Mike McCoy, we hardly knew ye.

Because it never stops, the Jays have made even more roster moves today!

It’s not entirely unexpected, as today, you may not be aware, is the last day to add players to the 40-man roster in order to protect them from selection in next month’s Rule V draft.

Per a team release, the club has added a pair of New Hampshire Fisher Cats, SS Ryan Goins and C AJ Jimenez, to the 40-man, while designating Mike McCoy, Mike McDade and Corey Wade for assignment. Following the D’ing FA of Joel Carreno yesterday, and the addition of Melky Cabrera, the club now has a full 40-man roster.

It’s not a sure thing that the Jays are going to lose these guys– some might sneak through waivers, especially with other clubs filling their rosters in anticipation of the Rule V, or some may already be earmarked for deals– but it’s going to expose them, at the very least. Not that it matters. In fact, it may present a nice opportunity for McCoy, the seemingly-eternal yo-yo guy, racking up frequent flyer miles between Las Vegas and Toronto. According to Pro Sports Transactions, McCoy was sent down, then called back up, eleven times over the course of his three seasons here.

More interestingly, perhaps, is the fact that catcher Bobby Wilson has managed to stick around. It suggests, at the very least, that Alex Anthopoulos wants to maintain his flexibility behind the plate, in case a trade involving one comes along– regardless whatever the cocksure JP Arencibia seems to think.

The incumbent backstop is apparently not too pleased to be hearing his name thrown all over the internet as a player possibly on the move, and started pushing back against it last night on Twitter:

This tweet in particular set all kinds of minds spinning, as folks wondered whether Arencibia had been assured by Alex Anthopoulos that he won’t be dealt– a ridiculous notion at this point in the off-season, and one made more ridiculous by the fact that during today’s John Gibbons presser the GM would only say that “right now Arencibia is the catcher”– or, crazier still, if perhaps an extension is in the works.

I have no inside knowledge, but an extension for a league-minimum pre-arb guy still four seasons from free agency whose on-base percentage has yet to crack .285 in almost 900 plate appearances in the Majors and who has improved his defence all the way up to below average? Um… no. Not happening. No matter what a super-terrific nice guy who works so great with the pitchers who almost all pretty much fucking sucked last year you think he is.

He’s not necessarily going anywhere either, and I can’t fault him for being confident, or not indulging in his own trade speculation, but it’s extremely naive to simply take his word– or assume he has any kind of word– that nothing will possibly change before April. Especially as long as Wilson is still around as insurance in case one of Arencibia or Buck should disappear– and especially since he stays, while decent-enough pieces like Carreno, McDade and McCoy don’t.

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  1. I’m really starting to dislike JP Arencibia.

    • Why?

      And let’s just dummy this down for me. What does designated for assignment really mean? McDonald’s drive thru clerk, or sent to a lower level of minors?

  2. There are no guarantees in baseball. Just ask Mark Buehrle!

  3. @jparencibia9 “Wish i could say what i kno”

    That would be a short conversation.

  4. You’ve always been down on JPA, despite his power numbers and ridiculous hot streaks, there does seem to be potential there, and heck, he is sure a nice fella…

    However, TDA is the catcher of the future, let Buck back him up this year and trade JPA while he still has significant trade value, I say.


    • I just think it would be crazy if the Jays weren’t looking into dealing Arencibia over the next month or so.

      1) They have a viable option to start the season with Buck as the starter and bring d’Arnaud up a month or so into the season.
      2) If they ever want to trade d’Arnaud or Arencibia, doing so now makes more sense than ever. It’s far easier to deal a catcher now, when multiple teams have needs there, than it would be mid-season, and you don’t want d’Arnaud toiling in AAA all year while they wait for another chance to make a move next winter.
      3) Trading d’Arnaud, I guess, is an option, but what are they going to get for him at this point to make it worthwhile? They, supposedly, don’t have the payroll room to add a superstar, which means the only real option is a Pineda-Montero type trade, getting a young controllable pitcher. How many of those guys figure to be available?
      4) The other option, I suppose, is actually trying to find room for both d’Arnaud or Arencibia on the team this year, and actually using one as a platoon DH. Of course, Arencibia doesn’t seem likely to hit nearly well enough for that role, and it seems silly to not get d’Arnaud reps behind the plate.

      Just makes so much more sense to trade JP. And with two months where that can really be the primary order of business, I’d like to see them try.

