So, remember how there had been whispers or worries about newly-acquired Jays lefty Mark Buehrle not being entirely happy with what transpired last week, as he, Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson and others were dumped by the Marlins in exchange for a few prospects and a monstrous amount of salary relief?

Uh, yeah… about that…

“I’m upset with how things turned out in Miami,” Buehrle said in a joint statement with his agent, via the Sun Sentinel. “Just like the fans in South Florida, I was lied to on multiple occasions. But I’m putting it behind me and looking forward to moving on with my career.”

Sweet! For us, at least. Sounds like he’s accepted it and is ready to come here. BEGRUDGINGLY ON BOARD!!!

Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some shitting-on of the Marlins to still do on the way out the door:

“In an off-season of change and uncertainty, the overriding factor in Mark’s signing with Miami was Ozzie Guillen and the level of comfort his presence provided Mark and his family,” Berry said in his statement. “While the Marlins were the highest bidder, baseball had already made Mark a wealthy man, so money was far from the most important factor in his decision.

“Throughout the recruiting process, the Marlins made repeated assurances about their long-term commitment to Mark and his family and their long-term commitment to building a winning tradition of Marlins baseball in the new stadium. This was demonstrated by their already completed signings of Ozzie, Heath Bell and Jose Reyes.

“At the same time, given the Marlins’ history, we were all certainly aware of and voiced concern about the lack of no-trade protection. This is unquestionably a business, and signing with the Marlins was a calculated risk. Mark held up his end of the bargain; unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the Marlins.”

Indeed, it must be indescribably frustrating for Buehrle to realize now that he has absolutely no security whatsoever in this regard. It’s just… uh… he probably should have wrapped his head around that one, y’know, approximately a year ago. And to say that the Marlins didn’t hold up their end of the bargain? I’m pretty sure the bargain was in writing, and it didn’t include no-trade protection. So… Buehrle can really only be upset at himself, or at his agent for not doing a thorough-enough job of talking him out of taking the contract.

But it’s not like I don’t have sympathy, because I totally do. Kind of. But mostly because, y’know, he’s ours now, otherwise I’d probably have something far more callous to say here.

But shit, if money’s not his main objective at this point, and he really wants this no-trade protection just for the sake of stability, I’m sure the Jays would be open to renegotiating the deal, and offering him some in exchange for lopping off several million dollars from the bloated back-end of his deal. Whaddaya say, Mark?

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  1. To me, it just sounds more like he was reeling from getting Loria’d. It’s the same way I feel when I get Morosi’d or Knoblered on Twitter.

  2. So what’s the plan with his pets? Is he going to euthanize his pitbulls?

    • Probably live in the states. Avoids the taxes as well.

      • Right? Do any of them actually live here anymore? Not that I can think of.

      • Not entirely, pretty sure there have been articles explaining how the CRA dings them regardless of where they live, as do some MLB states on their own income tax laws while player splay away games.

        • I think that’s true, even though the tax issue is wildly overblown.

          • Money is taxed based on where it is earned primarily.

          • As a goodwill gesture the Jays could give them a small salary bump to offset the taxes issue.

            If Josh Johnson signs an extension, I could see AA making an adjustment to his contract to offset his taxes in Ontario.

        • Cdn residents are taxed on their worldwide income, wherever it is earned. If it is earned in a “treaty” country, they receive a credit for tax paid in another jurisdiction.

          Generally, if someone lives here for less than183 days, they are a non-resident and would pay a withholding tax of 15% on their income earned in Canada. On their US return, they get a credit for the tax paid in Canada.

          • It doesn’t matter where you work, it matters what entity pays you and/or where you live. I work 80% in the US for a US corporation but I’m paid by the Canadian subsidiary and pay only Canadian taxes

      • Tony Fernandez had a place in TO on the second go around, which I believe was post Molitor.

    • Why would he euthanize his own dog when he could just give it to friends/relatives and then go back to live with it in the off-season?

