Elliott: The Return of Gibbers


Gibbons, come on! You can’t leave the desk like that!

According to a report from Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, the Jays will announce on Tuesday morning that they have re-hired John Gibbons– Gibbers!– to be the manager of the club.

No, really.

I just… I don’t know where to even begin, except to say that I hope it’s true, that I think this is friggin’ awesome, and that I’m certain people are going to absolutely hate it. And that that makes me like it even fucking more.


No fucking way!

Of course, it’s not like Elliott isn’t sitting on a string of dud reports, so maybe I shouldn’t get too giddy just yet. But The Sun is full-on going with the story– it’s their main headline at the time of this writing, as Elliott explains that “Anthopoulos and Gibbons were spotted dining in Yorkville Sunday night,” and states emphatically that Gibbers “will be introduced Tuesday morning as their next manager.”

The two,  Anthopoulos and Gibbers, were close friends, Elliott tells us, during Gibbons’ first tenure in the city. It somewhat of an odd pairing– a Montreal Greek boy in his early 30s and a mumbly military brat Texan fifteen years his senior– but hey… whatever works. And whatever brings back Gibbers’ comprehension of platoons, keen (as far as I care to remember) bullpen management, fluid lineup construction (remember Vernon Wells, leadoff hitter?), his shrapnel-assed hard-assness, and his perma-jacket.

Was it all perfect? Hell no.

But was it anywhere near as bad as the tools who smugly bring up the fights with Ted Lilly and Shea Hillenbrand want to pretend they think it was, even though it’s completely transparent that they’re the kind of mouth-breathing stooges who’d love a manager to light a fire under a couple of insubordinate fuckfaces, just as long as it’s not a manager they want to dumbly shit all over because they’re unable to comprehend why it’s the shitty roster, not the manager, who’s hurting their poor widdle dunder-fucking-headed feelings with losses?

I don’t think so.

I think this is going to be fucking terrific, and I’m especially giddy about the fact that Alex Anthopoulos, if this is really happening, evidently does not give two fucks about the cognitive dissonance he just created in the heads of so many of the knee-jerk fans who wander around blind to the fact that a 95-100 win team is going to lose four games out of ten.


No, really.

You can hear me offer some quick thoughts in the afterglow of the news on tonight’s edition of Montreal’s The Kaufman Show.

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  1. Idiots on twitter are pissed about this.


  2. Soon this blog will have to be called Meth Fueled Jays Fans…no rest for the wicked….

    • ha!

    • Hey, energy drinks and booze .. it’s not like nobody ever thought of it before.

      But here’s a new idea. Shea Hillenbrand is still in baseball, playing for the Bridgeport Bluefish. This demands a trade, Bluefish to Blue Jays. We get Hillenbrand, they get the enormous body, ego, and salary of Adam Lind. Whaddaya say Gibby?

  3. Hahahaha, perfect.

    Why not Gibbers? The thought actually crossed my mind a few times.

    AA is seriously a ninja, which is a fact made even more impressive by the massive brass balls he has to drag around everywhere.

  4. Oh so pleasantly surprised AA had the balls to make that hire. It’s like the exact opposite of the Cito hire, great for the club but won’t play in the media. Love it.

  5. I’m just sorry we’ll never get to see Yunel on a John Gibbons managed baseball team.

  6. This should be fun.

  7. Been looking back at ’04 thru ’08. Gibby was spectacular tactically.

    • Is that why the Jays underperformed their pythag. record every year he was at the helm the first time around?

      • Is that the same Pythag Win formula that fangraphs used to produce the SI Power Rankings?
        The same one that had the Yankees dead last,the Royals 14th after losing 10 games straight and went on to lose 3 more,the one that said the Orioles would never make the playoffs?
        Pythag formulas are a tool not to be confused with reality.
        On second thought,maybe you’re the tool that is confused by reality.

  8. John Gibbons and Brett Lawrie will destroy each other, like a modern day Holmes and Moriarty…but with more redbull and swearing.

    • and about 10000000000000000000x less brains

    • You never know, they might be good together.

      • they will be the kind to have a heated fist fight and laugh it off over a few beers minutes afterwards

      • Exactly, maybe Gibbons will set Lawrie straight

        • … Gibby is exactly what Lawrie needs – someone unafraid to upset the crown prince with the occasional sit down for pinheaded, selfish misdeeds. Don’t think Lawrie won’t be aware of that going into this season either… maybe Gibby’s reputation will make Lawrie wake up on the base paths and realize it’s a team game.

