Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Jayson Stark of calls the Jays the best team in the AL East, and notes that “they’re out hunting for more top-of-the-rotation starting pitchers as we speak. And even after sending seven players to what’s left of the Marlins, this is a team with the system depth to make another major trade.”

Using comments from Alex Anthopoulos at Tuesday’s media conference, John Lott of the National Post breaks down the evolution of the Jays-Marlins trade, which began with the Jays expressing interest in Josh Johnson, and obviously escalated wildly.

“The most noticeable thing was the body language: Alex Anthopoulos looked more relaxed than at any point in the past two years and John Gibbons looked as though he had received a contract extension instead of being hired to manage the team that fired him four years earlier,” writes Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail, giving an excellent take on this week’s managerial announcement. “Anthopoulos sounded and acted as though he very much believed what he said: that he had a stronger conviction about bringing back Gibbons than any other move he’s made as Toronto Blue Jays general manager.”

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet goes back deep into the Gibby era, reintroducing us to “to John Gibbons, the straight-shooting Texan with so much more beneath the surface than meets the eye.”

Over at The Mockingbird, Jon Hale surprises even himself for how much he likes the hiring, ultimately concluding Gibbons “is somewhere between action hero and modern saint.” So… Chuck Norris minus the beard?

The Miami Herald talks to Yunel Escobar, who is happy with his trade to the Marlins. “If I tell you that I wasn’t surprised at first, I would be lying, but then I thought that it was the best that could happen to me. I’m at a crucial moment in my career, and I don’t plan to waste it. The Marlins have put their trust on my skills, and I hope not to let them down — or the fans,” he explained. “I can say that Miami is my home, and there’s nothing better than to play where I have so many friends, so many compatriots. The commitment is big, I know, but it’s no greater than my desire to play here.”

Beyond The Box Score looks deeply at the Jays’  new acquisitions, and figures that they now look like a 90-win club, though they’re hesitant to say yet that Alex Anthopoulos has done enough, especially with so much off-season left for the other AL East clubs to catch up.

Fish Stripes reminisces mostly fondly about Josh Johnson’s time as a member of the Marlins.

MLBTR has the details on four minor league contracts signed by the Jays yesterday: Ricardo Nanita, Alex Hinshaw, Jim Negrych and Neil Wagner.

Jays Journal gets down to number 29 on this list of the Jays’ top prospects, looking today at Matt Dean.

Mop Up Duty tries to cull some information about John Gibbons’ managerial style by taking a look at some numbers. Money factoid: his San Antonio club attempted stolen bases at an above average clip last year, perhaps suggesting that Gibbers is more apt to steal when his club has the players to do it. His team also led the league in holds, for whatever that’s worth.

Bluebird Banter checks in with part three of their series on the Jays’ failed prospects of the last decade.

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs looks at how the Red Sox have gone to Carl Crawford’s polar opposite in left field by signing Jonny Gomes. Do I want to believe they signed him to keep the Jays from getting him? Yes. Yes I do.

It’s double Dirk Hayhurst, as he chats with Keith Olbermann about the Jays and books, and does a nifty Q&A with Jeff Pearlman.

Lastly, at Getting Blanked, Scott Lewis skewers a member of our Book of Moron, Kirk Minihane, for again saying something stupid in the realm of PEDs. Meanwhile, Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyball checks in with his fortnightly infographic, and this one is a doozy, as Craig whittles down the clubs in baseball to find a new favourite, after it surfaces that NewsCorp has bought a large stake in his once-beloved Yankees. Meanwhile, Lewis informs us– or, at least, those who care– that there won’t be an MLB title for the Xbox 360 this season, and Parkes notes that the MLB Network is coming to Canada (finally).

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  1. From the Hale blog:

    “Update: Cathal Kelly also reports Gibbons once got into a legendary shouting match with Richard Griffin. I don’t care if he was dead wrong, the man is somewhere between action hero and modern saint.”