      Also he’s only got one pitbull (Slater, seen here with Buehrle’s wife:, and three other Vizslas.

      That being said, it wouldn’t even be that hard to just smuggle the dog into the country and claim it’s a pitbull cross-breed. I know pit bull owners in Toronto. Enforcement of the law seems pretty lax.

      • His wife is hot.

      • IIRC cross-breeds are banned. It is a bullshit law that is intentionally vague. The way it’s worded, any dog that resembles a pitbull is banned. But i agree that enforcement is pretty lax; that is what happens with ridiculous laws. A lot of pitbulls were grandfathered in too.

        I hope Mark and his wife lend their support to the many people trying to overturn the ban. There was a private members bill with tri-partisan support in the legislature, but last i heard it was going to die on the floor.

      • Check out Buehrle’s, Johnson’s and Buck’s wives going fishing together in The Franchise:

      • They could also cross the border with the dog in Quebec. It’s out of the way, but you get the dog in through a province that doesn’t ban the breed.

        But yes, the ban is bad, and I say that as an owner of a very small dog. It’s not about the breed, it’s about who owns and trains it.

        • Pit bulls don’t maul children; children maul children!

        • But every dog – even the most docile – has the potential to attack. When it’s a Shitzu it’s not bad. When a pitbull attacks it can kill things.

          • There are many large powerful breeds of dogs that have the ability to seriously hurt people and/or other animals, So let’s ban any dog that can’t fit in Paris Hilton’s purse

          • You ever been bitten by a shitzu? Not pitbullian, but it aint far off.

          • Fuck, I wouldn’t have a shit-zu or any small dog, give me a nice nice docile big dog. Like my Gold Lab/Husky

          • Pitbulls are vicious fuckin monsters and should ALL be exterminated.

      • AA said Buehrle lived an hour and half from Miami park, just live in Buffalo during the season.

      • Dunno if I’d take that chance when i could just keep him at my 1st residence in the States. Wasnt someone saying the other day that the dog can be put down?

    • Maybe Vick will sign with the Argos for next season, then he can try and get visitation rights for 22 of his old pooch’s and bitches? That would make Mark – Buehrle & surly for sure {:o)

  3. If he’s willing to chop some millions off the contract for a no-trade clause or a limited-trade clause, I think that would be awesome.

  4. Great stuff as always, Stoeten.

    Will there be posts on what AA and Gibby said on PTS yesterday?

    • I dunno. Was it any different than what they said at the presser, really?

      Thanks, also.

      • I remember listening to it yesterday and can’t recall a single thing that was said, so I’d say no.

        • Guess no need, then.

          I didn’t get a chance to listen, but I was wondering if anything new was said. Thanks, voislav.

        • Except perhaps that AA indicated that the amount of money that the Jays received was greater than $8 million

      • I disagree with others. AA was much more open. Candid in ways I’ve never heard from him before. Almost like a shell broke out.

        • Agree with James. AA was incredibly open with McCown. Biggest thing I took away from the conversation was that the money was over $8million. AA also cracked a joke when asked how many managers he interviewed. He laughed and said “did we bid on Yu Darvish?”

      • Also, busting McCown’s chops on the no greek off the top of interviews the past couple of appearances on PTS was funny.

        Earlier in the show McCown committed to asking AA about all dirt cutouts for the basepaths, but it never came up.

        • I noticed that too, but I’m actually glad he didn’t. It would’ve taken away from the flow of a great interview and probably wouldn’t have gotten much of an answer from AA anyway. More of a Beeston question.

  5. I don’t blame him. He was verbally promised that he won’t be moved. He probably bought a house and planed for his future based on Loria’s promise.

    • How many players, in the last twenty or so years of sports, have been truly “safe” on their teams without a no-trade clause?

      I get it, it’s frustrating, but the fact that they wouldn’t give him the clause, but gave him a “verbal” agreement on it, would have made me suspect from the start.

