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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.

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  1. Great photoshop

  2. DJF is killin’ the photoshops lately, well done boys!

  3. Awesome Beeston impression, Drew. I laughed for a full minute.

  4. Let the good times roll

  5. “When they sign Brandon McCarthy we’ll be back”..

    I’m on board. It feels like the right thing to do the way the whole off season has played out thus far. If he could stay healthy he’d be so amazing here. Just on twitter alone.

  6. You do know that French is the official language of Québec and that 95 % of the population speaks it, right?

    • Any comments about Quebec were purely in jest.

    • Quebec and NDG, where he grew up, are pretty different. Much of my family from there can’t speak french.

      • I’m quite aware of NDG and people that live in a predominantly French province that can’t be bothered with learning French, but it would be surprising that a guy that worked in communications for the Expos in any capacity would only speak English. And Greek.

  7. So you like him because he batted a guy leadoff that you liked and “managed the bullpen well” (whatever that means and however you measure that…).

    I am happy just cause AA is happy and cause I don’t really care that much who the manager is.

    But I would like to hear more on what players think of him. Who is still here from back then? Lind? Romero?

  8. Blue Jays Designate McDade, McCoy, Wade

    By Ben Nicholson-Smith [November 20 at 12:21pm CST]

    The Blue Jays announced that they designated first baseman Mike McDade, infielder Mike McCoy and right-hander Cory Wade for assignment. The move creates roster space for shortstop Ryan Goins and catcher A.J. Jimenez, who were added to the 40-man roster.


    • someone explain this to me. Did they have to add Jimenez now?

      • Rule V draft already. It snuck up on me.

      • There was talk that the Jays would be trying to get him an extra year of protection from the Rule 5 Draft due to his TJS. I guess MLB said no. By keeping him off the 40-man roster, the Jays would have likely lost Jiminez.

        McDade, McCoy are 4A players at best. Certainly not deserving to be on a first division team 25 man roster. Corey Wade is fucking Corey Wade.

        Not sure, but it looks like Ryan Goins was another that the Jays didn’t want to lose to the Rule 5 Draft.

        Overall, with the addition of new talent, the Jays have to manage their 40 man roster by making these moves. No one should be saddened to see McDade, McCoy and Wade DFA’ed.

      • The Rule 5 draft is coming up. Teams must protect the players eligible to be drafted by placing them on the 40 man roster at least a week beforehand.

  9. Fuck Parkes he can suck it along with Farrell

  10. you guys called it yesterday, I must admit

  11. Anyone want to chime in on this piece implying that Gibbons may have been responsible for some pitching injuries (e.g. McGowan’s) ? Sounds like a stretch, but what do I know?

    • The writer of the SI piece is grasping for an angle.
      Farrett had a ton of pitching injuries last year.
      As a former pitching coach was he to blame?
      No more than Gibby was.

  12. Are you trying to tell me its Gibbers and Griffens. and not Givers and griffens?

  13. That might have been the best DJF podcast I’ve listened to. This is what one can use to enlighten Jays fan who have not been on DJF yet.

  14. [...] immediately hired by the Kansas City Royals as a bench coach. Which, as Drew and Stoeten said on yesterday’s DJF Podcast, is not nothing. There aren’t exactly a plethora of big league coaching jobs available and [...]

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