Mark Zwolinski of the Toronto Star seems convinced that the Jays will be making an announcement of some kind today, be it official confirmation of the Cabrera signing, The Trade, a new manager– or perhaps some combination of all three.

Most importantly, Zwolinski reports that Mike Hargrove, who we’d heard was possibly a strong candidate sometime around last call last night from Bob Elliott– as well as Danny Knobler of CBS Sports, as I detailed in an earlier post– has not been contacted by the club.

Then he lays a real nugget on us:

Acta, meanwhile, has not returned emails or calls from insiders in Cleveland, leading to the belief that he may possibly be sitting on some kind of news.

So… this all continues to make sense, right?

And what a king hell of a thing it would be for the Jays to turn go for one giant orgy of an announcement press conference– Acta (or whoever manages), Cabrera, Johnson, Reyes, Buehrle, Buck, Bonifacio, and Izturis.

But for now, we continue to wait.

In other managerial news, Shi Davidi tweets that Marty Brown will continue to manage the club’s Triple-A affiliate, making the move from Las Vegas to Buffalo, where he was the International League’s manager of the year in 2004, leading the Bisons to the title.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Acta-ually, this is interesting.

  2. Mark Zwolinski is the worst. Anyone catch his article last week in which he called Giancarlo Stanton a catcher?

  3. This is getting ridiculous.

  4. Oh, Bob Elliott. Last call sounds about right. He DID sound downright lucid on PTS the other night, but a couple weeks back, in discussing Beeston’s extension… yeesh, that was ugly to listen to.

  5. Danny Knobler knows who’s best.

  6. - good tactician? check
    - understands baseball stats? check
    - considerable experience? check
    - already has good report with some players? check
    - manly baseball chin? check

    AA has found his guy

  7. I get wanting to group Melky with the trade in order to minimize any bad vibes from the PED suspension. But shouldn’t they want to spread some of this out? If all their big news happens in November, will people still remember it all by March?

    If you spread out some of the moves and press conferences you can keep yourself in the news longer. Unless they are convinced there are more big moves to come, of course.

    • Winning baseball games is the only priority from the baseball ops department. If it happens to be all within a week, that’s what they have to do

      • But there’s no need to announce the manager hiring until next week. You can sign him and then sit on it for a while. I’d prefer they didn’t, but if I’m doing their marketing and PR I’d want them to do that.

        • The announcement doesn’t come from their marketing people. It comes from baseball operations. And for them, it makes sense to have a manager in place sooner rather than later.

          • Beeston signs off before this gets announced, and you don’t think he thinks about PR value? Maybe he doesn’t care or doesn’t think it matters much, or maybe he disagrees and thinks it would be best to lump it all together in a massive announcement. But considering things like that is an important part of his job.

    • Trust me, this will be remembered in March…

      • By the loyal fans, sure. But will the average Torontonian? Have you listened to talk radio in this city? The average Torontonian is an idiot with the memory of a goldfish.

        • So what are you proposing they do exactly?

          • Assuming the trade is approved, have the press conference with the former Marlins and Melky this week, and just say they’re close to a manager if asked. Next week, have another conference with the new manager.

          • if they announce everything at once in mid november, no one will remember it come spring…. but if they flip the switch on people and stretch it out until a little deeper into november… i think we got a winner on our hands

    • The other side of that coin is that a single giant announcement would likely get more attention from more people than several smaller announcements.

      • I think the trade and Melky should be enough to get everyone’s attention. A manager announcement would be great, but not necessary to get attention.

    • Yeah, come March everyone will be all “Hey, where’s Escobar”, and “What has JP Riccardi done this time, who are these people? Where’s Carlos Delgado?”, you know, cause we’re all border line retarded and all.

      • Have you listened to sports talk radio in this city? You might have meant that sarcastically, but for the majority it seems to be close to the truth.

    • There’s a little thing called a “marketing campaign” centered around the new acquisitions that will ensure people remember this in March.

      Dear Lord.

      • You’re not going to centre a marketing campaign around a new manager. You get one chance to capitalize on that PR value, and if you lump it in with the trade and Melky you minimize that.

        From a baseball operations standpoint it doesn’t matter. But if I’m trying to sell tickets in this city I’m thinking about that kind of thing.

