According to a post at Rangers reporter TR Sullivan’s blog, Postcards From Elysian Fields, Jays fans may have seen the last of reliever Darren Oliver in the club’s spiffy new uniforms and, more upsettingly, may soon be no longer able to daydream about the man who calls himself Black Magic appearing in Jays attire on one of those classic Costacos Brothers posters from the 80s.

Oh, that was only me?

Well… uh, anyway, Sullivan believes that Oliver, who posted a fabulous 2.06 ERA and 2.95 FIP last year, “is still likely to retire in order to be with his family and his home in Tarrant County [Texas]. But he might still play one more year if the Blue Jays are willing to trade him to the Rangers.”

It’s an understandable line for Oliver to take, I suppose, but a disappointing one, as a Jays fan. And one that may still offer the club the opportunity to get some value out of him– assuming, of course, that Sullivan has his information correct. Not only might the Rangers be interested in working out a deal, provided they’re assured he’ll pitch, but they also need catching help, and have been keeping an eye on the Jays’ surplus.

The Jays “may not be eager to trade a catcher,” he writes, citing their stated plans for JP Arencibia, John Buck and Travis d’Arnaud, “but they also have Bobby Wilson. So if they get the right offer for Arencibia, they could be willing to do it while starting the season with Buck as the starter and Wilson as the backup.”

So… there’s that. Now commence fanciful plans to get starters the Rangers totally won’t trade!

(Crotch grab in the direction of the commenters on the post below for the link.)

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  1. For Holland? (+ JPA, of course)

    No problem

  2. Can Stoetsy get a cap tip for the crotch grab?

  3. Black Magic? You take this home, add some broth, Aaron Cibia, a potato..Baby, you got a stew goin!

  4. anyway this guy just wants to believe this,

  5. Just figured out what DJF is. It’s a place you go to get directed to other (real) baseball writing. Great site for links, just don’t come here expecting any, y’know, content.

    • This guy can’t possibly this dumb, right?

      • Well don’t you just sit around all day in your parents’ basement eating nachos?

        Is this the price we have to pay for a good team and renewed interest?

      • Why not?

      • Because not liking a blog written by a condescending, annoying, not-cool-enough-to-be-considered-a-hipster-though-he-desperately-wants-to-be, fuck who knows very little about baseball makes me dumb.

      • obviously so. Look , there is a lot of good shit here. I don;t always agree, but hey that’s the point.
        The poster is obviuosly full of shit never mind himself. Fn newbee

    • than what are you doing here Frank? you sound like a disgruntled boyfriend who’s ex told the whole school about ur tiny johnson.. this site is like any other baseball site (oh wait its also a BLOG) with an occasional rated dialogue.

    • hey Frank….

      go fuck yourself

    • This guy is giving all Frank’s out there a bad name…so bad I added an o to my username : /

      • id rather tea-bag a bear trap than read any other word coming from franko.. ps: time to change your name to Frankie now? :)

    • Frank is one of these morons that goes onto message boards and says The Godfather is a lousy movie, The Beatles were a crappy band and that a murdered baby probably deserved it.

      Hopefully, a Star Trek marathon will come on to keep his feeble mind busy

    • go away then. peace!

  6. Bahaha first bitches. cross that off the #YOLOlist. But na fo real doe, sad to see our best pen arm go, figures a brotha was the best. Lets trade him and the horn dog JP for some good pieces. D.O alone should net us a killa playa

  7. If Texas wants to play Profar at 2nd base then Kinsler is available. Would Oliver and JPA be enough for Kinsler and, if so, do the Jays do the deal? Any thoughts on the ripple effects through the Jays line up if something like this were to happen?

    • Yeah that’s not nearly enough for Kinsler.

    • Seems like Texas will have to part with one of Kinsler/Profar/Andrus if they want to plug holes at catcher and possibly outfield if Hamilton signs somewhere else.

