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It’s not that he sounds particularly slick or, y’know, full of shit, but Matt Sosnick sure sounds like an agent. Smart, self-assured, open, and willing to just keep on talking, Sosnick seems to me like a pretty terrific radio guest, but when he was last on Toronto radio– in the immediate wake of The Trade– he unintentionally made some waves, after some observers *COUGH* Gregg Zaun *COUGH* tried to read way too deeply into a comment he made about Alex Anthopoulos possibly flipping some of the pieces he’d acquired from the Miami Marlins.

Specifically, he said this:

“I feel like there has to be another piece to this trade. I’ve got to imagine that the players that Alex acquired have to be in play– it’s a lot of money he took on in salary in one shot. And there are so many teams that are interested in Josh Johnson that if the Yankees or Texas or some of these teams looking for a frontline starter wanted to give up a tonne, it would seem like it would be against the way that Alex normally does business to not listen and make a trade if he could acquire a bunch of top prospects for one of the players in this deal.”

When I posted this at the time, I added that “importantly, it should be noted that, despite this flourish of analysis from Sosnick– and that’s really how it came off to my ears, not as any kind of angling– his client isn’t hoping like hell to get moved again, or anything. In fact, he’s happy with what happened.”

Unfortunately (read: unsurprisingly) that wasn’t enough to stop the notion that Johnson might be edging his way out of town, and despite the pitcher saying he’s excited to be here in multiple interviews since, Sosnick still went to the trouble of clarifying during his appearances on Prime Time Sports this evening.

As was obvious from the get-go, Sosnick explained that he was simply spitballing that ”maybe Josh would end up getting moved for something else, but I certainly wasn’t helping or requesting him getting traded.”

Not only that, but Sosnick loves Canada– some of his best friends are Canadian!

It sounds like a joke, but it’s actually true– he explained that his business partner is from Oakville, and that he and his wife “vacation in Canada a couple times a year. We love the country, I have relatives in Toronto,”  he explains, and because he’s relayed some of his experiences to his client, the Johnsons are “really excited about spending time there” too– which they’ll head up to do for the first time on Christmas Day, apparently.

I mean, sure, what else is he going to say? But we have a bit of a complex about such things around here, and it was awful nice of him to soothe it. Plus, he says more!

“It seems to me like Toronto has the best team in the American League, if everyone stays healthy, and I think the Cabrera signing was the exclamation point on the fact that the time to stand pat was over,” he said, distancing himself further from the notion that he thinks some of the players may get flipped. “I think it’s a brilliant move,” he explained, referring to the trade, which he felt was akin to simply going out and signing all of these guys as free agents.

“No one realizes how much players end up impacting players coming to other cities,” he said, suggesting that “if the team is winning and the fans are coming out and the players enjoy their experience” the desire of players to be here is going to snowball, especially now that Anthopoulos– who Sosnick says “is by far the most aggressive GM in the game, as far as exploring deals”– has brought in players with years left on their deals, allowing them time to fall in love with what he calls “one of the best cities in the world.”

Little ol’ us? Really? Flattery will get you everywhere, my friend.

Beyond the expected flattery, though, Sosnick did reiterate a couple of interesting tidbits that mostly came up in the first interview, suggesting that he and his client are open to a contract extension with the Jays, provided they could find a way to even up the risk.

“I talk to him all the time,” he said of Alex Anthopoulos, forcing me to quickly scour the agency database at MLBTR, hoping to see some juicy free agent names that the two may also be chatting about– there weren’t any. ”We haven’t talked about a contract extension” though, he explained, also noting that “he hasn’t committed anything to me, and I certainly haven’t committed anything to him,” but “if there was a deal there that was fair for Josh, that made sense for the team” they’re certainly not going to insist on hitting the market– at least not publicly.

That said, he made sure to be clear that he and his client “understand that if Josh has a good year, he’s probably going to be the top free agent next year.”

In other words, he’s not an idiot. Meaning… how much of any of what he said, genuine as it sounded, can you really take seriously?