      I am glad he is moving on and hopefully he will give his all in Toronto even without his dogs, but for fuck’s sake, to expect anything other that what happened to have POSSIBLY happened, is naive.

  6. “But shit, if money’s not his main objective at this point, and he really wants this no-trade protection just for the sake of stability, I’m sure the Jays would be open to renegotiating the deal, and offering him some in exchange for lopping off several million dollars from the bloated back-end of his deal. Whaddaya say, Mark?”

    Can you imagine?

    • That is a very interesting point and I would love to see it proposed. How much is security really worth to you, Mark? After all, I’m sure he could have received no-trade clauses from lesser paying teams before he signed with the Marlins

  7. I’m just happy to hear he’s adjusting to the news because he’s a great acquisition. He’s gonna eat innings, he’s gonna win games, he’s gonna help the young pitchers, and because he’s Mark “Send Em Home Early” Buehrle it’s gonna be like watching Jays In An Hour. It’s gonna be great.

    “Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some shitting-on of the Marlins to still do on the way out the door:”

    He should drop a giant steamer on ‘em. Wouldn’t you?

    • I remember a few years ago Buehrle and Halladay faced off at Rogers Centre and the game ended in like 90 minutes or something. Fastest ballgame I’ve ever seen.

  8. You mean there are not any pitbulls in Ontario? Riiiiiiight.

    • The ban is grandfathered in, which is why the breed still exists

      • Yeah, existing ones are OK as long as they have an owner. if they end up in the shelter they either get euthanized or rescued to another province. Friend of mine had one, they just had to get him neutered (which they should’ve done anyway).

        It is illegal to bring a pitbull to Ontario if you move; even if the dog is neutered. Not sure how rigorously this is enforced though; especially if you are rich and can have enough property.

        • Yeah, I doubt its enforced unless one attacks someone.

          I had a chance to own a pup back in 2005 when I still lived there, and the ban was already in effect. I mean, taking it to the vet and such is an obvious challenge. But on the farm I lived on, I couldve easily pulled it off.

          I still think it is the owner, not the dog that is the problem 99% of the time. However, this is a baseball blow, nuff dog talk.

          • Most vets won’t turn away any dog. They know that most of the time the temperament of the dog is a reflection of training/owner.

    • My uncle has two and it is hard to enforce but if a single complaint is lodged or they do anything they will act swiftly and brutally.

      • I’m pretty sure this is how the conversation goes.

        Complainant: OMG my millionaire neighbour has a pit bull!
        Animal control officer: We’ll look into it ma’am.


        Paul Beeston to Rob Ford: Some wack-job just called in about Buerle’s pit bull

        Rob Ford: Don’t worry about it, Beest.

      • Why not just pull their teeth out, you know, like grampa? Feed them pablum. End of problem!

    • It’s also illegal to drive more than 100 km/h on the 401. True fact!

  9. So Buehrle signed with the highest bidder whom also had the added benefit of hiring his former manager Ozzie Guillen. And then he complains about “verbal promises”.

    I’m sorry. Either Buehrle is an idiot or his agent is an idiot (or both).

    If he wanted to sign for less, not play for Ozzie and get a NTC he could have.

    I’m sympathetic to an athlete being asked to waive a NTC. It typically takes seniority to earn one and many trade a NTC for a little less money.

    But that’s not the case here. Buehrle chose the highest bidder and a chance to play for Ozzie over a NTC.

  10. yeah, i feel for the guy because being traded is always gonna be a pain for the family but…you’re smart enough to know the marlins have a history of firesales but dumb enough to sign anyway without a no-trade clause or even a kicker?

    • so we’re all calling out Buehrle or his agent for being naive when we didn’t even see what went on behind the scenes? we really have no idea what lengths Miami took to be deceptive

  11. Buehrle was angry because someone flat out lied to him. Stoeten wasn’t in the room when this happened so his thoughts on the matter aren’t worth much. Sure there was bad history there, sure the utmost precaution should be taken when dealing with such a franchise, but then again this was a new low for even the Marlins, and for all we know Miami did all they could to be deceptive to Buehrle. Even though some might say that they could see this happening, it is entirely reasonable for Buehrle to be quite pissed at his former organization.

