as I walk away to sit on the park bench.

    Rub fingers through my hair.

    Go home and play Buck Hunter on Play Station.

    Call Cito, breathe heavily into reciever but don’t say anything.

    Eat Pizza 73. Crush both layers.

    Crawl into bed.

    Do it all again tomorrow.

  80. I find it funny how all the Reyes detractors are saying he may not be as quick or steal as many bases because of the turf. Who gives a shit?

    Did you son-a-bitches realize that he had 60 extra base hits last year. 60. Thats fuckin crazy. He’s a helluva hitter so even if he’s a little more carefull on the turf, those are just gaudy numbers.
    He’s going to be worth the price of admission himself.

    • Honestly, I actually dont want them to run the guy that much. At least not straight steals. The threat is enough to do accomplish most of you need. Too much risk of injury and wearing down over 162 if you have him stealing all the time.

      • the beauty is he doesn’t need to steal all the time. I can’t wait for the day when enough guys need a rest that we see Reyes, Bonifacio, Davis and Izturis all in the lineup. I’d bat them 8-9-1-2 and let them wreak havoc all day

  81. Why don’t the Jays put dirt on the infield between the bases like many other stadiums? Having the dirt just around the bases and more turf in between instead kinda makes a bad situation worse I’d think.

  82. pictures of new jays unis on jays mlb page,but no Buck Jersey.

    • & no JPA jersey.

      Speaking of JPA, guy is popping off hinting like he knows something. Annnnd he’ll be on Brady & Lang tomorrow morning. He is one dude that needs to take a twitter break / shut up.

      • Kind of interesting that he is talking like that. You would think that if AA did confide in him at all that he wouldn’t want JPA blabbing about it.

        As much as I would love to see them move out Buck and use the cash to sign another starter and Jonny Gomes I have a feeling that the Jays start the season with both JPA and Buck.

        I do think Rajai is also completely expendable with Bonifcacio, Melky and Izturiz on the roster but at the same time he’s a nice luxury to have if you can afford it. I guess it all depends on just how much wiggle room they have on finances. If they can pay cash without having to trade major league pieces or prospects to fill the holes all the better.

    • i think buck’s jersey is beside mark mccoy’s, as in look about 50 feet to the right of your computer screen, close your eyes and imagine it

    • buck, arencibia, and rasmus’ jerseys were all cropped out of the pic on the jays site but they’re visible here

  83. I don’t know if everyone saw this already, but John Smotlz with some encouraging comments on Josh Johnson

    • Loved Smoltz’s line about the guy being a year removed surgery and every time you get that you’re going to get somebody who will be better than the year before.

  84. josh johnson, morrow….pizza pizza slices will be flowing like they used to back when doc was here.

  85. if d’arnaud didn’t get hurt or was able to play in the AFL i think the jays gamble and ship out arencbia..

    but i think they hold on to him for now, let tda get used to playing baseball again. play well to get the fuck out of buffalo. and then trade arencibia during the season, perhaps with rasmus or something..

    i was going to question if trading JP might affect some of the players who have gotten pretty attached, but its not like romero could get worrse

  86. Not much has been said of this I have to say, I find it fucking weird that AA is having a press conference by himself tomorrow? Is it not typical procedure to introduce new players to the media after a big trade has been announced? It really makes you think that one or more of the guys will be flipped and AA doesnt want to introduce them and then trade them a short while after.

    • maybe
      but they did put all of their jerseys on the website in a promo pic

      maybe he just told them to go back to enjoying their offseason.

    • If it improves the team further then I am all for it. You do have to wonder quite a bit if taking on Buehrle and Buck were the conditions for getting Johnson, Reyes and Bonifacio.

      Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to flip Buehlre when I look at how much we’re going to have to pay him over the next couple of years. However, with Johnson only signed for one year and little depth behind Buehrle, not to mention that Buehrle is cheap this year, you’d have to have a couple of other ducks lined up already or risk being short on pitching again. That’s one hell of a juggling job. It gets even more complicated if you think that having Buehrle here along with the other players is one of your prime recruiting tools.

      In a perfect world you’d love to have 2 guys ready to sign on the dotted line while you’re on the phone with another GM getting ready to move Buehrle for another piece.

      Of course it could all be down to simple a logistical issue but you’d think with the trade taking so long it wouldn’t be an issue any more. Guess we will find out tomorrow morning.

    • Well, if they were free agent signings like Melky, i could see that..but the florida boys were traded. They did not choose to get traded. Hence its sort of inconvenient to expect them to quit all their vacations, relaxation time in sunny florida and make a trip up to the frozen tundra this time of year. Its just not necessary.

    • You’ve got guys in Dubai, Florida, Dominican, parts unknown…. and it’s November.
      I’m sure there will be a big money-shot presser sometime closer to spring. In the meantime I’d think it would be a bit antagonizing to demand all these guys leave their families in the middle of their vacations to come to canada to do a 9:00 am conference for an hour and then fly home. These guys will be marketed and paraded, and prostituted, and commercialized ….etc

      Give them a moment or two. The ball season is a 162 game, war of attrition, let these guys have their fam-time.

  87. AA has made an 8 player trade a 10 player trade and now a 12 player trade. Im calling a 14 player trade next….

  88. Fuck Manny Acts. Dude has never won shit except ugliest mug award.

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