And I am noticing in that agency database that a pair of his biggest clients, Josh Willingham and Ryan Doumit, have signed deals with the Minnesota Twins in the last two seasons– which is exactly where Johnson told Brady and Lang this morning that he’s most excited to pitch, now that he’s an American Leaguer, seeing as he was born there are fondly remembers as a child the World Series years of ’87 and ’91 for the now pitching-desperate club. Dun dun dunn…


Image via the San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. Zaun’s quote made sense, but I’d agree that The Greek is going to keep his Royal Flush and not trade his new Art Deco District boys.

    By the way, on opening day, should we all dress up as Miami Vice characters to welcome our new boys?

    I call dibs on being Tubbs.

    • I’ll come as a vice.

    • zaun, much like his outfits, never makes sense.

      johnson was the reason the deal started in the first place, he’s the top tier pitcher they sorely need, to flip him, even in an overpay of prospects makes no sense to the other 4 pieces you added.

      if you’re going for it, which the trade and cabrera signing suggests they are, then you go for it.

      zaun should stick to X’s and O’s

      • At least Zed speaks his mind, and isn’t scared of what people think. Regardless of being a yokel, that in itself makes him refreshing.

        And his collar length and shape, as much as it is mystifying, could catch on as a fashion trends in the waterfront district.

        • His wardrobe and collar are far from original. His HNIC namesake has had ridiculous collars for years, ahem Zaun Cherry.

      • Zaun can’t spell X’s and O’s.

      • C’mon – Zaun wasn’t the only baseball analyst who thought that the extra parts involved in the trade suggested that more was still to come. He may have taken it a bit further and got a bit more airplay, but he was far from the only guy who thought that. I think the #1 factor in the rumour mill that another trade was afoot was simply that most of us couldn’t believe that the Jays would really go from being a $70M “payroll parameter”-bound team to spending over $120M overnight. That’s what drove those rumours.

        And now that we know the catcher-swap was a late addition by Miami – one that Alex didn’t want to do – the extra catcher in the deal makes a lot more sense. JPA would still have been on the trade market regardless, and Wilson is still likely to be traded or waived.

    • Zaun made absolutely no sense.

      • Speaking of Zuan. It’s sorta interesting he hasn’t anywhere, to my knowledge, commented on the Gibbons hire. I would think he’d be very in favour of a hard-ass manager coming in. Last time I saw or heard Gregg talking about the Jays, he was on PTS about 6 hours before Elliott leaked the Gibbons hiring, saying to McCown, he was his 1st choice to manage the Jays. Brunt and McCown laughed. But, I haven’t seen a peep from Gregg since.

        • To emphasize, that was Zaun saying, Zaun was his 1st choice to manage the club.

        • I coulda swore I heard Zaun saying he was on the pro side of the Gibbons hiring.

          Off topic note I enjoy the fact Zaun speaks his mind like Gruber mentioned but I lost almost all credibility for Zaun when he spoke of moving LInd to left field a whie back. Shit like that makes ya wonder WTF?

        • Shane: I can venture a guess where Zaun might be. I ran into him at the Spirit of Edmonton Grey Cup party. I said hello to him, and he made a grunting sound then continued to wobble towards the bathroom, seemingly unaware of his surroundings.

          So, judging by that one interaction, and also knowing that he threw his own massive Grey Cup drink-a-thon/party the next day, I’d assume he’s still in a dark room letting what’s left of his liver recover from the Grey Cup week.

        • sorry about this but its not interesting at all because all it means is you missed the PTS the day of the gibby hiring where zaun said he loved the move

          kinda insightful about you i guess that youd conjure up some implied whacko theory that zaun has left sportsnet because he felt dissed he wasnt the new manager

          maybe thats what you meant was interesting?

          • Haha, you’re a idiot. I said it was “sorta interesting” and “to my knowledge” he hadn’t spoken publicly about it. You’ve conjured up something about him leaving Sportsnet, you dolt.

      • I agree Zauns comments were not based on much, though it does make me squirm that Sosnick says anything that can even remotely be construed as “flip my client”. Maybe poor choice of words, hoping poor choice of words, but fuckin fishy.

