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Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star tweets some interesting comments from a conference call with John Gibbons, regarding the club’s new coaching staff. Gibbons, who made the selections himself, explained that he goes “a way back” with DeMarlo Hale, calling him a natural fit, and said that not hiring Bruce Walton was one of the hardest things that he’s had to do.

Brendan’s Star collegue, Richard Griffin, writes about the new staff, explaining that “in the second half of the season, the normally outgoing Walton at times appeared stunned by the failure of his staff to respond to any and all fixes, either mental or mechanical. In truth, there may have been too many voices trying to correct the pitching issues, with Farrell and Walton both having strong opinions on what may have been causing the struggles.”

John Lott of the National Post talks to Chad Mottola, newly appointed as the Jays’ hitting coach, about getting the gig, and having his predecessor– new first base coach Dwayne Murphy– still on staff.

Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com looks into the possibility of the Jays moving a catcher, noting that the Rangers won’t be moving Derek Holland or Alexei Ogando to make it happen– so stop asking– and suggesting that the Jays may actually find the most suitors for John Buck, given the low asking price.

Jays Journal puts on their biggest, most formal maple boner and… something something Justin Morneau.

At The Mockingbird, Jon Hale reacts enthusiastically to the arrival of a namesake– new bench coach DeMarlo.

In his post, Jon points us towards a glowing review of DeMarlo Hale from Lou Merloni at WEEI.com.

Bluebird Banter examines what the Jays’ bullpen would look like if the season started today.

Extra Base Hit notices that Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News listed Ricky Romero and JP Arencibia among players he was spitballing as next year’s Texas Rangers. Not on the list: Ian Kinsler. Hmmm…

Steve Melewski of MASN tries to talk Orioles fans into being OK with the club standing pat over the winter. Perfect.

Nathan Rode of Baseball America passes along word from a Jays press release about the club’s creation of a new twelve team tournament at Rogers Centre, taking place next September and featuring the top college-eligible players from Canada.

KKOB of Alburquerque, New Mexico, passes along (for some reason) results of a recent poll of Marlins fans, who– it turns out– aren’t too pleased with recent events involving their club.

The Japan Times tells us of Richard Hoshino, a Canadian mathematician who has helped devise the most environmentally friendly NPB schedule possible (via the always fantastic Baseball Think Factory).

Lastly, at Getting Blanked, Drew looks at the mess in Miami left in the wake of their deal with the Jays, and the possibility of the fish dealing Giancarlo Stanton next, while Scott Lewis has a sneak peak of Jose Bautista in the as-yet-unreleased MLB ’13: The Show.

Double lastly: thanks to the Jays and Rogers and their excitement-infusing past couple of weeks, we’ve had all sorts of new likes on the DJF Facebook page– where all of our posts are delivered straight to your news feed in a timely manner, with a few extra graphical goodies occasionally added in for good measure.

And even though the Jays have already done so much of their heavy lifting, that doesn’t mean we didn’t long ago get a bunch of Winter Meetings goodness prepared– so stay tuned for all that, including a Google Hangout Drew will be moderating on Thursday, with Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors and Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com set to join us.

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  1. first

  2. so, AA is done pitching shopping?

  3. Calling it now: the Orioles are going to finish dead fucking last in the division, and more than 10 games below .500.

    • Seriously. It sucks that every baseball reporter has to respect their team and record from 2012. They aren’t a good team, their pitching and lineup are comparable to bostons for sure.

      • Let’s not root for the Orioles to be last – please let it be the Red Sox and Farrell.

        Is it too much to ask to have the Yankees and Boston “battling” for last? Probably, but hopefully one day.

        The closest we last got was 1992, when NYY came 4th and BOS 7th in the old AL East. Those were the days…

  4. Second.

  5. kinsler for romero and arencibia?

    cum everywhere!

  6. I love that the Jays are hosting that tournament for Canadian college-eligible players. It does show that they understand their place, representing baseball at all levels in the country. If I’m not overseas teaching English when it comes around I’ll go down and lend my support for sure.

  7. The link to the DJF facebook page goes to an Olney article on ESPN.

  8. I CAN NOT WAIT for a good hangout with Drew. OOOOOH YES. I am for sure gonna shower that day.

  9. Love Cell Phone talking about his “individualized” approach. No blanket philosophies. Kinda like keeping Murph around too, for the guys who enjoyed and benefited from his tutelage.

    • Yeah me too. JB swears by that approach. I just hope Motorola lets him throw in once in a while. They seem to get along fairly well too. I sure hope Motola’s got a good 3rd strike philosophy. The whole Jays team seemed to be way to aggressive on 3rd strike last season.

