Click to embiggen, then ponder what all is Photoshopped here.

For those of you who don’t happen be privileged enough to get all of last week’s news delivered straight to that weird old dust-collecting box on the front of your house, Arden Zwelling of Sportsnet Magazine (aka @ArdenZwelling) has tweeted what the cover of the one that will hit newsstands (whatever they are) tomorrow– and would you look at that! It’s what Emilio Bonifacio looks like!

Uh… and some other guys.

Go out and buy it tomorrow so you can hang the cover on your wall or something (you can just read the story online later)– also: so I won’t feel like as much of a dick for shitting on the medium.

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  1. Johnson looks fuckin thrilled…

    • you beat me to this post, lol.

      • find a picture with him smiling.
        He looked thrilled when he took his Miami “mug shot” pic as well…

    • Its a photoshopped photo.

      The shot of Reyes’ head is from the photo he posted on Instagram wearing the Jays pro combat uniform; in this photo they’re all wearing the same shoes; Reyes appears to have only 3 fingers per hand, Boni looks like a player profile photo, etc.

  2. Sweet, merciful crap.

  3. John Buck feels left out.

  4. Bonifacio looks like he’s in love with Reyes. Also John Buck must feel excluded.

  5. Where’s John Buck?

  6. I can’t tell if this has been shopped together or if these guys were actually there. Josh Johnson’s 6’7 250 and his head looks tiny compared to buehrle and reyes on that cover.

    • Perspective… he’s standing further back of the rest of them so he doesn’t look as freakishly tall as he is (and hence his head size is smaller).

    • I’m wondering that too. My guess is that it is Photoshopped.

      Reyes’ face looks identical to the one on the depth chart, and those pictures are always Photoshopped. Great work by the photo editor person at Sportsnet if so.

    • It’s photoshopped. If they were up here there would have been a press conference to introduce the players by now, and we would have heard about it. Still cool though.

    • Photoshopped 100% with stand-ins.

      • Would be my guess.

        • If you zoom in on Johnson’s (and the others to an extent) neck you can see the discrepancy in skin tone from the stand-in.

          • It’s definitely Photoshopped (and quite well, I might add), but on a sidenote: There is no way all four of those guys who are all stars in the US would show up for a photoshoot unless it were for a more influential publication, like Sports Illustrated or something. If a Canadian publication pulled off getting guys like this into their site for a photoshoot, whoever organized it better damn well get a monstrous bonus/raise.

          • If a professional’s Photoshop job is good, how’s this that I made in 10 minutes:

          • JM, you do know this publication is owned by their bosses, right?

          • Dan, yes I know this.

            But again, it’s a print pub of modest circulation. All print pubs, especially ones that aren’t of SI-esque stature, are basically just taking things a day at a time, waiting for the next axe to come down.

            Try working in a print newsroom for a couple years, it’s about as depressing as it gets. Exciting things like big-time athletes coming to the office for a cover spread, they just don’t happen anymore.

          • @Matt E, I didn’t know Matt Kemp had white hands.
            Verlander hitting the gym, look at his arms guy will be throwing 130 MPH with his now bigger arms… Pop eye looking, mother fucker.

  7. “Dear Tim Tebow, please retire, please. P68″

    I laughed.

  8. Was this photoshopped…

  9. Well this is all just a bag of lies. We all know Josh Johnson is 17′ tall, yet he looks no more than a couple inches taller than Reyes. For shame, Sportsnet, for shame.

  10. After embiggening I declared a pretty good Photoshop job. So what, they couldn’t find one Johnson smiley face head anywhere?

  11. Pretty sure they were sent uniforms and told to go get pics taken and email them back. I think theyre actually wearing those unis. It looks pretty obvious that they’re not actually together though. My guess is if they were all there you’d have JJ be more prominent then Bonifacio.

    looks like maybe they just got JJ to out on a bkue shirt. Must not have a Jays jersey that fits him.

  12. Shoes always rhyme, same colour as the shirt is.

  13. This is certainly photoshopped … in my non-expert opinion. Look at the dark black lines under all the hats … Reyes is missing fingers … all looking in retarded directions …

  14. Johnson had to fly to Dunedin for a physical. Could there have been others there at the same time? Is it possible they got individual shots taken and then mooshed together? Could I care any less?

  15. You know when this trade happened i groaned at all the mercifully bad comparisons shitty sportswriters would make to the 92 team and the trade that happened.. i havent heard a fucking thing.

    kinda like how the backlash to the backlash against cabrera MVP was worse then the backlash i guess

  16. That’s some good photoshop.

  17. How many people saw this cover before it was printed and how did they all miss Reyes only having 3 fingers on each hand.

  18. Fuck, I sure hope this is photoshopped.
    Otherwise, the photographer is a moron…
    “Ok, Jose, Melky, and Josh, look right here. Don’t smile, Josh. Emilio, look at Jose’s cheek. Mark, look way the fuck over there and start to laugh. Perfect!”