        • Wasn’t it a year ago we were hoping for a guy like Zaun so we can hopefully get a classic rant out of him a la Bruce Drennan 5-5-10?

  2. lucky the twins suck balls so it shouldnt be an issue.

  3. As per the previous post, including customs, and worst case scenario traffic, how long the drive from Barfalo to the Tee Dot?

    • well he can get a nexus pass, which will allow him to to not be stopped every time.

      1.5-2 hours.

      • Doable.

        • its a huge nuisance

          but he could hire a limo driver. that might make things easier

          his family could live in buffallo and he can have a condo in toronto, he can go home when it makes sense, stay downtown when it doesnt

          he could have also just said it was a mixed breed dog and just moved here

          • @DC.

            Agreed. He can easily rent a condo for 3,000 K a month near the Rogers Centre for games when he is pitching etc & have his family live in Lewiston Ny.

            The Limo driver could get him to Rogers Centre in 1.5 hours or less.

            It’s not a huge inconvenience.

            I think the pitbull ban is stupid. They should deal with the owners of the dogs not the dogs themselves.

          • he should just hire a limo driver, move the driver to toronto, give his pit bull to the limo driver to call his own, give fake papers so the limo driver can call the dog a mix, have limo driver move in with him … bada boom, bada bing

  4. What Sosnick said regarding having players already in place to influence other players makes total sense. You could see it in practice during the early 90′s with the Jays. Now that the Jays have such a group of players, I really hope they take it one step further and get that good free agent starter as a final piece for this year’s team or another via a trade.

    Imo if you were to combine a 90 win season (even if it does fall short of the playoffs) with what they’ve done this winter, it really should go a long way in helping attract players to come here in the future.

  5. I still think its stupid he mentioned the Yankees and Rangers as a possible flip destination. Going off about salary intake when the Yanks are already pushin the envelope and are gonna need to re sign Cano. Meanwhile the Jays had financial flexibilty. I dunno I just think it was a stupid thing to say given the circumstances.

    But whatever glad to hear JJ excited to be a Jay

    • You know why he probably said that, to plant a seed with those organizations because Johnson wants to go…….. Hmmmmmmn.

  6. The interview was positive. During the point that Sosnick said he talked to AA a lot Matt started to talk give more details about those conversations but McCowan interuppted and never got back to that conversation…fuck

  7. Cue the maple boners pining for Morneau….

    • Morneau stopped hitting lefties.

      We need a right hand hitting morneau to bat for lind vs lhp

      • Oh, I’m not interested in Morneau, not at his contracted price.

        I was just thinking maple boner commenters hearing that JJ loves Minny may start thinking a trade should be made.

        I am not one of them.

      • @ dc
        Ok so we trade JJ for Morneau so he can bat 3rd after Lind and Rasmus against a lefty pitcher?

  8. Maple Boner Martin going to Pittsburgh

    • Also known as Obscurityburgh.

      • I thought Obscurityburgh was Kansas City.

        • Try going to Oakland Dorothy.

          Actually, Tampa Bay, my fuck, those fucks can’t even fill the seats in the playoffs.

          They’d rather play that fucked up game with the scoop, tights and ball that zings around at 200 kms. Fuuuuuuuck me.

          • of all the cities deserving a good major league team tampa is probably dead last. if they had a reasonable fanbase they could’ve kept together one of the best teams in baseball

    • Very good news for Jays fans. It’s strange that the Pirates outbid the Yankees on Russell Martin.

      He grew up in Monteal, my hometown. & was an Expos fan.

      I am pretty sure AA tried to get him a few years ago.

      The Yankees have Petite,Jeter & Rivera. That’s a pretty old team.

      Rays lost BJ Upton. He’s one of the few weapons on offence for the Rays.

      At some point they will fall apart , so 2013 could be the Jays year.

      • If the Jays get a right handed platoon for Lind and Sign a starting pitcher I think they are hands down the best team in the AL on paper

        Will be interesting how the Rays adress all their holes in the offense CF, SS, DH, 1B, C. Their going to have to trade some pitching.