          • I’d actually be much more worried about Arencibia who defends his boneheaded moves to the death (like when he made that errant pickoff throw in the 9th and pretended like he did nothing wrong).

          • amen brother

          • JPA – exactly. that’s the most stubborn boneheaded guy. maybe gibbons will give him a little what for

          • Hopefully JP will be long gone by the time this season begins, and turned into something more useful

  9. Well, you know, considering the other available options, and Gibbon’s track record, and…ehn, who cares. it’s fucking manager.

  10. Fuck Stoeten.
    When the fuck do you fucking sleep?
    I’m in awe.

  11. Gibbons is a fantastic choice, he never deserved to be scapegoated with him. Have been wishing that he would come back for years, but before this I had always figured it was a pipedream. Not with AA as our GM, I guess. Dreams become reality with him.

    Really, AA has a ton of guts. He makes the biggest trade in franchise history, signs a PED user to fill LF (which has the potential to anger the holier-than-thou types in the media/fanbase), and then bring backs a guy they just fired four years ago (essentially admitting the mistake the organization made in firing him). He’s impressive and everything you should want in a GM.

  12. listen to Stoten on the FAN690 here: http://www.tsn.ca/montreal/

  13. Lawrie vs. Gibby is gunna be fuckin’ awesome to watch often.

    • Yeah especially when we’re one game over .500 and everyone’s running around scratching their head why.

      • I hope you wouldn’t blame the manager for such a thing Manitou? Or maybe you are that kind of a fucking moron? I just can’t wait to say Gibby all the time, I’m getting a fucking Gibby jersey. Best hire possible imo, I don’t see who you think would be better options? Manny Acta was the only other option imo.

        • by that you mean you are getting a vintage blue jays wind breaker… the official jersey of the man, the myth, the legend, John Gibbons

        • Fuck off Riggy. We finally got a Major League team, and now a Minor League manager to run it. Enjoy.

      • Not talking numbers. Talking clubhouse chem. There’s more to this game than just fucking fangraphs.

  14. Thought it would be a sexier name and a spanish speaker. Gibbons was a good tactical manager as far as I can remember and players seemed to like playing for him. So, not a bad hire.

  15. is someone going to make a vietnam/ war joke before i goto sleep?


  17. Gibby and me one on one for the world to see. I need more Redbull

    • I think these two guys are similar in attitude and should get along extremely well. I also think they could be HUGE fucking enemies given the wrong set of circumstances.

  18. Well Gibbons knows how to control a team, knows how to run a bullpen, platoon.

    mann… This might just be crazy enough to work

  19. Gibby and Lind didn’t see eye to eye right?

    • Didn’t see eye to eye, or didn’t take his lazy ass excuses?

      ‘i worked out too hard’
      ‘i didn’t work out enough’

      get lind out of here

      • I dont think Lind is long for this team. The sob is a notorious tease though so look for him to come on like gangbusters in ST.

      • His fat country-fed ass will be in the lineup opening day as it has been the last 4 years. I actually hate him.

  20. This is the closest AA could possibly get to having Earl Weaver manage this team. FUCK YEAH!

  21. Can’t wait to see him sipping his diet coke in the dug out again

  22. Whats nexts?This is like a dream…Not one word about Gibbons than BAM!LOVE IT!

  23. I’m curious to know who else was considered if they are dragging Gibbons out of the attic for a return tour. I don’t think anyone saw this coming. My money was on Tim Wallach or maybe Jose Oquendo, I sure as hell didn’t even consider Gibbons.

    • unlike the Farrell move AA knows what he’s getting. it is a smart and safe move.

      • Completely disagree about this being a “safe move.”
        Let me rephrase,

        I think the majority of fans, all of whom are less than educated on the subject of manager value and sound strategical practice, than those of us who frequent this site, will view this move as an unmitigated disaster. They will remember the highly publicized “run-ins” with marquee players and look at his overall record to conclude that he is a poor manager. They will cite the fact that after being fired from the jays he was not offered another head coaching job as evidence that the rest of the league views him as inferior.

        Of course anyone with half a brain knows enough to realize that this man IS A FUCKING GENIUS, and that he is as close to a perfect fit as I could have hoped for!