      • I suppose they could also try to dump Buck and be open to the possibility of Arencibia eventually becoming a good back up. But I think that wouldn’t be the best use of resources.

  5. Mike McCoy has earned himself a long vacation, with frequent flier miles paying the way.

    Also, he was one hell of a pitcher.

  6. More irritating than JPA on Twitter are the people who insist on copying him in their trade rumour tweets.

    • I kind of don’t blame him for getting pissed off. It’s gotta be weird seeing all that speculation. Players used to get upset about seeing their names in the rumours in papers or on TV, Twitter is a helluva lot more personal.

      • Uh… delete his account? Wouldn’t be missed.

        Super annoying, can’t wait to see him shipped out.

    • I agree 100%. It’s gotta be tough hearing your name in trade rumours all the time…although the truckloads of money probably make it worthwhile.

  7. If I had my druthers, the Jays would trade Buck (not JPA) even if they got nothing in return, just to save the $6M to either spend now on a free agent or to save for later to take on salary in a mid-season trade…. Maybe that is unrealistic pie-in-the-sky daydreaming, but after this past week that type of thinking can no longer be ruled out.

  8. JPA as starter with Buck as backup. Give Td’A two months in Buffalo then call him up and move Buck, hopefully he re-establishes some value and teams should still have a catching need around the league. Then let the young guys play. I think for the time being, JPA is too important to the clubhouse and the younger players and pitchers group.

    • Yeah, but JPA’s trade value is supposedly higher now than during the season. AA might decide to roll the dice and trade JPA for a decent return now – and have Buck and Wilson share the duties til the All-Star break. By then, or sooner, they’ll have an idea of how D’arnaud is doing.

  9. AA also went on PTS and told Bobcat that Farrell was going to be the Jays manager in 2013 despite the fact that JF had asked to go to the Sox the previous offseason and the Sox had/were about to can Bobby V. So, I think AA is wilfully blind to some of the more obvious opportunities forthcoming when providing assurances and makes sure not to couch them in 100% certainty. Is there a deal for JP that AA is willing to pull the trigger on today? Probably not, but I’m willing to bet that deal will present itself by the end of the offseason and JP will be dealt anyways.

  10. McDade seems like the shocker…23 year old who just cracked Triple-A and could conceivably be a platoon partner for Lind one day?

  11. Ah I’m ok with JPA tweets. Better than the usual valid crap athletes write.

  12. Yeah, right….professional sports is SUCH a fixture of permanence and certainty. The kiss of death is either buying a home in your current city, or getting a vote of confidence from your boss.
    “Right now Arencibia is our catcher” has as much credibility as “Right now, I’m wearing blue socks”. Tomorrow, however – don’t bet on it.

  13. So there is now 5 catchers on the 40-man, with AJ Jiminez being a legit catching prospect as well. Its a pretty safe bet they won’t have that many on the 40 man in ST so either Wilson gets D’d FA or one of the other 4 gets traded.

  14. Air Canada stock became practically worthless the moment McCoy’s AAA team moved from LV to Buffalo. With this announcement I can only assume they are declaring bankruptcy.

  15. Why wasn’t Lind exposed again?

    • Probably because the last time he was, no one gave a shit

    • He has been. We all know he’s not really a Silver Slugger

    • Lind does not have any options left. If the Jays remove him from the 40 man roster, he would probably clear waivers but he would then be entitled to refuse an assignment to AAA and would become a free agent. The Jays would still be responsible for the full amount of his salary, less the league minimum should some other team sign him… I guess that the Jays feel that if they are going to pay him, they might as well keep him on the team. Can’t say that I blame them.

      • Pretty good resume of the Lindsuck problem. In a nutshell, everybody else knows he isn’t very good and nobody wants his rich contract. The only place I disagree with you — maybe — is that it makes some kind of sense to keep him on the team. I’d say find a way to move him, even if it means eating most of his contract. I’d actually prefer to platoon Cooper at 1B/DH. This could be a terrific offensive team this year with the talent that’s already signed. Any more acquisitions should be pitching.

  16. All these idiots who keep saying that JPA has potential to improve….he had a .319 OBP in the minors, and a .275 OBP in the majors. So his potential is what? A .300 OBP? He’s 27, he’s not gonna suddenly figure out how to make contact and take walks.

