Here’s the place you wanted to be at 2 PM ET when we went live with our Winter Meetings #DJFHangout on Google+, featuring Gregor Chisholm of (@GregorMLB), and Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors (@MLBTRBen), who, along with Drew Fairservice and yours truly, examined what the Jays will be getting up to at next week’s Winter Meetings, and through the rest of the off-season.

Here we have the replay of the event:

Thanks for watching, thanks to Ben and Gregor for joining us, congrats to Kevin, the winner of the autographed Jose Bautista ball, and– one more time for good measure– be sure to like the damn DJF Facebook page already!

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  1. Wow! The “followers”/”friends”/”Like” campaign is is full swing at the Score!

    Bosses- So how is the social media (client round up) integration campaign going?

    DJF- They’re busting our balls about Google+, etc.

    Bosses- OK, go to plan B, just tell them that the cast will be like watching TV in the post and try to get them on twitter at least.

    DJF- Not sure that they’ll do that

    Bosses- Give them an autographed JBau baseball. People will do anything for free stuff.

    Honestly, how far off am I here?

    • Laughably far.

      • Enlighten me.

      • ……. Admittedly I am busting your balls a bit on this subject, but ultimately many of us are being asked as consumers of this blog to alter how we consume/participate in this content.

        A frank and reasonably detailed explanation of what and how this strategy is being implemented would be appreciated.

        • many of us are being asked as consumers of this blog to alter how we consume/participate in this content.

          Not true. Not in the least.

        • I’m not sure how you’re being asked to alter how you consume/participate in this content. You’re still posting twatish comments in the same comments section, the DJF facebook and twitter feeds have been around for quite some time and are promoted in nearly every post. The whole google plus thing is obviously just a means of including multiple people in different locations in the broadcast, and is being simulcast on youtube, so I really don’t see what the big deal is.

          • Hey Mr. famous was just swarmed gangland style.

          • I think I need to add the word ‘Twatish’ to my vocabulary.

          • I am not dismissing or am I discouraging the use the use effective resources/avenues of communication (twitter, Face, google+,etc.). The stuff is easy to use, and cost effective, I get it.

            So then what is the “big deal”? The big deal is this, the strength of this product is the connection of community in the comments section and with the writer/editor along with the “one stop shopping” aspect for whichever focus a each blog may have.

            It’s not the up to date content, MLBTR has that.

            It’s not the GIF’s/analysis, we got Fan/NotGraphs for that.

            It’s not the content/editorial prospective, got plenty of that in a Google search and traditional media services.

            The result of having multiple threads and follows is a fragmentation of inherent value of this site.

            Once again, I am not advocating not having a presence on significant social media engines.

            However, it is my opinion that a sports media outlet with both the resources and progressive electronic reputation/capacity of the Score would be better off having their content centralized.

            Think ESPN.

        • You must be new around here. They used to do live streams all the time, and they were fantastic. This is basically the same thing, only with (hopefully) a much better medium.

          And as far as the retweeting the ball thing goes, if you don’t want to, don’t do it. It’s not like it’s even the price of entry for the free show.

        • Well, ESPN is kind of bigger than theScore Digital, a now exclusively online resource. Also, theScore is just making the transition to being a digital only resource, so to expect it to be fully actualized in terms of content provision would seem to be slightly premature.

          Furthermore, the cost of hosting all content internally and centralizing all live streams and broadcasts via internal servers would likely necessitate the advancement of subscription fees and limit the amount of free content available to users such as ourselves. especially when free services such as those available through google/YouTube, UStream and are available and relatively accessible.

          • “would likely necessitate the advancement of subscription fees”

            That’s kinda where I’m going with this.

            I am a huge DJF/GB fan. I want to see it succeed long term. A subscription service, in my opinion, is the solution. Make it fair and accessible of course, but I think most would be happy to pay small fee.

      • Sincerely,Stoeten.
        Thanks for embedding this at the DJF site.
        Didn’t want to set up a google + account if i didn’t need to.

      • But I do come here for the editorial perspective/content. Even when I disagree at first, I often find that Stoeten convinces me of a different viewpoint, or at least helps expand my own thoughts on things. I mean, I read the comments, and add my own from time to time, but mostly I just like the way Stoeten writes about baseball. So I don’t care if I get to articles through facebook or twitter or icq or whatever.

    • Hey famous why not go hang out at that other free entertainment place.

  2. Did you guys hear that Anthony Alford got arrested this morning?

  3. Shouldn’t this be started by now? I have a cup of coffee to drink and 20 minutes to kill here.

  4. hey why am I not seeing any further info about this ‘we gotta decide about wilson prior to friday’ business? this could be big news!

    • Expect more on Friday?

    • He’s projected to make like $600,000 via arbitration, which would mean a mere $100,000 in termination pay. Might as well just keep him for now.

      • yeah but they’re not seriously going to carry 3 catchers on the roster going into spring are they???

        • They could because Sierra or another young player can be brought up to replace him for the final bench spot.

        • @Tocher

          I think Wilson stays on the 40 man until AA is pretty sure both JPA & Buck are on the opening day roster.

          So maybe till the new year?

