I get the feeling that being demoted to the minors after nearly seven hundred games in the Majors, including a Silver Slugger season, passed through waivers, unclaimed, then specifically not mentioned by your General Manager as one of the club’s core pieces, maaaaaybe has a rather dramatic impact on the number of fucks you can possibly give about saying the safe thing when you go on the radio to discuss the upcoming season. Because… Adam Lind, everybody!

Lind spoke on Jeff Blair’s show this morning (audio here)– Sportsnet’s Mike Cormack transcribed it– and… OK, it’s maybe not mind-blowingly salacious or anything, and maybe athletes now are just so media coached to death that a little bit of honesty seems way bigger than it is, but he made couple notable comments, at the very least.

For example, asked whether the presence of a Mark Buehrle will help the club, Lind noted that it would help Ricky Romero in particular.

“I think there’s a bunch of guys in our clubhouse that’ll benefit from that,” he explained. “You put yourself in the situation of our clubhouse last year and Ricky was considered the veteran leader even though he had four years of service time and really, in the grand scheme of things, that’s not a veteran at all. And that’s part of going the young route and we’ve changed that and it’ll probably take some pressure off Ricky, it’ll take some pressure off me.”

Oh, it gets better…

“That’ll benefit guys that were kind of thrust into the leadership role before we were ready,” he explained, oddly skimming past his weird definition of a veteran, which apparently doesn’t include Adam parts-of-seven-seasons-in-the-bigs Lind. “Ricky, great guy, great competitor but we all know Ricky — he doesn’t have that leadership-type personality, so-to-speak, in his DNA. It’ll let him relax and be himself and observe Mark Buehrle.”

Uh… not exactly standard teammate fare, right?

And I think it’d be fair enough– though, I suppose, unprovable– for an outside observer to make such a statement. But coming from a teammate, it’s certainly a little bit jarring. Not to mention also a little weird how he gives Romero a break on one hand, noting his relative youth, while on the other suggesting that he’ll never be the leader people seem to want him to be anyway.

But… I don’t know… whatever, I guess. Lind certainly doesn’t seem to give a fuck, at the very least.

That shows through again later, as he also decided to throw some former coaches under the bus in the wake of the re-hiring of John Gibbons…

I think John will be fine as a manager. I think that we will need a better staff than we had his first go-around. I think Brad Arnsberg did a great job as a pitching coach, but I think as a whole, all five, six, seven guys on a our staff… we’ll need a better staff than we had last time.


Well… keep in mind, when Gibbons was fired the first time, in 2008, the club also flushed first base coach Marty Pevey, bench coach Ernie Whitt, and hitting coach Gary Denbo– who was in his first season after replacing Mickey Brantley. So, with apologies to Bob Elliott and whoever else is crazy enough to pretend Ernie Whitt deserves a Major League managerial gig, it’s really not that terrible a burning of bridges. Interesting, though, innit?

On the less-newsworthy side of the ledger, there are a couple of digs at John Farrell, which ought to be par for the course from Jays players at this stage.

“When you have a pitcher trying to tell people when to run I think some of the times we were just running with our heads cut off and not really in the right situations. I think (Gibbons) understands the timing and the situations when you should and shouldn’t run versus just running recklessly. I think it’ll be good to have more of a purpose in that part of our game.”

And naturally, there’s also the ever-present delusional self-belief that we all should have by now expect from our pro athletes. In Lind’s case, he seems to believe that after three seasons of being fucking horrifically fucking awful, he’s turned a corner against left-handed pitching.

“The second half of last season I really changed my approach. I stopped trying to do too much in the second half of the season, especially against left-handed pitchers. I’d like to see the splits from the first half to the second half. They might not be tremendously greater but I bet they’re better than they were even the year before. That was the biggest thing; I quit trying to do too much. I started to look off-speed much more and I think I quit being so proud and stubborn. I was like, ‘look, you’re going to hit the slider, that’s just the way it’s going to be.’ I accepted that and I think my numbers improved.’ “

That’s our Adam!

I mean… the fuck? His big second half improvement dragged his line against lefties all the way up to .202/.250/.303 for the season. PUKE!

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  1. He didn’t like having a pitcher telling players what to do. but he himself has no problem criticizing the pitching staff.

    • He didn’t criticize the pitching staff.

      • Does the part where he talks about Romero count? I suppose it’s not the mechanics, but still…

        • No, Lind’s criticism of Romero doesn’t really count. He’s talking about leadership, which is an intangible that rises above the position played. Whether one’s talking about athletes, politicians or whatever, some people have that knack for leadership, most don’t. While it hurts to hear it, it’s no great shame, kudos to Romero for trying and now let him just concentrate and becoming a dependable member of the rotation.

          • I think it’s fair to say that given the 73 wins and Romero’s shit show of a season that he lacks something, I don’t know if it’s leadership but as a Jays fan I sure hope that was the problem.

    • I mean, he has SO much leadership in his DNA? Did he really win a Sliver SLUG award?

    • Lind is a coddled hack that has no self diagnostic capabilities ! In what dimension does Lind point a finger at a team mate or any other MLB player with any thought of criticism ? The mere fact that he doesn’t realize his career is over besides his last big payday of 5+2 for a buy out speaks volumes ! He will be a after thought in a foot note of a preface to a World Series dynasty that would have dumped him if not for economics ! FUCK YOU LIND !

    • Seriously though, have we as Jays fans gotten to the point of pinning our hopes on AL. I for one agree with him, he too is under great pressure with his position and contract … he comprehends what Romero endured last season, that’s all he’s saying. Think about what he reads about himself every day by his own “FANS”. I Guaranteed he will have a remarkable season.

  2. Wow.

    Wow to all of that.

    What an… interesting-

    Really, like wow.

  3. My favourite part was Lind saying he was too proud to hit a southpaw’s slider before his demotion.

    Having a sweet left handed swing is kinda pointless when you don’t have the mental capacity to use it properly.

    • I think you nailed it right there. The guy is a mental midget. Why the hell does he NOT know what his splits were at the end of the season?

      • Because it is not relevant to him at all. How does knowing his splits make him better at something. It is a manager’s job to know these things and put players in the position to succeed. A player’s job is to hit the ball and make the catch.

        • He must be having a really busy offseason to take the minute to look his own splits up online. He is so fucking lazy.

        • Dont you think from a career perspective, he might just be interested enough to look them up?

        • This is a very simple perspective. In this day and age, I think it’s crazy for someone not to know their splits. I bet that 90% of the regulars in the majors know their splits. This guy is just lazy and dumb.

        • @TonyRage

          I don’t care if Adam Lind knows his exact splits.

          But he presumably is aware about his ongoing struggles against pitchers of the left-handed persuasion.

          I took the lefty slider comment as an excuse. Even if he is being honest, it’s just downright stupid.

          I defended the possibility of Lind’s major issue being back troubles in 2011. And I still think it’s possible that a significant part of his struggles since 2009 are injury related.

          But at this point, who cares?

          Between physical issues, possible makeup issues, work ethic issues and the evidence of the last 3 years, he’s a $1 million platoon DH/backup 1B.

          • Knowing his abilities against lefties is a very different thing from knowing his splits. He goes up, he tries to hit, he strikes out. Why does he need fancy data to figure out he sucks against lefties?

