Members of the Toronto chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America gathered today, presumably at a St. Louis somewhere, for the purpose of coming up with the list of winners of their annual Jays awards.

Via an official release from the club, we have been told that Edwin Encarnacion has won both the Neil MacCarl Award as best player, as well as the award for most improved. Casey Janssen was named the club’s pitcher of the year, Aaron Loup was the club’s rookie of the year basically by default, while departing third base coach Brian Butterfield received the John Cerutti Award, “given to a person that exemplifies the goodwill, cooperation and character as displayed by the late John Cerutti.”

Somewhat disappointingly, we have not been told just what the fuck that other object in their logo is supposed to be– do they also cover stickball? Olympic torch relays? Joints that have started to canoe?

So… there’s that. The selection of these names, one can pretty safely assume, likely took all of about three minutes. So easy, even baseball writers couldn’t screw it up, amiright? Not even the two local chapter writers who absurdly put Miguel Cabrera above Mike Trout on their AL MVP ballots. Or whichever ones aren’t going to listen to Ray Ratto’s breathtaking, shouty sense when it comes to their upcoming Hall of Fame vote.

Oh, wait, it’s a pen!

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  1. Morrow over jansen, cumdoodles

  2. It’s a fountain pen…

  3. DAVIDI: Thanks for making it out to St. Louis’ Bar & Grill on short notice everyone, I’d like to call to order the meeting of the Toronto Chapter of-

    GRIFFIN: Hey, can we get wings?

    WILNER: Wings make me gassy.

    DAVIDI: Guys, can we just focus on th-

    ELLIOTT: Who wants to split some goddamn pulled pork nachos?

    WILNER: I’m Jewish.

    ELLIOTT: What, you Jews can’t eat nachos?

    DAVIDI: Seriously guys, let’s just vote on-

    GRIFFIN: Honestly, who here thinks they can chug a beer faster than me?

    LOTT: Bring it, you pansy.

    DAVIDI: I’m being serious guys.

    ELLIOTT: Do they have tequila here, or should I have brought my own?

    GRIFFIN: (spills beer all over beard, loudly belches)

    DAVIDI: Fuck it. Fine. Encarnacion/Janssen/Loup. I’ll just write that down. Meeting adjourned. Fuck.

  4. Is that actually their logo? I assumed it was a DJF photoshop, a lazy photoshop.

  5. Good for Butter

  6. AA says that $$ will not be given to everyday players sound more likely that we will get the Luke hochevars of the world for the ret for the offseason. However a trade could always be in the works

    • Where’d he say this?

      Ahh, in the post-awards comments with the media. Right.

      • Those were the ones of interest I saw from Gregor. Posted them in the previous thread by mistake.

        Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB
        Tidbits from today`s availability with Anthopoulos, Izturis is the front runner for 2B. Bonifacio potential super utility player. #bluejays

        Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB
        AA doesn`t expect to be in the market for any FA position players. FA pitcher still a possibility (but I doubt it`d be a long-term contract)

        Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB
        #BlueJays stance on payroll sounds the same as before.Beeston believes there`s an ability to add more if right opportunity presented itself.

        Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB
        Beeston said that a dirt infield at Rogers Centre is not a realistic possibility.Won`t work with Argos still in the picture at Rogers Centre

    • I’d be totally fine having Luke Hochevar as a AAA depth starter.

  7. Anybody else think it looks like a sawed off bat? Or a dirty pirate hookers peg-leg briefly crossed my mind as well…

  8. Melky signing looks even better to me after seeing the price Upton commanded

  9. “Not even the two local chapter writers who absurdly put Miguel Cabrera above Mike Trout on their AL MVP ballots.”

    Were Cabrera and Trout far enough apart that it would be “absurd” to put one over the other?

    • Yes.

      • Miguel = played 22 more games, better power numbers
        Trout = 45 more stolen bases, slightly better OBP, better defense

        I think it’s closer than some make it out to be (but also I don’t know as much about advanced stats as some others). An edge in games played is worth something, even if Trout’s stats look even better if projected over a 162 game season (but projections don’t actually provide a team with value). I would’ve voted Trout, but I think a reasonable case can be made for Cabrera, he was in the lineup 9% more than Trout and had a better season with the bat.

    • They are if you listen to Keith Law, who points out that Cabrera’s slight advantage in offensive WAR is outstripped by Mike Trout’s defensive value, speed and base-running abilities. If you think Cabrera should be voted over Trout you are therefore a monster, because there is no way to overturn the sacred correctness of advanced statistics, and any other criteria are pathetic and make you a stupid, despicable person*

      * Unless of course you are voting for Rookie of the Year, in which case the most important thing is to choose the player that you think will be a star for years to come rather than the best player, because that award is all about creating the best narrative in the interest of growing the game.

      • haha I cannot tell if you actually think it is stupid to believe advanced stats don’t provide some kind of statistical absolute that represents an undeniable numerical representation of a players value.

