If you’ve been periodically checking in on the University of Southern Mississippi’s football team over the course of the NCAA season, you already know what a catastrophe it’s been for the Golden Eagles, and to a lesser extent, freshman quarterback Anthony Alford, who the Jays selected in the third round of this year’s draft.

Or… well… that is, it was a lesser extent catastrophe for Alford until last night.

Yes, on the day that the school fired head coach Ellis Johnson one year into his tenure– following up a 12-2 2011 with a winless season in which Alford (not to mention the four other quarterbacks used) was hopelessly ineffective (according to reports), and in which his mother was arrested at a game following a verbal altercation with a fan berating his play– Alford somehow managed to make things worse.

To wit, via school paper The Student Printz:

Freshman Anthony Alford was arrested and charged with aggravated assault,  and junior Korey Hathorn was charged with felony possession of a weapon on campus by a student. Both were being held in the Forrest County Jail without bond Wednesday night.

. . .

Alford was identified as a “principal in the incident” and arrested for aggravated assault.

“The aggravated assault charge is the result of a weapon being used in a threatening manner,” [University police chief Bob] Hopkins said. “It’s a little early to say who the gun belonged to.”

Alford is now on an interim suspension, awaiting a hearing with the school’s crusty old Dean, who tells the paper that suspension and expulsion are possibilities in the case.

Here’s where I’d like to start cracking wise about how ready he must now be to jump straight into full-on pro ball for the Jays, or speculating too wildly about how things work down there in Mississippi, but… shit, that’s a pretty serious charge.

Hopefully Alford gets it sorted and is able to put this whole season behind him and continue on in his athletic pursuits– preferably with the Jays. Y’know, unless he actually is a fucking gun-pulling insane person, in which case the $750,000 bonus the Jays paid to land him may have to be a sunk cost. Far too soon to say so now, of course.

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  1. Shit, son.

  2. Someone needs a dose of Gibby?

  3. Well that’s a great way to throw away a potentially profitable career.

  4. Everyone thinks they’re a tough guy when they have a gun in their hand.

  5. He’s looking at a 6 jail term if convicted. Hopefully no more charges are brought against him.

    I thought Alex drafted character guys….

  6. Good thing this site has a run down of how to enter canada with a felony:

    • Well, he won’t have to worry about entering Canada until he’s ready to be called up to the Jays. All the minor league affiliates and the the teams they play against are in the US.

      Maybe if he straightens himself out, he can get traded to a NL team as a prospect and not have to worry about travelling to Canada very much even if he makes the big league.

    • He’s at least 5 years away from the show and would still have to be convicted. Which is my way of saying he’s a fucking idiot.

  7. Well he’s a bust

  8. *we believe in second changes… not necessarily third or fourth chances* (paraphrasing)

    • I thought about that too, IMW.I think it depends on the details.Stroman’s was a nutritional supplement that would only garner a warning at the MLB level.But there was another Minor league Jays player who also got suspended and if I remember ,was kicked out of the organization.

      • It was Matt Bush, and that was like his fifth chance, and he blew it too.

        Not that you are, in the slightest, but I don’t think we should rush to judgement on Alford here. Way too few facts are known yet.

        • Agree about Alford.
          I trust your memory more than mine.Having said that, I thought there was a kid ,signed as a int’l FA,from the DR, that was suspended about a month after Stroman. Like 18 or 19 years old.
          Might be wrong though.

          • Indeed, it was Jose Brito in the Dominican League.


          • @ Ted

            Thx for the link.Much appreciated.
            Thought I remembered it.
            Think there was a PR shortly after the announcement that stated he was released from the organization.
            Seems like the Jays are sensitive to their image and players will be on a short leash, for serious infractions.
            While Alford is indeed innocent until proven guilty.It’ll be interesting how the Jays will view him, if convicted.

        • Mom actually might be in as much or more trouble… her charges involved resisting arrest (after the Causing A Disturbance in the stands) – you don’t wanna mess with the POE-lease in Mississippi

  9. His nickname on the grid iron was “Gun Slinger” ….I’ll show myself out.

  10. Silver lining here folks. Alford does his time, if convicted, and decides to say fuck you to football.

    While no doubt Alford might be one of the best athletes in the Jays minor league system, his decision to focus on football was widely seen as a guarantee that he wouldn’t make it to the Show as his tools are so raw.

