I think I can probably, by now, say for certain that this will stay as a regular feature around here for the early winter, as again today, with any number of rumblings out there on the trade and free agent markets, and all kinds of decisions being made on players throughout the league who may wind up having some bearing on the Jays’ plans for the off-season, I think it will be a valuable exercise to comb through the latest from the astonishingly fantastic and comprehensive MLB Trade Rumors and add some Jays-related context to whatever is going on out there…

It’s been over a week since the last instalment of Today in MLBTR around here, and what an absolutely insane week it’s been– so crazy, in fact, that it’s not even clear that the Jays are going to be doing much more heavy lifting this winter, after acquiring Jose Reyes, Melky Cabrera, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Emilio Bonifacio, Maicer Izturis, John Buck, and re-hiring criminally underrated manager John Gibbons. But that’s just the thing. Our notions of what is possible were just absolutely exploded by Alex Anthopoulos, Paul Beeston, Rogers, and Co. So, let’s keep on keeping our eye out…

Joel Sherman, while making clear that these aren’t necessarily ongoing talks, uses the Jays as an example of a club who might show more interest in RA Dickey if the Mets allowed them a window in which to negotiate an extension. He suggests that such an opportunity might put the remaining big pieces of the Jays’ system– Travis d’Arnaud, Noah Syndergaard, Aaron Sanchez, etc.– into play. Not sure I’d be confident enough to give up something like that and commit long-term money to Dickey on the belief that the huge spike in K% this year is real. Felt pretty real, but… I don’t know…

Kenny Ken Ken writes that the free agent market for catchers has stalled because both the Red Sox and Jays have a catching surplus to trade from, but he also notes that he doesn’t think the Jays are in a hurry to deal JP Arencibia, which would essentially mean gambling that Travis d’Arnaud is fully healthy and ready to pick up where he left off last June.

According to Scott Lauber of the Boston Herald, the Sox are very close to a deal with DH/OF Jonny Gomes, who would have looked excellent as the other side of a DH platoon with Adam Lind– especially in a world where clubs have an unlimited bench. So… who’s going to platoon with Lind, then? Rajai? Because he sure as fucking shit should not ever face a left-hander again.

The Jays have added infielder Jim Negrych, who apparently really does exist, signing him to a minor league contract.

Not entirely surprising, but the Yankees have re-signed Hiroki Kuroda– Big Hirok!

I’m not entirely sure why, but some fans have been wondering about Brian LaHair, the Cubs’ first half All-Star who went into the shitter, as expected, in the second half, posting a sub-.600 OPS. Turns out, he appears to be on his way to Japan. So stop asking.

Another terrible player D’d FA who fans’ ears perked up about, because they know his name, is Chone Figgins. While once an excellent player– nearly 7 fWAR in his walk year!?!!?!– Figgins has been below replacement level in each of the last two seasons, despite limited playing time. Do. Not. Want.

Matt LaPorta, D’d FA by Cleveland, also fits this mould. And some other guy I can’t even remember who is also pretty much the same as a Lind or a Cooper, but who people have been asking me about the Jays potentially striking to pick up. Uh… no.

The Red Sox were one of many clubs making minor roster moves yesterday, in order to add players to the 40-man so they’d be protected from selection in the Rule V draft, which comes at the conclusion of the Winter Meetings. In doing so, they designated five players for assignment, including a pair we’re familiar with: Zach Stewart, who went to Chicago in the Colby Rasmus trade and then moved to Boston for Kevin Youkilis, and David Carpenter, who was part of the John Farrell deal.

More ex-Jays news, as Dewayne Wise has re-signed with the White Sox.

Because our history is now pretty much inextricable from theirs, why not read the Offseason Outlook piece on the Miami Marlins? It’d be kinda hilarious if it wasn’t so shitty for those fans.

While you’re at it, check out the one for those fuckfaces in Boston, as well.

Lastly, one of the other clubs who came into the off-season desperate for rotation help, the Kansas City Royals, has now committed $17-million for 2013 to Ervin Santana and Jeremy Guthrie. They Jays, you’ll need not be reminded, added $25.75-million this year, in the form of Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle. Win.

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  1. Gomes about to sign with boston… RIP perfect platoon

  2. Fuck You Massholes! Great signing for them vs the Jays and their 3 left handed starters.

  3. John Buck had a nice little interview with Blair this morning, talking about Toronto and what kind of players Reyes and Johnson are. That is all.

