MLB’s annual Winter Meetings are less than a week away, and even though the Jays have done much of their off-season heavy lifting already, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number or moves they could still make, or all kinds of intrigue as the rest of the American League East tries to catch up.

And it also doesn’t mean that we’re not going to maintain our tradition of blanket coverage of the event, from a Jays perspective, around here, or… y’know… that we didn’t already have stuff long planned out in anticipation of Alex Anthopoulos doing a tonne of business in Nashville– like a Google+ Hangout (i.e. a live video chat from separate locales) previewing the meetings on Thursday, November 29th at 2 PM ET.

Drew will moderate, and along with me, he’ll be joined by beat reporter Gregor Chisholm (@GregorMLB), and Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors (@MLBTRBen).

You’ll be able to watch our chat live on a YouTube stream that will be embedded in the blog– no Google+ account needed– and if there’s anything in particular you want us to talk about, why not post it over on the wall of the DJF Facebook page? Because… well, frankly, because we’ve been trying to grow our Facebook presence lately, and making sure all the posts on the blog get on there and into your news feed in a timely fashion, with all kinds of extra graphical goodies tossed in for good measure.

And once we get broadcasting on Thursday, you’ll be able to hit us up using the Twitter hashtag #DJFHangout.


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  1. Are you planning on getting any sleep during the WM this year? Last year you absolutely nailed it.

    • I think it’s going to be a lot less crazy, just because the Jays have already done so much. But maybe that’s naive of me– it’s not like the fact that they didn’t do a whole hell of a lot last year stopped them from having their name involved in EVERYTHING. So… we’ll see. But the plan is to keep on doing what’s worked the past few years and try to cover as much as possible.

      • Awesome. Because it’s Anthopoulos, I assume we’ll be hearing a bunch of rumors that don’t materialize into anything of importance, but it will still be lots of fun.

        Also, I believe we’ll be hearing about the Yankees, Red Sox and Orioles. They have some work to do to match the level the Jays seem to be on paper currently (less so the Yanks than the other two).

        The more drunken content, the better.

      • AA is due 1 more move…the world series requires 1 more starting pitcher, between now and the trade deadline…might as well be now.

  2. This is a great idea. I’m glad to see you folks embracing the Google+ tech — it’s pretty fantastic and the few Hangouts I’ve participated in have been cool.

  3. Dude, some of us have Youtube blocked at work and maxed out data plans!


  4. I have to echo the above sentiment – last year you absolutely killed the Winter Meetings. This one is going to be really interesting.

  5. Is this hangout going to be archived somehow

  6. Are DJF fans allowed to take part (i.e. interact in the hang-out)?

  7. I tried to take these three days off of work (unsuccessfully unfortunately…), so you can be guaranteed the max number of page hits from me!!!

    Looking forward to all of your OUTSTANDING coverage. It was during the winter meetings many years ago when I “discovered” DJF and MLBTR and it was like a whole new universe appeared where I was normal!!!

  8. My afternoon on my Thursday off is now spoken for. Looking forward to this!

  9. What’s the big push with facebook about?
    Is there an endgame concerning this?
    A revenue stream of some sort?
    Somethings cooking, I can smell it.

    • It’s always been my understanding that Facebook likes is one of the nebulous stats that the marketing teams like to track. Even if you get the hits, it’s nice to have te Facebook likes too.
      Stoeten would obviously be more qualified to shed some light on this though.

      • I want the blog’s content to be seen by people. People use Facebook.


        • Wait a second…

          You want to be a successful blog…

          Somethings cooking, I can smell it.

        • I thought your target audience was the Instagram crowd.

          • Maybe we’ll get there.

            But the serious answer is, the way people surf the web is changing– I know it is for me. I barely have sites bookmarked anymore, because the content I want comes at me as it’s produced via Twitter, Facebook, RSS readers, etc.

            Those are peoples’ home pages now, and I want DJF on them. It’s not enough to expect people to come by merely in the course of their surfing, I don’t think. It’s weird to think that’s gone from being the only way people came here to well on its way to being outmoded over the life of the blog, but that’s where it’s headed. As I write this, over 50% of the traffic on the Today in MLBTR post above is coming in from Twitter and Facebook alone, for example. And there’s a reason for that– they’re a very efficient way to have the content you want aggregated for you.

            So… yeah, I want to have a good Facebook feed that gets likes and shares and grows independently within the platform, and to also get people who come here in other ways to grow things there too. Y’know, if they find it useful.