    He is still a project if he decides to focus on baseball. But boy, if he puts his shit together, he could be a good one. Still like the pick by AA as the risk reward ratio is pretty one sided.

    • Oh, I’m pretty sure after this incident, and his performance on the field this year (or lack thereof), combined with Mom’s problems in the stands and her subsequent Causing a Disturbance and Resisting Arrest charges, they’ll want that scholarship $ for next year’s recruiting, and he’ll be expelled from the school after “due process”. Note that his high school coach came to Southern Mississippi as Ass’t Coach in a package with him, the team went 0-12, and just fired the Head Coach. New Head Coach will no doubt want to pick his own Ass’ts, and who would want to start a rebuild with the Alford family baggage?
      I think football (and school) just said “fuck you” to Alford… he’s all the Jays’ rehab problem now.

  11. First I am not dead. Someone shot me once. Once.

  12. WHO???

  13. Dumb question, but what does aggravated assault mean? I assume aggravated has a specific legal definition?

  14. Good alex does his due diligence. Let’s see so far AA has signed a chair thrower, drug users, guy who was suspended for ped’s, dui drivers, and now aggravated assaulters. Keep up the good work alex. All we need now is a wife beater.

    • Idiot

    • Get fucking real dude. Alford is innocent until proven guilty.

      He is charged with aggravated assault. He is African American. He is in Mississippi.

      This incident is ripe for a plea to a non-felony charge of gun possession, or simple assault.

      My bill is in the mail.

    • Thanks for taking care of this guys.

      Yes, Big Mouth Hungry is an idiot.

      • Big Mouth Hungry forgot to either type or think ‘ “alleged” aggravated assaulters’.

        Yes, the “wife beater” comment was perhaps to some inappropriate added colour to his argument.

        But it is not unreasonable to want/demand a reasonable level of character from those who represent the organization that many of us spend our time and money supporting.

        • Kids do dumb shit all the time. Not that it excuses this allegedly thuggish behavior but we’re not talking about an adult here.

        • Good luck with that.

        • FamousAmazingGuy, how can you shit on someone’s character when you have no fucking clue what happened here yet??? It’d be pretty funny, y’know, if I didn’t get the sense you actually seriously don’t understand why it makes you such a piece of shit.

      • thanks for showing me respect by capitalizing my name

        • I tell ya I get no respect from anyone.

          A girl phoned me the other day and said …. “Come on over, there’s nobody home.” I went over. Nobody was home.

          I asked my old man if I could go ice-skating on the lake. He told me, “Wait til it gets warmer.”

          I was such an ugly kid……..When I played in the sandbox the cat kept covering me up.

          I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.

          I was such an ugly baby…My mother never breast fed me. She told me that she only liked me as a friend.

          No respect I tell ya!

    • I’d take Brett Myers in the pen or even as a fifth starter!

  15. Not be be a smartass, but technically, the signing bonus is already a “sunk cost” – the only question is whether it’s a total waste or not.

    Here’s hoping he gets his sh*t together and decides that the college experience isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    • Fair point.

    • I would hazard an educated guess and say college (So.Miss) is going to decide that Alford isn’t all he was cracked up to be… scholarships in the NCAA are 1 year renewables, with all sorts of outs for “behavior” issues.

  16. You can take the guy out of football but you can’t take the football out of the guy

  17. Alford better not drop me while in prison.

  18. If found guilty I think it’s an automatic loss of his scholarship. That’s a positive for the Jays

    • Excellent point, Although with 750 k signing bonus., I doubt the scholarship will be a deterent to his FB playing.

      • That’s not how sports scholarships work. If you get dropped you can’t just “pay the difference with Safeway bags full of cash”

        If you lose your athletic scholarship you aren’t eligible to be a student and would have to re-enroll as a regular student.

        • Excellent point,natem.
          Short sighted of me to consider the finacial aspects and not the Uni qualifications for students.
          Bad RADAR, good natem.

      • Youre assuming that he hasnt already spent it on a Hummer limo, 5 more cars and dishing out crystalllllll for all his homies.