  4. I have a funny feeling that this guy – signed with a year left on his deal but about to lose his job to a hot prospect, and noted GOOD CLUBHOUSE GUY – will be Adam Lind’s platoon partner:


    • **ducks for cover**

      • Isn’t he grossly overpaid and signed to another team? Since KC would want pitching in return, or the absorption of his ludicrous salary…. I doubt there’s a deal to be made.

        • I think they’d eat money to dump him.

          • Frenchy was the Romero of position players last year, terrible WAR, terrible year. He’s never been that great of a player, but if you buy into the nice guy thing he is still one of the most fan-friendly players (tosses money into the stands) and still has one of the best OF arms in all of baseball

            I’m not sure he’d be any better or worse than say a Moises Sierra as a 5th or 6th OF’er but he does have MLB experience and a small but inconsistent history of productivity, neither of which Sierra could say. If Royals ate most of his salary and only wanted some scrapheap prospect or reliever for him, I suppose I’d take the chance. Would be a classic AA move too

          • Yeah. Wasn’t saying I want to see that, just that it seems like the type of thing AA would do.

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  5. R.A. Dickey is a wonderful story of perseverance as a person, and he should serve as a role model for those who need to overcome personal demons. We can argue about whether or not he deserved the Cy Young, but nobody can dismiss what a tremendous story and remarkable person he is.

    Having said that, there is no way in hell I would trade any combination of top prospects for a 38 year old in his walk year, even if he is a knuckleballer which means he’ll be pitching until age 87.

    • No, but if he extends?

      • AA said he thinks it is easy to extend guys if they are here and doing well – referring to Johnson.

        I’d take Dickey as is if it just costs one good prospect. Either we re-sign him or make a qualifying offer and get him back or get a draft pick.

      • is that an old man erection joke?

      • Why bother? If he repeats this season the Mets won’t re-sign him because the Wilpons have no money and are only hanging on to that team because they are close friends of Selig (sound familiar Miami, Oakland?). If he shows it’s not just a flash in the pan he’ll be a free agent and you can go try your luck at grabbing him that way. And if the Jays show some winning with this roster in 2013, free agents will take notice.

        On the other hand, we could see a rotation anchored by Dickey and Johnson. Yeah, do it so we can make the jokes.

        • If the Chinese had a league, we could scoop guys like Wang and Dong to go along with our Johnson and Dickey. Then we could pick up Kerry Wood and draft Austin Chubb.

          Hey, I can do this all day – I’m at work!!!

  6. I don’t think dealing Buck would leave the Jays all that vulnerable. Is a JPA/Wilson combo for 2 months that much worse than a JPA/Mathis combo? You could bring up d’Arnaud whenever you thought he was ready or passed the Super 2 cutoff.

    • The problem is that you wouldn’t get anything for Buck, it would essentially just be a salary dump.

      • Agreed, but I would be happy to see that salary dumped, particularly if it means that money going back into the team.

      • That’s all that matters though especially if it gives you the money for a starter. It’s still a net win. Another way to look at it would be Mathis for X Free Agent or dollar room to make another trade.

      • Considering the Jays got a payoff from the Marlins for Buck’s salary (compared to Mathis’), they could easily eat money in the trade to get something of at least some value.

  7. If the Jays are keeping Lind as a “decent” lefty bat, then having Rajai as his platoon partner seems to add up:

    Rajai’s OBP/SLG/OPS vs. L in ’12: .345/.437/.783
    Lind’s OBP/SLG/OPS vs. R in ’12: .339/.457/.795

    • It is really not a terrible platoon, and a decent use of bench space.

    • If you bear in mind Rajai’s value on the basepaths and at least semi-competence in the outfield, that’s not entirely bad.

      That still leaves us with one spot on the 25, assuming 7 man bullpen:

      2 x C

      Maybe another utility infielder/pinch runner? A decent third baseman ready for Lawrie’s next injury? A pure pinch-hitter, or a RH DH so Davis can be saved for late-game situations?

    • Don’t forget AA’s comments many months ago about having D’Arnaud get some ABs at DH. Could see the right side being Davis for a period of time and then Arencibia, D’Arnaud and Davis rotating if D’Arnaud proves ready. They would make a call toward the deadline about whether JPA’s bat plays as half a DH platoon or whether to trade him.

      • Pretty sure JPA’s bat does not hold up as a DH. Not even close.

        • You never know – I’m always surprised that DH’s don’t hit a lot better than they actually do.

        • I agree but I’m just recalling what the GM had said. It seems a little less of a crazy idea to ease tda in at dh with the new roster than it did at the time the comment was made, no?