  19. Great what the fuck are we going to do with a fucking 6-fingered shortstop?

  20. 31 emails debating if this is or is not photshopped .. Ladies and gentleman your 2012 Toronto Winter sport reality check

  21. this is a horrible photoshop job. wow.

  22. also, Melky should be taller than Emilio. I know he’s standing behind him, but apparantely close enough to hug him. He shouldnt look that much shorter.
    wow. are we sad or what. lol

  23. How will our shortstop fare with only three fingers on each hand?

  24. That’s some fine photoshoppin’ there Lou.

  25. So Madson’s deal with LAA is only $3.5M for 1 yr plus some incentives. Considering his deal will directly impact Soria and Brian Wilson, what’s everyone’s thoughts on Wilson? He’s had more injury history than Madson so if he’s healthy, is he worth a cheap 1 year option? Why do I want to say yes?

  26. I don’t care about photoshopping or whatnot. That is a beautiful picture. (It could have been stick figures drawn in crayon – it still would have been beautiful)

  27. Of course it’s photoshopped.

    Melky’s face is just this headshot:

    Not to mention the contrast levels on each face are different.

  28. I LOL’d in my pants when I saw this.

  29. holy fuck look at Reyes’ fingers!

  30. Unrelated but I was blown away by this:

    “For 72 hours after the manager (John Gibbons) was named in Toronto (last Tuesday), it stung,” Butterfield admitted. “I even texted (Sox manager) John Farrell and said, ‘I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m really disappointed and I need another couple of days to shake this off.’ He was very understanding and texted back and said, ‘I understand the letdown 100 per cent. You take your time and enjoy your family for Thanksgiving and when you’re ready to go, we’ll talk on the phone.’”

    Seriously Farrell… you understand the letdown? How the fuck do you understand the letdown. You had Butter’s dream job and now you have your own. You are a dream job hog.

  31. Yeah, whattayagotta shit on print for, Stoeten!

  32. They could use some photoshop tutorials:

  33. LMAO @ emlio <3 's Hose B

  34. So it’s definitely photoshopped?
    Why did they do this?Is it some sort of conspiracy?
    I hate being fooled by these internet guys and their fancy dancy stuff. Next you’ll be telling me that the pictures in the mens magazines are touched up.Those ladies are perfect the way they are.

  35. the more I look, the more uncomfortable I become

  36. Hilarious that Sportsnet would use such an image….

    But, it still made me happy to think that they could do another cover with a different 5 Jays (Bautista, EE, Lawrie, Morrow, Janssen) that would still get me pumped.

  37. Wow we have a new and improved Eric Thames!

  38. Bonafacio looks like Adrian Beltre there

  39. I think Reyes will dethrown Lawries top selling jersey in T.O.


  40. Holy shit Reyes’s fingers look like ET!

  41. So the Jays have gone from a 73 win team to WS contenders?
    I hope that’s true but it’s a bit over the top
    How about they get above .500 and get into the playoffs first?
    The casual fan is gonna be so hyped up anything less than 100 wins will be a disappointment for them.
    No pressure AA,Just make sure we go to the WS, THIS YEAR.

  42. Aaaand crap like this is why Sportsnet will never be on the level of SI or even ESPN’s shitty magazine. Can’t velieve they thought this hack job was cover-worthy.

  43. it’s totally photoshopped. most of these guys haven’t even come across the border yet I am sure. Why would they? This is their time off.

  44. That’s a terrible photoshopped pic to put on the cover of a magazine.

    Just awful.

  45. Really wish they would take the maple leaf off the hat. Looks great on the uni but is too much red IMO on the hat as well

  46. Holy fake photos, Batman…..85 total comments and 83 of them are about photoshopped pictures.
    It’s a pretty good assumption when Photoshopping becomes the main topic of conversation, that there’s a bunch of pretty bored guys here who have totally flogged the shit out of the poor dead Jays horse – desperately waiting for some kind of new news….any news.
    On a good day, I can kill 10 minutes an hour at work.

  47. Photoshop fail, Johnson’s is pretty bad

  48. Wait, people are complimenting this photoshopping job?

    Is this 1995? It looks like hell.

  49. Even though the photo is fake – those guys look damn good in Blue Jay colors!!!!

  50. I think I see Blue,…He looks glorious!

  51. Is that henderson alverez in the pic on the left with the bat?

  52. Ya I cant believe the hate on the photo shopped picture. Who really gives a fuck if its photo shopped. I liked it

  53. you can tell cause reyes looks exactly like his pic on, but its the offseason and really you cant expect these guys to all get together for a picture :P

  54. Literally every magazine cover ever is photoshopped-get over it. I will masturbate to this one just like the rest of them #tightbutthole

  55. wait a minute……..

    is this a photoshop??!!?

  56. Hey you guys, this might totally be a Photoshopped pic!

    The question needs to be asked!

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