    Didn’t know that before, but that just endears him to me more.

    • Amazing. Gibbons just shot to the top of the list of people to get on a jersey.

    • From the live chat with Griffin:

      Hi Richard, Cathal in his piece mentioned a story between you and Gibbons getting into it at an Indians game. Care to elaborate?
      by Warren Z November 20 at 12:24 PM

      It was a rip column I wrote on the homestand, then missed the final game and drove to Cleveland. Showed up in the office for his pre-game and he lit into me for avoiding him and not having the guts to show up. I yelled back at him about not being the worst, not being the best and that was it. We moved on. I love the guy.

  2. Do you honestly believe Boston signed Gomes just to keep Toronto from signing him? if so thats fucking awesome. Not sure I would have wanted him for 10 mil or whatever he is getting anyways.

  3. Chuck Norris (with beard) on 1000 years of darkness, or 1000 points of light, or 2001 a Space Odyssey, or whatever. Any way you cut it, that’s an insult to John Gibbons.

  4. What’s a playoff run worth? How many more tickets would get sold in September? And then the actual playoff tickets and then regardless of outcome, the following year would surely start strong.

    Come on AA, one more pitcher. Let’s put it over the top.

    • not arguing your point but I see this push as a way to solidify the fan base like 92-93 did. a world series now means lifetime fans. so yeah, they cant stop here.

      • If they got an increas in attendance of only 250,000 fans and then got another 250,000 for 5 playoff games, and if each fan is worth $40 to Rogers (on average) that’s 20M right there.

        Plus tv, merchandise, etc.

        Surely even the eggheads at Rogers see that? I mean I applaud what they have done – already bought a flexpack for 10 games, only went to 3 or 4 last year – just hoping they’ll put it over the top now.

        • Your not taking into account expenses. It costs money to host those additional playoff games you can’t speculate on the revenue like that and act like it’s all profit.

    • I believe Wendy Thurm did a study over at FanGraphs a couple of weeks ago on just how much it was worth. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if it was just for the players or both the players and teams. Still a good read all the same.

      Personally I am hoping a strong start gets attendance hopping right of the bat and they can average 35,000 per game for the season. That would be a 40% increase over last year and put them at numbers not seen since the WS years. That’s probably optimistic but it will really depend on just how much of a chance this team has in making the playoffs. Just imagine, actual meaningful games in August and September with a chance of games in October. I don’t know if we’ll ever come close to the massive string of sellouts ever again even if the team is ultimately successful. I think the novelty of the dome still played a large part of the attraction for a lot of people back then.

      • @night manimal.

        I think that an average of 35K per game is attainable if the Jays are leading the AL East.

        I posted yesterday about how new fans will react to the team & will a 3 game losing streak cause pandemonium on this blog.

        This will be the first year since 2006 where expectations of a playoff spot are rational.

        Stoeten will need an assistant to help him with multiple posts per day on any breaking news.

        Is Toronto ready for a playoff calibre team for the first time since 1993?


    Kirk = Red Sox
    Racing car bed = Gomes
    Homer = Blue Jays
    Big bed w/wife = Offseason extravaganza

    Big thanks to Eric for the idea.

  6. On the positive side, one would assume with the $10 mil commitment that the Red Sox plan to use Gomes in their OF regularly.

    And the likelihood of that working out is slim.

    4th bench spot isn’t something AA needs to rush into or devote too much of the budget.

    The focus is on one more impact starter so exciting times are still ahead.

    • Exactly a controllable young starter for jpa + would be ideal.

      • Cough Jeff Samardzija cough. 3 years of control left.

        • Would you do jpa + Syndergaard?

          • I think I just might but I for something like that you’d really have to have all the detailed scouting info to make sure that Syndergaard isn’t Jeff Samardzija and more.

          • In a heartbeat.

            Syndergaard is a great prospect, but still may end up as a reliever if his secondary stuff doesn’t show up.

