Elliott: The Return of Gibbers


Gibbons, come on! You can’t leave the desk like that!

According to a report from Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, the Jays will announce on Tuesday morning that they have re-hired John Gibbons– Gibbers!– to be the manager of the club.

No, really.

I just… I don’t know where to even begin, except to say that I hope it’s true, that I think this is friggin’ awesome, and that I’m certain people are going to absolutely hate it. And that that makes me like it even fucking more.


No fucking way!

Of course, it’s not like Elliott isn’t sitting on a string of dud reports, so maybe I shouldn’t get too giddy just yet. But The Sun is full-on going with the story– it’s their main headline at the time of this writing, as Elliott explains that “Anthopoulos and Gibbons were spotted dining in Yorkville Sunday night,” and states emphatically that Gibbers “will be introduced Tuesday morning as their next manager.”

The two,  Anthopoulos and Gibbers, were close friends, Elliott tells us, during Gibbons’ first tenure in the city. It somewhat of an odd pairing– a Montreal Greek boy in his early 30s and a mumbly military brat Texan fifteen years his senior– but hey… whatever works. And whatever brings back Gibbers’ comprehension of platoons, keen (as far as I care to remember) bullpen management, fluid lineup construction (remember Vernon Wells, leadoff hitter?), his shrapnel-assed hard-assness, and his perma-jacket.

Was it all perfect? Hell no.

But was it anywhere near as bad as the tools who smugly bring up the fights with Ted Lilly and Shea Hillenbrand want to pretend they think it was, even though it’s completely transparent that they’re the kind of mouth-breathing stooges who’d love a manager to light a fire under a couple of insubordinate fuckfaces, just as long as it’s not a manager they want to dumbly shit all over because they’re unable to comprehend why it’s the shitty roster, not the manager, who’s hurting their poor widdle dunder-fucking-headed feelings with losses?

I don’t think so.

I think this is going to be fucking terrific, and I’m especially giddy about the fact that Alex Anthopoulos, if this is really happening, evidently does not give two fucks about the cognitive dissonance he just created in the heads of so many of the knee-jerk fans who wander around blind to the fact that a 95-100 win team is going to lose four games out of ten.


No, really.

You can hear me offer some quick thoughts in the afterglow of the news on tonight’s edition of Montreal’s The Kaufman Show.

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  1. If you have the chance go back and listen to the Johny Mac interview on Brady and Lang very enlightening.

    Really loving this move especially now that we’re also hearing about Acta being offered a coaching position.

  2. Is the presser going to be on Sportsnet/The Fan ? BlueJays.com ?

  3. Gibby, huh? Is Ted Lily coming back? I haven’t see a good battle lately…

  4. I like Gibby in retrospect. Seems like an aimable hardass. At the time I blamed him for all the clubhouse shit that was going on but in retrospect I shifted that to the players themselves – especially after learning what tools some of them were. I’m looking at you Shea…

  5. Everyone’s talking like it’s a done deal. Has it been confirmed yet?

  6. Strike that. Shi Davidi confirms it.

  7. Gibby:

    Former catcher – check
    Loyalty/links to the organization – check
    Discipline – check

    • 0.500 record over 4 years, with nothing to show for it. – check

      • Yes, because he can’t hit the off-speed stuff and his fastball kept losing velocity from 2006 to 2008

        He’s the fucking manager – you only need or want them to do so much!!

        And, Terry Francona was a failed manager every else before Boston let him manager Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. Need I go on . . . .

      • Tony Larussa – 1,408 wins and 1,182 losses (.544). Let me know when you find that guy who wins all the time and is available.

        • It’s so easy to say “THEY SHOULD GET THIS GUY” without actually checking if the guy wants to come to Toronto. Exactly like the Prince Fielder thing.

      • Dude, just a heads up in case you haven’t noticed yet. You look like more of a tool citing a managers record then you would citing pitcher wins.

      • Still gonna go with your propensity to be a dumb fuck, huh, Mose?

  8. CBC has confirmed it too.

    It’s done.