    • He’s actually 26 (will be 27 in January, so pretty close). Have to agree with you about the lack of upside. Last winter I wanted them to give him another year because he had two surgeries right at the end of his AAA days, and there was a potential for improvement if physical problems solved by the surgeries had been holding him back. However, he has since had two years to develop,and it now looks like what you see is all you get. He’s just not that good a defensive catcher, particularly as regards passed balls. Offensively, he hits some home runs off pitcher mistakes but that’s it — the severe inability to draw walks results in the low OBP you mentioned. If other teams are catcher-hungry, trade him.

  17. Im actually backing of my assumption that either Buck or JPA gets trsded before the season, and changing it to assuming one gets traded before the deadline.

    TDA needs atleast a half season in Buffalo, and we’re a playoff contender come opening day. Playoff cntenders dont open the season with a Buck/Wilson catching tandem, or even a JPA/Wilson tandem. MY guess is AA is gonna give JPA some time to build even more trade vapue, and give Buck some AB’s to try to build SOME trade value

    • Why would TDA need a half season in Buffalo?

      • um because he hasnt played in so long and a months hot streak is not enough to call him up? Once hes here, we want him to stay.

        And dont forget, he needs to show he can hit in a non-PCL AAA league.

        Im a huge TDA fan, but he needs to stay healthy and be good for a bit in Buffalo first

  18. if he had an extension, thats still no guarantee of not being moved so it cant be that.

    Only thing is that AA told him he will start the year, which does make sense given how long its been since TDA played.

  19. I like JPA as catcher to be honest about it. get his obp up and I am good with him long term to be honest. TDA looks like a stud but he may flop, his knee may give out and he does have less power.

    However, there is something to be said for more obp and less power at the position with the power that we already do have in the lineup.

    At a high level there is no downside to having depth here.

    • How exactly do you think he’ll magically get his OBP up? Try harder?

      • So it is your contention that it would take ‘magic’ to move his obp up 30 points to a place it was before in the minors?

        Do I have that right?

        • Yes you have that right. It’s unreasonable to expect he’ll get it to .320. MLB is not the PCL.

        • Yeah pretty much. His walk rate has always sucked and he’s not going to magically start making more and better contact.

          • You make it sound as though hes all he will ever be…hes had 2 seasons playing mlb and hes set to enter his prime years…nobody is suggesting hes going to morph into johnny fucking bench but modest gains are certainly obtainable..reps and comfortability will aid his development…dont be so pigeon holed on one over the other…lot of value to jpa…not to mention weve given him 2 full seasons to grow and mature..you dont think tda will have any growing pains? Jpa is a good catcher plain amd simple…flawed yes but most guys arent in some capacity…so why dont you pipe the fuck down leigh and go make me a sandwich.

    • The power is the only aspect that JPA has a SLIGHT edge in. Offensively TDA is still ahead of JPA at the same age and level. Defensively TDA is miles and miles ahead of JPA. It would take a terrible couple of seasons for TDA to be worse then JPA,

      • That would be my understanding from what the scouts are indicating as well. I’m just saying it’s too soon to give it all to TDA for two main reasons: 1) he could still flop in the MLB 2) he is just now recovering from a knee injury at a young age that is a concering type of injury for a catcher to have.

  20. Why the fuck was Mcdade dfad?

    • I find that curious as well, but I guess they value proven AAAA depth over fringe prospect AAAA depth

  21. I’d be glad to get value from JPA and his slider bat speed. I’d be fine with JPA and buck start for two weeks, TDA comes up and starts and JPA platoons with Lind and backs up TDA. But I’d prefer JPA get traded for value, and his value is as a catcher.

  22. y clearly aa thinks bobby wilson is potentially a fallback position for the backup should buck or jpa be moved. my guess is jpa is confident he is staying because he is talking about an extension with the club. ask escobar, or better yet Sergio Santos, whether that really means he is staying or not.

  23. I think you can failt him for “indulging in his own trade speculation”

    He’s coming across a a twat. It’s called ‘radio silence’ bud

  24. Who’s the first Jay to get booed in the dome in 2013? Last year it was Santos I believe. Thoughts? JPA is my guess as he appears to be moving into the position of fan least-favourite, Lind? Ricky? Cletus?

    • I’d love it to be Farrell but he’s a former jay.

    • That’s silly talk. For all the people sniping at him here, Arencibia remains very popular among the broader fan base and understandably so.

      It’s also silly talk everyone rushing to annoint d’Arnaud now, when he’s only had a cup of coffee at AAA and is coming off a season cut short by injury.

