Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Kiley McDaniel of FanGraphs has part two of his Reports from Instructs series on the Jays, with this one looking at Marcus Stroman, “a small righty that flashed four 55 or 60 pitches (on the 20-80 scale) in a relief stint.” Money quote: “But he’s got to sell out with a high-effort delivery to generate that kind of stuff, right? Surprisingly, no.” He says he figures “Stroman’s ultimate upside is a number two starter,” and also provides some notes on Alberto Tirado. You’ll remember that it was in part one that he raved about Roberto Osuna.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri finishes his piece ranking the players with the highest trade value, including a pair of Jays– Jose Bautista at 25, among a group of untouchable veterans (Tulowitzki, Kemp, Castro) and Brett Lawrie at 21, among some serious kids (Bundy, Machado, Profar). “If he’d run for prime minister a year ago, he might’ve won,” he writes of Lawrie. “Now, we’re talking governor general at best.”

At, Gregor Chisholm looks at what the club still has left to do as we get set for next week’s Winter Meetings– and the post comes complete with a video of Peter Gammons speaking on the MLB Network on the Jays’ recent moves.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet writes about John Gibbons and the selection of his coaching staff– the new-old manager is excited and comfortable with the guys he’ll be working with.

Starting around the 14 minute mark, Alex Anthopoulos joined Montreal’s The Kaufman Show last night. He spoke about the need to continue adding to the bullpen, and to add rotation depth– which sounds like it may mostly come via minor league free agents, as he wants guys who can still be optioned to the minors (though JA Happ still fits that bill). Baseball America has a list of the MiLB FAs for your perusal, and… ugh.

More audio, as Dirk Hayhurst joined the Jeff Blair Show this morning on the Fan 590, discussing the Jays’ new coaching staff– all of whom he sees as a terrific fit for a Jays’ club with so many new players. Pete Walker, he says, has ascended to pitching coach very quickly, but partly that seems to have been a way for the Jays to keep him from bolting to Boston, and it will have added benefit to the club, as he found Walker more open and approachable than the departing Bruce Walton. Similarly, he praises the hiring of Chad Mottola as hitting coach, and his newer-school, less rigid approach, as well as the Jays’ retaining of Dwayne Murphy, who has done excellent work with Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion.

Tom Dakers of BlueBird Banter gets conspiratorial when discussing the Jays’ recent trend towards not announcing player surgeries until after they’re successfully completed, as well as the source of rumour about Darren Oliver only wanting to play for Texas. On the latter point, I don’t know if it’s anything more than an educated guess based on Oliver’s end-of-year comments about mulling retirement and wanting to be closer to his kids.

At Getting Blanked, Drew writes about the good ol’ Yankees– er… the good old Yankees.

Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times wonders openly– riffing on ideas from a USS Mariner post– about when the regional sports network bubble is going to burst. Wendy Thurm looks at this at FanGraphs as well, in the wake of the just-announced multi-billion-dollar Dodgers deal with Fox Sports West.

Lastly, RIP Marvin Miller: the former MLBPA executive director passed away today at 95. Maury Brown argues for his inclusion in the Hall of Fame at Baseball Prospectus. While elsewhere at BP, Chad Finn looks at what passed for baseball analysis in 1984, including a gem about the Jays’ Mulinicks/Iorg third base platoon.

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  1. Is Luke hochevar a good depth move for AA to make (he at least fills up the rotation in buffalo)?

    • I think AA likes him. Former 1st overall pick I believe? Still throws hard and has a plus slider. Unfortunately, he’s an enigma as the stuff is there but the results aren’t.

      I would certainly be happy to see Hochevar added to the AAA roster in Buffalo as minor league depth.

      KC would keep him but they don’t want to pay him MLB money to stew in the minors. I think AA can offer him a decent wage to play in Buffalo under a minor league contract which can then be purchased (and thus added to the 40-man) if he is called up.

    • No. He is terrible.

    • Hochevar makes like 7M this year, so no

      • Is he not scheduled to be a free agent? I haven’t checked Cotts.

        FYI – he wouldn’t make $7M if he signs a minor league free agent contract. Get fucking real.

        • According to Cotts, Hochevar made $3.51 M in 2012, after avoiding arbritation in his second arb year. So he could be a good non-tender candidate.

          @ Josh – where in the fuck did he earn $7M?

          Despite being a Boras client, Hochevar could sign for around $1M on a minor-league deal if the Royals non-tender him. Wouldn’t be a terrible pick-up.

  2. Stroman’s a SMALL righty? Whoa, clearly you don’t follow his Twitter, or you’d know HEIGHT DOESN’T MEASURE HEART #HDMH #RIPGRANDMA

  3. “Stroman’s ultimate upside is a number two starter,” Wow. Dare we even think this to be possible?

    • Anything is possible when AA is your GM.

    • I assumed that it is the same as saying Brandon League’s upside is as a #2 starter – you just need to find someone willing trade you the next Morrow.

    • As I understand, the knock against Stroman starting has always been about his size, not his stuff. If he happens go be a a rare smaller guy with an easy delivery. that can still throw hard (read: he will never be Pedro, but Pedro is an example of this), then heck, I think we can dream until he comes up and proves us wrong (or right!)

  4. Peter Gammons

  5. If the Royals are willing to part with Meyers for a declining Jon Lester, what would they give up for Romero? I realize Lester has had more success, but Ricky is younger and has a nicer contract…

    • Hosmer?