          Also, I don’t think the trade means aa is less fond of control than he was before, and jpa and tda are both highly controllable assets.

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    • Wow. That is FAR better than I realized.

  8. John Buck will soon be having morning meetings with another talk show host somewhere in the USA. We will be trading his sorry ass onto the pittsburgh expressway to meet up with Snider

  9. Wow the Sox are in bad shape!

    For what it’s worth (nothing), I don’t have a problem with a Davis/Lind platoon.

    • would it be possible to flip buerhle to the white sox for konerko then sign e jax?

      • Yes. But mainly because that would be stupid and the White Sox would do it in a heartbeat.

        • I dunno if that would be that stupid (assuming we sign Ejax as well to make up for the hole, and then get a bargain guy to push JA happ out of the 5 spot, or someone slightly worse than JA happ as back up). MB does not look like the type of pitcher you want in the skydome/ al east.. especially at this stage of his career, when he doesn’t want to be here, and is being pay’d 20 mil a year soon

  10. The stick it to Massholes part aside, what are people’s thoughts on Youk as a DH and occasional speller of Encarnacion and Lawrie in the field? If he was willing to take a short deal and could live with a DH role for 1 year I could probably live with that.

    • meh. His numbers would probably be not much different than a Davis/Lind platoon, but require committing money and term.

      • Oh it would only work if he was willing to take a short-term deal AND put the glove aside. I can’t see him doing that. There’s no way I’d do a long-term deal with him at this point, but that’s just me.

    • I get that Youkilis is not a bad player, and treating players like it’s fantasy baseball(each one is a name with a WAR number and nothing else) is all the rage… but the guy is just such a giant douchebag that having to watch him on my blue jays would detract from my experience as a fan.

    • What’s Youk looking for in $$$? Put him on 1B instead of Lind and let Lind warm the bench.

      • If somehow I was right and Youkilis (or someone like him) did sign a short-term deal to be the primary DH Lind would be DFA’d to make room. The only way Lind survives on this roster is if they find him a platoon partner. And now Gomes is out of that equation.

        • I’ve loved Youk long time. He hits well in Fenway and we play a lot in Fenway. He must have a hate-on for the Sux right now which will drive him. And as I have noted in another post, he knows all the Sux corpses and where they are buried. There would be no better inside resource on the Sux than Youk. He’d be kind of our version of Farrell. And as much as I would like to stick it to the Sux just because, they are division rivals with whom we play a lot of games. So any and all inside info would be good.

          • Inside info isn’t all it’s made out to be. The Jays played .500 ball against the Sox over the last two years, armed with Farrell’s “inside info”. And besides, with the advent of video all 30 clubs have access to the same knowledge.

      • I took another look at Youk’s stats. I think he’ll be too expensive for what we would get. I can live with Lind in a platoon situation.

  11. http://sports.nationalpost.com/2012/11/20/blue-jays-big-week-the-culmination-of-alex-anthopouloss-plan/

    This is the article Isabel was talking about in the other thread. Lots of really interesting tidbits in there regarding some big “almost” deals and revenue items.

  12. Brian LaHair is going to DESTROY the Japanese league.

  13. Hey you, west coast Jays fans….I will be attempting to put a package together where we can fly out for a weekend of Jays/Red Sucks. I would prefer the first homecoming of Farret (suck it) but those tix might be a tough find. Anyway I am not a travel agent just thought it would be good times. My email is tw.bc.ca@gmail.com

    I was hoping we could all stay at Stoetens place and save a buck.

  14. Well, hopefully the Red Sox fool themselves and have Gomes butcher it up in the OF. I can only assume he’s going to be a platoon bat for their plethora of OF’ers

    Once again, do we really need a platoon DH when Cooper is around? I know Cooper likely has little to no future on the Jays longterm but he’s got a respectable enough bat and decent splits to warrant part time play. He’s pretty much done with the minors so I dont mind keeping him on the bench plus being a 1b depth option too.

    I honestly think that AA can forget about any platoon partner until the trade deadline and judge how well the Jays playoff chances are. Otherwise some combo of Lind, Rajai, Cooper, or even Sierra could probably suffice.

  15. There is absolutely no way ANY team would give up the equivalent of JPA, Gose & one of the Lansing two for Dickey, regardless of a contract extension window.

    I’m quite confident Dickey would sign a reasonable extension with any of the 30 teams in MLB. This guy has barely made any money in his career.