    Gibbers is back.

  9. Also go back and listen to Hayhurst’s comments on Jeff Blair’s show this morning, definitely worth it.

  10. I can understand this. If they bring in any tenured manager you get headlines like: Torre manages bluejays to WS. Bring in a org guy and its a shrewd upper management move.

    wow, was he seriously here for 5 years?

  11. Keeping fingers crossed that AA says he’s not done and that he’s going after more pitching.

  12. At first I thought we were getting trolled, then I realized that I like the hiring. Good stuff.

  13. I never really liked Gibbons, but then again I totally respect Cito so maybe I’m just crazy. I don’t really want to overreact, I’m sure with this roster everything will be just grand.

    Ted Lily was, is, and always will be a complete ass.

  14. Here weeeee goooo!

  15. Press conference is about to begin. Wonder if Damien Cox is going to ask Gibby if managing the Blue Jays is his dream job?

  16. Hey, Gibby was .500 with a pretty bare-bones team. Also, he didn’t clog up the basepaths.

  17. AA sounds like he’s been up all night. His voice keeps breaking.

  18. Sounds like Anthopoulos is going through puberty again. Voice keeps breaking haha.

  19. Gibby has a nice smile……dreamy

  20. Praises Gibby for being able to handle the bullpen, deal with the front office, hold players to account etc etc unlike…

  21. “Bobby digging up people who haven’t managed for 30 years, and people who are dead.”


    • Elliott is a horrifically bad writer who relies way too much on anonymous scouts and other drunk baseball types he encounters in bars (who invariably tell him what he wants to hear) but I will give him tons of credit for being way ahead of everyone else on this one.

  22. Wow, what a difference between this and the Farrell/Sux conference. Farrell was polished and articulate as hell and stood there with his great jaw jutting out saying all the right things slick as snot. Gibby is a little more rough-hewn. But he’s the guy I’d trust with a team. He’s nowhere near as smooth as Farrell. And I think that’s a good thing. Farrell=Vacuum-cleaner salesman. Gibby=the real thing.

  23. I did not know Richard Griffin’s twitter picture was the drunk guy on the bench

  24. Gibby: Job offer came out of nowhere.

    READ: I was home with my thumb up my ass watching the hunting channel.

    Gotta love the shout out to Bob Elliott. Fucking priceless.

  25. How about Ozzie for bench coach?

    • Please try not to be cruel. I’m not sure who you’re being cruel to in this instance but I am sure its cruel.

    • Not Ozzie but I think having a bench coach that speaks Spanish would be an asset… definetly going to need a redneck to spanish dictionary at least.

  26. They should have gave gibby a jacket instead of a jersey

  27. I shsoald shay thasht i’m rully hashpy to be basks at the Jashy/as. I’mas alsho gots mas sponish distinary her sosh i cansh speaskhs wifh all our nwe plasyers.

  28. Air in the hands, motherstickers! This is a fuck up!

  29. I think a hard-ass manager will be good for Adam Lind. He’s had Cito spooning him before every at-bat, and Farrell keeping him in the clean up spot regardless of how crappy he’s performing.

    Gibbons will take one look at his love handles in Dunedin and make him get on the treadmill. By the way don’t the Jays have a strength / conditioning coach? How can he allow Lind to get away with his 20 minute a day off season work outs?

  30. Andrew I want to keep an open mind, but there seemed to be a lot of troubles with Gibbon. Considering the hotheads we have (Lawrie, Bautista, Melky? Jose Reyes? Buehrle?) is this not a potential disaster?

    I really hope to see a real analysis of him from you. I’m on the fence.

    • Read some player reviews. Johnny Mac loved the guy, Had an issue with Lilly but they are friends (Lilly even recommended him). Shea is a dickhead (with a dickhead name) and Frank Thomas was just mad about being benched…given that he was hitting <.170.

      The narrative of player issues is overblown.

      Is he the perfect hire? How the fuck would I (and you) know? If he can manage the bullpen well, control Lawrie on the bases, and adjust the line-up based on pitcher then I'm pumped.