        However, in my opinion what constitutes a “safe move” is a move that the ignorant, and unfortunately the majority of the public will agree with. In other words a safe move will coincide with minimal criticism.

        And just judging by the early reaction I have seen on twitter, there is some serious “hate” regarding this move.

        Which is not at all to say that I think it is anything but a solid choice, I just think the idea of a “safe move” is predicated on public perception, which, although its early does not seem favorable.

        • Hiring John Gibbons is a very bad move.

        • A winning record will shut the haters up.

          • Yeah, Gibby’s .500 record sure is a winning record.

            I don’t hate the guy.

            He had his chance, why go back to mediocrity?

          • Umm, I think he’s got a little more to work with this time around.

          • Buck Showalter, who everybody was creaming their jeans about this season, is 1078-1018 in his career. In a 14 year career of almost 2100 games, he’s barely 60 games over .500. That includes 6 seasons of sub-500 records.
            Mike Hargrove is 15 games over .500 in a 16 year career of 2200 games. FIFTEEN games total..

            If these guys were so shit-hot, why are their records barely at .500?

    • fuck you

  24. Oh my god search twitter for “John Gibbons” right now. Bunch of kids who were in grade 8 in 2006 saying he was a failure last time around.


  25. Shea Hillenbrand named bench coach

  26. Imagine how epic it would have been if Bob Elliott didn’t scoop this and AA just brought out Gibbons tomorrow morning out of the blue as the manager. Would have loved it.

  27. And people thought Jose Reyes was going to be the most exciting new Jay to watch.

  28. Gib and you shall receive!

  29. I think the real genius in all of the moves AA has made over his tenure till now is how entertaining this product (team) will be for fans to watch…the swagger, personality and speed/power combo of this team is off the fucking charts…someone mentioned the Gibby hiring as polarizing which is a perfect descreption because I dont think there’s gonna be one baseball fan who is indifferent towards this team…there’s no team in baseball that’s this entertaining (on paper)…ninja is a smart smart man…I cant fucking wait for opening day…

  30. I’d like to give my Gibber to John Gibbons. Why? Because he isn’t Jim Tracy!


  32. Now all they need is to bring back…ICE COLD BEEEEEEEEER Guy….and this offseason wetdream will be complete

  33. Hiring John Gibbons is the opposite of signing a token Canadian player to sit on the bench.

    • Yup. AA has always insisted he doesn’t give a shit what other people think. Sometimes, I don’t believe he doesn’t feel the pressure and react. This time, though, this last week in general, is just a giant fucking middle finger. AA is the motherfucking Honey Badger.

      • Pretty much this. If we had a less gutsy GM, we wouldn’t have made that franchise-changing trade, we wouldn’t have signed a PED user on a bargain contract, and we certainly wouldn’t have brought back Gibbons. AA’s got balls, man.

  34. When my the Boogie Man goes to sleep at night he checks his his closet for Gibby.

  35. The inbred commenters over at sportsnet.ca are trying to hump doorknobs with their idiotic comments about Gibby; therefore this must be a good hire.

  36. Gibbys fist is the only hand that can beat a Royal Flush.

  37. Gibbys so mean, he makes medicine sick.

  38. I hope at the press conference Gibby is all “it was a tough decision to leave AA San Antonio, but managing the Blue Jays has always been my dream job”.

  39. Some draft the Mets had in 1980–

    #1 Darrel Strawberry
    #23 Billy Beane
    #24 John Gibbons


  41. All jokes aside, I like that he doesn’t bunt much, snaps necks-cashes checks, I like that he looks meaner then a 10 peckered goat and that he knows the AL East.
    He may not speak very fast and tends to repeat words in the same sentence but hey, maybe that’s just the kind of shit that Colby, Lawrie, and Buck need.

    Gettem Gibby.

  42. Fuck you gai’s, Im goin home……

    • As, mentioned, shame AA couldn’t have rolled out Gibby WWF style “As the NEW manager of the Blue Jays” tomorrow AM.

  43. I for one am not happy with this hiring. I didn’t like Gibbons as a manager ever since the tussel he had with Lilly. Say what you want about Ozzie Guillen, but he never tried to punch his players…

    This feels like a step back for AA… very bad choice considering there were better options available. Hargrove for example. I would have preferred Valentine, that’s how much can’t stand Gibbons and his aggressive nature.