          • TonyRage–Lind himself said “I’d like to see the splits from the first half to the second half.”
            He is apparently
            1) too dumb and/or lazy to do it for himself, and
            2) too dumb and/or lazy to ask someone/anyone else.

            It’s as disheartening as his famous 20 minute workouts.

      • I think he probably knows his splits, but was just too embarrassed to say it out loud on the radio.

        • I’m surprised Lind made it out of high school, the guy is so dumb, I still remember his comment last year when he said “if you look at what I did against the AL East”. And the year before that where he said he was getting ready for the playoffs midway through August.

          The guy is a total redneck, him and Johnson are so self satisfied they don’t care what anyone else thinks, in their own heads their superstars.

          I hope the Jays are turning the page where they no longer carry below replacement players and give them everyday jobs.

      • No player needs to know what his exact statistical profile is. Knowing his statistical profile is for the manager in order to utilize him effectively and for the GM and the baseball operations team to evaluate whether he should be a member of the team and what his role should be on the team. It’s the same thing with Dwayne Murphy and his OPS comment. For players and coaches (aside from the manager and, I guess, the bench coach) their jobs are to hit the ball and catch the ball and if a player is failing to do so, figure out why they are not hitting the ball and catching the ball. Presumably these guys, like Lind, are aware of what their weaknesses are, they just don’t know the exact magnitude of their weaknesses. Nothing wrong with that at all.

        • “Because it is not relevant to him at all. How does knowing his splits make him better at something. It is a manager’s job to know these things and put players in the position to succeed. A player’s job is to hit the ball and make the catch.”

          Look up. Stop stealing my thoughts and making them long winded and boring. Add some “fucks” for fuck sakes.

        • Brandon McCarthey used a really careful analysis of his stats to become a way better pitcher. (http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/7602264/oakland-brandon-mccarthy-writing-moneyball-next-chapter-reinventing-analytics-espn-magazine)

          That approach won’t work for everybody, but for most players, there is probably some benefit to be gained from knowing certain stats. Identifying what you want to work on, or adjustments you might want to make (some adjustments will come from coaches, but many will come from the players).

          • Jays of Thunder, a “careful analysis of… stats” is a very different beast from knowing your splits. I would agree that a player can look at pitch fx and swing rates etc and gauge areas that need attention.

          • Jays of Thunder: And Brian Bannister did a careful analysis of his stats and its possible that helped screw him up. (I don’t have a link, but if you really want to find the article do a search in Joe Poz’s archives).

            It’s a bit like a golfer looking at the scoreboard. Some people it helps with, some it doesn’t. As long as the coaches know them and what they need to work with, that is fine.

      • He has an ugly wife, that speaks numbers to his confidence

  4. The minute Lind said that about Romero I knew it would cause a stir and give idiots a chance to hate on Lind. There are plenty of reasons to hate on Lind, but him being honest about what he perceives to be Ricky’s personality isn’t one of them. I really hope this doesn’t become a story and therefore give players pause in the future when they are asked to comment on things like this.

    • +1

    • +1

      I didn’t think anything he said was particularly egregious. Some people don’t have personalities that are conducive to being a leader. It’s not a flaw.

    • The Lind interview is a great example of Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

      Based on that, I wouldn’t worry to much about the implications of what he said because most likely all his teammates know he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. The stuff about the coaching stuff in interesting though only because it seems to back up some of Zaun’s comments a few days ago about Gibby needing to hire good coaches, and quickly.

    • first good comment I’ve read on this thread!

    • “There are plenty of reasons to hate on Lind…”

      Reporting for duty, SIR!!!

      Send him to Buffalo. Let him be the highest-paid slug in Triple A. That’s slug, not slugger, which he’ll never be. We can’t trade him because nobody wants him. Nobody’s going to pay $5 million for a below-replacement level 1B/DH who just takes up space on the 40-man roster that could be filled by a prospect. It’s a bitter bitter pill but we’re fucked.

      Ricky’d send him to Buffalo. You know it.

  5. Interesting stuff about the former coaches, but I think you might be reading too much into his comments about Ricky. Nobody on the team said Halladay was a natural leader while he was here either.

    • I’m not reading anything into it. I entirely agree, just curious that he said it.

      • If Lind is right, and Ricky really isn’t a natural leader, he probably isn’t super interested in trying to act like one. For all we know, he’s happy that Lind came out and acknowledged it. No one likes having to do something they aren’t comfortable with.

        • Romero would love nothing more than to be a rock of confidence for the team. Lind is right. That may have been half his problem last year. The guy is no Buddha of emotional stability. His mid-season Twitter tirades let that cat out of the bag pretty quick.

    • Lind also referred to himself as being younger and benefiting from the veteran presence. So at least he is throwing himself under the bus along with Ricky. I don’t think he meant anything bad to Ricky. But yeah it was awfully candid.

    • Also, Blair essentially leads him with his line of questioning — saying that he (Blair) thought Rickey needed a veteran presence last season, blah, blah, blah. Not a big surprise that he got Lind to respond in kind. Poor phrasing, though.

  6. I read the Title and the Last Word and I agree.

  7. Lind is the best.

  8. Lind is actually as dumb as he looks… poor guy.

  9. The dig on Farrell, which you excluded, was the best part.

    • What dig? This one? :

      “When you have a pitcher trying to tell people when to run I think some of the times we were just running with our heads cut off and not really in the right situations.”

      The part I dont get is, yeah, Farrell was pretty bad at when to send guys but what does Lind mean by “we”? Not including defensive indifference did he have any steals in the last season? Hell, does he have any in his career?

      • That one too, but I was think of the “How about being a Blue Jay rather than a guy who works for the Blue Jays”

        • yeah, I was all, “OOOOOOOOO BURRRRRRRN”

          Actually endeared him to me, portraying him and Jansen as the last of the BJ lifers. McGowan too I guess, should he ever pitch again. I hope Lindo has a great year, has his optioned declined and is resigned to a gitting contract as Jays2010 mentioned, as “a $1 million platoon DH/backup 1B.”

        • The “paid to be a Blue Jay’ quote was THE MONEY QUOTE, delivered right at the end like a KO punch in a heavyweight tilt

          He challenged Farrell’s commitment to his job and loyalties, the first to publicly do so in the organization

  10. First of all – fuck you for that quip at …… me.. Stoeten.

    But seriously, I’m actually impressed at some of the sentences and paragraphs Adam Lind was able to string together. maybe I was prepared for the worst when i listened.. but remember this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lna7yM0BoCU

    • this. is. mindblowing.

      • Can you imagine the conversations between Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they hang out with each other more than any one else on this team.
        Thing that bothers me about Lind is, he doesn’t seem to know he’s been terrible the last 3 fucking years.

  11. “Id really like to see the splits from first half/second half, because Id bet theyre better”

    Oh Lind, you dopey mother fucker. Its not hard to find the splits on yourself. Go to br.com lime everybody else.

    • +1

    • Does BR have monthly split data? Monthly sure, splits of course, but splits broken down monthly? I haven’t seen that on BR or FG and I even just did a lttle look.