    • Why do you come here if you’re not interested in reading Stoeten’s opinions on things that happened when he, “…wasn’t in the room,” it would make for a sparse blog if he could only comment on things he witnessed, no?

    • From the contractual/CBA angle, that’s his agent’s job but he has a responsibility to stay informed. His agent scored 10% (I’m guessing) of $58 mill and should’ve protected him. And Buehrle made the final decision on the deal that was offered. Instead they both bought the crap that Loria shovelled out. I’m just going to go ahead and assume that by leaving Chicago Buehrle knew his 10/5 CBA rights were given up.

  12. Someone tweeted this to Stoeten today:

    Josh Johnson interview at 2 hours 2 min mark.

    Seems fine (happy even?) about going to TO. Said his wife was worried about leaving at first, but apparently she talked to Frank Thomas’ wife, who claimed she loved Toronto, and now his wife is excited for it.

    • Great link James. Didn’t seem happy about higher taxes, but said the city, the people and the fans and the fact I could se some playoffs might make up for it.
      He gets to come to T.O. with four friends and their wives be around good character guys and he’ll probably like it.
      If he doesn’t he can walk after this season and we get a high draft pick or we trade him at the deadline for prospects if we’re not contending. I think we’ll be contending have never said that in my life about this franchise… Excited

      • I also thought it was encouraging that AA was upbeat in the press conference about signing him to an extension, if they felt it was the right move.

    • Nice to hear Johnson’s perspective but holy god those radio guys were awful.

      Johnson’s probably happy just to get away from them and their awkward questions.

      The make McCown sound like a superstar.

    • Worst radio guys I’ve ever heard. And I’m including Derringer.

  13. Maybe he’d be happy if we got Ozzie for Bench Coach? All umpires would fear the Jays!

  14. Anyone notice that buerhle actually looks like a pitbull?

  15. so is anyone going to ask Mark what his dream job is ?

  16. If people don’t know what Loria is about already then that’s their problem. Now shut the fuck up and give our 200+ innings and WS banner thank you.

    • Nahhh. The guy has a legit beef about Loria. Let him go. It’ll serve as a warning to any FA that goes anywhere near him again. Maybe they’ll drive him out of the league.

      • Fuck I hope so. If there was any justice, Loria would be banned from baseball one of those Florida teams would move to Montreal.

  17. Stoeten, you commented on this over the weekend, right? You compared the verbal promise from the Marlins to something uncharacteristically politically incorrect, if I recall. It seemed you may have been drunk at the time so I’m sure the downtrodden folks you blatantly generalized/insulted would take it with a grain of salt.

    As for Buehrle, I’d still not be at all surprised if he was flipped once the FA market plays out a bit, but for now I guess it seems he’ll make do with his situation. But then again, what would we expect him to say? Whether he’s on the team or not in April I feel very confident that spot will be adequately filled.

    • I dunno. thats a 200 inning guy. They dont grow on trees.

      • Agreed, and I love him in the rotation, but if AA has a Sanchez left in him or an even bigger name via trade, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see him unload that big contract for some prospect restocking or an upgrade somewhere else. As I said though, I’d be happy either way.

  18. I love how ‘money wasn’t important to him” but he still went to the highest bidder just like every free agent ever. Not that I blame him, I just did the same thing in my much less lucrative profession. Just enjoy how easily seduced baseball players are (not because they’re greedier than other sports BTW, just because it’s the only sport where you can outbid every other team.

    This is why I always said it was preposterous that “Toronto has to way overpay for FAs. Of course, nowadays, I don’t give a flying fuck about any of that shit. Playoffs!

    • Didnt Dirk Hayhurst just finish reiterating that again last summer?

    • you forgot to close the bracket

      • Also forgot to close the quotations. Also have been constantly drunk on Patron and tree bark vodka cocktails since the trade. Playoffs!