            He may never be any more than Samardzjia who is a solid 4 now with 2 or even ace potential.

            Plus the Syndergaard for Samardzjia headlines would give reporters fits just trying to type it.

        • I’d love Samardizija, but there were reports a few weeks back that the Cubs were looking to extend him.

          I guess it could be posturing, but I imagine he costs quite a bit.

          • Samardjia has been pretty inconsistent in his career, granted 2012 was good but I would not have him at the top of my list. He’d be somewhere in the middle.

  7. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the style of Gibbons’ team from last year.

    One of the things Ashby has mentioned from his brief coaching experience, and is suported in the books I’ve read about the minors, is that the parent club dictates the strategy i.e. we want our guys to run or we don’t want our guys to run – that comes from the top down.

    • I think that will be one of Gibbons strengths as a manager. When I heard the talk of how well he connected with the front office, plus the fact that he’s a “baseball lifer” I understood it to mean that he’s willing to take on a top-down approach. Playing the game the way management envisions the team they assembled playing it.

  8. Gomes is a terrible signing at that price. You can’t have him out in the field every day. I understand the A’s were looking in the 5′s for a 2 year deal. That makes a lot of sense for a bench guy that’s part of a platoon.

    I think the the bar hit the red sox on this one.

    • Not just a weak attempt to block the Jays but also a desperate, over-paying move by the Red Fux to try and keep up with the Jays. Win for the Jays.

      • they are better with him on the roster though. Boston could still sign Sanchez, add another bat or two, and acquire some starting pitching depth and they would be good enough to be another team that can win games in the AL east. probably not 90+ games, but they could still be a pain in the ass. I don’t see Boston being a shit team next season, but we will see.

        • Agree, I think last year was an anomaly and they’ll be .500 or above in 2013 just because they’re the Red Fux. They’ll overpay for a half dozen more players but I think the Jays won big time if you go with the Melky signing as a comp for Gomes at the same position.

    • The Red Sox dont give a shit about overpaying a guy by $2 or $3M. To them, its pocket money.

    • Admittedly that’s a lot of money for Gomes who will still likely platoon for the most part. That said, in the AL East alone you’ve got 9 lefties who he’s likely to face if you count Petite coming back for the Yanks and Happ being the 5th starter for the Jays. He could really feast on those guys if he continues his platoon splits from last year. Don’t forget his numbers should get a nice boost hitting in Fenway compared to Oakland’s park.

      • If you are going to pay Gomes $5M per and use him primarily against lefties, why not use that money plus a little extra to keep Ross knowing he can produce against both R/L?

  9. While I wish something else like JPA++ for Dickey is in the cards, AA’s comments to BD and SD after the presser make me think not. When asked about shoring up the rotation AA specifically said that he was talking to teams about pre-arb players making league minimum and that it was unlikely to happen because teams have no incentive to trade those pieces. I also sense that he is done trading prospects for the time being.

    You have to think though that if one of the top 5 goes down, AA will have the freedom in-season to make a move. I just can’t see the club risking a contendor on Chad Jenkins.

  10. “I’m at a crucial moment in my career, and I don’t plan to waste it. The Marlins have put their trust on my skills, and I hope not to let them down — or the fans.”

    Yunel didn’t say how he felt about playing 3rd base now. That’s the most interesting part of him going to the Marlins, and the part he might not like at all. Gregor Chisholm said it would have been a huge issue for him if he had to shift to 2nd base for Hechevarria.

    • Lots of rumors that he might not even be with the Marlins when the season starts. Personally I am still interested to see if a transaction like this will motivate him again. I’m curious to see the kind of numbers he’ll put up. If you were able to turn his attitude around he really might make an intriguing trade target for a team in search of a SS especially at $5 million a year.