    • Sweet Lou Pinella want toe to toe with Robb Dibble.

      Jim Leyland danced with Barry Bonds.

      Both these guys were beauty’s and are good managers that don’t take shit.

      So Gibby can punch anyone he pleases in the face…… I trust the Greek on it.

    • Holy Shit! … Lilly was called by San Diego before they hired Gibby for the San Antonio (his home town) job, and gave him a glowing recommendation. At least Gibby had the decency to confront Lilly in the tunnel – I would have pounded him on the mound if he had disrespected me by refusing to hand over the ball after coughing up 7 runs when he had an 8-0 lead.

    • Shea Hillenbrand wrote “this ship is sinking” and “play for yourselves” on a team white board. Ted Lilly showed up his manager on the mound during the game.

      How was Gibbons not justified in reacting to either of these situations?

    • Can’t say anything that hasn’t been replied to you already…please fuck off. You come in here saying this is a bad hire and then you vouch for OZZIE GUILLEN!? Seriously man, please, step away from the bandwagon.

    • anybody preferring Valentine over Gibbons because of having an ‘aggressive nature’ is obviously a troll.

  44. All I can remember about Gibby was the he really loved George bush and kept freakin talking about it. Just for that I always thought he was an idiot. Was he actually a good tactician?

  45. bring back ted lilly and dave bush also ernie whitt as a coach,terrible hiring gibby is only here because he is alexs buddy, jimmy williams must be pissed he missed the phone call,lol,

  46. We heard from AA some time ago that “some managers become very successful when given a second chance,” or words to that effect. He didn’t say 3rd chance. Maybe if we were listening we could’ve ruled out Acta at that point. And then the other day it was “an experienced manager with an edge.” In hindsight, it looks like we were told it was going to be Gibbons. Wouldn’t be surprised if the decision was made several days ago, or more.

    Ballsy move. I’m satisfied with the choice. If Gibby brings in Mottola as his hitting coach, even better. Could be a chance, since he knew him as a player.

  47. So if Gibby grows a beard are what’s the over under on Chuck Norris jokes with Gibby replacing Chuck?

    Chuck’s from Oklahoma, right next to Texas. Chuck was in the Air Force, Gibby’s dad was in the Air Force. They’re both clearly Republicans who like to fight…the similarities are uncanny. I’m pretty sure Gibby never fought Bruce Lee but I can’t say for sure.

    • Chuck Norris should be certainly considered for hitting instructor.

      And Charlie Sheen for team councelling.

  48. AA did say something a while back about 2nd chances…. guess this is what he meant

  49. Archi Zuber tweeted this, so i read it. Made me feel funny. Here it is.


  50. FUKIN’EH!!!! Gibby had me when he punched out that prima donna Lilly. it’s gonna be a laugh riot when Lawrie brain cramps running the bases, or Colby Rasmus spaces out..I cannot wait!!

  51. I don’t remember Gibbons being as good as all of what I am reading.. but if he is thats awesome. He did have a shitty team back when he managed though..something to make you go hmmm.


  53. I said before I want Gibbons as bench coach. I am calling it now. He will be bench and someone else will be manager.

  54. I’ll look to Rasmus for a barometer of what of shit Gibbers puts up with. Hope it doesn’t fuck him up a la LaRussa

    • Speaking of LaRussa, what will the Gibby/Rasmus relationship be like?

      A conversation between thoes two would be unintelligible.

      • I think this will be one of the more interesting story lines. Not sure if Gibby kept in contact with Greg Zaun, but if he did, I’m sure he’s gotten an earful on Colby “not showing heart”.

  55. I’m still fascinated by the idea Elliott trotted out that they were trying to lure Bobby Cox out of retirement. That would have been amazing.

  56. Was AA fucking shit faced when he was spotted having din din with Gibby? Must have been to punctuate the greatest Jays off season haul with an absolutely inane choice of skip.

    Can’t wait for mid-June when we’re one game over .500 and good ol’ Gibby has completely lost the clubhouse, kicking back taking the “wait and see” approach.

    Count me in the camp of “absolutely hate it.”