      • “I sure hope Motola’s got a good 3rd strike philosophy.”

        Gonna guess it goes something like, if its in the strikezone try to get a piece of it.

  10. Eleventeenth.

  11. IMO jays should hang onto buck, he caught for both Johnson and bhuerle last year, arencibia only caught for Romero and look at how he did last year, not that it was arencibia’s fault but wouldn’t be a big deal for Romero to throw to someone else. Trade arencibia whether now or mid way through season when d’arnaud can be slowly brought in. Buck is a good stop gap until then

    • Buck at 6.5m to be q b/up is a non starter. Pay JPA or TDA .5m to stat and the crappy b/up with lousy defence makes 6.4m?. Ain’t gonna happen.
      Buck will be traded(sold?) to a Pittsburgh or an Oakland, along with about 3m for a 7th OF or a 12th Bullpen option.
      Either that or JPA gets traded but my money is on the above

      • You’re not wrong, but trading Buck or Arencibia cannot happen as quickly as it might have in the past. TdA needs to be ready: teams that aspire to win their division deal from positions of certainty, and TdA needs to recover from injury. Buck will not be worth less than now when he is owed less in a few months. JPA I bet the Jays keep for what it’s worth.

        • Keep Buck as the veteran backup – he’s experienced with the new Miami pitchers we are now heavily invested and Arencibia still needs a veteran to keep learning from.

          D’Arnaud belongs at AAA to start the season and we can see what happens if/when one of the other two catchers get injured. And if d’Arnaud rocks it at Buffalo, so much the better – it’s a good problem to have.

      • John Buck + 3 Mil to Pirates for Travis Sinder?

  12. Something doesn’t add up.

    Gibbons – it was such a hard decision to put Walker as pitching coach

    Walton will not be retained by the org at any level

    Obviously someone wanted a clean break from him. Maybe it is to get the stink taint from Farrellball completely removed from the team just in case some of rubbed off in the dugout on Pappy.

    Regardless of the injuries from last year, something had to be done to shake up the pitching staff- change for the sake of change is a good thing here.

    • I am not sure Farrell hired Walton. I think he was brought on at the beginning of 2010, after Arnsberg left following 2009.

      I kind of had me a hankering for some more Brad Arnsberg, but Pete Walker it is!

      • From Wikipedia:
        Bruce Kenneth Walton (born December 25, 1962) was the pitching coach for the Toronto Blue Jays, a position he has held since 30 October 2009 to November 26, 2012 after replacing Brad Arnsberg. Prior to being named pitching coach he was the bullpen coach for the Blue Jays. He was bullpen coach from 7 June 2002 until he was named pitching coach.

      • I am aware of Walton’s history. I pay attention. Over the last two years, Walton may have adapted philosophies or new ideas from Farrellball that the team disagrees with or just saw how ineffective he was in fixing Ricky and need a new voice or just someone who can get the job done.

  13. Re pitching problems last summer. This from the Star: “…with Farrell and Walton both having strong opinions on what may have been causing the struggles.”

    So did Walton get screwed by Farrett? Every time Walton fixed something, Farrett screwed it up?

    • Good nickname: the Farrett. He reminds me of Romney now for some reason.

    • I still wonder if Farrett was a Manchurian Candidate-like sleeper cell planted by the Sux to mess with an up-and-coming rival (he acts like a bot / droid). His chip implant (in his chin perhaps) was gathering intel the whole time, while also messing with any pitcher mechanics he could. We may be thankful Morrow went down early and stayed down for so long. Casey Janssen , the Force is strong in this one, resist he did.

      Poor Ricky is the one Farrett mind-fucked – “where is that tough kid from East LA”? I hope Ricky has an “East LA Kid/Cheech Marin” t-shirt on under his jersey before every Bahsten start from now on.

  14. I don’t mind the staff that Gibby/Anthopolous chose I just question the logic behind keeping Murphy. If you think a guys not right for the job then just cut ties completely. He’s had his tenure in Toronto, I think going completely fresh would be better. I can see it being awkward for Mottola having the incumbant looking over his shoulder.

    And I can see guys who feel they need to show some form of loyalty asking Murphs advice, just wondering how that may effect Mottolla. I’m sure the guys are professional and it probably won’t be an issue but it just seems like an imperfect situation for a rookie hitting coach to be put in.

    • +1

    • Murphy is a Cito guy. Cito is still around. Walton appears to be nobody’s guy.