      Of course, if I’m a major league ballplayer and I want those stats, I’d imagine my club has them available and my agent sure as shit better have them, so I’m not trying to say anything about Lind’s comment, just that I’d like to look at monthly splits and don’t know where to get them.

      • They don’t, and sadly I had enough time today to put it together.
        1st Half(March/April/May/June) had a slash line of:

        2nd Half(July/August/Sept/Oct)

        So he did improve some, but, still worse then his career numbers, still worse then his 2011 splits. He did improve over his hilariously bad 2010 splits with his 341OPS at least.

  12. What are the odds by mid season that Gibby lets Romero throw BP to Lind?

  13. Lind can talk all he wants but i hope he trains and arrive in good shape at camp…. Last year he looked old, unhealthy and fat

    Wake up Adam and be a professionnal

  14. Comment from the Sportsnet comment section:

    “I really hope the Jays don’t move Lind. He’s obviously fully committed to the organization and takes the team’s performance (and his own) very personally. I love seeing guys who actually CARE [...].”

    I get that Lind is being candid about his feelings about the team in the past, but I think it’s a FAR stretch to say that he ‘cares.’ At least, after watching him the past few seasons that’s the impression I got (i.e. complaining about having to work out, etc).

    • You’ve obviously underestimated the stick-to-it-iveness and grititude that the Sportsnet poster is so clearly attuned to…

      • How did ‘stick-to-it-ive-ness’ enter the English language? We already had a word for that – perseverance.

        • And we already have a term for Buster Hymen: Cherry Poppin’ Daddy. What’s your point. Language is a fluid thing.

        • I’m fairly certain grititude isn’t a word either; I think I was more going for a comment on the ridiculousness that is measuring quality baseball by sock height…

          I suppose if I have to explain it, it isn’t all that clever…

  15. It’s kinda awesome that the Jays have only one real problem (starting pitching depth as a luxury, although a smart luxury aside), that one problem is Adam Lind.

    I’m sure AA is still committed to his “value whore” ways, but considering how much he has invested in the team at this point he won’t run a risk of relying on Lind in 2013.

    I’m confident that he’ll be gone and or buried in the depth chart as a sunk cost.

    • It really is awesome, yes. LF is fixed, 2B is fixed, SS is upgraded, Bonifacio upgrades all kinds of places, bullpen is upgraded, starting pitching is way upgraded … goddamn awesome is right. The only hole of suck left is Lind. He doesn’t even need to be replaced, just thrown away.

    • Catching is still a problem if JPA is starting.

  16. When is that left-handed power bat going to be coming?

    Lind has to go.

  17. Pro athletes are generally brain washed semi-retarded automatons who shouldn’t be put within a ball field of a microphone, but on the rare occasion they do say something not rehearsed or cliched, it usually just ends up making them look even more brain-dead for breaking the code of the clubhouse and unceremoniously dumping their teammates and coaches under the well traveled bus of loose-lipped doom.

    But here, man, Lind–I applaud you. This is some absolutely first rate lack of fucking giving from a guy with a contract completely incommensurate with performance and therefore untradable (you’d figure, but who knows nowadays). And while I am impressed by his telling-it-like-it-is attitude, it really does confirm Lind’s worthlessness to the Jay’s and maybe also to the earth in general.

  18. I thought he was including himself with Romero as a quasi-veteran in the last line of that first quoted section.

  19. This is kinda irrelevant to the article, but there’s one thing I noticed about Lind in his career path: After the 2008 season he declared he was going to the gym to put on a bunch of muscle knowing he would be the DH. In the 2009 season he was a beast. Ever since then he’s stopped going to the gym, deciding that being impotent was easier.

    If he got his fat ass back into the gym seriously, perhaps he could do better. Some of it is clearly between his ears though.

    • Im pretty sure it is all between his ears.

    • I actually remember this differently – I had thought that it was after his breakout season in 2009 that he allegedly hit the gym in the off season, and has struggled ever since.

      I remember excuses for his poor performance in 2010 centered around “having gained too much muscle” and it was affecting/inhibiting his swing, as well as the crap about how he “wasn’t cut out mentally for the DH role”.

      • Remember when Brandon League went on the DL because he couldn’t throw hard with the massive arnie muscles he had put on in the off season. Only the Jays, right?

      • I did some digging, and the best I can find so far is a comment in FanGraphs from 2010:

        “Adam Lind showed up last year with “20 pounds” of added muscle.

        He hit 35 home runs.

        Whether that was due to the added muscle, the extra confidence BECAUSE of the muscle, or because of his more regular playing time, or because he made the league adjustment is up for debate because of his extremely good minor league numbers.”


        I’ll continue to dig.

      • Yeah I agree. I remember someone (Cito?) told him to gain some weight after his 2009 season. He did and hasnt been the same since.

    • 2009 could be chalked up to a bunch of reasons but I think the simple thing is that the league has adjusted to him since and he hasn’t been able to adjust back.

      They found a weakness, and he allows them to exploit it, time and time again.

      You don’t need to throw Adam Lind a strike to get him out. Until he forgets about 2009, he won’t be a good hitter again, he needs to get over himself and swing as ‘his’ pitches.

  20. It’s hypocritical that he mentions the pitchers dictated how we ran the bases (even though I didn’t like our strategy running the bases)

    The same thing could be said in his at bats. Pitchers dictate how Adam Lind’s at bats go. Soft away, high upstairs.

    Honest as he may be, he has a gift of deflecting blame or onus every offseason. I’m sick of this guy and his excuses. Find another option please

    This is still the same guy who hates taking walks and has not taken care of himself to get better on the ball diamond. His last comment? “I quit trying to do too much.” While speaking out of context to his approach, I believe this is the day to day motto of Adam Lind.

  21. Athletes tend to miraculously have great years when it is going to have contract ramifications.
    If i were Adam Lind, on my last guaranteed year, coming off 3 sub par years… I would be doing absolutely everything in my power to have a monster season.

  22. Lind in October:

    “I’ve only been in this clubhouse so I can’t speak for other teams, but we don’t have anyone like that in this clubhouse,” Lind said. “I think it’s one thing to be liked and another thing to be respected, and I think for a staff respect is more important than being liked. It’s all a learning process and we all learned a lot about who we are.”

    “I’m not really the biggest … I’ll have 5 1/2 years of service time,” Lind replied. “That’s still an arbitration player. So I’m not a 10-, 11-year veteran that’s been in three or four clubhouses, that doesn’t really care what a young kid thinks. I’m such a nice guy that I want people to like me.

    “There’s some things that I’d speak out about but I don’t feel like I’m in that position to do so yet.

    “We’ve gotten young, have a lot of talented players. Veteran players who are good are expensive and we’ll see if we go after them.”


  23. Will someone trade this delusional motherfucker? Adam, do a sit up for fucks sake. Trade this twat and Aaron Cibia for a power bat. Move the power bat (OR EE) to 1B and get the final starter you need to round out the whole team. If the Jays make the playoffs, I hope they do it without Adam “Stay-Puft” Fucking Lind.

    • I’m sure your concerns will find their way to the top and be considered

      • I think they already are being considered Braino

        • Arriba!

          • “Trade this twat and Aaron Cibia for a power bat.”