        • There is no PR value in any non-Torre manager hire. If you lump it in, it doesn’t matter. If you dedicate a conference, it doesn’t matter. 99/100 random people couldn’t name you the last three Jays managers.

          The PR value is all in the player acquisitions… and like I said, you will be seeing their faces in bus shelters, on the subway, and on television up until March and probably some time after that.

          • If you announce the manger separately on it’s own day, every baseball columnist for every paper in the country will write a separate story about the manager (which will then be regurgitated in the spring). If you lump it in with the others, you might not get that separate attention.

  8. Is it possible that the announcement that Zwolinski was anticipating today merely the one where the Jays announced that Marty Brown will manage in Buffalo?

  9. Out of interest, because I can’t find the info, what is it about Jim Tracy that’s put him in the shitter?

    All the weird stuff (6 man rotations et al) seem to have been forced on him … so, why does everyone think he’s bad?

    • Tracy is a fucking horrible manager. Believes in bunting to score runs for one thing. And I think he is certifiably crazy.

  10. wheres my cap tip/crotch grab?

    • Exactly where it should be: not existing.

      • but if it’s somwhere then it must exist

        anyway i broke this an hour ago on your hargrove thread

        i want archie zuber type privileges now

        • Sorry MWBS , I agree with Stoeten.

          If you want to give props, give it to the guy who called for all this back in June.

  11. Of the two dozen or so names that have been floating out there, many of whom were either fucking crazy or pipe dreams, going with Manny Acta would make the most sense.

    Acta has managed the DR teams in the WBC classics and obviously knows the DR contingent of the Jays. And for once, he would manage a MLB club with a good roster.

    FUCK YOU John Farrell.

  12. Zwolinski is terrible. Jays “are expected” to announce something today? We’ll see. Maybe they will announce Stanton isnt a Catcher.

  13. Please announce… something, anything!!

  14. i’ve been so overjoyed while reading about the jays lately i’ve actually started to sit while i pee so that I have more reading time

  15. platoons…sabremetric analysis…honoring the code of silence. methinks we have a manager.

  16. hey has anyone else gotten a bit ahead of themselves and thought that we realistically could have 5 or 6 jays in the all star game? i was a bit ashamed last year when thames lind and kelly johnson were on our all-star ballot

  17. Bautista has been advocating for Acta from day one, he managed the dominican at the WBC and now we have 4 or 5 starters from the dominican.

    he hates to sacrifice, likes platoons (looking at u lind ) and wont be tempted to over use the running game.

    he’s the only choice as far as im concerned

  18. The Ninja is going to hire a guy who never shows his face and we will never know who it is. The manager will wear a mask the whole season and only reveal himself when presented with the 2013 World Series trophy.

  19. Trade Approved mothaffuckas!

  20. Having followed Manny Acta in Cleveland the last 3 years, my impression of him was that he was a nice enough guy, but very low key. The primary reason he lost his job was because his players quit playing for him sometime around the end of July. There were 3 or 4 instances where he pulled Carlos Santana from a game for not hustling and his reprimand went in one ear and right out the other with Santana. Maybe Manny was just a little too nice. If he is the choice, I suppose I can live with it, but I’d really prefer Alomar.

    • One thing I should add, is the fact the Indians liked to use the suicide squeeze alot under Acta. I find the notion he doesn’t like to sacrafice to be erroneous. Numbers might prove me wrong, but it didn’t seem that way.

  21. Selig just approved the deal

  22. Yeah I was just gonna post that!

    Allan Wexler says the new manager is gonna be ‘a surprise’ but where he’s getting this from I don’t know.

  23. Effectively Wild podcast likes Acta as well.. though they go through Acta’s history with losing teams and poor clubhouses. Did Acta lose the clubhouse in Cleveland? Would anyone have been able to succeed there? Ultimately they think its unfair to take much from Cleveland and Washington, and think he’d be the best guy for the job.

  24. AA press conference 9.30 am tomorrow. No players.

  25. Following a long-held tradition with the Toronto Blue Jays, once hired, Manny Acta’s first act will be to insist that he be called Manuel Acta. He will immediately update his bio, Baseball Reference page and twitter account to reflect his new state of being.

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