  31. AA says the decisions he regrets are the decisions he made because of optics and how the media would perceive them. Says from here on in he will go with his instinct 100% of the time.

    • Are you sure that wasn’t that long haired douchebag in that lousy shampoo commercial that seems to be on tv all the time?

      “I’m not going to be the person people expect me to be anymore”

    • He doesn’t care at all what idiots in the media and fanbase think about him or his moves basically. As he shouldn’t. It’s a great trait to have as a GM.

  32. bilingual ninja!

  33. AA’s french is pretty damn awesome.

  34. Woooo Drew Fairservice!

  35. Who asked the question from The Score digital?

  36. Well, I’m ambivalent on this. To be honest I was in the camp that wanted both he and JPR fired for incompetence so I won’t ge a hypocrite by saying I think this is a great hire.
    However, if AA thimks he is now a great choice for whatever reason, especialyy after recent moves, I am willing to go along with it.
    I don’t mind aguy who won’t take shit, but he has to be reaaly careful in dealing with guys making 14m /year.
    One thing I do like, however, is that when we get jobbed by a lousy call or a stupid umpiring decision he will be out there stirring upa firestorm unlike Farrell who went out there for a fireside chat and then returned to the dugout to sing cumbaya.
    Just 1Q: who did we hire as the english interpreter so I can understand his post game comments

  37. Now to complete the ultimate off season, grass. Or at minimum, dirt basepaths.

    • Ditto. Not likely going to happen, but fuck yeah.

      I wonder if there is a newer generation of artificial turf that could be installed. That awful looking carpet looks like it has had better days.

      • Can I ask, has anyone run on turf anytime recently? Is it really as bad as it’s made out to be? Is it reasonably uniform? Or are there hard and soft pockets? I don’t know how well manicured major league surfaces are, but it seems like running across a uniformly flat surface would be easier on the knees than running across an even semi-uneven dirt surface. Any illumination would be welcome

        • it’s kinda like playing bball on concrete (i.e. the playground) vs. a proper gym/wood floor…just much less natural cushion/bounce on concrete.

          wow, that seems pretty obvious now that it’s written out…

    • Dirt basepaths sounds fairly realistic. I’d love to see it.

    Is this your dream job?
    Fuckin right.

    • answer?

      • He said his dream job was the job he had last year managing in his home town in Texas….

        ,,,and he left that job for this one, so that tells you something.

      • An honest one.
        last year he was managing near his home but he left that job for this one.
        No bullshit.

      • He said San Antonio was his dream job because he was playing in his home town and living with his family. But it didn’t go so well. So he’s thrilled to be here. Also said ‘I don’t know how anyone couldn’t think this was a dream job’ if I recall correctly.

  39. “I don’t believe you run stupidly or make stupid outs…. Let’s be smart about it.”

    Music to my fucking ears!

  40. Playoffs baby, playoffs.

  41. Presser over. Went well I think.

    • Loved his answer to Griffin about the impact a manager has on wins/losses.

      • What was it? If you don’t mind

        • Griffin asked how many additional/fewer wins a manager is worth. Gibby asked Griffin what he thought (plus/minus 6 wins). Gibby said something to the effect of I guess it doesn’t matter who you hire.

  42. You know…I can live with this.
    Give me Gibby instead of some tired old re-tread, on the same old list of usual managerial suspects on the same-old managerial carousel. Face it, if all these guys were so shit-hot, they wouldn’t be unemployed.
    I’m giving Gibby a chance on this…seems to be a passionate guy, who loves to win. Works for me every time.

  43. No one asked about grass or dirt infield. I’m surprised about that.

  44. Blair’s got Gibby on the Fan right now.

  45. Also [girly]Gibby is cute in a rough-hewn blue-collar kind of way[/girly]

  46. I forgot how much I liked Gibby. He’s a straight shooter and speaks from the heart. Unlike that canned blahzay coach-speak Farrett spewed at us night in and night out.