      • Yeah, i’m aware of those, but where he (at least at the time of this quote) seems oblivious to it, I figured i’d just stay on target with his quote about being happy with the Marlins. I like Yunel as a player a lot. He’s had 4 great seasons out of 6, unfortunately the two lesser ones have come in the last 3 years. I hope if there is some personal/attitude issue going on the last few years, he straightens that out. I wish him all the best.

      • couldn’t agree more. yunel seemed to be disinterested at times last year, although who knows the Farrell effect, and seemed to be taking his starting position for granted. So yeah, I think he’ll rebound somewhat, although likely for someone other than the Marlins. He seems to be the kind that needs a boot once in awhile. I mean he still ranks in the middle of the pack and is very affordable

        • Yunel is talented but his mannerisms, his attitude, his body language all say loser. He showed up teammates in Atlanta and did the same in Toronto. Good riddance and I don’t give a fuck if he’s accepting or unhappy about a position change.

          It should be telling to anyone who knows baseball that one of the alltime best coaches (Bobby Cox) at getting the most out of less talented/baggage type of players absolutely hated Escobars character.

  11. Been a long time since I’ve heard Toronto portrayed that positively as a baseball market, as I did in the Hayhurst/Olberman interview.

    • It might be a baseball market for quite a while. Jays are good again while the Leafs are sitting at home contemplating another lost season and the Raptors are irrelevant.

      The sense I get from talking to other avid hockey fans (i.e. the guys I’ve been in a pool with for the last 25 years) is that there is great disillusionment now in the NHL that wasn’t there in 2005, and there’s a real danger that a lot of fans won’t be quite so invested in the Leafs whenever the lockout ends, especially if they’ve got some extra cash floating around from not having to pay for Leaf tickets that could be shifted over to getting flex ticket packages for the Jays.

  12. Hayhurst is so well spoken. He should have Zaun’s job at the very least.

  13. Jays didn’t sign Cesar afterall, they got Julio.


  14. So are the jays actually looking for a frontline starter or starting depth? Thats a big difference. The US media seems to think the jays are looking for more front end pitching and the local media are saying depth. I tend to believe the US media. They usually have a better grasp of the jays plans sadly. Getting another frontline starter would be fucking awesome.

    • The US reporters also tend to use the Blue Jays as rumor fodder because AA will neither confirm nor deny any story – a quality I used to hate but now am indifferent to because PLAYOFFS!

      But, ya, seems pretty unlikely we’re going to get ANOTHER top of the rotation guy doesn’t it? Or does it? Everything I believed about baseball is wrong now. How many outs in an inning again?

  15. Drabek tweeted that his arm feels great after Tweeps were pestering him.

    Not a big deal but way better than I can’t lift it higher than my shoulder…

    Also, it’s true that Gomes money is pocket change, but it does add up over time if making signings like that. Could the Jays do better with around 115 million payroll if they were able to start from scratch again? Probably not with the way they have to pay to get FA to come but Boston is just dreamy to play for.

  16. have the boozey names in the Afternoon Snack image changed over time? they don’t seem as familiar. still gets me every time

  17. Haven’t commented here since Gibby was in his first round but have been following DJF ever since. Congrats on everything and good job.

    Did you guys use to do a waxing/waning Gibbons thing? I googled it but couldn’t find it, but remember it. Maybe the history was lost after leaving blogspot?

    Anyway, my favorite Gibby managerial choice was when he played Glaus at SS during interleague play because Lilly ( a fly ball pitcher) was on the mound. I think Glaus had two plays all game and handled them both easy.

    • You can go back old posts, but the comments are gone. Back in those days it was more jpr that got the hate.

  18. I had no idea that Ted Lilly was such a jerk

  19. We didn’t sign Ceasar Izturis, but rather his younge rbrother Julio.
    Any one see the dates of Ceaser and Maicer birth, I know they’re half but their dad was riding around town with no protection.

