Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star spoke to Matt Sosnick, agent for Josh Johnson, who reiterates a comment he made on Jeff Blair’s show last week, saying that his client is open to an extension with the Jays. “If there is anyone in the game I’d be receptive to talking to about it it’s (Anthopoulos),” he says. Previously he’d said that if there’s shared risk for both sides, it could definitely be a thing– which is why his comment to Kennedy makes total sense. Johnson could earn a shitload of money this season, but he could also lose a lot. Let’s make a deal!

Getting Blanked has the details via Rob Bradford of Boston’s, who spoke to a man who says that he was in the race to be the next Jays manager right up until the eleventh hour: Brian Butterfield. “When push came to shove and they were trying to narrow down the list, and Alex even told me this, he really had to have a guy who had previous major league managing experience,” the Sox new third base coach explained.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet writes about how the Jays are upset with the placement of Team Canada in Arizona next spring, in preparation of the World Baseball Classic, and are working to change it so the national team winds up in Dunedin.

Genius alert: Working Towards A Title runs some spell check/autocorrect on the names on the Jays roster. Um… read it.

Turns out it was Julio Izturis, not Cesar, who the Jays signed to a minor league deal. It was still fun, though, wasn’t it? MLBTR has the details.

It was pointed out yesterday, especially after my slice of self-indulgence re: Cito/Buck, that Alex Anthopoulos later tried to explain that it was his decision, not Cito’s, to keep running John Buck out there in September of 2010. I did not agree with this at the time.

At the Mockingbird, Jon Hale has an “exclusive” look behind the scenes of the conversation between Shea Hillenbrand and the reporter for the Associate Press that the ex-Jay surprisingly praised John Gibbons to.

David Laurila of FanGraphs has a handy Q&A with still-in-limbo Jays pitching coach Bruce Walton. Some interesting stuff!

At (Insider Olney), Buster Olney goes through ten questions for ten contenders, not including the Jays, who he mentions in his very first sentence for having answered so many of theirs already. Other teams are playing the waiting game, it seems, hoping for prices to drop.

Tom Hawthorn of the Globe and Mail pens a nice, fond remembrance of Pascual Perez.

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And even though the Jays have already done so much of their heavy lifting, that doesn’t mean we didn’t long ago get a bunch of Winter Meetings goodness prepared– so stay tuned for all that, including a Google Hangout the Getting Blanked crew will be doing for next week, with Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors and Gregor Chisholm of set to join us.

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  1. Oh my god, the Mark Buehrle autocorrect made my day.

    • Gomes’ was definitely the best!

      • The most useful one I thought was “Milky Cabrera”.

        It sounds like an exotic chocolate bar. I can picture myself getting off the plane in Puerto Plata and being welcomed/harangued by a kid outside the terminal:

        “Hola gringo, welcome to our country. Are you hungry? Here, try a Milky Cabrera. Special price for you.”

        If Cabrera turns out to be a sweet acquisition, I vote for affectionately dubbing him Milky.

  2. LOL. Adam Lind is so fucking honest. If he could hit he’d be my favourite Blue Jay.

  3. Suck it Farrell.

  4. Mentioned this in a comment on the Walton interview: Excited to have another lefty in Cecil in the bullpen so Darren Oliver can take on some more high leverage innings that Farrell seemed reluctant to put him in.

  5. Man, I wish I knew about Tuneless Escort before he was traded for Mark Burlesque.

  6. FYI – your link to the DJF Facebook page goes to the Buster Olney article.

    (I’m perfectly capable of finding the damn page myself, I just thought you should know.)

  7. Lind is not shy about throwing people under the bus.

  8. I thought you were taking American Thanksgiving off?

  9. “If there is anyone in the game I’d be receptive to talking to about it it’s Anthopoulos”

    good to see that Anthopoulos has become a respected guy in MLB circles.

    • Never screwing other GM’s over while also allowing yourself to lose a trade every one in a while can go a long way, apparently.

  10. Wow Shea really has matured or something. That is a very interesting story. Looks very good on Gibbons now.

  11. Damnit! Your autocorrect found out my real name!

  12. I think the Gibbons/Hillenbrand and Gibbons/Lilly situations are similar to AA/Farrell and his trade to Boston.

    In all instances, each person involved looks bad. But, really, the only people who should come off looking like jerks are Hillenbrand, Lilly & Farrell.

    I thought Gibbons handled each situation reasonably well and it was more about the players acting like tools.

    And in the Farrell “debacle”, how could anyone have predicted Farrell asking to opt out of his contract each offseason?

    That really isn’t an issue in baseball; Farrell is pretty much one of a kind in that area.

    It’s hindsight to suggest THAT is the reason AA made the wrong managerial choice. More to do with Farrell’s lack of in-game managerial experience becoming painfully obvious.