        • Do we really need another SP? Forgetting injuries, we have the following possibles for #5:


          + Noah, Deck, other AA/AAA kids….

          One would think that ONE of these guys could surprise and exceed expectations and become a #5 SP????

          • CECIL – Shouldn’t be anything more then a LOOGY
            DRABEK – Injured
            HAPP – Current 5th
            HUTCHINSON – Injured
            LOUP – Has started 5 games in his pro career all in 2010 for Lansing.
            MCGOWAN – Injured
            ROGERS – Esmil? He never started a game last season and was horrible the year before when he did.

            Syndergaard played in A ball last season.
            McGuire played in AA and was bad. 5.88ERA and his h/9 and bb/9 were up and k/9 were down. Should have to show something to make it out of AA this season.

            Would be nice to have somebody else who has proven at least as much as Happ heading into camp.

      • On the other hand, it’s now the Yankees, and not the Pirates, who are in need of a catcher.

        I imagine the Yankees/Jays will be loathe to conclude any JPA/D’Arnaud-type trade.

        • I couldn’t even fathom that.

        • Isnt it nice though that we have what they need? I dont think I’d have any interest in any of their guys including Tex and Cano who will both be hanging around long after the Yanks are non contenders. I might be interested in a cant miss AAA guy.

        • The Jays should be excited to dump JPA on the Yanks.

  9. fuck buerhle and his mangy dog. this guy doesn’t even live here and will only be living here for about 80 days a year and he has the nerve to tell us how to run our province? maybe he will try to get gun laws changed here too so he can bring his ak47. go fuck yourself buerhle.

    • Y a I could care less about his fuckin dog dilemma. Get over it//figure it out!

    • Fuck you fatty. He and his wife will be on the right side of history.

    • Yes, the government always do the right thing and we accept whatever they do as being the right decision… Brainwashed loser

    • I could also car less about his dog problems. Dogs don’t have feelings.

    • Right, because this special little flower of a province is the only place in the world where anyone can have any grasp of this issue. So what the there was the exact same kind of ban in the last place he lived, right? How could he possibly have any understanding of what’s right for us right?


    • @Big Mouth Hungry….Buerhle and his wife will be fighting the good fight. Banning pit bulls back in 2005 was the dumbest thing the gov’t did, y’know becuase lets stereotype every dog that looks mean and ban them from the entire province, because a few idiots (presumably people like yourself) can fuck things up for everyone.

      Shut your trap man

    • +10000000

      Fuck pitbulls. They are fuckin monsters that maul children. Buerhle can go fuck himself.

  10. sheesh, now we’ve gone from dogs to guns? who says he even has a gun or cares about such things?
    Sir, I think it is you thaty is jumping to conclusions and deserves to so said anatomical impossibility. Buerhle is NOT a fukstik

  11. It seemed like the Yankees plan was to bring back most of the team from last year without actually upgrading their aging core.

    They’ve inked Kuroda, Pettite & Rivera to replace Soriano.

    They supposedly wanted Martin, Ichiro & Ibanez as well.

    This strategy works well for their luxury tax goal & will certainly give them a competitive team.

    But I think the Jays stack up pretty well.

    I think I’d take Johnson, Morrow, Romero, Buehrle & Happ over CC, Kuroda, Pettite, Hughes & Nova, though it’s pretty close. Pineda & the possibility of AA upgrading over Happ are wildcards.

    The Yankees lineup is incomplete; but their probable best 5 position players are Cano, Tex, Granderson, A Rod & Jeter. I’d take Bautista, EE, Reyes, Cabrera & Lawrie.

    On paper, I think the Jays have a good edge on the Yankees for now, and if all NYY does is sign Ichiro, Ibanez & catcher that is no better than JPA, the Jays will have at least a slight edge on paper.

    Of course, they could acquire Dickey and blow the rest of the division out of the water.

    • I love the Jays lineup 1-9 and their bench. I believe the pen will be better than most think. However, the starting rotation still bothers me even though the performance floor and ceiling are way ahead of last years. Unfortunately, there’s still so much uncertainty there as well. Don’t get me wrong, if you get a full season of 2012 Morrow, a slight improvement from Johnson, a typical Buehrle season and even a Romero comeback to 2010 levels or something between 2009 and 2010, this team has a great shot at 95 wins. If you get something less than that, along with some injuries, you just might get 85 wins.