    And, honestly, I’d have no issue letting Dickey play out the year to see how he adjusts to the ALE.

    Joel Sherman is either high or being used to drive up the price for Mr Dickey. Nobody is giving that kind of monster package for a 38 year old.

    I’ve been pushing the Dickey idea for a while now, but if another team is willing to give up susbstantially more than JPA, Happ, Sierra & Cecil let another team have him.

    • I see what you’re saying, but you could argue that there was a lot of risk in trading for Latos and Gio last year (lack of proven track records, inflated success due to ballpark, etc…)

      I think the bottom line is that when you have a pitcher coming off a 20 win Cy Young season, who can be locked up for a few years, you’re going to get a big package or you’re just not going to do the deal at all.

      I’m sure that 28 other teams would be happy to give up 4 players (like the ones you list) who don’t project to be in their team’s starting lineup by season’s end in exchange for 3 years of Dickey. It’s just not going to happen.

      • Well, JPA is at least a decent chip.

        The rest are nothing special.

        If the Mets are not interested in an extension, JPA+ is much better than a draft pick.

        And, no, I don’t think other teams will offer much more.

    • Thanks for that. Been dying to hear from the new guys. I assumed professionalism across the board from these guys and I’m glad to hear just that. Funny how many Toronto sports team haters were so quick to talk about Buehrle’s dog and hatred of Canada, Reyes bad attitude, etc. Total bullshit and typical local rag crap.

      • I have a feeling Buehrle will look at the dog part in the positive light, and you’ll start to see him get involved with the groups who want to overturn the ban. I’m sure they are already reaching out to Buehrle to try and get him as their public face.

      • You must have been reading the paper that rhymes with “fun”

  16. Remeber when the Jays last year where in on every player and didnt get anyone?

    • No. I don’t remember anything before the trade.

      • Yeah, my memory goes back to 1993, everything from that point to the TRADE is a blank..

    • lol very good point. Still hoping since none of the reporters are mentioning Jeff Samardzija we could steal him from the Cubs. Just a pipe dream of course as it would be likely he would cost just as much or more than Dickey in a trade.

      Free Dead Ted’s cash! Get me Dan Haren.

      • You want to dump Happ and pick up Samardzija????? Are you serious??? Samardzija has had ONE decent season and is no better than Happ

  17. Kuroda got like 13-15 mil from NYY right? How much more would Haren command on a 1 yr deal? Around the same?

    I definitely like Haren on a one year deal – he will play lights out for a contract guaranteed – and then let him sign elsewhere for some 3-4 year deal

    • much less.

      kuroda had a great year last year firstly, has been really durable and is asking for a one year deal.

      if haren gets a 1 year deal it will be for 4-5 million with incentives

      • That low in this market eh? I’d love for the Jays to snag him at that price but I still think with his potential ceiling someone will get desperate and give him close to twice that if not a multi-year deal. I would really hate to see him go to another team for less than $8 million. I kind of compare Haren to Melky at this point. If he’s no better than he was last year at 1.8 fWAR then $8 million is a fair price just like it would be for Melky if he were to regress all the way back to his 2009 form with the Yankees and put up a 1.6 fWAR.

  18. DeWayne Wise will be back…..just you wait and see

  19. Who would the djf commenters want as the new dh?

    • If you could pawn Lind off on someone else then I’d be all in on Berkman among free agents.

      You never know as Cameron said in his article on Gomes at FanGraphs a lot of teams use the DH to rotate players through so there’s also the possibility of AA trading for someone like Choo and having him and the regular outfielders all spend time at DH However, that’s probably a bit far fetched considering the resources we likely have left.

      • Choo would be amazing grab but Indians need to re-tool their farm system so I dont think he will come cheaply. Also a Borass client. And at age 30 I would think he would prefer to play OF all the time. Although with that stacked lineup I am sure none of the player would complain about rotating to DH every once in a while

        But he does fit the MO for new look Jays – guys with high on base %, decent defense, hit for contact and some speed – I always thought he’s make a great add in LF but with Melky there now, I dont know if he fits in as much

      • if you want to pay a guy 10 mil(give or take) to sit on the dl for 120 games, Berkman’s a great choice.

    • Mike Napoli.

    • Travis Hafner if he’s healthy.

    • I told my greadmothnr how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

  20. I would absolutely 100% take a flier on Berkman if he showed a modicum of interest in DH’ing for the Jays. In all likelihood he signs with a team closer to his hometown or Houston, but if he wants to win a ring Toronto would be as good an option out there, provided he avoids the turf and strictly DH’s

    I kinda see him in the same light as Manny circa age 36 – .300 avg days are over but he can still get on base well above .350 and hit for plus power in limited play time

    • Avoids the outfield. He could play first if needed.