  47. Blair’s firmly behind the Gibby hiring: back in his rightful place as manager of the Jays.

  48. Not Gibby or Blue Jay related, but an interesting post from Andrew McCutcheon


    • maybe if those scum bags didn’t waste their money on Mustangs and motorcycles, they wouldn’t be so fuckin poor. I don’t feel sorry for them.

  49. Time to un-retire GIBBERS & GRIFFINS!!

  50. with this lineup, even a monkey could manage it to 85 wins. a gibbon, on the other hand…well, that’s a 95-100-win potential, lemme tell ya…

    how do gibbons control wild dogs (ahem, lawrie):


  51. So a couple of interesting nuggets from that presser for me

    - Surprisingly still looking at guys like Lyon and Frasor but likely only one of Oliver, Frasor or Lyon to be back without other trades. Was h oping we had seen the last of Frasor.

    - Definitely sounds like d’Arnaud to AAA to start the season. Was hoping that they could move Buck to make room for more pitching.

    - Probably doesn’t sound like too much else is going to be done from this point. Of course never say never especially with AA keeping things so quiet but still keeping my fingers crossed we can get one more starter.

    • We still might have seen the last of Frasor. Most likely it`s Oliver he wants with picking up his option but if Oliver doesn`t come back then Lyon hopefully is the guy he`s thinking of bringing back.

    • Frasor is a fine reliever and has been a dependable force in that pen for the better part of a decade. I don’t expect him back with all the cheap arms they have now, but I don’t really understand why anybody wouldn’t want him back.

      • totally agree. i think you can judge someone’s bluejay knowledge by their opinion on Jason Frasor.

      • It’s not that Frasor was fine or not. He was totally adequate imo but not when the money he would likely cost could be put to use in getting someone that can pitch 200 innings vs his 50 or 60. If money wasn’t an issue then sure. That said I still think there’s more upside in the majority of the arms.

      • frasor is a total piece of shit that is the shittiest piece of shit in the shit pile. you’re insane. He’s the worst pitcher. he gets away with results due to being a ‘veteran’ that newbies would be sent packing for. he plain sux. get rid of him

        • agree completely although I may have had a different choice of words. He has been a fukstik for a couple of years now, definitley time to say goobye-especially at 3.5m

  52. John Gibbons is a gentle lover.


  53. Are the 7 players AA has brought to the Blue Jays not going to be available to the media and fans in a press conference…. seems odd.
    Kind of wanted to hear from Josh Johnson, Reyes, Buehrle and Melky, trying on those Jays jerseys.

    • Everyone just started their off-season, AA probly just wants to let them all relax. Plus more moves may be made

  54. I like how Gibby clealry stated that if any one that’s not named Reyes in the top of the lineup is not going to steal third(cough)…. Lawrie….with Joey Bats on deck.

  55. I like this move, but my goodness do you guys need an editor.

  56. AA on Blair just said he’s definitely not looking to try and flip any of the guys from the Marlins.

    So that’s that.

    Just get me one more good starter AA and I just won’t love you long time but more like forever!

    • Here here. That should end all of the internet GM’s wanting to flip one of the guys we got in the Marllins haul. Why trade JJ or Buerhle when you want to add to the rotation?

      • Well I’ve outlined a couple of reasons why even though I have admitted that Buehrle at his rate for 2013 looks like a very good fit. My reasons were more about 2014 and beyond but I do really like it for 2013.

        He did mention briefly that he hopes Johnson is here past this year so there’s that small glimmer of hope.

        Surprised nobody asked about how much money is coming back and whether it can be used for more 2013 acquisitions.

    • thank fuck…i had a dream/nightmare that AA flipped johnson &, for some reason, joey bats to minny for morneau. i woke up sweating, and had to check twitter to make sure it was a dream.

  57. Does the KC connection between GABBONS AND GRIENKE help get Grienke here???

  58. I challenge anyone who doesn’t like this hiring to a fight.

  59. I am totally looking forward to Gibbons leaving the desk like that about 50 times this season. YOU CAN’T LEAVE THE DESK LIKE THAT!

