There’s just too much synergy involved in my coming across a recent item from Boston’s and the fact that I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this great pic that I’d seen making the rounds on Twitter, and was also emailed to me– thanks Jordan– to not go ahead and make a post combining the two. Even though, y’know, there isn’t a whole lot more to say about it than this.

Aaaaaand money quote:

“There was always, I think, an indication that there was going to be a point in time in the future that finances were going to be freed up to increase payroll. But to balance that out, there was such a high value placed on a number of young players coming through the system. To see it shift so quickly, that’s probably been the surprise. There was a number of good players that they gave up, from a baseball standpoint and setting aside the money that’s attached to those contracts, Toronto gave up a lot of good talent to get more established big league players.”


Oh, and just in case you somehow get to feeling sorry for Boston’s new favourite adopted son, Farrell isn’t terribly worried about the attractiveness of playing for his new team being subsumed by that of his old: “There’s passion in both [Toronto and Boston],” he added. “But I think this is a more intense environment, which is an attraction in and of itself.”

Oh, I’m sure it won’t be after you run your new team into all of the outs and realize how unlikely it is that you, personally, hold the key to turning Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz back from pumpkins into fucking princesses.

Hey, but good luck, eh!

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  1. Oh if he thinks it’s not intense in Toronto just wait until April 5

  2. No “Suck it Farrell” reference?

  3. Hey Farrell…you like apples?

    Take a look at our team…how you like them apples??

  4. Suck it Farrell.


  5. Gibbons: AA’s dream manager

  6. It’s times like these that I’m happy Farrell effed off to Boston because it really feels like that had to happen before any of the recent awesomeness. I’m not implying that the Sux cursed themselves, but karma can be a bitch.

  7. September 20-22. It would be sweet for the Jays to clinch the AL East on any of those 3 days, as they’ll be at Fenway Park.

  8. love that picture


    Suck it Farrell

  9. I think this will all be worth it of the season series between Toronto and Boston is 14-4 Toronto.

  10. Suck it Farrell.

  11. i look forward to taking Buchholz in the 2014 Rule 5 draft.

  12. Farrell is gonna get jeered better than Raffy Palmeiro did with his earplugs in.

  13. If he wants intensity, the boos he gets from Toronto will be deafening when Boston plays its first game on TO

  14. Hire bobby v as bench coach to really piss off the mass holes and Farrell

  15. Farrell’s speech patterns blow my mind

  16. Farrelll can suck the money out of my ass. Dick.

  17. lol Farrell is a fucking clown! go to hell JFGAY

  18. and they finally closed off the comments on that site.

  19. The comments have been closed on the link, I just checked back to see how many “suck it Farrell” have been added to the fifty I seen this morning, but now the comments have been closed and I can’t look at the earlier comments. I actually think its not Farrell with the regrets, its Big Papi who is thinking if I went to free agency I could be the number 5 in that lineup.

  20. I’m a little confused. In which story were pumpkins ever turned into princesses?

  21. LOL they closed comment section. 203 “Suck it Farrell”s.

  22. oh, hey John….suck it farrell

  23. Alex AnthYOLOpolis for the win!

  24. Suck it, Trap-Jaw!

  25. I’m going to be cackling like an old fool when 50 thousand fans start up a “Suck it, Farrell!” serenade.

  26. How come ‘John’ isn’t on that list in the picture?

  27. This is the best graphic I’ve ever seen.

  28. Farrell can go suck it.

  29. There’s a pretty good chance Farrell has screwed up future employment possibilities with his “trade” to Boston.

    1. His exit from TO endeared himself to exactly one organization: Boston. How many other teams would hire him considering the messy exit, while knowing Boston is his dream job?

    2. If the Red Sox go into a mini-rebuild, there is a good chance Farrell doesn’t survive. By the time the team is ready to compete, it’s very possible things will have gone sour for Farrell.

    He is betting all of his employment chips on his dream job.

    Good luck with that.

    • If I recall correctly, there was a couple of non-Jay Suck It comments from other teams’ fans. I completely agree, Farrell made himself unhire-able both how he left the Jays and what he said at the presser which was entirely dismissive to the club that first gave him the chance to manage.

      Of course if he manages the Sux to greatness all that will change. So I am hoping that all his dreams fall apart along with every starter he has. I hope Big Papi has signed on for one year too long and just can’t hack it any more. I hope Dustin Pedroia gets Chuck Knoblauch disease and can’t throw to first. I hope that 2012 was just a pale shadow of the horrors that await the Sux in 2013. And I hope all of this wears on Farrell to such an extent that his jaw starts to fall apart little by little so that by the end of the season all he will have left is the top half of that shit-eating grin he wore all through his introductory presser.