      That said, adding someone like Dickey, even if it were to cost another major prospect+, would go a long way to adding that much more insurance to their weakest area.

      • No love for Marcum or Villanueva, eh? I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but both of these guys are reasonably priced options that would do just fine at the back of the rotation.

        • Oh no, you got me wrong, that’s probably far more likely to happen than a Dickey trade if I am being totally realistic, and even then, Villanueva, more than Marcum, going by what AA has said. I guess I am just continuing to hope that AA is just playing things close to his chest and has a great free agent lined up for us.

          • Nobody would love that to happen more than me, but I think it’s time to let the ninja rest. If he surprises me again, I’ll sign up for another 10 game flex pack. As it is, I’m pretty content with the moves he’s made so far.

            As annoying as I find Aaron Cibia, I think he’s staying and is better than the alternatives behind the plate.

          • I’ll save the realism until after the winter meetings :)

            Until then, the sky is the limit on upgrading Happ.

            I just can’t believe AA is done. The budget might be pretty close to maxed out, but the trade route is still there.

          • @Jays I hear you man. That’s certainly the best part of this time of the year – all the endless possibilities.

  12. So, am I the only one that noticed the interesting ‘Minnesota note’ there, and went the other way with it? In wake of the Span trade, they’re clearly in an unload phase. I’m thinking the pricetag on Willingham won’t be too high at all right now? I wonder if Sosnick would have an impact on getting all ‘his guys’ together in one spot to win.

  13. On another note looks like the home opener will be sold out soon! Better get your flex pack ladies.

  14. In his defense, if it was Alfords gun, there’s only a 49% chance he would have hit anyone.

    ……what? Too soon?

  15. Was kind of hoping that Felipe Paulino was going to get non-tendered by the Royals this winter. He really started to come around once he got to KC back in 2011. Would have been a nice arm to hang onto for later in the season or going into 2014.

    Be interesting to see what becomes of Jurrjens this winter as well. He might be a guy that a change in scenery helps. Of course getting a those 2 mph back on his fastball would probably help more.

  16. Stoeten, how many goddamned times do I have to ask you.

    Are we going to have a Drunk Jays Fans sideshow- Circque de Soiledmyfukinpants-shit show?

    Just a yes or a no for fucks.

  17. I love this story about how Scott Boras is arm-chair GMing for Ted Lerner and Mike Ilitch:

    “The Nationals, along with the Tigers, have benefited from learning how to do business with super-agent Scott Boras, writes Bob Nightengale of USA Today. Boras advised Nats owner Mark Lerner back in 2007 to “lose for a couple more years” and focus on building through the draft rather than spending big on free agents.”

    And, Lerner has repaid Boras by drafting many Boras draftees (but, hey, they just traded Boras-guy Alex Meyer). Nuzzle up to Scotty and he may play nice with you.



  18. Sean Nolin who I earlier this year claimed dibbs on….

    From the subscriber content on Baseball Anerica today:

    TORONTO—The 2010 draft was a rich one in pitching for the Blue Jays. And in 2012, it got better with the improvement shown by lefthander Sean Nolin.

    “Nolin really emerged,” general manager Alex Anthopoulos said.

    The Blue Jays drafted Nolin, 22, in the sixth round out of San Jacinto (Texas) JC. He blossomed this season at high Class A Dunedin, where he went 9-0, 2.19 in 17 outings, including 15 starts. Then he made three starts at Double-A New Hampshire in August, striking out 18 in 15 innings with a 1.20 ERA.

    He returned to Dunedin to make a playoff start but lost to Lakeland after allowing two runs in 62⁄3 innings.

    “Nolin is probably the guy who took the biggest leap forward,” Anthopoulos said. “I went specifically to see him (at New Hampshire) because our guys came back and were raving about him. We think he’s got a chance to help us at some time next year.”