  60. TSN comment of the week goes to this one:

    “…Not thrilled with this one – would have preferred Alomar or maybe for them to coax Greg Zaun out of the broadcast booth…”

    I think a weekly review of TSN comments could be a great substitute to weeks where we don’t have Griffin’s mailbag.

    • MOAR ZAUN!!

      I thought that guy was trying to get himself fired when he started teeing off on the entire team toward the end of the season. Even his buddy Jamie Campbell would look at him like “WOAH GREGGERZ WAT R U DOING?”

      • After listening to Zaun Cherry on PTS, he is OFFICIALLY the biggest troll in Blue Jays broadcasting/journalism/opinions.. He makes Bob McCown seem rational and baseball minded.

    • That is a great idea.

    • Sadly there are comments like that on this site too.

  61. I am not sold on this. Part of the reason is disappointment of not hiring a high-profile guy. Whether it’s rational or not… it would have added to my bonerish feelings about the organization right now if the Miami trade had been able to attract someone who would not have come otherwise.

    All that to say, I only care about winning at the end of the day.. so fuck it.

    Go Jays.

    • i, for one, totally think that the jays should be focused much more closely on the impact of their moves upon your boner.

  62. i dig it, great hire.

  63. Looks like Guthrie is off the market. Reportedly signed a 3 year deal with Royals.

  64. Not very impressed with this new guy’s chin. Doesn’t have the good jaw.

  65. Royals signed Guthrie. Thank you for saving the Jays from possibly making a stupid decision.

  66. I had a dream the Jays reacquired Shea Hillenbrand, then flipped him and Lawrie to Philadelphia for Brian Tallet, who was on that team for some reason, and then Tallet was slated to be the opening day starter.

  67. Royals just gave Guthrie a three year deal, jyust when I started likin gwhat they were doing… wtf!.
    Looks like AA read the free agent market right, to much money and years for players that aren’t that great.
    Burehle deal might not look that bad in it’s entirety deal after this offseason and next, where above average Major leaguers get tens of millions on three year deals.
    Do hate Reyes, Burehle making that much money at the same time, 20 million each or somehing. In it’s entirety Burehles deal might not be so bad.

    • Guthrie pitched very, very well for the Royals last year. 3.16 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 2.9 K/BB 130 ERA+ in 14 starts. Signing him for 8 million a year isnt a terrible deal at all.

      And the royals arent done yet. Expect them to deal for more pitching. Potentially some very good pitching if the rumours are true.

  68. So got 3 years for $25 million or roughly $8.33 million per year. The deal was back loaded with Guthrie only getting $5 million this year. Confirmation of what I suggested we might see happen with a lot of other teams using next year’s cash now?

    If that is in fact the case I guess there’s still potentially some hope they could do a deal like that with someone like Haren, Marcum, McCarthy or Jackson.

    • I’m still holding out for a McCarthy deal.

      • Any one of those guys would make me more than happy. Probably setting myself up for disappointment but I guess I am flying pretty high right now.

      • Excatly McCarthy on a one year deal with incentives, or even a Edwin jackson if his price comes down on a three year deal backloaded or maybe front loaded, (backs getting pretty expensive on this payroll, who knows what the budget is). similar to the Guthrie deal.

    • Yes. By that structure, the Royals have decided that it would be prudent to give a full 50% of the incremental TV revenue that they will receive in 2014 to Guthrie.

      • Considering they have $24.5 million in payroll coming off the books in 2014 with Santana, Chen and Francouer it’s not an issue.

      • Edwin Jackson must want to make love with Guthrie after this deal…. His market is now set and way more than 25 million for three years.

        • It always was imo and by a huge amount. What it did was potentially set a floor for guys like Marcum, Villanueva and potentially McCarthy. I only include McCarthy here because of his injuries.

  69. Not on topic of this post but I feel like something is happening with this blog and Getting Blanked. It’s been 2.5 hours since the Jays had a press conference announcing their new manager and there has not been a post made on either site. Weeeeeeird.