    • That’s the (ridiculous) spirit!

      • Why exactly is it ridiculous? Sure there’s ZERO chances theyre parting with the youngins but they could and would part with Kinsler for a plus lefty specialist and a young power hitting catcher. Thatd be a done deal.

    • I see this costing more, a bunch more.

    • Texas wouldn’t do it for two JPAs and two Olivers

      • Are we fucking stuck with Buck or is someone out there stupid enough to take him?

        JPA and TDA, the golden boy and the next one, I’d love to see them both play a whole year for the Jays, fuck Buffalo.

      • I think you guys are forgetting that JPA is on min salary while Kinsler is paid fair value. This is 2012 folks, and JPA is a C, while Kinsler is a 2B. Texas would do the trade if they were 100% sure of Profar right away. AA does the trade right away only if he is sure of TdA immediately. This kind of trade is way easier mid-season when lots of transactions that seemed impossible over the winter occur each and every fucking year.

  8. sorry (BLACKJAYSFANS) your not going to net an abover average player just from darren oliver due to the fact that IF what oliver said is true than that automatically depreciates his trade value and your not going to net a stud player… but it can open the door to adding in certain pieces “cough cough” catcher? maybe even get bold and throw a few more prospects and net a stud by the name of Ian Kinsler.. just a thought..

  9. Remember, AA doesn’t roll with the 1-for-1 or 2-for-1 trades any more.

    Not going to happen, but would Oliver, JPA, Gose and Cooper be able to net Kinsler and Holland?

    • He doesn’t what?

      • Doesn’t roll, Andrew. Get with the times.

        • He doesn’t do 1-for-1 or 2-for-1 trades?

          • He does, but he’s pulled off a 12-player trade and a 10-player trade. I just don’t think AA is going to want to do a straight up trade: one player for one player. Just my opinion but if he’s going to try and upgrade at 2B or Pitcher, he’ll do it in the same trade.

          • 8)

          • Jesus Stoeten.
            What the fuck did you put in the coffee today?
            Brought the best out in everyone.
            1 for 1? 2 for 1?
            Thames was traded for ?Snider was traded for?

    • doubtful. And although most djf fans are quick to give up on Gose, I think Marisnick traded to the Marlins is proof the jays are very high on Gose. I think the biggest issue is that playing him in lf his poor offense shines through, however in cf his defensive range will make up for his offense and not to mention it is a more defensive over offensive position.

    • No one is going to take a geezer, JPA and 2 AAAA players for anyone of Kinsler’s value, shake your head…. Reminds me lop-sided Playstation trades in the late 90′s..

  10. I don’t glean any substance from his report.

    “Oliver is still likely to retire in order to be with his family and his home in Tarrant County. But he might still play one more year if the Blue Jays are willing to trade him to the Rangers”

    Says who? Is this just random speculation on his own part or has he spoken with Oliver or those close to him? Sounds more like he’s just coming up with something random.

    • Indeed, it seems more like the sense he gets than hard information.

      • Sounds like the no-trade clause ploy. I’ll waive the no trade clause if you sweeten the pot a little bit. I’ll reconsider my retirement if you throw some more money my way – or trade me to a preferred destination.

  11. @james he might be bluffing though

  12. Arencibia +Oliver+ Rasmus= Ogando + Kinsler, there is a deal here

  13. As @Section524 pointed out, if Oliver wants to go to Texas so badly even after the latest series of Jays moves then fuck him, trade him to the Astros. He was free to sign with whichever team he pleased and he chose Toronto and gave them a team option because it was his best offer.

    • and the Astros are going to give the Jays precisely what in exchange for a guy who will immediately announce his retirement once they acquire him?

    • It’s good to have players (and coaches) who genuinely want to be here. But, the league would look at that as a major dick-move by AA, not a good look for FAs.