  57. I don’t get why everyone here is so certain this is a great hire. It takes one popular player, especially with a tight team like to the Jays to take issue with Gibbons and you could have a club house divided. It’s always the foolish and the fanatics that are so certain of themselves, and the wiser people filled with doubt.

    • You could take out Gibbons name and put anybody in there.

      What’s your point?

      • He’s been prone to have many confrontations with players. His no non-sense approach works with a young core. The Jays won’t be that young next year. An example would be Bobby Valentine and the Red Sox last yr. Way too many distractions about the tension in the locker room. I’ll gladly take the Jays making the playoffs over me be cautiously pessimistic on a comment thread any day. I just don’t get why a majority of comments on djf’s are so quick to praise the hiring.

        • Gibbons had two real confrontations, one with a jackass who wrote “this is a sinking ship” on the clubhouse white board, and another with a guy who showed him up on the mound. Would you have really wanted him to let either go?

          Gibbons is nothing like that assclown Valentine who seems to enjoy drawing attention to himself with ridiculous statements in the media.

          • He wrote something stupid on a white board and another guy didnt want to come out of the game? Well then clearly the proper reaction for a manager is to TRY AND FIGHT THEM!

            Are you insane?

          • @MJ First of all, if a player is actively trying to undermine everything the coaching staff is trying to accomplish, I think that player should be confronted, as I’m sure he was. I doubt Gibbons just flew into the locker room and layed Hillenbrand out. It seems likely that the fight escalated from somewhere, I doubt Hillenbrand was meekly apologetic. Gibbons was just as culpable as Hillenbrand, but I don’t think he attacked him.

            Secondly, it’s a major league clubhouse, not the waiting room at the gynecologist; I’m sure fights happen from time to time, men fight occasionally, who cares?

        • +billion. Acta the smarter choice.

          • What is Gibbons supposed to do about Hillenbrand’s bullshit? Just let it fly? Let the guy undermine the team? How is that an option?

            GIbbons challenged Hillenbrand in front of the team and the guy backed down. I fail to see why anybody would have a problem with that.

    • Here’s the deal. Players have track records, stats and reputations. We as fans have a bit of a radar on what players bring.

      Managers are very hard to figure out. Most of what makes them great happens behind closed doors. Who am I to say that Gibby is a shitty or great manager? Can’t say either way.

      But when he stood up to lillys bullshit in the dugout ……………hey, showed his passion and fortitude.

      I’ll take him…..

      • Agreed. Don’t know why people are looking at those incidents as a negative… Can you imagine the career Sprewell might have had if Carlissimo choked HIM out? I’m willing to bet most players respect a manager who won’t take shit, not the opposite.

    • I concur, Gibby is a very bad choice as manager.

      He did sweet fuck all while he was here last time.

  58. I think AA is a complete assassin, and I’m still reeling from the Wells salary dump.

    But this Gibbons business has me baffled. I don’t see him having the tools or the pedigree to manage these personalities.

    • Are you on crack?

      • I don’t give a shit about the Lily or Hillebrand stuff, but there’s a reason this good ol’ boy was sitting on the bench in Kansas for three years, and at home in San Antone for two. He’s minor league.

        • Yeah I’d much prefer to have someone who’s major league, from a major market like Boston….maybe someone like John Farrel?

          You’re an idiot, get a clue

  59. i really had my fingers crossed for rance mulliniks

  60. I always admired Gibbons passion, he may (or may not be) a tactician but you can guaruntee his boys will be motivated. How many of us were aching for Farrell to go out and give an ump the business when we were clearly wronged by a call. He occasionally would pop out of the dugout on a play but would just as quickly turn around and head back, stick his jaw out and pose for the camera.

    Between the injuries and bad breaks it just seemed like a doomed team this year. It even seemed like the unps were against us. As a fan and as a player, you know that occasionally you’re going to get fucked, but nowhere does it say you need to lay down to let them do it. Gibby is FIERY, and I don’t know the numbers, but I know he was booted form his share of games as Jays manager. As a guy who played competitively, it makes all the difference in the world knowing you have a manager willing to go, stand for the team, swear his fucking mouth off, get booted, probably fined but show the world that we may lose this battle but we’ll take your liver in the war. He’ll inspire these boys.

  61. Holy fuck. I wake up at 4am to take a piss and for some reason I decide to check my Twitter feed and this is what I see. I had to pinch myself. I think fans in general will love it simply because he will come across as the anti-Farrell.