  25. The entire point of swapping Mathis for Buck & cash is presumably to be covered in case JPA is traded.

    Otherwise why add Buck and cash into the deal? It would have been simpler to just keep Mathis.

    If it was a straight salary dump of Buck without the Marlins throwing in cash then it would have nothing to do with JPA.

    As soon as AA finds an offer for JPA he likes, he’s gone. The Buck + cash part of the deal makes no sense otherwise.

    • i thought the cash was to cover buehrle’s deferred signing bonus.

      • There are reports that the money is as low as $4 mil and as high as a little over $8 mil.

        Cots, for example, has the Marlins paying the Jays a little over $8 mil in 2013.

        Presumably that is to cover most of Buck and Buehrle’s signing bonus.

        Regardless, it could have just as easily been done with the Jays agreeing to pay all of MB’s contract and not adding Mathis, Buck & cash to the deal.

  26. i guess they had no choice, but i always thought mcdade, mccoy, and carreno were pretty useful pieces. here’s to hoping they slip through to AAA. would be good depth pieces.

    mccade is still a young guy and has some pretty decent numbers last year in AA/AAA. carreno would be decent out of an MLB pen after a bit more seasoning as well.

  27. the only reason he could have for being this much of a moron is that the thing he knows is that D’Arnaud has been traded as a piece of something about to drop.

    otherwise, he’s more of a moron than I thought.

    he sux and he’s a bullheaded doofus.

  28. I say trade JP and start the season with TDA, Buck. If you’re really concerned about TDA’s FA clock then start with Buck, Wilson and call up TDA 2 weeks into the season a la Longoria.

    After this offseason unless you believe JP will become a .320 OBP guy, his value will never be as high again. The guy is 27, peak age, and you have a much better replacement in D’Arnaud. There’s no way TDA can toil another year in AAA and like someone else said it makes no sense to move him with no more payroll room to take on another star. Both of their values are at an all time high, except TDA actually has the potential to be an All Star catcher.

  29. Any chance Arencibia becomes Lind’s platoon partner?

  30. I really don’t get the hate for him here. He’s 26 and only had 2 years in the majors with a bit of injury and a lot of time spent working with the pitchers.

    I actually lose a lot of respect for this blog when you guys talk so cavalierly about trading him like he is useless. His bat is not that bad and can get better. His defence was quite alright to me last year. He costs nothing. I’d way rather have him than Mathis or Buck. And TdA has no big league at bats and has had injury. And the DH role has sort of disappeared or blended in with the 1B role but nothing is stopping it from blending instead with the catcher role. Meaning we could have both.

    Whatever – I don’t really care about him that much. But if you guys want people to take you seriously, learn a fucking ounce of tact. You’re just as bad as the twatterers that tweet trade rumours at him.

    • everyone is going to have their own reasons. But for me I know firsthand that he’s gone to a colleague’s place of business and was a complete arsehole.

      his tweeting and comments in the newspaper clearly show a pompous attitude by a guy who has the audacity to claim he knows best despite quite unspectacular results.

      ‘I’m not concerned with batting average. I’m here to drive in runs’.

      really???? like ok, maybe I can accept the batting average if he can convince me that his at-bats are providing value in other ways – ie ok hitting HR. sure, yes, thanks. But for 20HRs we need to see some secondary value. ie does he drive up pitch counts?? answer: NO. I don’t have the stats but I’m pretty sure his # of pitches per at-bat is a league wide low. Does he provide value on the base paths? answer: NO.

      so a guy who hits 20HR, strikes out a lot, flys out a lot, goes down after a minimum # of pitches, provides no extra value on the base paths….AND has a rotten average??

      yeah. not so much.

      add to that an infuriating attitude of thinking he knows best, maybe even better than the coach?

      and throwing his teammate Romero under the bus??

      and being a booster for bone headed ‘that’s how I play’ sentiment as demonstrated by his buddy Lawrie as well??

      and being a prick off the field?

      and making defensive pompous tweets when the fan base decides he’s not really all that great??

      yeah….the guy is a dud in my books. get him out of here.



    • dude, nobody is talking about trading him because hes useless. we talk about trading him because we know he has signifiicant value, and we have a redundancy at C. Wed be trading from a position of strength for a position of need (one would assume)

      Thats not hate for JPA. Thats smart management.

      • We don’t have a redundancy at all. Any more than we have a LF in Snider. Fuck sakes man. D’arnaud could stink this year in AAA, could get injured, could stink up here. He has zero big league at bats. Gose is a more known commodity.