  70. There is no way Rogers spends all this money and intends on Adam Lind to be in the starting lineup

    • gibby not afraid of platoons. lind vs. rhp is fine with davis a nice option vs. lhp.

      • on a 3rd place team maybe. his work ethic is deplorable and he sucks the high teet. Set your standards a little higher.

        • I’d take it. I fondly remember Rajai Davis making Jon Neise look like a pussiii boi in the mets series last year.

      • vLHP is a good spot to rotate the Jose’s through the DH spot and give an start to Izturis or Davis instead.

      • that alone should slow down the mouth-breathers…unfortunately, i’m pretty sure that lind’s biggest fans are that specific demo, so maybe not…

        • im not saying every position needs to be manned by an all star. we won a WS with Manuel Lee. But Lind has had his chance and blew it. Many players get a much shorter opportunity. Lets move on from Lind and his obvious intention on not being a professional athlete and not making the commitment. Oh yeah and fuck JPA too.

      • I’m fine with them keeping Adam Lind. Who’s going to want him for $5M? He had decent numbers upon his return from purgatory. Anyway, a year from now he’s a FA.

        Also… What’s with all the JPA hate?

        • his mouth (twitter account) writes cheques his OBP can’t cash. we need a professional clubhouse

  71. missed aa on the radio, hopefully he hits pts tonight. does anyone know if he addressed whether the payroll was going to 120mm whether this deal hit or not? ie. there was a report that this number was approved prior to the trade.

    • Naturally he was very vague so we’re no better off than we were last night as to future plans though he did say they still want to get better which is pretty obvious. He did talk about additional potential moves in the pen which was sort of surprising but that was more to do with Oliver’s situation. He also mentioned about building minor league depth which makes sense but you can also look at that and say he’s done at the major league level. Of course with AA you just never know entirely.

    • In the press conference, he said that he first was working on the deal with Miami and once the major pieces were in place, he went to Beeston and let him know what was going on. Beest said continue to work it while he talked to corporate.

      From what I gathered, AA has no specific number. He makes a case to Beeston who then makes a case to corporate and they’ll approve or not.

      AA also made a statement that he wasn’t even sure if he could go this high (i.e. with the payroll).

      • That phrase “make the case” has been used a number of times throughout the 3 years AA’s been GM. It’s further proof that there was every intention to do this. Btw i think they may even go after Brandon Lyon…at least he was vaguely referred to in one of AA’s statements.

  72. Gibby? Awesome !

  73. Any chance we see Marcum back?

  74. I dont have time to read all the comments right now, so I dont know if it has been said above or not.

    But, one thing I cant help but think about regarding the Gibber’s hire, is that this just could be his ‘dream job’. Since, y’know, this is the place where he ‘cut his teeth’ as a coach.

    Not to keep beating the shit out of the Farrell phrases, but I certainly have to believe it means something that he genuinely wants to be here.

    • Because him happy about being here will make the team play better?

      I know where you are going with this, but it was not Farrell’s fault the team was terrible last year.

      • it is his fault that some of our best young players have started to develop bad habits. Hopefully Jibbers can work them out.

        • What I meant is that it wasn’t Farrell’s lack of desire to be here that made him a bad manager

      • Not that him being here will make the team play better. But maybe he wont jump ship after the season, y’know, like Farrell did. Clearly you dont know where I was going with this.

        • well if your main qualification is a guy who won’t jump ship then you got your man I guess. Congrats to you.

    • Actually that was brought up in the presser. AA was saying that of all the guys he talked to, Gibby was the most entusiastic and the one that wanted to be here the most. And yeah it makes a difference. If some weiner is just going through the motions while he’s here…people and more importantly players notice that.

  75. Fuck off! After all this offseason fun, and then the excitement of going after any number of emerging next great managers … we bring this asshat back?!

    AA just poured ice water on my maple boner.

  76. David Wright rumour from espn.com:

    One potentially-ideal fit is the Toronto Blue Jays, who could offer Brett Lawrie, a potential replacement at the hot corner for the Mets, athletic outfielder Anthony Gose and a young starting pitcher for Wright. The one issue is, clubs will be trading for one season of the all-star, limiting his value.