    Also interesting to note that this is the 2nd time he will be the beneficiary of Rogers largesse. During his first tenure payroll went from $45 mil to $97 mil.

    Anyway I am looking forward to his 2nd time around. Will definitely be interesting times.

    Gibbity! Gibbity! Now someone get to work photoshopping his head onto Quagmires body puhlease!

  62. I just want to see Gibby and big John Shitface at the plate trading lineups, then Gibby beating the ever living shit out of that fucking 2 faced moron, before the game starts, before the Jays beat the everliving shit out of the Sad Sox.

    • They walk up to the plate before the first game between the two teams in 2013…before Farrell has chance to hand over line-up card, Gibby delivers a roundhouse kick that drops Farrell…Gibby does a ‘mic drop’ with the line-up card on Farrell, turns and walks back to clubhouse after getting ejected by umpire.

      Jays sweep 18 game season series against Red Sux…’nuf said.

  63. Over/Under on smashed Gatorade jugs this season?

    I’m gonna put it at 6.

  64. I could get my feelings about this to gel, but since my heart agrees with everything in this post, I think this is awesome. I never had many issues with Gibby. His handling of the pen was stellar. All those guys had great years with great numbers because they were used correctly.

    Yes to Gibby.

  65. I sadly admit I was not a great fan during Gibbys last turn. Back in school, pretty busy. and the Jays sucked terribly, so I’m not overly familiar with his tactics.

    But the sound bullpen management, understands platoons, mumbly press conference, hold people accountable stuff I’m hearing kind of sounds like the Anti-Farrell.

    If he had a chin like David Cooper then I’d be sure.

  66. There is no way that AA makes this move before the trade and the Melky signing. Last Monday this would have looked a little desparate. Nw it can be passed off as crazy/ inspired.

  67. Call me a hater all you want but I think this is an awful move. I’ve been trying to keep an open mind though since I know the people making the decisions know more than I do. So far I see alot of people saying how much they love this move but I haven’t seen any evidence or argument to back it up. So enlighten me as to why this is a good move because I love the look of this team but am not a big fan of having Gibbons be the leader.

    • I gather everyone likes the guy because he’s passionate and is not afraid to kick multi millionaire behinds if he has to. I figure he’s yesterday’s news. Would have loved to see Acta.

    • I’ll join you on this front, I just don’t get why so many people think that Gibby is such a great hire. Yah he had a couple of decent managing seasons but he didn’t take the team to the next level after a big jump in team salary and nobody lined up to hire him after he was chopped by the Jays. He was a divisive manager who got into fights with his players and has the potential for losing guys in the clubhouse.

      I get that he’s a good bullpen-managing, hard-ass who may be good for kicking a couple of certain asses (looking at you, Messers Cletus and Lawrie) into gear, but he could just as easily create a division at such a critical point in team history. Yes, guys like Shea Hillenbrand and Frank Thomas were assholes, but you’d want your manager to be able to find a way to get these guys into the fold instead of alienating them.

      Plus there’s now the perception of “this is the best you could do?” after such an amazing week of bringing in new talent. I just think there are plenty of better managers out there (ACTA, DAMMIT). I would have been far happier with Gibby as a bench coach riding shotgun with someone like Acta as manager.

      • Yeah, I mean how did Gibby not lead the Jays to the promised land with studs like A.J. “Only pitches well in a contract year” Burnett, Lyle “Career Year” Overbay and Russ “AAA” Adams?

    • I agree, this manager hire is for a guy that went .500 over 4 years.

      What is AA thinking?

  68. “As for the player perspective, Bautista said the ideal candidate would be “somebody you have to respect and have some sort of discipline element to them, but also allows you to relax, and enjoy the game, and keeps up a personal relationship with you to where you know that he feels for you because he has been in your shoes, or has been around enough to understand what it’s like to be in your shoes.

    “And he is going to take care of you physically and mentally because that is the only way that we can perform up to the highest level – if somebody is looking out for us in that sense,” Bautista added. “Other than that just being a good baseball manager when it comes to running a lineup and making the in-game moves and taking care of the pitching staff. There is not much else we can ask for.”

  69. Jesus! Don’t anybody sleep around here?

  70. I think that Acta was AA’s first choice and preferred option and that’s probably why gibbons got the job then when Acta denied them

  71. 2013 AL Manager of the Year: John Gibbons’ Fists.