        I HOPE TdA works out and I won’t cry for JPA. But have some sense.

        Even just the fact that JPA by now is more familiar with the other team’s batters has to be factored in.

        This is not a video game on your playstation.

  31. Question -

    We all seem to agree that the Jays have two “needs” left – a righty platoon partner for Lind, and pitching depth.

    Focusing on the pitching, what do we want/think is likely to see?

    Sure, they could shock us again and sign an Anibal Sanchez, but let’s take them at face value that there isn’t much payroll room left.

    Would the goal be to upgrade Happ? Happ looks like, potentially, a 2 WAR pitcher for next year. A real upgrade to that wouldn’t be THAT easy, especially one that comes cheap. Acquiring one would probably take a package of Arencibia + or, if it’s a very good but young pitcher, giving up d’Arnaud.

    Or is the goal to get a good option that can take over if Happ (or Romero) falters? Maybe it’s someone that profiles as a swingman, or is a big-league ready prospect or guy with options, that can start in the minors.

    Or would it just be to add depth with minor league deals – a bunch of Laffeys who can fill in if there’s an injury, but aren’t to be counted on?

    So, just asking, which of these three options do you think is most likely?

  32. I think the Jays were told they had to take Buck as part of the deal. If you read some of the comments from the Miami camp they were pissed off at Buck’s defensive prowess ( ie he had none), he hit only .192 with no walks and apparently cannot get around on a fastball anymore ( see KJ for that).
    Therefore the Jays likely decided to give them Mathis .and save a few$$
    Now that they have Buck, I’m sure they are working feverishly to unload him even if it means giving away 2m or so/
    As many b4 me have stated I don’t think JPA is going anywhere given that the bJs are unsure of how TDA will be performing come April

  33. Personally, I took that tweet as something of a joke, not that he actually knew something that the rest of us didn’t.

    IE – a bad joke about being an insider.

    That’s just me.

  34. I think it would be incredibly silly to dump Arencibia before we’ve gotten a chance to see D’Arnaud in the big leagues. For whatever reason lots of prospects have dominated in AAA and failed at MLB, and I’d like to know whether D’Arnaud can make the jump before I trade our starting catcher.

    • agreed…unless you end up with something pretty great in a SP or 1B.

      but who’s to say you can’t its not unreasonable to believe that might be possible.

      with the batting lineup we have already….you got to think that were a good bat at 1B could really negate a need to really care how well our catcher bats.

      so if you can net that 1B or SP of value…well…then maybe you just make due with Uncle Buck.

      could d’Arnaud be worse? doubtful.

    • Even if TDA wasn’t in the organization, I’d have no issue moving JPA.

      At best, he looks like a league average starting catcher.

      When factoring in defense (including pitch framing), I honestly don’t think he would be much better than Jeff Mathis next year. And that doesn’t even include all the intangible stuff (Mathis presumably has boatloads of intangibles of a good manager like Sciosia kept running him out there).

      TDA could fail. Many prospects fail. But that doesn’t mean JPA will ever be anything to lose any sleep over.

    • I guarantee D’Arnaud can put up a .275 OBP in the majors.

  35. Ironically, JPA may be signing his ticket out of town by opening his mouth. Goes against AA’s code. Would love to see him bring back a nice pitching piece. Most teams will need at least 25 starts from pitchers not starting the season in the top 5. Do we really want to rest our playoff hopes on 25 starts of Chad Jenkins/Deck Mcguire?

    • exactly.

      not saying trade JPA for a bucket of balls. but trading him for a decent enough depth SP is more valuable than the 5-8 more homeruns that JPA *might* hit more than 3/4 season of John Buck & 1/4 of d’Arnaud.

    • Fuk no-tis why I still think they may find a way to get MArcum here-despite what that Fukstik Blair says

  36. ‘ol Muffin Top McDade!

  37. I don’t see a need to trade jp yet. Buck is a horrible replacement for him. Apparently people forget his terrible play when he was here before. I say get rid of as much salary from buck and Lind as possible. Keep jp and trade him if tda is raking. There really is no need to rush into getting rid of him.

  38. You know what would be hilarious? If the Mets picked up McCoy and sent him back to Vegas.

    The poor bugger was probably thinking “well at least I can just jump in a car” and BOOM back to the frequent flyer miles he goes.

    I hope it doesn’t happen, but it would be funny.

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