      • I could live with him on TV with a big giant cold sore on his lip all season – and while we’re dreaming, maybe a really persistent case of crabs, too.

      • I hope that all your dreams come true Isabella.

    • I am fond of saying “suck it, Farrell” as much as the next person, but I would also take my dream job at the risk of hurting my chances for other employment opportunities. Right? No, I mean, he’s still a d-bag and should have just stayed in Boston if he loved it so much, but you don’t turn down your dream job to make sure you can get hired somewhere you don’t want to be, do you?

      • Well, it’s a pretty big gamble. If it doesn’t work out in Boston, he may not find another manager or even front office job in MLB.

      • There are ways of doing that without totally alienating your current employer or anyone else thinking of hiring you. For a start I would advise not using the words ‘dream job’ because once those words leave your mouth you have forever confirmed to your current boss that the job he offered was not your dream job and feelings can get hurt that way. Also, a good idea to profusely and tirelessly thank your ex-boss and his corporation for being so nice about the whole thing. Making it sound like it was a 2- year internship and see ya later so long goodbye in public at a press conference was just plain stupid in my opinion. But Farrell has a tin ear to go with his glass jaw.

    • @jays 2010.

      That’s a good point. I don’t think non red sox teams would look fondly on how Farrell left the Jays.

      He should have kept quiet about wanting to leave last year.

      He should have waited one more year with the Jays, fulfilled his contract & decide for “family reasons” to return to the red sox or Cleveland or any other USA based team

      I am not sure if the catalyst for Rogers to “open the vault” was the bad season, loss of Farrell crazy fire sale by Loria, new mlb tv contract etc, but it’s very strange how Rogers all of a sudden decided to spend money.

      Was Farrell kept in the dark on purpose so he wouldn’t alert the red sox what AA was up to?

      There was some rumors that the red sox were after josh johnson. Did Farrell tip off cheringtn that AA was going after him?

  30. So when April 5th rolls around, are we all gonna roll on down to the RC with our huge Suck It Farrell signs? It’ll mean we won’t get our little faces on tv but it would be kind of a fun thing to do.

    Oh, and suck it Farrell!

  31. Fuck Farrell with a dog’s dick !

  32. lmao.. Awesome post

  33. I propose a “suck it Farrell” road trip to Boston when the Jays play there!

  34. Holy shit just think for a second if the jays signed ortiz!

    • Ortiz could always go to Red Sux management and ask to be let out of his contract to pursue his “Dream Job” in Toronto…

  35. so that pics from good will hunting obviously

    heres the clip from the movie to put it in context

    now, to carry that hilarious analogy to its absurd conclusion

    Ben Affleck represents us, the unwashed jays fans coming on here talkin bout baseball sometimes trying to show off to eachother about how smart and well read we are

    blonde ponytail guy is john farrell in all his aristocratic glory, lording over us with his red sox royalty lineage, speaking that mumbo jumbo farrell always does, dismissive of us jays fans as being inferior

    Matt Damon is AA, he’s one of us, he’s better versed than we are cuz he’s cut his teeth with the expos and jays, but really farrell looks down on him too cuz hes red sox royalty and the jays and expos just dont cut it in his self important little world

    AA (damon) saves us (affleck) from humiliation with his intervention and moves the last week and sticks it in farrell’s (ponytail guys) smug mug

    when damon says “how bout them apples” to affleck’s delight its all of us chanting SUCK IT FARRELL, April 5

    the end

  36. More than 8 million was sent to the Jays but not a salary dump…… Eh Miami.

  37. One of the best images created yet.
    AA: John, do you like apples
    John: yes, I guess
    AA : How do you like them apples

  38. At the end of the day, Boston got a “manager” who can talk a good game, and the Jays got a Manager who can manage a good team… thanks Farrell for removing yourself from Toronto – you’re about the only person who could have screwed this group up with your over-analysis of everything, and your inability to command the respect of the players.

  39. In Trinidad, we have a saying that sums up how we feel about someone we don’t care about…it goes something like this: John Farrell’s Mudda Cunt (which translates to “fuck him” via the disrespect of Farrell’s mothers cooch.

  40. Did a bit of googling, and found that the comment thread on the WEEI page was likely closed because a Twitter feed called @Soxnationfans asked the author “Any chance you can do about the comments from Jays fans?”

    I say we troll and bombard the shit out of this Masshole twitter feed.

  41. This is better than when I fed Scott Tenorman his own parents.

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