  72. Brutal signing. I guess AA decided he didn’t want someone who spoke Spanish or English.

  73. It appears as though I am the only one here who is concerned about Gibbons’ player management skills. Especially with the seemingly sensitive issue of our recently acquired Floridians

  74. anyone question the credibility of this report?

    its not based on a source, its based on some unidentified person thinking they saw gibby and AA eating together … who saw this? elliott, another staffer or some reader who phoned it in … if it was gibby it doesnt neccessarily mean anything if theyre buddies, eating together in the off-season wouldnt be unusual ……. AA the master of secrecy is going to go out in public with the guy he is hiring?

    just remember yu darvish, in this climate of secrecy, silly rumours get legs they dont deserve as everybody searches for some kind of angle

    anyway, could do worse than gibby who showed an inability to handle pressure after JP’s free agent spree and I think largely ruined bj ryan by repeatedly going to him in the 8th inning … he was otherwise sound tactically and for AA represents a known, safe option

    • That’s not what ruined BJ Ryan. Coming off the juice is what ruined BJ Ryan. That last season he pitched, he came up in the first game and looked like he’d lost a third of his upper-body weight.

      • no, not in my opinion

        BJ came to camp that year withn obvious shoulder problems and was shut down in April he didnt show the weight loss your referring to till after he came back the next season

        • That’s the season I was referring to. ’09 wasn’t it? When he came back after the surgery.

  75. Word on the street is Frank Catalanatto will be on Gibby’s staff. The Cat!!

  76. Oh yeah….I can see Gibbons and Lawrie going toe-to-toe after another Lawrie brainfart, let’s-steal-third-what’s-the-worst-that-can-happen baserunning adventure.

  77. If its Gibby I’m ok with it. He was a decent manager and won his share of games. If I recall correctly when he had Glaus, Burnett and Ryan on his team, he didn’t have much of anything else. Overbay wasn’t the hitter he was supposed to be and Frank Thomas was just a clog on the field.

    One thing about Gibbons, he will be loyal to the team and the city. And as has been said, he knows how to use a bullpen. Also, if there was no accountability before, there sure will be now. In spades. If anyone can make Lawrie pay attention, Gibby can.

  78. Who do you think he’ll bring in as field coaches?

  79. Fists fly forever!

    Wilner… Lol

  80. Alright, I’ll start making the costumes. Who wants to be one of “John’s Gibbons” next year?

  81. Acta/hale as reported by dr Rosen Rosen

  82. It will be a disaster.

    The club is like 60% Latino now and they hire John fucking Gibbons?

    You just know those guys will be calling him a maricon any chance they get.

    I still remember summer on 2008 making signs for Ricciardi to fire the bum….and then for Ricciardi to be fired….now he’s back?!?

    Does not compute.

    Out of all the people Alex could hire for the job he picks a washed up ex-manager who was last the bench coach for the ROYALS, the fucking ROYALS, and last year couldn’t even coach a AA team to a .500 record.

    Now he’s going to manage a MLB team with a $120million + payroll.


    • This ship is sinking. 2006 Blue Jay joke…. check!

    • lol……the manager might be responsible AT MOST for like 5% of a teams overall record. The rest is the talent on the team. Torre or TLR couldnt manage a crappy team to a good record.

      How was Francona regarded when he was hired as the Sox coach? And then, lol and behold, when “he” won two WS with two legit all star teams, hes now a great manager?

      Managers should be evaluated on their personnel skills, communication skills, and in game tactical skills. Records should not matter.

  83. I can’t wait to see what happens when Lawrie tries to steal home with Joey Bats at the plate.

  84. The good thing about Gibby coming back : AA can round out his staff Hentgen Bullpen, Walton Pitching, Waku or Rivera Bench 1B or 3B Rivera.
    The bad: Dwayne Murrphy, altough he now has hitters who know how to be patient, hopefully he doesn’t change that mindset like he has with other players he’s been around,

    Reason why Murph, Rivera and Walton haven’t gone anywhere. I’m hoping Mottola is named second hitting coach.

    • Remember: Dwayne Murphy has a .356 career OBP and a career 14.3 BB%. Sometimes you have to work with what you have.