            Aaron Cibia is worth something. He’s an almost-average defensive catcher who can hit some home runs. That’s a commodity, as catcher is a premium position, and at 26 he might get a bit better. Lind is a below-average 1B/DH who’s already got six MLB seasons in and is pushing 30. 1B/DH is where you put older players who don’t field so well anymore but can still hit. He’s not going to get better, and nobody claimed him when he was put on waivers. He’s untradeable.

    • I actually see the Mets as someone who might take Lind if we chip in some money. Duda is hurt and Lind might be better than Ike Davis at this point.JP drafted this mother Fucker!

    • Better off dumping Lind back in the minors and trading JPA by himself.

  24. This is an interesting thought:

    “There’s some things that I’d speak out about but I don’t feel like I’m in that position to do so yet.

    But Lind has been around long enough that he’ll be in a position to speak out when he decides to speak out, and not before that. It’s not about a number of years, it’s about a willingness to put yourself out there, even when you’re not totally sure it’s the right thing.

  25. if he only bats vs RHP he could actually have a pretty decent year.

  26. Fuck off Parkes. I am to a leader.

  27. I doubt Romero or anyone else is offended or angry about this. If complete outsides like ourselves have managed to pick up that Lind is kind of a dope then surely guys that spends months with the man will have picked up the same and know its just a slow guy talking on the radio.

  28. Say what you want – if Lind is truly as much as a doofus as he looks like on the bench – but honestly, I don’t think he was ragging anyone down.
    As for the Ricky remarks – sometimes the word “leader” is way overused by the media and the fanboys. Baseball is a bit different as it isn’t a sport where great plays are made by a sudden surge of adrenaline, or exhortations from the bench. Baseball is a game where focus and concentration will probably get you a bit further than testosterone. Ricky’s a guy who’s been in the league for 4 seasons. Probably doesn’t have the confidence and record to consider himself a “leader”. A guy like Halladay isn’t a “rah-rah” guy…but if you want a chance at a career like his..you probably would have to look too far to find a model to emulate.
    On the other hand, if Lind is truly as stupid as he looks…then God help him, and us. Please get a vasectomy.

  29. Lind will be moved before Spring Training.

    • For a bag of balls?

      • @ 7 mil with the buyout, you won’t get a bag of balls.

      • Lind has value. He will be moved. Not for Babe Ruth but likely more than a bag of balls, with or without busted seams. With the changes on the roster, AA does not have to get Babe Ruth. But a little financial flexibility and getting rid of a player that doesn’t help the team on the field much will be helpful. There’s room for more improvement in the rotation and at the plate. Watch FAs Jackson, Sanchez. Watch for a trade for a bat. Lind will be part of the package in a trade scenario.

  30. A typical amount of hogwash from the posters here. I think Lind is spot on in what he says (except the part about Ricky but how the fuck would I know). Unfortunately, due to his performance and perceived attitude, I really could not give a fuck what Lind has to say.

  31. Some of these comments are so juvenille and negative. Adam Lind is a decent hitter, he seems like a good guy, he’s been out team a while, so whats not to like? He did do better when he came back and remember, baseball is a mental game> There is no doubt Lind has the physical tools to do the job, but hes had 3 off years in a row. Big deal, hes not even 30. The team is so good as it sits that I think that Lind at Dh is a low risk high reward situation. Maybe if they put him back to full time DH hell hit 30/100 again. We definatley need a left hander to bat fifth so lets forgive Lind his bad seasons and watch him rebound.

    Do we all have to be so fuckign sophisticated? Can’t we just be fans and cheer for a guy?

    • “Can’t we just be fans and cheer for a guy?”

      That was was my view in 2010,2011, and 2012.

      Not any more.

    • I don’t think it’s about not cheering for a guy. A lot of the people who are ragging on Lind now are folks that have cheered for him, but have run out of patience after three full seasons of awful production. Cheering is great, but when it’s so rarely rewarding, it tends towards masochism.

    • Also, having a leftie batting fifth is ideal, but keeping a terrible hitter there just because he’s a leftie is counterproductive.

    • Cheering for players who suck is just apathetic.

  32. Ricky was on Primetime the other day and emphasized he didn’t worry about being an “Ace” or whatever the marketing dept and media wanted him to be slapping his face on bus ads, and just wanted to focus on his own game. Which makes sense considering the Lind comment, he isn’t a leader, and wasn’t trying to be. No big deal. Interesting to hear Lind talk about how Farrell had an extra hop in his step while in Boston, fuck Farrell.

  33. Lind’s really easy to figure out. No need scrambling one’s brain.

    Fuck You, Got Paid

  34. Reading this makes me groan…I hope AA lets this fucker play in Buffalo next year.

  35. “How about being a Blue Jay rather than a guy who works for the Blue Jays”

    Everything else the guy said is noise sensationalized by Bloggers and news sales whore’s.

    “How about being a Blue Jay rather than a guy who works for the Blue Jays”
    This is exactly the belief system the Blue Jays need.

    Whatever the hell else he said is nonsense. Haven’t you ever gossiped about someone you still like, love or respect? He was giving his opion and for all we know Ricky might feel relieved.

    You think a guy is dumb for not knowing his splits? He’s too busy living it than studying up on it or blogging about it. It’s his agent’s job to know his splits. It’s Lind’s job to not overthink things and just play the game.

    You think it was a nugget for him to throw Gibbons FORMER coaches under the bus?
    Gibbons was just hired. He has to select a staff that he’s comfortable with. Lind recognizes that group of coaches as below good. Nobody else will speak up. Where are the vets who can address it? Lind was there. He spoke up. He voiced a concern that should be apparent to all of us. If these coaches were so great, why are they available today? Who is willing to voice out loud that it would be a big mistake to hire them? Lind acted like a leader. Yet you think he shouldn’t have said anything.

    Saying that having a pitcher tell us how to run is by far the best explanation I’ve ever heard about why catchers make better managers than pitchers. Catchers, even more than elite runners, have to study the running game more than any other position.

    Who are we to judge what he says?
    All I heard was “How about being a Blue Jay rather than a guy who works for the Blue Jays”
    To me, that is music.

    • “Who are we to judge what he says?” – Really? Isn’t that the given right of being a fan? I can judge the fucking guy all I want. He is a professional baseball player that makes millions of dollars and is in the spotlight, he will be judged by nearly fucking everyone.

      And yes, I do think Adam Lind is dumb for not knowing his splits. Not that every player needs to know his splits, but when one’s struggles are so one-sided and obviously related to whether he faces a righty or a lefty – maybe having a bit of a fucking clue would help, no? See McCarthy, Brandon.

      And you were right about this: ” It’s Lind’s job to not overthink things” – he certainly doesnt do that.

  36. I think he set the bar too high for himself and then when he became the “dangerous” hitter in the line up, he started struggling when pitchers made an adjustment. Since then he has been hurt by injuries and he’s been inconsistent but he has taken way too much shit from the fans and media.

    Here’s what I KNOW for certain. He has a new coaching staff, a very dangerous new line up full of offensive threats and a whole new fresh start seemingly. But… this is it for him, he needs to get off to a good start and maintain even a reasonable level of production or he is going to be sent somewhere else, it is completely that simple.