    • agree smasher. This is the only move that may reek.
      Sort of like firing the manager of the accounting department but then letting him/her stay as an accounting clerk. The new boss w/b constantly worried about a revolt or secondguessing themselves, but we shall see

      • I don’t know why everyone assumes that this is a demotion for Murphy. Coaches make lateral moves on teams all the time. And what’s so great about being the hitting fall guy with all headaches that come with it? Murphy is a six-time gold glover and may relish the opportunity to focus on that side of his game with the outfielders. And some guys actually prefer coaching on the base lines as gets them more involved in the flow of the game. And above all, like players getting to the Show, coaches are by and large just grateful to be working and still active at the big-league level. So it’s hardly a bad day for Murphy.

        And if a Murphy-Mottola was as good a working relationship as has been touted so often when there was talk of a hitting-coach tandem, there’s no reason to think they can’t work well this way. If anything, it could be easier as they now have clearly defined duties, as opposed to sharing one gig. Coaches don’t just stick to their own specialty – they help each other and the pkayers where needs arise. So Murphy can do his gig, while still lending his hitting advice where useful.

        • well said…I think this will work, though it will need spring training to iron out any potential kinks in the system.

    • It sounds like Mottolla and Murphs get along well, and Murphy still has a coaching position for which he’s getting paid handsomely. Assuming ego’s don’t get in the way, there shouldn’t be any problems. Hopefully more eyes on the batters will be beneficial.

    • Murphy is a «made» guy. And his sponsor is Cito. Nuff said.

  15. So what do you think Buck is worth? I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what his value would be.

    I’m assuming not much. I think at this point my best case would be to trade him, plus maybe a C minor leaguer, to the Mets for Dillon Gee. Gee’s not that great either, but he’s young and cheap (and therefore maybe not available). Basically you’d get Gee and Happ and tell them: best man wins, the other guy goes to the bullpen. Then if someone gets injured you bring the loser into the rotation for a couple of weeks, and he at least won’t embarrass himself there.

    • If you’re looking for a comp for Buck in terms of value, I’ll offer you this comparison that I got to personally witness at a game last year. There was a molding hotdog underneath the seat in front of me, I think it looked left handed and definitely had some leadership qualities. Best yet, it was available for a salary less than that of a migrant worker, making a straight up trade for Buck a win for the Blue Jays.

  16. Richard Hoshino happens to be a friend of mine. Weird to read my favourite blog and see his name completely unexpectedly. The article is right, he is irrepressibly cheerful – it’s almost unnerving, and yet wonderful.

  17. Value is pretty messed up because it only takes one team to value a player differently to make things happen. Examples include moving Vernon worst contract in baseball Wells and the free agent contract of Prince Fielder where Detroit went in total dollars and years where other teams weren’t interested.

  18. I think if Murphy and Mottolla had any problems, it might have been seen when Chad came up last September; then again, what the fuck do I know?

  19. Anyone want to get a Kickstarter going for a reward to the first person who gets a live ferret on the field at Rogers Centre between April 5th and 7th. I’m good for $20.

  20. maybe we could get jon rauch to dress up like a giant ferret and jump out on the field and reprise that infamous scene where john ferret struggled to restrain him, only this time rauch fights back and tears farrell’s face off with his ferret costume clad mouth

    id put up 8 bucks to see this

  21. Why has DeMarlo Hale not been acknowledged as enhancing our awesome name quotient substantially?

  22. Gregor’s article mentions Martin Perez may be in play and that they like Buck. This would appease me…

    • Martin Perez? What? Are we rebuilding again?

      In a perfect world, a big lefthanded bat would be nice to replace Lind. And I am still wondering about how the Izturis and Bonifacio combo will work itself out at 2B. What we really need is a proven starter to bolster the rotation. Otherwise, I think we are ready to fucking roll.

      We don’t know how far along TDA’s recovery is until spring training, when he starts to squat on a daily basis. TDA is going to need full-time speed action at AAA before the Jays are satisfied that yeah, he’s ready.

      If we trade Buck in the off-season, we are left with JPA and Wilson as MLB depth. Remember when both JPA and TDA were hurt last season? It fucking smarts.

      I can see AA want to hang onto Buck and JPA until the July trade deadline. If one of them is in big demand, and TDA is ready, then sure, make a trade. But AA is pushing his chips in the middle for 2013. I don’t see him wanting to trade a veteran catcher like Buck or a cheap alternative in JPA, unless he gets a player back that he covets. I don’t think Martin Perez (I am also a big fan of his) is what AA wants for 2013.

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