    Until now, Nolin, who is 6-foot-5 and 235 pounds, was an overlooked selection in a draft that included the selections of such pitching prospects as Aaron Sanchez, Noah Syndergaard, Justin Nicolino and Deck McGuire.

    “Obviously Andrew Tinnish (then scouting director, now assistant GM) did a great job taking him in the sixth round,” Anthopoulos said. “I know (special assistant to the GM) Dana Brown really pounded for him in the draft room. He was his gut-feel guy.

    “He’s up to 95 mph from the left side, throws a lot of strikes. He has a deceptive delivery. Guys don’t get good swings on his fastball, a bit like (J.A.) Happ in that respect.

    “He’s got a pretty good curveball and a pretty good changeup and slider as well. So he’s a four-pitch guy who throws strikes, pretty good arm strength. He wasn’t a guy who was on the radar coming into the year but he’s really taken a huge step forward.”


    • The Blue Jays purchased righthander Jeremy Jeffress, 25, from the Royals. He had a 6.75 ERA in 13 appearances for Kansas City in 2012. He went 5-4, 4.85 in 38 games between Triple-A Omaha and Double-A Northwest Arkansas and had 64 strikeouts in 59 innings.

    • Outfielder Kevin Pillar finished the Arizona Fall League season batting .371/.409/.435 in 15 games.

    • And by dibbs I mean that Grubers Bastard has to buy me a bottle of rum if he makes the show in 13.

      Long shot but the kid’s a 6’5 beast who can throw 95 from the left side.

      Fuck, and those numbers are silly 9-0, 2.19.

      Makes the Florida trade even that much more palatable .

      • Hopefully he can duplicate that in AA and AAA this year. Would be a bummer if he turned out to be a Molina type, and by that I mean totally dominating in A/AA, but having troubles his second year at the higher level. If Nolin can avoid that, it just might give the Jays that extra bit of internal depth they need in 2013.

        • I looked at him in some preospect post (fangraphs?) a fwq weeks ago. I was thinking he’d get up to AAA and hoepfully do well this year. Either way he’s trouble for Cecil.

      • Your bet is on. Problem is if you won, they don’t sell alcoholess Rum.

        Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha……. Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah…….

      • I know it’s being a little optimistic, but could Sean Nolin be this year’s Drew Hutchison, hopefully without the TJ surgery?

        Hutch rocketed through the system in 2011 and was servicable in Toronto after only a handful of starts in AA.

        In a perfect world, the Jays can leave Nolin in the minors until September.

        But if May rolls around and the Jays have to dip into the minor leagues for a starter, Nolin may very well be a better option than Jenkins or McGuire.

        • I hope he keesp it up. The being a 6’5 lefty throwing 95 isn’t going to change barring injury. That alone is enough to get a guy a career as a Lefty one out guy, or better known as (and one of my favorite baseball references) a LOOGY.

          I think the kid has more though, in the few articles I read he’s been wowing the scouts. I’ll take him as a flame throwing Loogy in the stretch but hopefully he can become more.

          @Jays2010 – “This years Hutch”, I like it.

          Shit may have to go mildly wrong for it to occur but every post season team has their rookie who comes out of nowhere.

          • Back when Goldstein was tweeting all the time, I remember someone asked him specifically about Nolin, it was sometime this past summer, when Nolin was still in high-A ball in Dundedin.

            Goldstein liked Nolin but didn’t project him too highly, at best, saying he was a projectable LOOGY at the MLB level, saying that his success was attributable to his angles or some shit like that.

            Whatever. I think we will see Nolin repeat the year in New Hampshire when spring training breaks. But a quick promotion to AAA and possibly at the majors could happen in 2013, if Nolin continues to throw effectively.

            Didn’t realize Nolin was hitting 95. If his stuff is there, he will get noticed. I think at best, he could be the next Loup for the time being. The Jays may not rush him if he projects as a starter, betting on him to be a factor in 2014.

    • ya cool article indeed

    • Easy to make fun of Elliot, but that’s a fantastic article. I remember he had a similar one when Halladay got traded. Really interesting.