            • I mostly come here via twitter. Or at least seeing a tweet that there is a new DJF prompts me to check it out… I also sometimes come here via the Flipbaord App on my iPad.

            • While you’re at it, mind adding a DJF favicon so I don’t have to look at that non-specific Score logo on my home screen all day?

          • Fuckin figures.
            Just get this shit figured out and I’m already out of date.
            Story of my life.
            I don’t do facebook, so are there different comments on the facebook site?
            yes, it’s a legit question, I just don’t know.
            I’m thinking about the twitter thing hence the new phone question.

          • Makes sense. FB is blocked at work tho…

        • @ Stoeten
          I knew it would something mind blowing like that.
          Fuck I’m old.

          Sorta like the Rogers utilizing the Jays content across various platforms to increase branding awareness.
          I wondered why they increased payroll.( sarcasm)
          BFF and oakville are so fucking blind sometimes.

          To anybody who wishes to respond.
          Time to upgrade my wireless device.
          What’s the best system to view DJF?
          I’m not sure which system the wiz bang IT guys at the Score have fixed completely.
          If I’m going to educate Stoeten, I want to deliver the message loud and clear.
          He seems not to understand some of the things sent his way.

          • The mobile version of the site has come a long way, works quite well these days. I imagine that’s the case regardless of device, but my experience has been on the iPhone. DJF is also now on the TheScoreMobile app which is itself a fantastic resource for fans of any sport

            • DJF is on the Score app? I looked at the Android version and couldn’t seem to find it.

              • If it’s the same as the iPhone app, you have to hit the “Blogs” button at the bottom of the page. It load video by default.

                I don’t know if they have updated the app lately, but DJF was a pain in the ass to find before.

          • I remember some people complaining that they were having problems connecting with an iphone and that navigating the screens or opening them were a pain.
            My tech guy is recommending an iphone over android for a newby like me.

          • @Radar

            Here’s the latest tv revenue by team.


            I have been arguing for several years that the team had to increase payroll to compete effectively.

            It was the trained seals on this board that were infatuated with AA’s dumpster diving for Jo Jo Reyes, Jayson Nix, Dana Eveland. There was the tank nation group , the “keep all good prospects on the farm as long as possible group” etc..

            I would love to have the Jays draft picks turn out but that’s a big hit or miss for every team.

            The Jays have finally joined the top 10 MLB teams & should be able to compete.

            I feel vindicated.

          • @ TomW
            At the top of the page, click on mobile and in there it says Android beside iphone.
            I assume thats it.But I really don’t have a clue.


          • @ Oakville

            I’m glad you’re glad to feel vindicated.

            I don’t mean to be a killjoy.But your arguments about payroll were based upon that Rogers would never spend and that Beeston was lying about taking the payroll to 120 million when the time was right.
            You missed the point.
            Beeston and AA had players who they could turn into draft picks ( one form of currency) while maitaining financial flexibity.
            This allowed room for the Jays to absorb the additional payroll from the Marlin trade and the ability to offer enough high ceiling minor league players to complete the deal.
            If, for example, the Jays had signed Darvish and Fielder at an AAV of 40 mil.then 2012 payroll woulda been at 120 already and the addtion of another 40 million wouldn’t be possible.
            Even if the Yankees were offered this same deal from the Marlins they didn’t have the payroll room to do it.
            Each year before this year, the goal was different.
            That allowed the Jays to make the move they did AND not have a fire sale like the Marlins did two years down the line.

    • I didn’t realize you were so pedant.
      I stand corrected and admit that you have won the interweb.
      Congrats, you can collect your winnings at the corner of Gerrard and Jarvis in beautiful downtown Toronto.Just approach one of the lovely ladies awaiting your arrival and say ” gimme my money Trixie”.I gaurantee it’ll be exciting.

      • @RADAR

        It’s true that I didn’t believe Rogers would increase the payroll to 120 million in 1 year.

        What annoyed me is that I knew Rogers had the revenue streams to justify spending 120 million per year but had convinced naive fans on this board that the best way to build a competitive team was to sign retreads like Jo Jo Reyes, Jayson Nix etcc..

        Now, let’s say the Jays had got Darvish & Fielder last year. Fielder cost 214 million over 9 years & Darvish at 56 million over 6 years plus the 52 million bid , which comes to 120 milion over 6 years.

        Those 2 players would have cost more money than Reys,Johnson & Buerhle.

        However, fans would have been very excited with those two players who would have put the Jays into contention past August.

        It was impossible to predict the devastating pitching staff injuries & loss of Bautista after July 16.