    • In all instances, each person involved looks bad. But, really, the only people who should come off looking like jerks are Hillenbrand, Lilly & Farrell.

      How does AA look bad at all? He did what Farrell asked, but also what was best for the Jays.

      • I suggest you ask Oakville69 about AA getting “bullied” into letting Farrell go.

        Though he isn’t the only vocal moron to have made such claims. Just go listen to some podcasts of sports talk radio.

        • @Jays 2010.

          No one knew that Farrell wanted out after the 2011 season.

          It’s odd that the Jays would keep him for 2012 if he didn’t want to be here.

          It’s even odder that AA wanted to keep him for 2013

          Wouldn’t it make sense to have gone after Terry Francona if they knew that Farrell wanted out?

          It’s nice that everyone is Pro Gibby now, but he wasn’t on anyone’s list a day before he was hired.

          Wilner & Blair said Wakamatsu was the favourite a few weeks ago.

          As for being a “vocal moron”, it’s hilarious that the majority of this board were opposed to spending 125 million on payroll by signing free agents.

          AA got last year’s free agents at last year’s prices which is a saving over what Greinke & Hamilton will probably get paid.

          The “vocal morons” won the debate & now the Jays are a big market team with big market players.

          You guys & your “Tank Nation” & Prospect worshipping will have to find another team to follow.

          Nothnig wrong with having prospects but waitng 3 years for the Lansing trio to show up at Rogers Centre was silly.

          • “As for being a “vocal moron”, it’s hilarious that the majority of this board were opposed to spending 125 million on payroll by signing free agents.”

            Nice try creating a strawman. When have I ever said anything about being in favour of ‘tank nation’?

            I and many others have wanted a higher payroll. I’ll take a $140 or $180 million payroll.

            But I’m also realistic about how long Rogers would keep that going if they didn’t see an immediate ROI.

            And I’m interested in budget optimization and opportunity cost, not simply having a high payroll.

            Are you seriously an accountant?

          • @Jays 2010

            Yes I am an accountant & I do know about payroll optimization etc..

            However, as a business model you have to look at the revenue side & overall profits.

            The “nickel & diming “that went on this board about each player’s contract was overdone.

            You have a valid point about whether Rogers will continue with this model or not.

            If the team’s current roster is able to get the Jays into the playoffs in 2013 & make a serious run at the World Series then the exra revenue will offset the extra payroll cost.

            Now, a team can getto the point like the Yankes where you are stuck paying Alex Rodriguez 30 million plu per year for another few years.

            The Jays don’t have any of those players, although Reyes could get serious injuries on the turf etc…

            It’s been said countless times that the team needs a payroll of 120 million to be competitive.

            The Jays have a good mix of young players & some veterans & two late blooming 40 HR hitters.

            If you want maximum payroll optimization per win , take the Tampa Bay Rays that have been competitive since 2008 on below average payrolls.

    • I think it’s debatable whether publicly challenging a player to fisticuffs is dealing with a situation “reasonably well”.

  13. Just wondering why there is no post on this…..


    I thought it was a holiday in the US, not Canada?

    • It was mentioned in previous post in comment section

      • When a Toronto GM gives one of those relaxed out of market interviews that usually give additional insight like this one, especially in the light of all the recent transactions it is my opinion that it is worthy of a post, not just a mention buried in yesterdays comments section.

        Just my opinion.

    • It is, but when 29 of 30 front offices are in the states…

  14. What the fuck is a google hangout?
    Is that like when your zipper’s undone?

    Seriously, I don’t know what it is.
    Am I allowed in the hangout too, or is it just for special people?

    • Dickey would make our staff the best in the AL next to the rays

      • No no…it would be the best.

        Massive red flags from Hellickson (albeit he keeps getting results), chances that they move one of Price/Shields has to be around 50%. I think when all is said and done ours will be better. I think it is on par as is without Dickey…(granted, I’m taking into account our bullpen as well since they are part of the staff).

    • ^^^ What does that have to do with what RADAR said??

    • Ha. This is one of the best comments I’ve seen in a while. Radar, it’s a live video chat on Google+, Google’s social network. You can join if you set up an account.

  15. The FB link takes you to the Buster Olney article. Just thought I’d throw that out there

  16. “If there is anyone in the game I’d be receptive to talking to about it it’s (AA).” Ummm, probably because he’s the only one who you could possibly talk to about an extension, no?

  17. Do you get paid more if I ‘like’ the DJF ‘Facebook page’? If, so, I’m down. Worst case scenario is that my boss calls me an alcoholic. If not, please fuck off.

    Also, nice combination of bragging/asking on the whole facebook thing. I was gonna call it a humblebrag, but that’s not really what it is, is it?

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