      • Had the same type of thing when the Jays hired Farrell, and I think there’s one other along these lines I may be forgetting…. maybe the Marcum/Lawrie trade or Vernon Wells trade? I think the Wells trade, yeah.

        Elliott is very good at this type of reporting. I think Elliott’s great at getting people to talk to him – it’s just tough, with the Jays, to know who he should be talking to before stuff actually happens.

    • Thanks for the posting….

      If we had found out years later that the inclusion of Jeff Mathis stopped this trade, he might have become the most hated player in Blue Jay history

    • Nice article from Elliott. Thanks for posting. You da man NM.

      With all that inside dope, one wonders if Elliott’s liver has recovered. Bet he had lots of late night cocktails with his sources.

  19. ha ha the yanks just lost coltrane martin to the pirates. now maybe we can dump buck on them since they’ll be desperate. for all the jpa haters out there, 8mil is the going rate for a power hitting catcher who hits .211. so you’re not going to see JPA traded any time soon.

    • To fuck with that!! Just because a guy may be playing well under typical salary value doesnt mean hes not exposable if it makes the team better as a whole.

      Throw yer going rate theory out the window because in the grande scheme of things yer post is just false.

      • Not only that but the Jays still have (if JPA goes) Buck and D’Arnaud and Wilson which probably combined are less than 8 mill.

  20. We know how AA likes those comp draft picks. With the new CBA, you only get one if you make a qualifying offer around $13m. My guess is that every year going forward, AA will try to have one guy on an expiring contract to whom a qualifying offer could be made. Next year, that guy could be Johnson. Alternatively, they can extend him or flip him. As long as he is healthy and relatively productive, it will sort itself out. If he leaves, AA just goes out and gets another guy.

  21. Holy fucking balls out quote by AA:

    ‘You guys have something I want, let’s get it done.’

  22. ChiSox reportedly willing to dangle Floyd, just need a low end SP in return. I thought the Jays should have traded for Floyd 2 years ago when Dunn was struggling by flipping Lind in his pre-allstar tear to Chitown as their 1b/DH fill in, so maybe AA can get Floyd after all.

    Floyd would make a nice fit on the Jays – a consistent 2-3 WAR pitcher. He’s making 9 mil this year I think? Chi Sox must be pinching pennies a bit, so I wonder if the Jays could offer something

    • Oh and isn’t convenient that AA happens to have 8 mil from the Marlins, hmm, almost seems like destiny

    • The White Sox arent really pinching pennies their already 1M over what they spent last year (98M) and they only have 10 guys under contract right now. Although in 2011 they spent 127M but I doubt they want to go that high with no real chance at competing.

  23. So the Royals want Dickey, but are only offering prospects:


    If I were the Royals, I wouldn’t be willing to give up anyone as valuable as Perez or Escobar either.

    Once again, JPA and maybe Sierra & Happ/Cecil seems to match up well. I don’t think any team is going to offer a young, controllable player as good as JPA for Dickey.

    And unless the Royals are insane enough to offer Wil Myers for Dickey, the Jays seem like the better match.

    • RA Dickey would put us over the top awesome.

      That mullet throws an unhitable butterfly.

      And what a mullet.

      • JPA is pretty fucking valuable; many teams could use him including the Yankees, who I would trade for Ivan nova which would be a fair deal

        • I highly doubt AA is going to trade JPA within the division…and I don’t think Nova is the right answer.

    • If the jays got dickey, im not sure they would have the money to extend dickey AND johnson. That didnt sound right lol. Regardless, the fact that dickey is 38 years old bothers me even though hes a knuckleballer. Just view him as an injury risk and potential decline in performance. However, the jays could do worse.

      • … or you could view him as the reigning Cy Young winner.

        Money should NEVER be a hindrance to acquiring Dickey. Obviously JJ is the prime target to extend long term but the only reluctance the Jays should have to acquire Dickey would be the cost in players of the trade itself.

        Picking up Reyes and Buehrle’s contracts and then turning down Dickey for financial reasons is like stopping at 90m in the 100m dash.

  24. 86 days to first spring training game!