  20. If the jays are leading the division deep into the season the dome will be sold out or close to it. The toronto sports landscape is desperate for a winner at the highest level, and the hockey lockout will bring masses of casual fans with entertainment dollars to blow. I don’t see the craptors being good, so a succesful jays team should dominate the market.

  21. Was looking through some prospects tonight and Ryan Goings had a nice year in NH may he be a possibility for the last bench position?? Plays SS and 2b

    • except we have a real AAA team now. I think players making the jump from AA will be a thing of the past.

  22. The Score put Stoets on the west coast beat, expect 12 more articles between now and 3am EST

  23. I saw that piece in the Toronto Star where Hillenbrand praises the Gibby hiring. More and more I get the sense that AA totally nailed this one.

  24. People respect others that shoot from the hip and call a spade a spade. That’s probably why Shea says he liked the trade, because he knew he was at fault and got called out for doing it by Gibby.

    What people don’t realize is that Gibby has already been to Mars, that’s why there are no signs of life.

  25. Mike Cormack ‏@MikeCormack

    Sears sources say these are selling a little better, especially No. 7

    Nice work by the Jays to get them into stores already.

    • So night_manimal, who else have you been posting as?
      You’re reset was a tad bumpy.

      • Wow SP, I didn’t notice.
        You have a keen sense of observation.
        You should be a P.I.

        • Why is it that both my bullshit and sarcasm detectors are currently blaring?

          • I just reread it.
            Wasn’t meant as sarcasm or bullshit.
            I didn’t notice NM’s mistype and was trying to give you some props.
            Take it as a compliment.

          • Some people can sing,some can dance, some are good at math,some can knit.
            Everybody has a talent.
            Mine seems to be pissing people off.
            Who knew?

          • Done. Cheers.

            As an aside, don’t quit your day job as DJF bon vivant/resident geezer/Stoeten’s whipping boy to try detecting/

      • Ha! Yes, you figured me out, but not to worry, WE are LEGION.

        The power of Samardzija compels you!

        Night all.

  26. Some possible names of interest to fill some depth spots for the Jays. I wonder if AA could snag someone like Gabby Sanchez or Drew Stubbs if they are non-tendered. Sanchez for instance has got some pretty nice career splits vs lefties, almost Gomes like. Of course there’s always Moises Sierra if the Jays need a cheap bat after they’ve signed Dan Haren!

    • And there is the non-tendered candidate list couldn’t post two links in the same post

    • Gaby Sanchez seems like a pretty good fit. Only issue with him – and I’m not sure this is a real issue – is that then you have Gaby, Lind and Encarnacion that are only capable of playing one defensive position. Though I guess that’s not big concern.

      • The beauty with having Buck, Davis, Bonifacio and Izturis is that you’re pretty well covered for all of positions and Lind or his platoon mate shouldn’t have to play D very much if at all. Carrying a nice bat for pinch hitting or as a RHB platoon at DH wouldn’t hurt this team unless it got into serious injury trouble again.

        The only problem with taking one of those guys is that if you have to send them down to make room for say an 8th pitcher (ugh let’s hope not this season) you’d probably lose them unless they had options left. I think Sanchez does have one option left and Sierra has a couple I believe.

        • Damn good find in Sanchez.

          He seems like a perfect fit and, as you say, the versatility of the rest of the bench makes him work.

        • Hmm…if Mark Reynolds gets non-tendered he could be an interesting platoon-mate for Adam Lind. We don’t need him to play defence (thankfully) and he has a career .240/.367/.490 line against lefties.

          • There’s no way Baltimore can non tender Reynolds after his August/september is there? Not if they think/hope they can keep competing. He’d be a great platooner for sure if they do. Fingers crossed.

            As for Gabby his splits are ok if you take his career numbers but he’s regressing hard andaccording to an article I read by KLAW I believe, his swing is a mess.

          • Reynolds is likely to be much too expensive to be utilized only as a platoon (with Lind) versus LHP, and some other team will provide him with an opportunity at a full-time job. So, I doubt very much that he provides a fit for what the Jays are seeking.