          Of course, I also think either JPA or Buck will be traded and I expect Wilson to be the backup for a few weeks until the TDA era begins.

  5. For those of us who are at work and the video is blocked, is there somewhere else to listen to this DJFHangout event?

  6. I find it hilarious and entertaining that whenever people question Stoeten or Drew they get VERY defensive.

    Not taking a side.. just laughing.

  7. Also, Stoeten’s eye makeup looks good.

  8. I have not heard anybody mention Hutchison or Drabek in a long time. Does anybody know there ETA or if they are an option for the Jays going forward?

    • Pretty sure Hutch is out for 2013 and Drabek may be back at halfway point. Dont expect to see either of em anytime soon

    • whatever the recovery schedule, both have Buffalo chicken wings to look forward to

  9. Is everyone that covers baseball is this town a nerdy white guy?
    Not that I have anything against nerdy white guys, but jesus christ.

    • Everyone that covers baseball everywhere is pretty much the same. The four of us are just a little younger.

      • I’ve always been against affirmative action, but sometimes it’s (DESPERATELY) needed…

        • Well, you’ve certainly done a fine job on taking care of the vertically challenged population of the world. Jose Altuve’s relatives can rest assured that there will always be a job available in the sweat shops of the North Pole.

  10. Is Stoeten actually in a basement? Why to fight the stereotype.

  11. We don’t need Brian Wilson, we got Stoets!

  12. holy fuck, stoeten. cut your beard and update your cap. you look like a five-year-old, white, osama bin laden with eyeliner.

  13. That was really cool to watch. Thanks guys!

  14. Stoeten’s beard was tough to watch.

  15. Good stuff guys. Hope you do more of them or at least include guys like Ben and Gregor in the future podcasts.

  16. Not bad at all.
    Good job guys.
    Not a lot of new info but not bad at all.

  17. Signed Bautista ball? Well now that’s a pleasent little surpise for the day.

    And Drew, for the record, it’s pronounced Geez-brekt. But no hard feelings, no one get’s it right unless you’re one of us.

  18. Not too brad.

  19. thanks to all 4 of you that used me!

  20. Well, that was my first Google+ Hangout experience. I feel cheap and slutty……think I’m gonna go take a shower.

  21. Always a pleasure to watch/listen to the shows. Great job.

    What I hope/expect is, like you guys said, we get a swingman villanueva type. Someone who will be servicable as a start but amenable to being in the bullpen. I think the goal might not necessarily be someone *better* than Happ but more so his equal/better than Jenkins.

    • What I hope and expect is that the Jays go out and sign a McCarthy or Marcum AND get somebody to challenge Happ for 6th starter/ long man in bullpen.

  22. I’m going to be laying some eggs soon. I think I’ll make a nest in Stoeten’s beard.

  23. Also McGowan and Santos?

  24. that was fun, thanks

  25. Great job guys. Nice basement Stoeten.

  26. I’ve seen this before… 20 years ago when I mixed RC Cola with phiz pops and frantically flipped channels between TSN and The Wonder Years…

    So that we’re perfectly clear, I will stoop to any depth for Jays content. Keep it coming.


  27. Hope Con shirt…nice touch.

  28. No post on Burhle/Johnson media calls?

  29. great job guys and its been almost a day since a night manimal cry to replace Happ as 5th starter nd thats made me very HAPPy

  30. Marcus Stroman is on Twitter feeling very insecure. That is all.

  31. Nats acquire Span from Twins for 2011 first round pitching prospect Alex Meyer. Great trade for the Nats IMO.

    • this means one of either La Roche or Morse won’t be back with Nats…..hmmmmmm.

      • haha yup was just about the write the same thing

        I’d love Morse as a DH with the odd 1b. I guess he also can play some OF but not really a necessity. Signed thru 12/13, more than adequate platoon for Lind – at least Morse consistently rakes when he’s not on the DL (which is a lot)

        Odds are the Nats keep Morse and seem team overpays for LaRoche

        • Has better career splits against lefties, but hits for more power against righties. Problem is what the hell do the Nats even need? More OF depth? Bullpen help? Dont know what the Jays could offer them for Morse other than prospects

        • yeah that’s what I think eventually happens as well.

          Morse has pretty even splits, so IF he can stay healthy he could be an everyday DH/1B. He is brutal in the OF.

          • I could see Morse mash in the dome . . . 30 homer potential. Yea he’s a butcher in the field for sure. Worth a tickle from AA. Beat those tires.

  32. If Fairservice said “ummm” anymore, he could get a job in sports radio.

  33. I have a few reactions which I’ll get right to for you.

    First of all, although no one wishes to be mean, someone’s appearance is just not suited to video format. I won’t name names, especially on this blog, but it would help to have this person on audio-only.

    Second, would it really hurt to buy this Ben fellow a proper shirt? Or at least wear a tee underneath like that adorable Gregor does?

    Third, the quality of this video is the worst I’ve seen since Stephane Dion tried to stage a coup from his garage.

    I want everyone to know that I’m not looking to replace anyone on this show immediately. I imagine that at one point I will be approached by some of the other bloggers to take a spot on the show and I’ll listen at that point to the offers.

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