    • Too much for one year, however if Gose, and a SP prospect or Rasmus I’d do that trade.
      I want to keep Lawrie but not becasue he’s canadian, I just think he’ll figure it out and become a really good ball player.
      Lawrie could move to second base, Izzy on the bench and Bonnie in CF.
      Not suggesting we trade rasmus but for Wright, I’d do it.
      Doubt the payroll would absorb Wright. Altough after the last two weeks….. like Kevin Garnett… anything is possible.

    • I think there would be more net value in trading for a starter like Dickey if you are going to use your prospects than trading away a core position piece and taking on waaaay more salary for a couple more WAR.

      Dickey+Lawrie > Happ + Wright if you factor in the money and Lawrie’s upside.

      Wright is probably look at north $17 million per year + a long-term commitment.

      • would you flip D’arnaud for Dickey straight up?

        • Dickey’s been great but I just keep imaginaning Wakefield getting rocked in the AL Beast.

          • For Niese, Ogando, or Holland I’d trade D’arnaud because they’re locked up or young.

          • hopefully you could get any of those 3 (def the two from texas) for less than D’arnaud. Some Buck/JPA + a top 10 prospect should do it? They’re spare pieces in Texas

        • Wow that’s a real tough question. Without knowing the payroll parameters it’s impossible to say. My first gut instinct would be to say only if I could extend for a couple more years. I mean if you can afford his salary for the next 3 seasons on top of your other commitments you’ve got to add up d’Arnaud’s potential contributions + Free Agent X or Trade Target X (not for d’Arnaud obviously).

          Then that has to be balanced out against the ability to go for it all now and next year. Flags fly forever after all.

        • Thats the stupidest thing I ever heard/

    • That Wright rumour is so stupid. AA isnt doing that. Why on earth would he need to deplete his prospect cupboard further when he doesnt need a thirdbasemen? Laurie is young, controllable and a potential future league MVP. Just a ridiculous rumour. That being said I LOVE THE GIBBONS HIRE>

    • yeah, definitely wouldn’t do this. the difference between 2013 AL East Wright and 2013 Lawrie isn’t big enough for the substantial long-term sacrifice.

      this is the type of trade you make if Wright fills a huge hole for you. not a moderate upgrade.

  77. Love the hire!! Was hoping, even making hopeful guesses that he will be the man (all the while figuring there was no actual chance in hell, ha).

    If for no other reason this may be great because at least Gibby can translate Murphy/Mottolas swing tips to Colby Rasmus in authentic Redneckese!!!!

  78. Anthopolous just really wants a general manager of the year award.

  79. Rasmus must be happy with the manager hire…….. still kind of surprised they hired his dad, but whatever it takes to fix his mental or approach at the plate.

  80. LOVE IT!

    Gibby had a .500 record in his time here despite have far less talent. Also who “managed” us to a 87 win ( highest since 93) season?

    Add in the fact that we won’t see Lind flail away hopelessly as a Left handed pitcher aims it for the backstop and I’m estatic! I think Keith Law said the best way to gauge a Managers effectiveness is by their bullpen record.

    To the stooges who are pissed off at this move, go do a bit of reading and formulate an opinion. Everyone would have kicked Lilly and Hillenbrand asses.

    If Alex is going to go down, I like the fact that it will be fighting and on his terms.

    • there was one 88 win season in there. (or 2?)

    • Yeah that Lilly thing came after his offence had given him a 4 run lead and he went right out and gave up 8. (or something like that) When Gibby came out to yank him, Lilly was pissed off and started a fight. In hindsight, not only was Gibby right, but he probably saved Lilly from a LOT more humiliation.

  81. Blue Jays designate McCoy for assignment. This is now a World Series-caliber team because of that one move.

    Note: sarcastic hyperbole.

  82. Ok, I’ve come down off the ledge a bit

    Besides Farrell’s yearning to return to Boston, it was alluded to that he had fundamental philosophical differences with the front office.