  27. I would love to see Kinsler in a Jays uniform what would it take Arencibia plus????

  28. We got the pitching that was needed and have upgraded LF, SS, 2B. Pundits still are hesitant to call this an amazing team because they can’t get over the win total of 2012. This is an elite team. There is nothing that NEEDS to be done. Anything extra is depth or luxuries. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the rest of the offseason where other teams are playing catch up and players are going to be going hat in hand to get on this freight train.

    • An upgrade at 5th starter would be nice. I like Happ, but if he gets pushed down the depth chart, you know your rotation just got better. I think it’s possible a decision like this hinges on Oliver and if he retires. If he does, sign a SP, and move Happ to the pen.

  29. Predictions:

    Lawrie goes off in 13 – with the reduced pressure he becomes the dominant hitter we expected.

    Morrow and Johnson play a game of oneupmanship all season that has opposition saying “Johnson, Morrow, hope it rains tomorrow.”

    Encarnacion sends a Rawlings for hot wings by putting it through the Windows glass.

    Gibbons slaps Lind on national televison for being a useless fuck.

    JPA get’s traded, D’arnaud hit’s safely in his first 8 games and get’s some votes for R.O.Y.

    Delabar beans ARod in New York, get’s a standing ovation from Yanks fans.

    Lind experiencing abdominal pain get’s a prostate exam, Doctors finds one of Cito’s World Series rings.

    • Cito and Lind were having an affair?

      Tumultuous predictions, I like them though….

    • I’m on board with one, two, and probably five…three can’t happen since ‘Windows’ doesn’t exist anymore, but I like the window smashing concept…four and six should happen on principle…seven explains Lind’s ‘injuries’ over the past couple of seasons. Awesome post!

    • excelllent. Made me chuckle and think-hey he has a point.carry on.
      don’t you fuckers ever go to bed?

  30. We all thought the Melky deal was good value for what he could potenial be and after seeing the Gomes deal, Melkys contract is pretty fucking decent.

    • + 3 million…Melky could be the FA steal of the off-season as Gomes has now set the floor for contract values, and other teams may scramble/overpay for remaining offensive options.s

      • …sorry, for clarity…’Gomes has now set the baseline for contract values for positional players…’

  31. ***Warning – blatant admittance of ignorance – ***
    WTF is a ‘hold’ as in the category that Gibbons’ team led the league in last year. Was he hugging everyone or just asking them to turn their head and cough?
    Many thanks for your help and for making room on this lovely bandwagon. The upholstery is top notch.

  32. If things got medieval and teams won by who’s coach could kick who’s coaches ass, do we run the table? Unless Don Baylor get’s another job I don’t think we lose.


    • The Jays run the muthafuckin’ table, especially since Gibby will intimidate Chuck Norris into being his bench coach…in the unlikely event that Gibby needs backup.

  33. File under TAXES:

    According to an analysis done by a tax lawyer on the staff of agent Scott Boras, a player with a $10 million salary and average deductions who plays in Florida and is a resident of that state will see his taxes rise from $3.45 million this year to $4.09 million next year under current law. If traded to the Blue Jays, that player’s 2013 tax would rise to $4.27 million. And if dealt to a California team, the tax would go up to $4.4 million.

    And, Jose Reyes was not a resident of FLA so he he was already paying fairly high NY State rates (30% federal plus 8% state tax) and I think he lives on Long Island which has some of the highest property taxes in the US.

    The untold story of the Florida tax issue is how high the property taxes are (to make up for the lack of income tax) and add to that the high cost of home insurance (because of, you know, hurricanes and shit) – it actually sometimes is more than the income tax bill.