  14. Love those posters, winfield’s is certainly all class:

  15. Trade Ol’ Black Magic for Nolan Ryan’s veteran presence and “knows how to win.”

  16. JPA + Oliver + Romero + Bonafacio for Kinsler and Holland.

    • And Holland? realistic offer for the jays but the return is nothing but a wet dream.

      • from the jays**

      • I dunno about that, before 2012 would anyone have traded Romero for Holland straight up? things can change awful fast

        • Over the course oftheir careers Romero has been substantially better than Holland. Why everyone is so high on Holland I don’t know…Romero had 3 straight 3-4 war seasons when he began his career, Holland has never had a 4 win season in his life.

    • Why trade Romero when his trade value is as low as it is now?
      Bonafacio is a super utility guy and more valuable to the Blue Jays than most people think. As nice as Kinsler and Holland would fit into the roster, I think that’s giving up too much.

  17. Well if we want to go down the road of fanciful trade ideas, why stop with just JPA and Oliver? What do we get back if we toss in a centerfielder (gose/rasmus) in to replace hamilton, and a top 10 prospect (stilson)? Rasmus + JPA + Oliver + Stilson for Harrison and Kinsler. Hell, toss in Hutch or Drabek too just so we don’t have to listen to how their rehab is going all year long.

    • lol @ the rehab comment.

      I don’t think they’d be too eager to acquire Rasmus, but what do I know

      • lol agreed, I give about as much of a fuck about Kyle Drabek’s return to being a failed prospect as I do about the vegetables rotting in my crisper.

  18. Darren Oliver was born in the Nixon administration.
    Noah Syndergaard was born in the Clinton administration.

  19. Every time Stoeten mentions “Black Magic” he makes sure to point out that Oliver gave himself that nickname.

    Grow a pair, White Useless.

  20. man…tough room today

  21. Well on Oliver, that’s dissappointing.

    It’s not like Anthopolous is going to announce that he wants to trade one of his catchers, and I believe that he won’t unless someone blows him away, so he’s letting it be known through the media that “Hey if you want one of our catchers don’t bother calling unless you got something big.”

    Ricky Ro + J.P.A for Ogando

    Who says no?

    • You don’t trade Romero right now

      • What? You don’t trade Romero regardless? You always trade anybody if the return is right.
        I’m suggesting that Ogando would be enough that I would want to do it. He didn’t even start last year, I’m sayign we move him into a starters role, great strikeout numbers, I think we can potentially Brandon Morrow this guy.

        If you disagree that Ogando is enough to make you want to do it, then fine but “you don’t trade Romero right now” is not an argument.

      • He’s the best #4 man in baseball!

      • Your monniker should be inscribed on Jeffrey Loria’s tombstone…

  22. What about trying to get neftali Feliz? High risk high reward and not pencilled into their rotation for now…

  23. We could TOTALLY get Kinsler/Holland/Ogando for Oliver and JPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111LOL

    • people are trying to find a package that makes sense, it is not nearly as idiotic as you are trying to make it out to be

  24. Dumb fucker might be missing out on a ring this year.

  25. No Oliver may prove to be more painful than we know. We needed arms but now we need more arms. Anyone know how Sergio is? I say we focus on pitchers. Kinsler is a nice-to-have, no doubt, but let’s focus on SPs and/or RPs. We’ll be OK at 2B with what we’ve got but two or three major pitching injuries like last year and we’re right back to square one (not the mall).

    • I agree with this, plus Kinsler has a huge contract which would make re-signing Johnson that much more difficult. Bonifacio and Izturis is not bad at all for 2b, especially with a top 3 shortstop.

    • we need lefties, I think…who is a lefty in bullpen if Black Magic pulls a Keyser Soze?

    • The longer-term key to replacing Oliver is the healthy return of Luis Perez.

  26. I’m not convinced that we can’t pull a starter from Texas. They have lots of holes that we have answers to and if they sign Greinke they’ll let a pitcher go.