        Plus, what the fuck does Hayhurst know anyway. The only time he ever experienced a bidding war was in the publishing business.

    • In fairness to Buehrle, while I’m sure the money didn’t hurt, apparently being reunited with Ozzie Guillen was a big part of his motivation for going to Miami. So any suggestion that it was purely a money-grabbing move that’s deservedly bitten him in the ass is probably somewhat off the mark.

      Between what he would have expected to be a long managerial tenure there for Guillen and verbal no-trade assurances from management, he must have figured it was worth the risk. Of course, he was wrong on both counts, but kudos to Buehrle for taking it like an adult and being ready to move on.

  19. Also, did anyone else notice that one of the ‘related posts’ to the trade and melky columns is “the myth of AA’s stealth?” Ah July. It was a simpler time, filled with controllable relievers and teeth gnashing lunacy, wasn’t it? I’d almost miss it if I didn’t feel the exact opposite.

    • @Ray.

      I think Stoeten should do a post on the new Jays fans that will be joining this board in the next few months.

      As a former Expos fan & Jays fan since July 2008, this is my first experience with being a fan of a big market top 10 payroll team.

      It seems like the Jay are finally sitting at the Big Boys table & should be able to compete for the next few years for a playoff spot.

      How does this change the fans expectations? How does the media react?

      The tank nation fans will be gone. Expectations will be much higher now. Baseball mistakes, lineups will be closely scrutinized.

      Wilner’s show after the games will become must listen to radio where every move by Gibbons will be closely scrutinized.

      The “good ole days” of hoping that prospects or AA’s dumpster diving for Laffey, Eveland, Jo jo Reyes ” will be ancient history.

      For long time fans, I am curious about was the late 80′s & early 90′s . Did fans go ballistic every time the Jays lost a series.?? Were expectations so high that every blown save was a calamity?

      • @ Oakville


        • The call in shows were still pretty bad back then. There were some tough years like 87 with the Jays epic collapse and to be fair Gillick got a pretty rough time with all of his standing pat lol. Hell I remember when they used to call Duane Ward the fire starter earlier in his career and he was pretty awesome.

          To me the the major difference is the media coverage. Now it’s 24 hours 7 days a week and instant with Twitter.

          • @ NM

            You win.
            You either went to the game, watched the game on TV,listened on the radio or read the box score in the paper.
            Most fans were there because of the event and they were starting to learn the intricacies of the game.

          • @nm & everyone else about the early 90′s.

            Thanks for your memories.

            I think the Jays are in for a very exciting year. These boards will be clogged.

            Stoeten will be a busy guy next year.

      • Wilner’s show will never become must listen to radio.

      • Oak, the 92, 93 Jays had swagger. They went into every series expecting to win, and usually did. From 1985 to 1993 everyone followed the team. If you were at a wedding or somewhere without a TV, it wouldn’t take long for someone to ask ‘how are the Jays doing tonight?’. It was magic. I will always remember the 85 playoffs against KC…it was awesome!

        • For sure, the Jays were the talk of the town in those days – probably the next thing you’d talk to strangers about after the obligatory mention of the weather. And when it was playoff time, the weather came second, lol.

      • As a fan since 1986, I can give you my two cents about the good old days.

        Firstly, even though we were perennial contenders, you never stopped “hoping for prospects”. One of Pat Gillick’s strengths was maintaining a strong farm system and we were continuously bringing up prospects, often in key positions.

        So even if the Jays start becoming legitimate contenders again now, adding high-salary established players, there will still be a lot of attention paid to the farm system, at least in so far as how the higher-rated prospects fare.

        As for your second question about fans in an uproar at every lost series or blown save, that’s a little harder to answer. Not sure that it was a kindler and gentler time, but it was definitely a quieter time. With no internet (shudders, at the memory of those dark ages), fans had fewer options for expressing themselves, let alone coalescing into an angry mob.