        • Actually, I mainly think Keith Law was a complete hypocrite when he discussed the awards on the Baseball Today podcast.

          More to your point, there are no absolutes when it comes to realting statistics to a players value. What numbers we choose, how we calculate them, present them, compare and interpret them all involve philosophical choices (like how WAR is calculated differently on different websites).

      • That’s the case I agree with. I don’t think Trout should be penalized for playing fewer games, if only because it wasn’t on him (he wasn’t hurt).

        The hitting/power numbers are closer than I think you’re (the original poster) are giving them credit for, .330/.393/.606 for Cabrera to .326/.399/.564 for Trout, and that’s staying away from WAR all together. Three more hits and 24 more total bases is what that works out to over Trout’s 559 at-bats to close that gap, not a lot. To me, if a player’s case is predicated on one facet of the game, they should be dominant in that facet, which Cabrera really wasn’t.

        And that’s before base-running/fielding values. In my mind, Cabrera had an exceptional and historically important season, while Trout had an historically dominant, inner-circle Hall of Fame-type season, which is quite a gulf.

        • “That’s the case I agree with. I don’t think Trout should be penalized for playing fewer games, if only because it wasn’t on him (he wasn’t hurt). ”

          This is where I disagree (philosophical difference). MVP shouldn’t be a vote for who played at the highest level over the course of the season, but rather who was of most value to their team. If a good player is in the lineup everyday they have more impact on their team’s overall success. There were 9% more games when Cabrera dominated the opposition over Trout. I think games played is quite important to take into consideration of a player’s value to a team.

          • I’d agree if I thought the race was close, say if Trout’s line was .300/.360/.500 and we were talking all about the base running/fielding advantage but in this case… Trout had far more value in 560 ABs than Cabrera did in 700, as far as I’m concerned.

      • Chewie’s Medal has his head up his ass, but sure makes an emphatic statement, doesn’t he?

        This is not about advanced statistics at all, and if you’ve been listening to Law, as you obviously have, you know this. I understand why you resort to pretending it is, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less bankrupt.

        • No, it isn’t. In Keith Law’s case it’s about claiming that one award (the MVP) has only one way to look at it (his), and looking at it differently was wrong, whereas the award that he voted for (RoY) was all about creating the best story in the best interest of the sport (oddly enough the very reason he castigates those that dared vote for Cabrera). If you think that I have my head up my ass for thinking Keith Law is an arrogant jackass, well then fine.

    • No its not. They should have been very close in voting IMO. Not absurd thats a strong word

      • yes I agree it is too strong to say it is absurd to vote Miguel over Trout. Absurd would be putting Jeter in front of either players. This is roughly how I see it:

        OPS = decent advantage Miguel
        GP = decent advantage Miguel

        Defense = probably the most subjective of all, but definitely a big advantage for Trout. This is why Trout’s WAR is so much higher than Cabrera’s. Cabrera lost points while Trout gained 2 wins. But stuff like value of position is something that can be up for debate.

        Speed/SB = Trout Destroys Miguel

        Runs Scored = too much of a teammate/lineup order dependent stat

        I think it is close enough to be reasonably debated.

  10. anyone know *any*where online that chronicles the year-by-year BBWAA team awards? i know it’s in the media guide, but i haven’t picked up a copy of it since forever…

  11. It’s actually a stake…the BBWAA wants to warn all the vampires not to fuck with their sport

  12. Welp this could be the dullest far fetched Jays related rumour day in recent memory. I can’t help but think we opened our presents too early. Somebody feed me a line of bullshit so I can get my fix.

    • The Jays will be getting Felix Hernandez in exchange for John Buck, and Beeston will consumate the deal by swimming the English Channel.

  13. The best way to avoid a canoeing joint is to use a bong instead. Knowing is half the battle.

    • but sometimes joints have to be used, I would take a joint over a portable one hitter any day. plus there are times that joints offer a kind of pleasure not possible with a bong, particularly if one can appreciate a spliff


  14. I think that the internet writers should be afforded additional votes. It would be appropriate for someone to suggest that Stoeten, and one of the bloggers, be given votes on future matters. It should be one of the stronger bloggers and I of course would be ready to be considered.

    • LOL like the idea but a chance in hell that’s happening

      • No, the Writers are a pretty tight cabal. If Stoeten wanted to do something, he could get together with a bunch of other bloggers and put together their own alternate set of awards, like the Major League Baseball Blogger Awards (MLBBA). Like the MTV awards, they’d also have to opportunity to add a bunch of new awards of their choosing.

    • I think Pat Tabler deserves a vote. He uses his own VANV stat (veteran above non veteran).

  15. “Joints that have started to canoe”

    Hahaha, fuck that did it for me

  16. “Somewhat disappointingly, we have not been told just what the fuck that other object in their logo is supposed to be– do they also cover stickball? Olympic torch relays? Joints that have started to canoe?”

    It’s a fountain pen.

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