    So, that being said, I personally know he has it left in him and I know he can do it so I am going to shut up about him and hope that the excitement of the new look team gives him the push he needs to pull his shit together. Otherwise, with as much as I like the guy, he needs to get the fuck off this team.

  37. Lind is a moron. Or, he’s incredibly arrogant. Or, he’s an arrogant moron. Either way, he said on Wilner’s show last summer that the “Decline from 2009″ (see what I did there) was because other teams figured out his swing and adjusted accordingly so balls didn’t get through the infield anymore. I guess he never bothered to adjust his.

    • Because it’s just so fucking easy to “adjust” your approach at the plate. In point of fact, it’s incredibly fucking difficult and most pro ball players never figure it out. Bautista and Encarnacion are the exceptions, not the rules.

      You’re a moron if you couldn’t figure that one out.

      • Hey genius, I was being sarcastic. It was a shitty, don’t blame me excuse from Lind and I’m not the moron for not seeing right through it.

        • It’s moronic to think Lind is arrogant – he’s far from it and if anything too nice a guy for his own good. And he’s no moron either – as Hentgen rightly pointed out, for athletes knowing their weaknesses and fixing them are two different things. No one ever said it was easy playing in the big leagues.

  38. All this said to me was.. “I am a mediocre, at best, baseball player.” “I don’t really respect the locker room or our coaches because they suck, except pitching staff because they don’t tell me what to do.” “I’m Adam Lind and I am ready to be exiled this season in the locker room! Probably being traded to Kansas City!”

    • You do realize don’t you that Lind wasn’t referring to our most recent (and possibly still current) coaches, but to those under Gibbons’ first stint? The fact that half of them were fired along with Gibbons would seem to validate what Lind is saying here.

      As for his comments about Romero’s leadership ability, he’s not referring to himself. He’s just observing from afar and suggesting that Romero shouldn’t put so much pressure on himself to lead the other pitchers. It’s hardly arrogant when he then pretty much makes the same argument about himself. Leaders are few and far between.

      While I can see Romero feeling a bit hurt by this, it’s not a big deal and Lind hasn’t said anything to make him ostracized next season, should he still be around.

  39. Lind hit .268/.312/.437 (~.323 wOBA) in 77 PA against lefties after being called up. Tiny sample size so we shouldn’t read much into it, but the evidence does support Lind’s statement

  40. One more point I haven’t seen anyone bring back up is Lind’s displeasure for taking walks. That in itself is a justifiable reason to send his ass someplace else. I like the honesty of Lind the person, even if fans may wax it the wrong way. But Lind the baseball player is dead weight when he finds so much of what makes a player great to be a waste of time.

    ““I think the walk is a little overrated,” he says.”

    ““When you go in thinking walk-first, you can take some of the aggressiveness away from the hitter,” Farrell said. “Ideally, you’d like to see controlled aggression [and] pitch recognition. To me the definition of a disciplined hitter [is], what does he do on the 3-2 pitch? Does he chase a breaking ball on a 3-2 count or does he take it and take his walk?”

    Lind says he prefers not to get that far in the count.”

    Stoeten wrote about it early last month.


  41. The thing that really bothers me about Lind is his hair.

    I mean, I get it. You’re wearing a hat a lot, and when you’re not wearing a hat you’re wearing a helmet.

    But GOD DAMN whenever i see him not wearing a headpiece his hair makes his whole head look lopsided, it makes his eyes look silly because his hair doesn’t fit his head. ALSO he always has a little tuft sticking up as if his is hair reaching for something.

    Until he fixes his hair I will never respect him.

    EVIDENCE http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_oYgwXLJxSwU/S7d_jFWiR-I/AAAAAAAAAuc/c9zfZQJaulI/s1600/lind.jpg

    AND http://mopupduty.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Lind_Adam.jpg

    Actually, the more time I spend on this post the angrier I get

    I have to stop.

  42. I did mention this point in an earlier comment primarily as a result of the quote you recite. My feeling is he can diss walks if he hit s like Josh hamilton but if he hits like himeself or JPA he better start to like walks as they may represent his best chance to get on base and stay in MLB.
    Lind has basically admitted in a round about way that he is a selfish ball player and would rather swing at a 3-2 slider in the dirt on the .002 chance he rips it instead of taking a “pussy” walk that may contribute to a rally. If we are serious about being contenders we have to tell him to take a hike since he will not take a walk
    Someone needs to tell Adam that often a walk turns into a run and not just at the marathon

  43. Lind is a goner. Gibbons don’t get along with malcontents (Lind-2007 or 2008). I can still remember him on the bench with his hood over his head sulking cause he was in Gibby’s doghouse. He’s letting his guard down and not holding anything back cause he knows he’s gone. I guess he didn’t like Whitt either? he was there from 2005-2008. Or denbo, peavy?I don’t remember what they did.

  44. +pevey

  45. Lind makes no mention of a rigourous work out plan for his off season. More likely more rigor mortis.
    I don’t mind some honesty from athletes but he should have taken it a little further
    and addressed why he showed up looking like a bloated mess for spring training.

    You’re making 5 mill a season, hire a fuckin trainer.

    • He can always use the routine that you outlined for him a few days ago. I’m going to try it myself. Got Cito’s number?

  46. I remember when I was excited for Lind’s potential and liked him as a player…those days are gone.

    That being said, I enjoy the candor, even though it makes him seem like a knob.

  47. Am I the only one that agrees with this dude that working out sucks ass? Seriously man, lifting weights is gayer than two dicks high-fiving

    • Hahaha

    • True, but I’m sure if you stood to gain millions and millions of dollars based on keeping yourself in top physical condition you could manage it, high-fiving dicks notwithstanding.

    • Working out does suck but Lind is getting paid 5 fucking million dollars to be good at baseball, which he is not….if I suck at my job, I either need to get better at however I can, or I get fired.

      I have pounds of frozen ground hamburger in my freezer that are in better shape than Lind.

  48. For better or worse, he’ll be one of the keys to the season. He stands to get a ton of ABs in the 6th or 7th spot this year, he’s probably not moveable for that price – and he’s had enough second-half success in 2012 to justify earning a meaningful role to start 2013.

    What guys like he and Rasmus do at the dish will be so important now that they have the big four at the top of the order.

    • Funny thing about the article, the headline is totally misleading. Nowhere in the article does he actually state that his client is open to an extension. He just says that the topic hasnt come up..and that if there is ONE guy he would be willing to discuss it with, its AA.

      Im not sure how that gets translated into “open to contract extension”

      AND…to come from another direction, of course he would be POTENTIALLY open to an extension. What if AA offerred him 10 years and 200 million? He’s going to turn that down? Of course he wont be offerred even half that but it emphasizes the point.

      • Uh, “willing to discuss” = “open to” in my dictionary.

        If your wife tells you she’s willing to discuss anal sex, then by definition she hasn’t completely closed the door to some exploratory roto-rooter action. Otherwise, there’d be nothing to fucking discuss.

        Some players/agents categorically state they don’t want to talk extension as they plan to test the free agent market. So while it could amount to nothing, that Johnson’s agent is open to talks is at least something.