    Why not JPA, Rasmus, and Oliver for Holland or Ogando? It’s not like Holland or Ogando are so lights out that they are worth more than the cost-control and performance of Rasmus, JPA, and Oliver combined. And it would still leave them with a Greinke, Lewis, Harrison, Darvish, Holland or Ogando rotation.

    • Ogando is intriguing , but Colby Lewis has been starting over Ogando and he’s been in the bullpen every year but one yes he pitched well, really well. But I don’t think the cost to get him is as high as JP, Rasmus and Oliver nowhere near that. This is a guy that’s very good sure but he’s the 6 man on a Rangers pitching staff. Giving up Rasmus two years left before he’s a free agent and until 2017 for JP and Oliver who was one of the best relievers in baseball for two years of Ogando…. I would not do that trade at all.

    • I’m a little worried about getting rid of Rasmus. He could be a potential .800 OPS+ left handed bat batting 6th or 7th. When he is batting well he would make the Jays lineup pretty ridiculous. Also going from JPA to Buck is a pretty bad downgrade, assuming that d’Arnaud isn’t ready to start.

  27. Wheter you want JP gone or here, the Rangers would have to trade some sort of starter for the Jays to trade any catcher, unless the Ranges eat John Bucks contract.

  28. Or we could just trade him for a good prospect.

    I know we’re contenders now but we don’t have to “force” a trade. If he would go there and they’d throw us a prospect. Meh fine.

  29. If I read a recent Spanish Tweet correctly, the Angels are signing Rafael Soriano and Greinke is likely to go to either Texas or the Dodgers.

    Course my Spanish is not-very-existant! so maybe someone who can actually speak the language can translate:

    Anaheim parece estar cerca de firmar a Rafael Soriano. En caso dado hará difícil recontratar a Zach Greinke. Texas y Dodgers mas viables.

  30. Ever hear of Google Translate?

    Anaheim appears close to signing Rafael Soriano. If necessary, make it difficult to re-sign Zach Greinke. Dodgers Texas and more viable.

    • Yes but you just parrotted what I wrote above. Google Translate does not allow for nuance and there may be something here that isn’t obvious.

  31. Fuck c’mon black smoke, I get that if the team didn’t improve, but theres a lot of hype here now, we need you.

    but if he really won’t play unless we trade him to texas, you have to assume texas won’t give up much to get him knowing that.

    if thats the case, you almost rather have him retire then have him strike out the side vs us in the ALDS

  32. Darren wouldn’t do that to us. Toronto even has a PF Chang’s now!

  33. Oliver gboat of relievers

  34. would they do Oliver and Wilson for Scheppers?

  35. Step 1, trade Oliver for whatever they can get from texas. The inclusion of JPA for someone like Holland or Kinsler is a dream but it wont happen. End of story.

    Step 2. Sign Brian Wilson after he is non tendered.

    Step 3. One HELL of an amazing bullpen.

  36. Um, if this is true, then why on earth would the Blue Jays trade him to the Rangers in the first place? He’s old enough a reliever that he’s unlikely to get them anything good. But he’s still good enough that he could give the Jays plenty of cause to regret trading him, say in the divisional championships next October.

    On the other hand, if it’s true that he’s not coming back and the Rangers really want him, he’s still under contract and Anthopoulos has a window of opportunity to trade him for something decent, so it’s possible he’ll find a way of getting something done.

    Possession is 9/10 of the law, as they say, and AA’s definitely in a position of strength, as he has Oliver under contract but is under no obligation to let him go.

  37. I agree with some of the posters about this idiot, Stoeten. He’s nothing but a foul-mouthed, condescending, wannabe baseball “expert”. Has this guy ever played the game? Has he ever been part of a team? been in a dugout? I don;t think so. He puts up a bunch of links to other baseball sites, and when he does put up so-called content of his own,, its totally amateurish. The only reason I come here is to read the comments which are always good for a few laughs.

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