      All the Berkman stuff is moot IMO. It really sounds like it’s either a victory lap in Houston or retirement.

  21. MLB piece on the Sux saying they’re good and they’ll compete etc etc etc. But here’s the quote I don’t understand:

    “Here’s the good news for 2013: Farrell will keep them focused, organized and on message.”

    OK I hate Farrett and the Big Chin he rode up on. But what was it about the last two years in TO that would lead anyone to think that he can keep players focused, organized and on-message? I mean, seriously, what? Even discounting the injuries, the players were a complete mess on and off the field last year to the point that Vizquel commented on it to the media and everyone else commented as well including multiple Red Sox players. The year before, the players kept running into outs, there were crazy bunts called that ended innings, the bullpen was used about as badly as a bullpen could be used. What about these last 24 months would lead anyone to think this guy could be a super-manager? Is it just the way he looks?

    • I think it’s called whistling through the graveyard. I’m hearing it from Yankees fans now too. “We’re OK”. “We’re bound to be better”. “What the Jays have done to their roster lately doesn’t scare us.” I love it! They’re scared so they’re talking brave talk. We’ve got ‘em quaking in their boots! Sayin’ Farrell’s gonna make a difference is a sure sign that the Sux are screwed and fans know it.

    • MLB.com sucks on the cocks of the Yankees and Red Sux with a smile, so I wouldn’t pay much mind to it.

    • me thinks thou dost protest too much. it seems you have an obsession with the glorious chinned one.

      • I’m obsessed with shitting on his grave.

        So let’s change the subject. Who’ll Gibbons bring in as his coaches?

  22. Cherington: “Farrell, get in here! I just got you a new outfielder”

    Farrell: “Is it Hamilton?”

    Cherington: “Nope, Jonny Gomes”

    Farrell: “Gah!!”

    Cherington: “What the hell is wrong with you Farrell?”

    Farrell: “I just sliced my thumb while cutting this nice paper snowflake for you”

    Cherington” “Well I guess you better suck it then.”

    Farrell: “Thucking it thir.”

  23. this is why I hate the rajai davis signing. if gomes only wants 3 mil then why the fuck are we giving davis 3mil when he’s fucking horrible? gomes is good for 20 hr with some obp skills. rajai is useless at everything.

    • False. false false false.

    • Rajai Davis is a not-bad outfielder and can hit as well on occasion.

    • • Gomes only has a league-average career OBP cause he can’t hit.
      • Gomes hasn’t hit 20 home runs in 3 years because he’s a part-time player
      • Gomes has no value off the bench except to pinch hit. Davis can also pinch run, and play all 3 outfield positions averagely.

      Gomes takes up a bench spot to really add nothing the Jays already have in Adam Lind – a positionless DH/bench guy who runs into the odd home run, and offers nothing else.

    • You do a really good job of being wrong about everything.

  24. So, the Sox are trying to sign Jonny Gomes. Those fuckers. Gomes would be an awesome fit and platoon option for the Jays.

    Having said that, the Jays could field a lineup where Bautista is our DH and EE plays 1B against tough lefties. Then slot Sierra in RF. In a small sample size (60 PA’s), Sierra posted a 286-333-482 triple slash line vs. LHP with an 815 OPS (and sOPS+ of 115).

    I would rather see AA focus on acquiring one more proven starting pitcher, and given the limited number of bullets left in his payroll parameters, dreaming on a Choo or a big name bat might be a tad much.


    • Oh, and having Sierra in RF gives the option of seeing Davis play CF is Colby is struggling against said tough LH starter.

    • I think Lind is onto something iinledcbry important here. I’ve been thinking about this very topic for some time, and it seems to me that even if established with the noblest of intentions, a property-centric, economic libertarian society will almost invariably come to depend on a repressive police state to shield the prerogatives of the propertied from the hungry rabble.

  25. God McCown hates Rasmus. Did Rasmus sleep with his wife?

  26. dewayne wise signs for 700k. he had a higher ops, same hr in half the ab’s, half the sb’s with a much higher %, plays better defense than davis. yet for some reason davis makes 3 mil.

  27. Regardless of whether he’s using the Jays as an example, Sherman is on crack if he thinks AA is giving up any of those players mentioned for Dickey. Extension or not.

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