        • WTG didn’t you know that mentioning wife and anal sex around Radar is verboten? I am sure he reached for his bottle of blue pills the instant he read that. Now I am sure his wife will want a word with you.

  49. With the way Lind has played over the past 3 seasons, I’d focus my comments on other teamates as well…keeps the spotlight off you

  50. Why does the blogger feel the need to swear when he’s communicating?

    No wonder the Score is a joke.

    • Fuck, I know right?

      Fuckin guy swears so much. The nerve.

      Beat it.
      TSN is missing your commentary under vanilla articles

      • On a website called Drunk Jays Fans no less. Fucking despicable. I betcha the blogger drinks too much too.

        • Godammit, I know right, I so fucking hate swearing and the low-life motherfuckers that resort to it. C’mon, Safari_Punch, pull up your panties and let’s get out of here.

    • Don’t let the door hit you in the vagina on the way out

      • “Don’t let the door hit you in the vagina on the way out”

        Goddamn, I gotta file this one away for future use. LFMAO.

    • Sorry to offend you Donkey Punch.

    • Shit. Fuckin. Cunt. Whore. Cocksucker. Asshole . Dick. Dicks not a swear. Son of a bitch.

      I do have a more refined side though. I enjoy bird watching in the evening during summer. I enjoy watching a bird called the Blue Jays knock the fuck right out of the Yankees.

      • There was a commenter last year who scolded Stoeten for having a potty mouth and for that she wouldn’t be back.

        These people would go apeshit reading the comments from when DJF used blogger.
        With zero moderation it was very nasty and raw..
        Of course only every twentieth comment was about baseball.

  51. How awesome is it that every article has 100+ comments now? There’s even a second Ray! I’m gonna need to change my name to something less generic. PLAYOFFS!

    • Oops, just read the comment above me. Turns out there might be some fucking idiots this year. Can’t wait till we blow our first save…

  52. My take on Lind is that he’s obviously not the brightest guy in the world and I can live with that because he’s an athlete and not my doctor or accountant. More troubling to me would be his perceived lack of commitment to the game. That more than anything else is the real issue for me especially when you factor in his supposed poor fitness. I think that it is also a reflection on management for apparently not getting after guys when they see their conditioning slip. Granted, a manager or coach shouldn’t really have to, but let’s face it, there’s always going to be an employee/ member of a team that doesn’t work as hard as others.

    I am sort of on the fence when it comes to him not knowing what some of his stats are. On one hand I can see it not being that helpful to him. I am sure even he knows he sucks vs lefties. However, does he really need to see to what degree? On the other hand, I think it’s fair to ask, is it a symptom of a greater ignorance when it comes to video and other technology at his disposal? I certainly can’t say, nor is it likely any of us can with any degree of reliability, but you really have to wonder some times. Again all that is just the perception he seems to give us on the outside. Who knows, perhaps the reality is different.

    As far as his hitting goes, which at the end of the day is all I really care about, was actually pretty decent after his recall. Certainly better than most think. He put up the following numbers:

    June: 1.089 OPS / 192 OPS+ (only 5 games)
    July: .798 OPS / 117 OPS+
    August: .783 OPS / 116 OPS+ (only 5 games)
    September: .789 OPS / 119 OPS+

    For some context or perspective, the average DH in the AL last year had a .758 OPS and if you compare those to his stats since his recall it’s a pretty favourable one even if it’s not a pure apples to apples comparison since you are taking the first two shitty months out.

    His 2nd half OPS+ of 116 would have ranked him tied for 28th in the AL in 2012 with guys like Teixeira. Granderson and Adrian Gonzalez while his raw OPS of .784 would have ranked him 35th ahead of A-Rod.

    Not too shabby even though we’d certainly like to see more. With the Jays bench being as deep as it is already and the potential to get deeper still, just imagine the numbers he’d put up if used properly.

  53. ““When you have a pitcher trying to tell people when to run I think some of the times we were just running with our heads cut off and not really in the right situations.”

    I like Lind’s dig at Darth Farrell. But really this is just the age-old baseball divide between pitchers and position players. And pitchers rarely become managers*, so it wouldn’t be surprising that position players had reservations about Farrell. It works the other way of course too, say with former hitting coach Cito admittedly not always easily relating to his pitchers.

    As such, it’s not surprising that catchers are favoured as managers as they are best-positioned to straddle that divide. They satisfy the position players who generally expect the manager to be one of their one, but at the same time they understand the world of pitchers and can come in with their trust too.

    * Don’t know if this is accurate, but through August 2010 when the post below was dated, of the 286 managers hired from 1946, only 22 were former pitchers. And of those who managed more than 10 games since 1900, only 33 had been pitchers. So it’s not to say pitchers can’t be managers, but it’s bound to rock the boat when you hire one.


  54. After listening to Dirk Hayhurst’s comments in that interview with Keith Olberman the other day, you have to wonder if some of those issues he mentioned regarding player’s attitudes in the clubhouse aren’t responsible for certain guys being reluctant to take on a leadership role.

  55. “I’d like to see the splits from the first half to the second half.”

    In the age of bountiful reserves of game-tape, advanced statistics, and the world-wide-web, this fuckhead “would like to see the splits” like its fucking rocket surgery to look it up on Baseball Reference or something.

    What a fucking dick farmer

  56. hahah if only Lind’s teammates were as honest

    Bautista: “Lind has done a terrible job of protecting me and Edwin the last few years, get rid of this guy”

  57. Adam Lind = Bubba Sparxxx

  58. You know, it would have been nice if supposed clubhouse leader Jose Bautista had been honest in his interview the other day when asked about what the lineup should be.

    He said “Reyes, Cabrera, myself, Encarnacion, Lind, Lawrie, Rasmus, Arencibia and Bonifacio”.

    What he should have said was “Reyes, Cabrera, myself, Encarnacion, Lind versus right handed pitching if Alex can’t upgrade, Lawrie, Rasmus, Arencibia if he isn’t traded for a good pitcher and Bonifacio”.

    Then we’d see how confident JPA is in subsequent interviews.

    Maybe it would cajole Lind to look up his splits and not be too proud to hit southpaw sliders.

    • Why do you people still think Lawrie can hit RHP? At least Arencibia hitting 6th or 7th will hit the occasional 2-run shot. Lawrie 9th until he starts to hit. Perhaps Reyes can teach him to steal third.

  59. In Lind’s defense, he is saying he would like to see his month-by-month splits against lefties. That data isn’t on br or fangraphs. Sure, he can get what they were for the whole year, but he’s not asking for that.

    Ideally, he’d like to go even more granular than month-by-month. The dude probably wants to see how he did against lefties after a certain date.

    Here we have a specific request on how an advanced stat site would benefit a player. I’m curious if this will cause any ripples and if this will be implemented somewhere.

    • BR or fangraphs may not have the month-by-month splits, but the do have game logs. And if I was that interested in my splits, I would take an hour or two and throw a spreadsheet together.

      Maybe we can add ‘statistical analysis’ to the list of things that Lind doesn’t like to do, along with working out and not being a dick farmer.