    AA probably wanted someone competent, yet who will fall in step without a peep. Seeing as he’s so damn crafty, he probably avoided a “name” on purpose.

    Never mind young controllable players. I think he wants a grateful, controllable manager.

    • He wants a manager with an edge and who won’t quit on him.

    • that’s a small besides, go back n read sandcstle kid’s comments, great argument.

      You will get completely off the the ledge and join us at the bar for a fuckin drink, cause with all the negative shit that’s been going on here for decades with all sports franchises it’s understandable. AA isn’t done yet either, his handcuffs have been removed, he will keep adding before spring training and pre trade deadline..

      Also look forward to the bench clerin’ brawl in Fenwy that will occur as Gibbons strolls out not to hold his players back but to cold-cock Farrellthan struts back to the dugout!

  83. I never thought of Gibby before but its a great idea. The guy was a scapegoat just like Stoet said in podcast. He knows the game and will expect the players to be proffesional.

  84. At least we know what we’re getting. And judging by the Hayman article no one is gonna try and lure him away from us because he is such a dud in a division filled with All-Star Managers.

    I’m fine with it. He does have a passion for the game and he does not mind getting his hands dirty. Nor is he opposed to getting in umps’ faces. It’s all good. Shame about the chin though. If he only had the chin he’d be managing the Sux.

  85. I like Gibbons. It could have been worse that’s for sure, I was hoping for Tim Wallach although I don’t really think he was considered.

  86. Considering what Omar Vizquel said on his way out, John Gibbons could be the best choice to dish-out some tough love. He won’t take any crap from the players and they will all be held accountable. Lawrie, Arencibia and Rajai Davis are good young players but they made too many mistakes that Farrell just swept under the rug. Won’t happen with Gibbons.

  87. Late to the comments , but I am very happy with Gibons being hired.

    I didn’t follow the Jays during his managerial reign, but after doing some research he looks like a good manager.

    I like fiery types that will challenge umpires & players that get out of line.

    The Jays have enough depth for 2013 that if Brett lawrie decides to steal bases on hos own without a green light he will be punished.

    Gibbons was hilarious today at the press conference.

    You could see that AA gets along with him better than he did with farrell.

    Would it be too much to ask for a bench clearing ball when the red sox come to town on april 5th?

    I would love to see Gibbers punch Farell in the jaw for being a traitor to the jays.

  88. Well… I am also a little late to the party…

    First off, to all the people that have been dropping Gibbons name as a total gag, LOL!! to you. Secondly, to all the writers that have been spinning their complete horseshit stories with no more credibility than the guy that does the coffee runs at work. LOL to you as well.

    Now, moving on, at first I hated this, i was like WTF!! but then I stopped, thought and really thought some more and I love this move. Only downside is the potential for a full on bare knuckle brawl with Lawrie within the first 5 innings of the home opener. But I am hoping that Gibby’s influence will be good for Lawrie.

    In any event, I think this will be a solid year with loads to look forward to and I dont think the moves are done yet. I see another arm coming into the fold.

  89. Will the Jays be hiring a translator?
    It would help avoid misunderstandings when Gibby speaks

  90. [...] Well fresh-ish. Just like the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays. [...]

  91. [...] someone who frequents baseball blogs in the Getting Blanked/DJF/Tao of Stieb mold, I was quite happy with the re-hire. Gibbons had been, in the eyes of some (and [...]

  92. […] Who will be in charge of this team this year? And will it matter?  I suppose the trades and signings make this team look more appealing to potential candidates, but that 1998 team I mentioned earlier was handicapped by its manager; Tim Johnson.  I won’t bother to rehash his whole fabricated Vietnam War story thing, but suffice it to say that he lost the trust and respect of his squad, and that led to a disappointing season.  Potential candidates include Bobby Cox and Ozzie Guillen, both World Series winners, as well as a return of Cito Gaston. [Ed. note: Apparently, the Jays are going with re-hiring John Gibbons.] […]

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