    Dan Le Batard (LeRetard) is fucking stupid

  34. What would it cost to acquire masterson from the tribe?

    • I wasjust thinkin the same thing. An earlier poster (KGBS?) told me when I first suggested it that we already had alvarez and that they were similar so forget it, but now alvarez is gone again.
      So. I ws thinkin masterton is coming off a poor year with a bad team that wants a retool-therfore he will be traded.
      I was figuting m/b Sierra and a reliever from inventory like Lincoln. I would prefer to send them Buck instead of Lincoln but I don’t think they would do it

  35. Escobar in the Miami Herald article regarding the gay slur.

    Escobar said. “For now, I can only give my word to the Marlins fans that I will be a model person on the field and off, that I will give 100 percent and will defend the colors of my organization to the best of my body and mind.”

    I found this gem in the comments section……

    “He will defend the colors of his organization? Does he realize he just pledged to defend the colors of the gay flag?”


    • Money quote around 10:15:

      “I have no idea when I’ll have two 40-home run hitters in the middle of the line-up again.”

      This is encouraging, because JP Ricciardi went ahead and wasted Halladay’s and Delgado’s prime (Gord Ash didn’t help much either. Estaban Loaiza? Really?)

      • Great find.

        AA also says between 5min to 5:25 “I do think our payroll is set up to be able to handle that kind of contract” regarding the fact that Reyes makes 66 million in the last 3 years of his deal.

        That’s… encouraging.

      • @Indestructible.

        Very good quote by AA.

        It seems light a light switch went off with Rogers in the last 30 days.

        The Jays will never be able to get 2 40HR hitters on relatively cheap contracts for a long time. They need the other additions

        It’s very satisfying to see the team willing to go for it in 2013.

        • Wrong as usual Oakville.

          AA has said in the past (paraphrase) “it’s a waste having Jose Bautista on this team if we can’t build a contender around him”.

          This was always the plan. Otherwise why would they have spent $14 million/yr on a potential 1 year wonder in Bautista? It wasn’t so he could take up 20% of an $80 million payroll.

          This wasn’t a decision that was made in the last 30 days you idiot.

          AA & Beeston were always vocal in their plan and have followed through as they promised.

          Hopefully the light switch finally goes on in your thick skull.

  37. Think I’ve got enough arm for the #5 spot?

  38. Could Josh Johnson be extended in spring training? His agent thinks so:–blue-jays-trade-josh-johnson-open-to-contract-extension

    I could see talks starting at the beginning of spring with AA needing to see how he looks in spring training before extending him.

    AA has already talked about potentially keeping Johnson beyond the year. The best chance would be in spring training.

    • This is the kind of news I want to hear. I am now a fan of Johnson’s agent.

      • Agreed.

        And you know AA has a dossier of agents & agencies and he knows which ones are amenable to extensions.

        If Johnson was a Boras client I’m not sure AA gives up as many assets because 99% he explores free agency.

        It’s why I wouldn’t give an extra asset to get an extension window on someone like Dickey. AA’s pretty much kept everyone he has wanted to keep.

        • Oh man that would be music to my ears if that happened. At least there’s something positive being said.

          Just get me Dan Haren for a year or two and I’ll be one super happy camper. Or you know Samardzija. Either or.

    • This quote from Johnson’s agent stuck out for me: “If there is anyone in the game I’d be receptive to talking to about it it’s (Anthopoulos).”

      It may be posturing, but that’s also a strong sign of the respect AA has at this point.

    • Weirdest part of that story:

      “Sosnick, once the part-owner of a defunct Toronto nightclub called Circa, thinks highly of the city and the organization and has been endorsing it to his client. ”

      What’s that about. Anyone ever go to Circa?

      • That is suuuuper bizarre. I’m generally opposed to clubs, but that place was a fucking spectacle. Felt like A Clockwork Orange, only flashy instead of gritty

    • I think you have to wait till mid season to do the extension IF the agent is receptive towards that. Johnson had a so-so 2012 and I want to see how his sharp his stuff is and if he can remain healthy this year. Im sure AA does too before committing a lot of money and years to him.