  60. I find it hard to understand all the ire directed at Lind. Is it because he flashed one and a half all star seasons and then has been pretty terrible since then? Yeah that’s frustrating but it’s not like he strikes out on purpose just to fuck with you. Like it’s some kind of personal insult when he grounds into a double play? I’m sure he tried really hard not to at least most of the time, Is it because while sucking as he has he continues playing? It’s not like he gets to choose when he plays or where he bats in the lineup. Should he just quit because we think he’s not very good? He’s getting paid and he’s doing his job poorly but all he can do is keep showing up and trying to do better, which I like to assume that he does. It’s up to the manager to sit him and the GM to put him in Buffalo get angry at them.

    • Lind should get a shot,,, one more shot, thats it. Have whoever the hitting coach is put the screws to him and really try to help him figure it out. If he cant figure it out 1/4 way into the season, start making some phone calls for a DH.

      Also,, I would suggest creating some competition for Lind in the form of maybe signing Mark Reynolds or perhaps giving Jason Bay a minor league contract because right now, who in the system is really challenging his job? David Cooper? Perhaps this could be the year that Cooper shows his potential and snaps up that 1B job? Who knows.

  61. According to Baltimore beat writer and as seen on MLBTR, Demarlo Hale set to join Blue Jays as John Gibbons Bench coach.

  62. One guy that needs to be sent packing off this current coaching staff is Dwayne Murphy. I am sick and tired of this asshole ruining hitters. I genuinely believe that Murphy is partially to blame for Lind’s shittiness not to mention several other hitters declines or struggles. So Bautista and EE have blossomed under his instruction and for that, I thank him but thats TWO fucking guys out of how many?

    Remember the Adam Lind of old that could hit to the opposite field? The guy that could hit lefties to an average extent and so on. Yah I remember him too but Murphy and his fuckhead one dimensional hitting approach ruined Lind because when Lind slumped Murphy stepped in with his pull / power hitting mandate and fucked his head up. Then add in injuries, add in the pressure and shit talk from the fans and the media and poof, you have a frustrated mess of a ball player.

    Im not suggesting that it was all Murphy’s fault but I believe a good chunk of it is. The Jays need a hitting instructor that preaches contact to all fields. I know weve all been saying this for a long time but now the Jays and Gibby get to make a change and I hope they do it for the good of the team’s future because Brett Lawrie for starters needs a lot of help and soon, that pump/hitch in his swing is just not going to fly much longer, he has so much potential.

    Anyways… thats my thought on Lind etc.

    • I believe EE credits Robbie Cano hitting constructor in the Dominican Republic.
      Jose always has thanked Murph but always after thnaking Cito, Cito who used to be a hitting coach is the Person Joey Bats thanks the most. Murph maybe has only actually made Jeff Mathis a better hitter since he’s been here.

    • I’m hoping that is precisely the rationale for promoting Motorola to the big club. I wouldn’t be surprised if he helped Lind reset his approach at the plate when he went down to Vegas.

    • Definitely have the opposite view. Again if you actually look at things in context, the Jays as a team have done pretty well in the runs scored department in relation to the rest of AL during Murphy’s tenure. After Murphy took over, the Jays were 6th, 5th, and 7th from 2010-2012. This was done while the payroll was in the process of decreasing (-22.7% from 2009 to 2010 for example) and the playing time for rookies was increasing dramatically over years like 2009. For him to maintain and actually improve the teams league standing is good thing. Before Jose got injured the team was 1st in runs scored or just a handful from being in 1st. Under the same circumstances Walton hasn’t been nearly as successful with the team’s rankings dropping to 9th, 11th and 11th from 2010 to 2012.

      You can look at OBP and say he hasn’t been successful, but for me at least, it’s all about the number of runs scored at the end of the day. Obviously there’s a few ways you can achieve the results but it’s the final number that matter imo.

      That said, there’s always room for improvement and I would love to see the Jays go with a 2nd hitting coach. I realize there’s not one hitting philosophy for every player and having a 2nd guy to work with other players couldn’t hurt.

      • You’re right if Murph approach has affected our offense since he’s been here, then he is a success. But Murph or someone, anyone really needs soem of our hitters to be patient. Guys like Rasmus were very patient then they come here and not so much.
        Melky and Reyes, and even Macie rmight show these guys to wait more at the plate.
        Lind is one player who seemed to be swinging at the first pitch no matter what in every hitting scenario that exists.

        • My point with regards to the coaching all along has been that it’s far more dependent on the talent they’re working with. The coaches aren’t pitching or hitting. It’s up to the players to put into practice what they’re being taught or make adjustments accordingly. The same reason why I defend Murphy is the same reason why I’m not slamming Walton every chance I get.

          I really think the best thing the team could do is have two hitting coaches next year.

        • actually Lind let more first pitch matzaballs go right down broadway and RARELY swung at the first pitch and pitchers knew it. Then, after the count was usually 0-1 he would start swinging at balls in the dirt and get himself out. Truly pathethic.
          As we have discussed , he needs some patience and to take some walks and stop treating them as a diseased pussy

  63. I don’t know what it is about Toronto as a city, but as long as I’ve lived here and followed sports, people seem to find one player who’s struggling and fixate on that player with an extraordinary amount of hate. Not just baseball, but all of the major sports, to the point where several players have pretty much been chased out of town. Some of you nerds need to chill the fuck out with all the negativity and stop putting so much fuckin pressure on these guys; it’s not fuckin helping. It probably starts with the negative media we have… I wonder if other cities are like this with their athletes.

  64. Well here is what I think went on here with Linds comments on Ricky not wanting to be a leader…….

    They both felt that they were thrust into these roles, confided in each other about it, and basically said quietly together that they didn’t want it nor do they like it. It was too much pressure for Lind after winning the Silver Slugger to be that cleanup guy and it’s not in his personality too to take on the role. The same for Romero, he has had a couple good seasons and was then named the Ace of the staff.

    I don’t believe these guys wanted it, and it affected them, especially on a Shitty team, the role was magnified even more.

    I think this comment will be liked by Romero, Lind just wasn’t that eloquent and conveying it. I think he was also speaking for himself.

    You watch, like Arron Hill, and former Silver Slugger too, Lind will have a great year this season. And so might Ricky.

    • Leadership doesn’t get forced upon an athlete unless they are sewing a C on a twenty year olds hockey sweater. Please don’t make excuses for Linds ineptitude, the kid got lazy, the kid got fat. There probably is more to it but those two reasons, which are fact are enough for me to discount anything he has to say and to not project anthing positive out of his future. I’m sick of wayching this fucker swing over the top of sliders away for the last 3 years. Fuck him

      As for Romero, I hope all the best on a turn around but I’m not hopefull. He had bad numbers in the minors. His ERA was 4.60, his K/B’s was 1.84, and his whip was 1.474.

      pretty gross.

      • Okay, well done on your analysis of previous Silver Sluggahs who have turned into Walmart greeters.

        I see validity in that.

        But I do believe that athletes perform differently depending on their personality. It’s like the coach who has to be careful in how he motivates, some react to ass kicking and some need soft talk. Some don’t like limelight and perform better in certain team expectations or batting orders. I think Linds that girl….. I mean guy.

        I’ll bet you a bottle of Cuban rum Lind hits 275/20/80 this year? Bet?