      • Does Hosmer have any less value than Meyers though? I really don’t think so. They’d want Morrow or Johnson for Hosmer/Myers.

        • “They’d want Morrow or Johnson for Hosmer/Myers” – you are probably right – AA will stay away from this.

          • Why exactly?

            I think most people on here are seriously undervaluing Romero.

            Last year was awful but 2011 was fantastic.

            His contract is a pretty good for a guy who likely settles somewhere in the middle of these two polar opposite years. Plus work ethic and character are top notch if that’s you’re thing.

            Not sure why that’s less valuable than Hosmers “Adam Lind like” numbers from last year.

            Plus it moves Happ to the #4 spot and bumps Jenkins/Carreno/random fodder into the rotation full time.


    • Would anybody be upset if the Jays traded Romero for Myers + and Signed Haren/McCarthy/Marcum for 9M a year.

      A young core of Lawrie, D’Arnaud, Gose and Myers would be awesome.

      • Im not suggesting that the Royals would ever trade that type of player for Romero. I think that Romero and Lester are seen as being on different levels. But the Royals do seem pretty desperate.

      • I think your illness is affecting your thought process. Yes I would be upset.

  6. Stick to baseball and not Canadian politics Jonah. You don’t run for Prime Minister, or elect the Governor General, who, though symbolic only, is technically higher on the scale than Prime Minister.

    • Thanks Buzz Killington.

    • How about mayor of T.O. There might be an opening coming up.

    • jonah keri is from montreal… i’m pretty sure he understands what he is writing about.

      • he lives in a canadien city, therefore he necessarily understands Canadian politics. makes sense to me

      • He does? Clearly not. Gov General is a more prestigous post than Prime Minister, IMO. And no one votes ina GG, they are hand picked.

      • He is Canadian, so he knows his Canadian politics. He’s also writing for Grantland, and I believe the collective knowledge of all things Canada among Grantland’s American readers would fall somewhere between “the Stanley Cup is from there” and “they all live in igloos.” Doesn’t have to be accurate about Canadian politics if he’s writing for that audience.

    • Good lord.

    • Only technically. The current GC was the president of my undergrad almat mater and handed me my diploma (along with some great, if irrelevant, witticisms) – I cannot take him seriously.

  7. Is Stroman not our most major league ready pitching prospect? Would he fit in nicely as our #5 or is his arm not ready for that many innings? Just a thought…

    • The innings limit is likely a very real thing for him.

    • The book on Stroman, according to guys like Law and Goldstein, is that he would be MLB ready if he threw from the bullpen. As a starter? Likely needs a season or two in AA and AAA before the Jays can really rely on him.

      Law thought last year that Stroman was the most ready MLB pitching prospect in the draft, but with the caveat that he would have to pitch from the bullpen.

      I would rather see Stroman work from the starting rotation in the minors and evaluate things from there. He could still be useful down the stretch if the bullpen runs out of arms in September.

      • Exactly.

        Exhaust the starting option in the minors and use him as a bullpen piece if need be.

        Medlen did just fine for Atlanta last year and he’s not exactly a giant.

  8. According to Wendy Thum, and she is usually very thorough, Astros and Rangers are getting more than twice as much per game as the Blue Jays from their regional TV network deals. Rangers and Blue Jays would be in similar sized markets, Houston maybe a bit smaller. Do the viewer numbers and advertising dollars support this difference? Or has Rogers been paying the Blue Jays well below market value while moaning (up until recently anyway) about budget constraints and payroll parameters? Keep in mind these figures are exclusive of the roughly $30m that all teams will receive next year from the new U.S. national T.V. deal. I don’t know the answer and not sure that it matters, just find it curious.

    • That’s what the Jays are getting on paper, but I highly doubt that’s anywhere close to FMV, but that’s hardly breaking news. Rogers having exclusive rights to Blue Jays games 162 nights a year is ridiculously valuable. This is a company that went halfsies on MLSE with its biggest competitor basically entirely to ensure they don’t get shut out of the Leafs, Raptors/NBA (I think the Raptors and non-Raptors NBA TV rights are packaged to MLSE together) and TFC (for whatever the latter two are worth) on their television properties.

      • I think Rogers acquisition of mlse had alot to do withtrying to eliminate competition for miscellaneous events in Toronto between the acc and Rogers centre also

    • She did a pretty good job but she has classified some teams incorrectly. For one thing Rogers should be in the same group as the Yankees or in one by themselves. The fees all of those teams get are basically window dressing for revenue sharing purposes. MLB makes sure a certain amount gets recorded and that’s it. As she stated they still get millions in profits from running the network. These profits are massive. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that if companies like Fox or Comcast can afford to pay teams like the Dodgers and Angels that kind of money and still make a profit then the Yankees, Sox or Jays are going to do even better because there’s basically no middleman for them.

  9. I love to hear that Stroman’s ultimate upside is a #2, but then again, I would never trust a dude named Kiley

  10. I see Jo Jo Reyes is available.

    Maybe another reunion is in the cards?

    Gibby, Buck and Jo Jo return to lead the parade down Yonge street?

  11. Manimal I hope Happ does what I think he will this year and win 12-15 just so I don’t have to read your nonsense about a 5th starter any more

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