MLB’s annual Winter Meetings begin next week in Nashville, and even though the Jays appear to have done most of their off-season heavy lifting already, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number or moves they could still make, or all kinds of intrigue to follow as the rest of the American League East tries to catch up.

And it also doesn’t mean that we’re not going to maintain our tradition of blanket coverage of the event, from a Jays perspective, around here, or… y’know… that we didn’t already have stuff long planned out in anticipation of Alex Anthopoulos doing a tonne of business in Nashville. Stuff like Google+ Hangout (i.e. a live video chat from separate locales) previewing the meetings that’s happening today, Thursday, November 29th at 2 PM ET.

Drew will moderate, and along with me, he’ll be joined by beat reporter Gregor Chisholm (@GregorMLB), and Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors (@MLBTRBen).

You’ll be able to watch our chat live on a YouTube stream that will be embedded in the blog– no Google+ account needed– and if there is anything in particular you want us to talk about, why not post it over on the wall of the DJF Facebook page? Because… well, frankly, because we’ve been trying to grow our Facebook presence lately, and making sure all the posts on the blog get on there and into your news feed in a timely fashion, with all kinds of extra graphical goodies tossed in for good measure.

Alternatively– since it seems clear you’re not actually going to post stuff on the Facebook page (though you’ll get preferential treatment if you do!)– go ahead and hit us up using the Twitter hashtag #DJFHangout.


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  1. I don’t have a facebook or twitter acount.
    Is there a phone number I can use?
    Perhaps a fax number where I can fax questions to the panel?

    • Every time I am forced to send a fax (usually for something work related) I die a little bit inside.

      • Hate to see what would happen if you had to send a Telex message.

        • Or handwrite a letter! lol

          I can still remember when if you wanted to contact a company or voice an opinion, you got out a piece of paper, wrote it out (or type it if you wanted to be formal), sent it off and waited patiently.

          You could also phone them, but long-distance charges seemed so expensive, all we’d do is give them a quick call to get their mailing addresses.

          I’m talking on the homefront here, an office would be a different story. I remember telegrams and telex, but they were both surpassed by the fax by the time I was of an age to use them.

          I’m only 40, but seems like the dark ages of telecommunications now. But I digress…I hate the stubborn survival of the fax today too.

    • You can just watch on Youtube, luddite.

      • One of the many stages,on the journey to insanity, is the loss of a sense of humour.
        Gettin worried about you Drew.
        The original inquiry was the method to supply questions to the panel,not on how to watch it.
        Lookin forward to the live stream that will embedded in the blog.
        Have a good one Drew.keep smilin.

      • Glad we’re not resorting to name calling.

      • Hold on there Hoss!

        There is a significant difference between someone being a luddite and someone who is apprehensive/not interested to participating in a consumer product.

        The fact that the commenter is participating on this site absolves him from not embracing a new technology. Looking at a screen, then clicking or tapping is the technology. Google+ Hangout and Facebook and Twitter is simply how it is organized.

        Actually, if anyone is worthy of the title luddite it would actually be those who decided that whoever doesn’t sign up for the consumer product can just watch it on Youtube.

        “Why” you ask?, because the it actually reverts the consumption of the content to an experience akin to that of television.

  2. Looking forward to it, fellows.

  3. Is there a DJF Hangout already created in Google+ ?
    I’ve looked around for it and for a DJF page on Google+ but can’t find anything.

  4. I might shower for this.

  5. Safe to assume there will be a download available later? Not sure if a 2pm weekday timeslot will attract the optimum amount of live views.

  6. Could have gone live on a Saturday evening from actual Nashville but I guess those cheap fucks at Rogers wouldn’t foot the bill.

  7. Oh, literal Radar.

  8. I look forward to the recast; I am afraid of getting RickRolled on youtube

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