  65. On another note: I don’t know about getting rid of Dwayne Murphy. I’d be more interested in having two hitting coaches next year, something that many clubs seem to be doing recently.

  66. demarlo hale to be named bench coach as per masn reporter tweet


    Roch Kubatko Roch Kubatko ‏@masnRoch

    Following up on @Britt_Ghiroli report. Blue jays will hire Demarlo Hale as bench coach. Hearing could be 3 year deal. O’s wanted to keep


    Brian Frank Jayme Warner Angelo Steve Matt Richardson Anthony Sparrow Matt Mark Robert Coblentz Emily

    9:25 PM – 23 Nov 12 ·

    Stoeten, I am returning your cap tip in advance, youre welcome man

  67. I agree with the idea of two hitting coaches. I also agree that Lind and Romero have been having to deal with the pressures of being on a lousy team with, for the last couple of years, a manager who seemed to have made it clear to his players he didn’t want to be there. I’m no fan of Lind but I’m not gonna ding hm for what seemed to me to be an unusually honest interview.

    • Here’s hoping…I understand they (Motolla and Murphy) get along pretty well with each other too.’

  68. Hey wow DeMarlo Hale coming here? That’s great news!

    • yeah it is. I predict Pat Hentgen will be named pitching coach

      anyone else have any predictions for the rest of the staff?

      • Thinking Walton and Murphy stay myself with someone like Mottola being added as a 2nd hitting coach. From what I read both coaches are pretty highly thought of. Whether that’s enough for them to keep their jobs under a new manager for 2nd time is questionable.

        If those two are holdovers that would let Gibby pick a couple of his own guys for 1st and 3rd base.

      • i cant see hentgen as pitching coach seeing as he’s never done it at any level other than his bullpen coach fail a couple years ago

        i think it might be arnsberg if you believe what zaun said about how heavily gibby relied on him for the first go around

        bautista was said to have campaigned heavily for murphy when farrell took over the first time so he probably doesnt go

        • I wonder if Gibby could sell AA on Arnsberg again after what happened with him in Houston. Sure is going to be interesting to see who fills the other slots.

      • I dunno. I’m not so crazy about Walton. He doesnt seem to have had any effect at all on Ricky and in my estimation, Drabek was should have been much better than he was before his injury.

  69. The Orioles apparently will need to find a new third base coach for 2013.

    The Toronto Blue Jays will hire DeMarlo Hale as their bench coach, according to two industry sources. One source said Hale could receive a three-year contract.

    The Orioles will retain five of their six coaches, having reached agreements with pitching coach Rick Adair and hitting coach Jim Presley over the past week. Hale was the last remaining unsigned coach, and the Orioles made him an offer to return next season.

    Hale would replace Don Wakamatsu, the Blue Jays’ bench coach last season. Toronto recently hired John Gibbons as manager, his second stint with the club.

    Orioles manager Buck Showalter was concerned that Hale, who joined the Orioles before the 2012 season, would leave for a bench coach job. One preferred replacement, Brian Butterfield, recently accepted a position as third base coach with the Boston Red Sox.

    Triple-A Norfolk manager Ron Johnson could emerge as a leading in-house candidate to replace Hale, who’s widely regarded as one of the best third base coaches in the majors. Wakamatsu also could be considered, since Showalter originally wanted him on the staff.

    The new coach would need to work with the infielders, as Hale did this year. Otherwise, the Orioles could rely more on instructor Mike Bordick, who also served as an analyst on MASN.

    MLB.com reported earlier tonight that Hale was likely headed to Toronto as bench coach.


  70. lind is the player we dump off and becomes good again a la aaron hill

    • Yup Sliver Sluggers don’t just dissappear. There is a reason he won best hitter in the AL for DH. Take the pressure off him and watch him blossom.

      • Auto fill fucks me again.

      • Actually some of them do dissapear. The shitty ones:

        Remember :

        Joe Crede
        Morgan Ensberg
        Jose Vidro
        Michael Barrett
        Melvin Mora
        Jack Wilson (career .366 slg.)
        Johnny Estrada
        Bill Mueller
        Damion Easley
        Jeff Blauser

    • @dc
      That’s the nightmare scenario and the fact that it happened already – and especially with someone of Hill’s ability and aptitude – should suggest a coaching problem. At least it does to me. Without looking it up, was Murphy the batting coach when Rios was here?
      Given that a coach can’t have success with every player, if they dont promote Motorola this season, I’d be looking at management next.

  71. Stoeten I love you like a brother that I’ve only briefly met once while wasted but when did you start with the Perez Hilton style ‘PUKE’ garbage? It tickles me in entirely the wrong way. More like a Freddy Krueger waking you up tickle, as opposed to the nice kind. and why the hell would Freddy be waking you up anyway? HE CAN ONLY HURT YOU WHEN YOU’RE DREAMING!!

    think about it.

  72. I’ve questioned Adam Lind’s intellect since I found out he listened to hip-hop. Adam Lind, it should be pointed out, is 29.

  73. “How about being a Blue Jay rather than a guy who works for the Blue Jays”

    Interesting the best quote of the whole interview you left out Stoetes. Either way, I still hate Lind, BUT this is exactly the type of interview I fucking wish all players would give. Honesty! Not the fucking cliche not really answering the question bullshit answers that are always given. It was so refreshing to get just a glimpse of what’s a player really thinks, because as much as we like to think we know, we are fucking clueless to pretty much everything within the organization.

  74. [...] Over at DJF, Adam Lind gets his honesty on and backhandedly criticizes Ricky Romero’s leadership skills. None of what he says comes as much of a shock, but the fact that he said it is pretty surprising. [...]

  75. After hearing a couple Lind interviews his first year in the league, you could tell he wasn’t all that bright, but at least he seemed to realize that too. I compared him to MannyBManny(only in the mental sense not the skill,) in that his mind is empty. I think this can sometimes be good for atheletes. If “See ball, hit ball” is all that goes through their heads and they don’t over think things. Maybe that’s why Lind went to shit, he started trying to think a a few years ago, when he doesn’t have the capacity for it.

  76. Guys I’ve got it all figured out (kinda)…

    My idea/plan follows as this:

    Justin Upton is still supposedly on the block, and I know we’ve signed Melky to fill the whole in LF, but Upton could still be valuable over in RF. Now if AA pulls whatever magic he has in his sleeve, and manages to acquire Upton, we stick him RF. What happens to Bautista you ask? Some people say slide him down to 1B, which is in option, but we other options as well. Bautista or EE could play 1B, and whoever doesn’t get that job is the new DH. Lind is forced to ride pine as a platoon 1B/DH and is only played whenever EE or Bautista need a day off against a RHP, or their numers agains RHP somehow manage to find their way into the shitter. So basically, Lind ride’s pine for most of the season save for maybe 10 – 20 games, unless something goes horribly wrong with Bautista or EE.

  77. I met this guy, Lind, at an autograph signing along with other players… All I have to say was that he was not the friendliest guy out there, seemed to have some attitude, but Brandon Morrow on the other hand was gracious and personable. Performance-wise, he’s gotten quite a long stick despite not producing. I don’t really respect how he has thrown stones at his teammates when he, himself has not been producing. Too bad Cooper is injured… but I’m sure we could replace him, if required.

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