        AA got a good deal on the 3 big Marlins + Bonafaccio but there was no way of knowing that the Marlins would implode so quickly & Loria would get rid of the players after 1 year.

        I stand by my assertion that a a team payroll of 120 million spent relaively wisly gives the Jays a better chance of competing for aplayof spot than hoping that Dana Eveland or Jo Jo Reyes wins a cy young vote .

        • ” stand by my assertion that a a team payroll of 120 million spent relaively wisly gives the Jays a better chance of competing for aplayof spot than hoping that Dana Eveland or Jo Jo Reyes wins a cy young vote .”

          No shit Sherlock.
          The jays were nowhere near playoff contention in 2011 or 2012. Wasting money on a couple of FA , just to raise payroll woulda been stupid.
          You didn’t have a good enough team to add to. Adding payroll woulda have preempted future deals
          Now was the time to add not then.The team wasn’t ready.

          • @Radar, so if it’s stupid to waste money on getting free agents when they are available such as Darvish or Fielder,

            is the only chance to compete in 2013 would be the Marlins trade??

            Would you have been happy with 1 mid level free agent pitcher plus 1 other pitcher acquired by trade??

            You can’t count on the marlins liquidating their team evry 5 or 10 years as your best chance to build a playoff team.

        • @Oakville

          Have you noticed that the payroll has been raised and people still consider you a fucking idiot?

          This is not vindication of what you have been saying.

          It’s vindication for those of us who agreed with the philosophy of building a base at the major and minor league levels and THEN spend.

          This is why people continue to consider you a fucking idiot.

          • @jays 2010.

            I don’t really care if you want to make personal insults.

            Major League teams can walk & chew gum at the same time.

            There was no excuse for fielding very weak teams from 2009-2012 with the hope of getting lucky with the Marlins.

            Even Stoeten was fed up with team’s perpetual rebuilding.

        • Which Zambrano did we have?

  10. Stoeten, I would be prepared to contribute along with Drew and Ben. If you wish to approach me in this regard I think you should consider some sort of compensation, not merely for the Winter Meetings but also for the number of readers I bring to ths blog.

    • Oh pleeeease let him see this!

      • +1. I hope Stoeten checks the email account from the fake oakville69 before he goes into a tirade against me.

        On the other hand, it would be fun to debate Stoeten on a CNN Cross fire panel.

        like baseball show where Stoeten defends AA’s acquistions of Corey Patterson,Dana Eveland & Jo Jo Reyes as great acquisitions by the Jays.

        I will never forget the look on my daughters face when we lined up on Jays kids saturday in May 2011 for player autographs & I saw Jo Jo Reyes go to the desk, & I quickly took her out of the line because I didn’t want to subject her to the embarrassement of asking Jo Jo Reyes for an autograph.

        • The jays are a better team now stop fucking going back on the dark days

          • @ East TO Jays.

            I agree with you, but for some bizarre reason, the Rogers apologists who praised every dumpster diving acquisition by AA & blasted fans who wanted the team to spend 120 million now have forgotten the lame excuses given by Rogers as to why they couldn’t spend.

    • @fakeoakville69.

      That’s pretty funny. What’s even funnier is how Stoeten & Drew are happy that the Jays have a MLB payroll that is roughly equivalent to the market size of the team.

      Keep in mind that the fangraphs article I posted earlier, which Stoeten should do a full post on, because it explains why the Dodgers will be the team to fear in the next few years.

      Dodgers will get 250 million per year in regional sports revenue vs 36 million for the Jays .

      • Jesus. I don’t know who’s the real oakville or the fake oakville.

        If somebody believes that the Jays are worth 36 million in RSN revenue, I’d like to sell you some shares in a land opportunity in Florida.
        Fucking unbelievable.

        • @Radar. Very true. It’s probably double that amount.

          • @ oakville

            Keep going, You’re getting closer.

            In the meantime,have I got a deal for you,1,000 acres of swamp thats just waiting to be developed into condos. My inside information says that I could sell it to you for a mere $10,000. You could flip it in a year for no less than $100,000,000.
            Think of how impressed your friends will be when you tell them you are a real estate mogul.
            I’m offering it to you exclusively,cause I like you and you deserve it.But act quick, I don’t know how long I can keep it a secret.
            PS Just keep this between you and me,don’t say a word to anyone.

  11. Fuck me, I closed my facebook a few years ago because I thought it was whoresuck for your personal information, I don’t own a cell phone and I don’t twitter.
    I guess I’m done for DJF.

    • @Smasher.

      Agreed. Very few people would post comments here if they had to use their Facebook ID.

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