    • True dat. Hopefully, Sportsnet will get off its ass and televise some spring training games. Doesn’t look like there will be any fucking hockey.

  25. Anyone find a digital image of the front page of The Sun’s sport section today with AA photoshopped onto a ninja? Pretty cool picture. They seem to be following in some of the bloggers footsteps with that image lol

  26. seriously, how long are we going to have to look at Matt Drappel’s ugly face on this blog? I still cant believe he won that shit. the guy sucks ass.

    • Funniest comment ever?

    • @ Big Mouth

      Damien Cox is a know it all douche bag and a fucking tool.

      So yeah, great minds think alike.

    • Holy Fuck. This has to be the best DJF Comment EVER!

      Someone actually bragging about thinking along the same lines as Damien Cox, I have seen it all.

      Actually, I think it is time I go take a big Cox right now. Fuck is he a piece of shit.

  27. I have decided the Bleacher Report is even funnier than The Onion. Feelin’ down, just read the BR headlines for shits and giggles.

  28. Uhh did Atlanta just trade their ace for a reliever? WTF??

  29. Eff balls – Hanson was one guy I thought AA should target. Angels just fleeced the Braves. Man if that’s all it took to acquire Tommy Boy . . .

    • This could be a terrific deal for the Angels, and potentially, good news for the Blue Jays. I see the Angels as one of the Blue Jays’ main competitors in regards to the lower-tier starting pitching FA market (or trade market).

      Greinke is all but assured to sign with the Dodgers and the Angels are in need of some pitching. This deal alone won’t do it, but it at least eliminates one hole in their rotation.

      • With you on this one. I know it’s easy to look at his last season and say he’s shit and he had a decent velocity drop, but at worst, he’s a #5 innings eater that you got for a reliever. With 3 years of control left I’d say all the upside is in the Angels hands on this one even though they took on the most risk. I’d still take Hanson over Happ at this point.

        • 100% agree – people claiming his fastball velocity is trending in wrong direction but let’s be honest – Hanson has put up double digit wins in each year with great ERA and WHIP. Great move by the Angels

    • But having covered Morris through his prime, I knew the way baseball people (especially managers and opposing players) valued him while he was pitching and not in the autopsy of numbers: as a prototypical ace and one of the best pitchers in baseball — not just as a good pitcher.

      I stopped reading here. It basically translates as, “Jack Morris was a slightly above-average pitcher who got a lot of wins because of run support, and he should get in because I am bias, and while I acknowledge wins are a useless stat, I choose to use that fact anyway for my argument. He was legendary for giving way more average innings than anyone else.”

    • Tom Verducci is a very level headed baseball writer. I often disagree with his opinions (like this one), but he always has a somewhat solid basis for what he says. Plus, as a bonus, he always gives reasons for the things he says and almost never overreacts.

      I don’t believe Jack Morris is a Hall of Famer, but there is an argument that goes like this. “You adjust for the era. Jack Morris is one of the top 3-4 pitchers of his era. Therefore, Jack Morris is a Hall of Famer.”

      The innings pitched argument is not a great one, because that is up to the manager, not the pitcher, but it is an argument that can be made.

  30. maybe u should keep reading dumbass.

  31. Is Big Mouth Hungry the artist formerly known as Ginger Campbell?

    I haven’t read good ole Ginger’s musings since the blockbuster trade went down. You know, right after his assertion that Izturis & Davis would be starters & Alvarez, Happ & Jenkins would comprise 3/5ths of the rotation.

    It’s too bad Oakville69 is just an idiot as opposed to a troll. He would have disappeared as well.

  32. The more I think about it, the more flipping Josh Johnson makes sense. His trade value, despite the one-year contract, is pretty high coming off a sub-par season. If he has a good year he’s going to want WAY too much money and probably not want to sign in Toronto anyways… Fuck it, trade him now while ya can…

    • This is insane. There is no reason to trade JJ.

      Pull your head out of your Damien Cox and get the fuck with it.

  33. The sad part of this entire thing is that there even has to be a justification. What’s with the low self esteem Toronto?

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