      • The thing I don’t like about him: I don’t know him so it might not be his fault but I just find any player he’s been around can’t take a god damn walk even players who could before they came to Toronto can’t whne they get here.
        I could be wrong but I always felt it was him telling players to just swing for the fences, that appoarch doesn’t work with Reyes, Melky, Izzy, they are contact hitters, very patient at the plate,. Hope Dwanye doesn’t fuck that up.

        • So much unwarranted hate for Murphy lol

          • I find it’s not that simple. Granted, Lind and Hill are perfect examples of what Murph cant do. But JB (via Cito) is a great example of what he can do. For a while last year, he had Rasmus hitting well. Buck is coming and he LOVES the Cito/Murph approach. I dont know about EE but I think his 2 handed swing is a Murphy idea. When Motorola arrives (and he’d better) he’ll be a confirmation that not all players respond to just one coach/approach.

            • I thought EE made his swing changes in the DR during the offseason while working with the hitting coach he shared with Cano. (Who’s name is escaping me ATM)

  85. Still hoping Acta is named manager and Gibby knows Acta somehow and will be his bench coach.
    Gibby is a fine hire, Rivera will still be here next year for the latin commuinty.

  86. How do you hire a manager that can’t communicate? It is like he is speaking another language and has a dick in his mouth.

    • Speaking another language with a dick in their mouth?

      Think you may be confusing your sexual escapades abroad with this morning’s news.

  87. anyone know if the presser will be on tv?

  88. We need Zaun Cherry’s opinion on this.

  89. Too bad that along with Gibby, we can’t get Early Wynn to be the colour guy on the radio – that would be perfection.

  90. LOVE this hire. Gibby was awesome when he was here and deserved a better fate the first time around. He’s going to be great. A couple observations:
    1) There are going to be a lot of broken ankles in Toronto this morning as a bunch of fairweather idiots disembark from the bandwagon;
    2) If Gibby was here last year, do you think Yunel Escobar would have been anywhere near the stadium, let alone the field, with a homophobic slur written on his face?
    3) If Gibby had never managed the Jays before, people would be on board with his return. But, they’re not because he did. So, they can all go and fuck themselves.

  91. It fell into place when Tony Rasmus gave his thumbs up after a hunting trip with Gibbons.

  92. Blue Jays have interviewed Manny Acta for a coaching postion, looks like Waku isn’t coming back.
    Have to imagine Acta would be bench coach.

    Gibbons is officially announced.

    • Demarlo Hale rumored he’s been offered bench coach postion Acta has been offered another coachin gjob, of course this is all rumored Ken Rosenthal.

  93. What is everyoone talking about “cant wait for the fights between Lawrie and Gibby”?

    The whoe Lawrie narrative is getting out of control. Lawrie has some flaws for sure (and most of them are probably due to immaturity right now) but hes not in the least bit rebellious against tue teams authority or insubordinate in any way (since joining the Jays at least)

    He’s a cocky, undisciplined kid. And he’ll probably thrive under discipline, not resent it. Especially now with more then on older star on tue team for him to “be in awe” of (for lack of a better term). A kid with Lawries personality is probably not good for him to be among the teams top stars and feel like he uas no one to answer too. Hopefully now with Reyes, JJ, Buerle, JB and now EE to play the “shut up and play kid” types should be much better for his development. There was really no one for him to be “in awe of” once Bautista got hurt. It’ll be good for him to have some players around that he will be loathe to disappoint.

    • Love this comment. Agree 100% with you on Lawrie. I can see him thriving with a tough-love plainspeaker to answer to. I don’t see them butting heads, I see them back to back holding chairs in a bar fight.


    Ok, Gibbons seems to me like a safe choice, despite the rumblings about Gibby’s propensity to abuse the English language. AA obviously has a strong comfort level with Gibby that he didn’t have with other candidates.

    That being said, the Jays will need a strong latin bench coach to deal with the latin players as I doubt Bautista will be able to properly translate everything.

    Certainly knows all about platoons, proper bullpen management and knows enough about the game to properly use and build his offensive lineups.

  95. I like it. Unbelievably shocking, but I like it.

  96. Mr. Stoeten, ‘what you just said is the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever heard. At no point in your incoherent rambling response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. We are all now dumber for having had listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.’

  97. Dont care. Got a manager.

  98. Too many people on stupid pills this morning. Gibbons will be just fine.

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