  19. This just proves he is meant for football.

  20. Alford’s momma is so fat, she got him thrown in jail.

  21. Completing 44.9% of your passes on a 0-12 Conference USA team….

    I think its time to give up the pipedream of playing football

  22. Guys, he is still a fucking kid. Lets fucking take it easy on him a bit. He will pay for his mistake in one way or another if there is in fact a mistake to pay for. I know he should know better but nobody knows the circumstances of what his life is like nor how that incident went down. It is Mississippi and last I checked it hasn’t advanced must past the year 1865. So until something else is known, do not write him off.

  23. Alford couldn’t find his arm so he had to go buy one.

  24. AA loves second chance guys. Rasmus, Melky, Yunel, Stroman

    • HUH? the only guy on that list that is a 2nd chance guy is. Melky. Yunel had his “problem” here and now hes gone. Stroman got suspended for a dumb reason and that happened after the Jays got him. Rasmus problem that he is getting a “second chance” is because he played for a manger that did not like him, and because fans think hes dumb because he is from the south. Also I am sure every player in baseball be it the minor leagues or pros has played for a manger of coach who did not like them. I mean look at snider and Gaston. Is snider now a 2nd chance guy with a problem becasue Gaston did not like him?

    • but you know who is a 2nd chance guy Brett lawire how come you did not bring that guy up?

  25. Alford started five games, appeared in another four and finished with a stat line of 2 passing TD’s, 4 INT’s, and 993 yards of total offense on a team that finished 0-12 in the C-USA… Makes me think he’s going to play baseball full time.

  26. So, I imagine this will shake out as either Alfords committing fulltime to baseball or ending up never being a professional athlete again.

    I mean how likely is it that between the football teams performance, his mom’s arrest, and this accusation that he continues on (or is allowed to continue on) with his college athletic career and in the event that hie is allowed to carry on that it would be in a role that would superceed commencing with a professional baseball career?

    • … not to mention that his hih school football caoach came with him as part of “the package” when he was recruited by the Head Coach, who got fired the same day as Alford was arrested. Doubt very much the new coach is going to want ANY of this baggage – bye-bye scholarship

  27. mississipi is one of the MOST racist states in the US with KKK still operating there… that being said, if i was black, and had money, i damn well would be carrying a gun too. nuf said.

  28. Most of us have done dumb things in our youth…after bailing me out of the drunk tank as a kid, my dad asked me if I knew the difference between being stupid and being wise…he continued by saying being wise is making a mistake and learning from it, while being stupid is making mistake after mistake and never learning…

    Lets hope this kid, if he did anything wrong, is wise and not stupid!

    • How many mistakes in this guys life do you think he has made and been allowed to get away with because he was a star football player? Get rid of him.

      • A number you can’t possibly fucking know and shouldn’t be so fucking dumb as to pretend you do.

  29. Sick and tired of gangstah athletes.

    Cut this gun welding ego maniac for good. I would call pulling a deadly weapon and uttering death threats a red flag, wouldn’t you?

    • Of course I don’t have all the facts, but gangstah shit is so old like Robert Duvall in Colors.

      If he did it with intention, let Gibby Bitch slap him with a pair of brass knuckles on the way out the door.

  30. But if he gets expelled then he doesn’t really have a choice except to be a baseball prospect.

  31. Football athletes = ugh. Good football players have their tires pumped on a massive level from a very young age and when they eventually get to the college level they have already been allowed to skate through life to the point that they feel invincible. Thus creating a sort of god complex that makes them nightmares to deal with on a coaching level, nevermind a baseball coaching level. For those that will suggest that baseball players are the same, I disagree hugely. Baseball receives 10% of the stardom in highschool and college.

    I see a future Milton Bradley in the works right here. Not to say Milton bradley played football but I just see no reason to keep this gun toting moron in the Jays organization. Cut him right now and set an example for all the other young jays prospects. If you sign with us, you better behave accordingly even before you get in the system or youre gone. In fact, there should be a code of conduct in the contract when they sign for their signing bonus, any trouble with the law and see yah.

    • Glad to see you have all the facts and aren’t just making sweeping generalizations here.

      Holy fuck.

  32. Agg. assault in Mississippi is punishable by 1 to 20 years in prison. Short of something really, really bad, nobody goes to prison on their first go round. Dollars to donuts there’s a diversion program Alford will qualify for and this whole episode will end up being one big yawn. Nothing to see here.

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