        You could write letters to newspapers (yes people really did that – on real paper sent in real mail), but printed letters pages then as now hardly create a lot of attention, though they were noted.

        Radio call-in shows were the main vehicle for really making yourself “heard” (I can remember the days when Paul Beeston was a regular guest with a more muted Bob McCowan and Bill Waters). But there were fewer of these. There was no all-talk sports radio then. I seem to think there was only maybe an after-game call-in show and maybe like one other general sports talk show, at least that I listened to.

        Of course fans could always make any displeasure known at the park itself, but hey this was Toronto after all. So fans were generally considered to be a quiet bunch, and once the SkyDome came on it was filled with casual, polite fans.

        And as far as the mood of the fan base goes, it was pretty positive generally. You have to remember that the Jays made the playoffs in just there ninth season in 1985. This was considered to be very good – the Expos didn’t reach that until their 13th season and, the Seattle Mariners, our expansion cousins who were often used as a yardstick to measure our success, didn’t even have a winning record until their 15th season and didn’t reach the playoffs until their 19th season.

        So this was a big achievement and the fans felt pretty lucky to be contending already, which we did really every year from then on, more or less, until 1993. But yeah, once we had that in our minds and with our first taste of the playoffs, expectations were large. And 1987 is a great example, as for sure there was mass hysteria when the Jays had their incredible meltown in the last week or so of the season. And in 1989, Jimy Williams didn’t just get fired out of the blue, it came amid pressure for success heading into the new stadium.

        At the end of the day, once your team has something to lose and you are playing games that actually matter, any fan base is going to get upset at key losses and any underperformance by players or certainly the team. It’s not like even with the mediocrity of the past 20 years that Jays fans (at least those who’ve stuck around) have stopped caring.

        But yeah Toronto is still a big market and if the Jays are contending again and the casual fans come back in bigger numbers, you can be sure that the team’s successes and failures will be significantly magnified. And in this day and age of sports radio and the internet, it potentially could be that much more so than in those golden days.

        One caveat though is that 1989-93 was really a perfect storm with the new stadium, serious contention and the quest for that first World Series. The SkyDome was a huge novelty and draw for people from far and wide, and your first time bursting that championship cherry is like no other, particularly when it came with a back-to-back repeat. That said, my inkling is that that frenzy is repeatable in Toronto, especially after a generation of fans lost in the desert.

  20. have Buerhle tear up his contract for one worth half the value with all the no trade protection he wants…

  21. even if someone is fooled by someone because of dishonesty and all along they should’ve known better, they still have the right to be pissed at the fucker that lied to them. Buehrle isn’t making a scene and I’m sure he will be professional in Toronto. Too bad Miami isn’t in the American league so the new Jays could get their revenge a few times a year.

    • Agreed.

      Buehrle has a legit beef with the Marlins. It was a calculated risk as his agent stated, but one taken with verbal assurances that the “risk” would be lessened.

      Buehrle was lied to. I’d be pissed about that too. But ultimately he and his agent know the contract they signed and the risks involved.

      Most importantly, (for us atleast) he has no reason to be pissed at the Jays. And neither does any other player coming our way.

    • Here’s an idea. Beuhrle’s agent negotiated the contract and had his “no trade” clause denied because it wasnt club policy. Then the Marlins GM (or Loria) said “but that’s no problem. I personally promise that we wont trade you for the life of the contract’.
      His agent should’ve just asked for a clause that paid a nice fat lump sum payment ($10 mill ?) if he was.

  22. Pretty sure whoever said they get taxed where the money is earned is correct in that, so really it makes no difference where he lives. I would assume, since he just bought a house in South Florida that he will keep that place and just get a condo or something near the park for the season and return to Florida for the off-season. I think anyone would do that. They obviously screwed him over big time, but its a good sign that he seems to just want to move on now. I still can’t even believe that they went to his wife too, looked her straight in the face, and blatantly lied to encourage her to uproot the family for what was supposed to be a long term committment. Bunch of con-artists running the show down there!