    • That’s great.

      Funny how Zaun Cherry was saying how Johnson’s agent was clearly letting us know his client didn’t want to be in Toronto, after that Blair interview.

      • Exactly. Zaun continued with his ridiculous take for several days after the trade, even after it had been debunked. I swear Zaun Cherry is spewing this kinda nonsense just to rile people up.

        Can’t fucking stand him. Fire his ass, his pathetic routine & bring in Hayhurst for his more reasoned analysis.

  39. Lind was on Jeff Blair this morning. Don’t know if Fan590 has audio link up yet or not.

    Some interesting comments about Farrell (said something to the effect that the Jays had a former pitcher managing the running game and they often were running with their heads cut off). Also said that Farrell would always perk up whenever the Jays played Fenway.

    Said that he was surprised that AA hired Gibbons but likes the hire (was else is he going to say right?). But he did add this nugget: «Arnsberg did a good job, but I hope we get better coaches this time around».

    Thinks that Buerhle will add valuable leadership for the rotation and that the new lineup will put less pressure on guys like himself.

    While we like to dump on Lind being a fucking tool, I found this interview to be quite refreshing and encouraging. He certainly spoke his mind and didn’t resort to JPA like rah rah bullshit.

    • All of that honesty is interesting for fans and great for media, but it’s not exactly A-grade team-player material. And not overly smart either. What if we do get some of the same coaches?

      Amusing dumping on Farrell though.

      • Was Lind one of the guys who said the team needed more leadership back in August or whenever that was when Vizquel had made similar comments?

        It’s possible Lind was one of the guys who stirred some shit up in the clubhouse. We know he’s not a great interview, hard to read him well because of his laid back nature, but who knows if he gets upset about stuff in the background, off scene, in the clubhouse. While he certainly doesn’t seem to pull his weight for the club on the field with his production, we do have to remember he technically is still one of the longest serving members and veterans of the Jays so I’m sure he has a lot invested in their future direction

  40. Here’s the link to the interview with Lind

    • thanks for the link. Has no one ever told this guy there’s such a thing as being too honest?

      • His comments on Romero not wanting to be a leader were pleasantly surprising.

        I do think Lind meant that too much was pressure was put on Romero last year.

        The good news is that there are several vets on the team now & everyone can help out.

  41. And on the topic of Farrell, I swore I would stop posting about him because I’m trying to learn not to overly grind an axe, however this nugget from his interview yesterday with the same Masshole Sux-licking radio station that reported his ‘surprise’ over the Jays’ moves caught my eye:

    “Farrell, who has made no secret of his desire to implement an aggressive, up-tempo offensive style…”

    Also a little later:

    “The running game has come back to being employed not just in the AL East but across baseball as home run totals have dropped, the running game has become much more a part of it, ”

    So I so hope to see the Sux crashing round the bases, running into outs, trying to steal home with Ortiz up and two strikes on him. If Farrell felt like that here, and he did, no wonder Lawrie was overly aggressive on-base. He would have been trying to please and impress his manager. I’m not surprised there was no accountability for that if Farrell thinks aggression is all.

    But that thing about the home run? [showing my age]Just reminds me of the scene in the 1st Indiana Jones movie where the guy in the marketplace approaches Our Hero cracking his bullwhip and ready for a fight. And IJ just pulls out a gun and blows him away.[/showing my age]. You can run round the bases like a terrified rabbit. But nothing beats a 3-run dinger that leaves the defence just kind of standing there looking stupid. And dingers are the Sux bread-and-butter, same like the Jays…

    • Agree with your sentiments on Farrell, grind away if you wish. I remember the exact IJ scene that you’re referring to, but then the first time I saw that flick was on a beta VCR. You are now officially a soul mate.

      • You bought beta over VHS?One of the few.Supposedly much better format,in fact TV stations used it for their brodcasts.

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