  23. The guy is a goddamn millionaire playing a sport we all dream about playing, so i dont know if anybody should really feel bad for him.

    The world doesn’t work on a handshake and a smile anymore, and him, his wife and his agent were all naive in believing the marlins would hold true to their promise. Even more so since the entire baseball world knows about Loria’s past.

  24. Didn’t the Marlins make a serious run at Pujols last off season?

    That would have filled the 1b/DH gap nicely this year.

  25. If Buehrle wants a no-trade then AA should give him one….for a small reduction in his salary of course.

  26. Where did Parkes’ article go? I was kidding when I said you should change his password.

  27. I wonder if Loria will be able to sit in the room next season like he does at the start of this video:

  28. If, as a free agent, I had signed what was probably going to be my last contract, with the intent of moving from the Windy (and cold) City to Miami, had the intention of playing for a manager (Ozzie) that was part of my decision, a team that was loading up on all-stars, and settled in, buying a house, moving permanent residence for my family, with a handshake agreement that I would not be traded, it would take me a few days to get my head completely around the fact that I was lied to by management.
    Not only am I going back to the cold north, I am probably looking at buying a condo in Toronto, being away from my home year-round (if I keep my Miami residence) because Dundedin is too far a commute, and paying an estimated 5-7.5% additional income tax. Add up all the lawyers’ and real estate fees, additional accountant fees, decisions about what to do re moving the wife and kids, etc., etc., and I’m not going to be spouting the virtues of having just become a Blue Jay right out of the gate.
    Put yourself in their shoes and give these guys time to digest what has taken place, become more comfortable and familiar with the unknown, and everything will work out.
    How many players have demanded to be traded because they didn’t like Toronto AFTER having played here for a full season?
    Change is the thing that no one likes to have to go through, especially when it is thrust upon us – in time all of these guys will feel the way John Buck does (he was immediately fine with the deal because he is familiar with the positives of playing in Toronto).
    And for all the idiots who are jumping on the just-traded players for not turning cartwheels and jumping on a plane to attend a press conference in the off-season, during the week of their 2nd biggest national holiday, your Canadian inferiority complex on full display… get a life.

    • Whoa… Who wrote anything negative about what Buerhle said? You’re grasping at straws for your outrage.

    • It’s actually their biggest holiday. More travel, expenditure and family gatherings than Christmas.

  29. haha wow in that Marlins special Loria goes up to Reyes when they were playing in New York against the Mets and says “Are you in the right club house?” Reyes smiles and is all “yeah” and Loria is like “You sure??? yeah me too” and then he trades him within months

  30. The latest rumour is that Buerhle is going to leave his dogs with his friend Micheal Vick in Philly during the offseason.

    The money the dogs win will offset the Canadian taxes, which to me, is smart.

  31. If the trade had been between Miami and St Louis this statement would never have been issued. It’s an insult to the Jays organization and to baseball fans in Canada. Trade the dick and his inbred shithound.

  32. The Gomes dream is officially over…2 yrs/$10 million from Red Sux as per the Score ticker.

    • Good for him, I guess.

      I’d never give him that much as he’s a terrible OF and should really only be the light part of a platoon DH situation.

      I guess Scott Hairston is available or the Jays could just give the 4th bench spot to someone like Sierra who hit well in a small sample against LHP.

      The Jays have two very good bench players in Davis & Izturis. There are enough ways to cover Lind against LHP without having a true DH partner.

      And Gibbons has shown a willingness to use platoons so I’m less worried about having a true Gomes-type.

  33. I’m sorry but I can’t feel sorry for someone maing 15 million a year crying about having to relocate to make the 15 million.

    One of my jobs promised me advancement through their company and 1 year in, the economy tanked and they laid off 300 people including myself (because I hadn’t qualified for a pension yet) I had to work in a different town for much less money.

    I wish I had a 4 or 5 year deal guaranteeing my salary as I make 25,000 less right now

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