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Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of (and that I need to distract myself with in order to keep from arguing with the commenters), with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!

Damien Cox of the Toronto Star wags his finger in the direction of Mark Buehrle, who he thinks should spend some actual time in Canada before advocating overturning our laws– specifically, Ontario’s pit bull ban. Because, y’know, this special little flower of a law apparently isn’t at all like the other pit bull bans Buehrle has encountered and disagreed with. How dare he shit on our law without knowing what makes it a unique little fucking snowflake! Because it totally is, right? Cox isn’t just stoking faux outrage among the clueless, right???

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun takes us on a detailed trip through how The Trade developed. Must read stuff.

At his North of the Border blog, Gregor Chisholm has a transcript of Paul Beeston’s talk with the media this week, during which Beeston leaves slightly open the notion of the Jays giving the Argos the boot (the way they absolutely should), as he explains that an all-dirt infield is “not going to happen for the next five years, four years, or until we deal with the Argos situation.” He adds that “the way we’d like to see it is an all-grass field, we would put it in on March 1st and leave it there until the end of the baseball season. It can be done.”

More Beeston, as he also explains, “I don’t know that but I have absolutely no reason to say the answer is no,” when asked whether even more money might potentially be available to the club. “I think we have to look at each case and whether or not it makes sense,” he added. “We have a great owner. What I said before, we’ll spend money when the opportunity is right.”

Gregor also has a transcript up of yesterday’s conference call with the media– again, at North of the Border. And at BlueJays.com, he reviews what the club still needs to do, and how it may be done at next week’s Winter Meetings in Nashville.

Very interesting stuff behind the paywall at Baseball America today, as Alex Anthopoulos says he thinks New Hampshire pitcher Sean Nolin will be able to come up and help the Jays at some point in 2013, explaining that “He’s up to 95 mph from the left side, throws a lot of strikes. He has a deceptive delivery. Guys don’t get good swings on his fastball, a bit like (J.A.) Happ in that respect.”

Speaking of Happ, he’s the guy a free agent needs to be better than if they’re worth much of our consideration. I didn’t think that was the case of Tommy Hanson, who we talked about this morning, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I’m going to say the same about some NL guys who’ve been non-tendered, like Jair Jurrjens (not the same guy he used to be), Jeff Karstens (shoulder troubles every year), Mike Pelfrey (meh– certainly not clearly better) or Manny Parra (Manny Parra).

Alden Gonzalez of MLB.com writes that the Jays are among clubs who have expressed interest in free agent Dan Haren. Now there’s a guy who I think would give the club plausible reason to demote Happ to the bullpen or Buffalo– assuming, of course, he’s healthy… which he’s kind of not. But still, I’d take a flier if it was cheap enough to be reasonable. Among the other interested clubs are a few spots that wouldn’t look any better than Toronto to a pitcher hoping to rebuild value: Boston, Baltimore, Chicago’s south side. But the Nationals and Padres are also supposedly interested and it’s hard to deny that they seem like better fits.

Bluebird Banter talks to Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles, who provides a scouting report on Melky Cabrera. Meanwhile, Mop Up Duty takes a dip into the ESPN Stats & Info-y goodness to give us the low-down on Emilio Bonifacio.

John Lott of the National Post looks at the firing of Bruce Walton, which everybody says was tough to do, though the only reason for it that we’ve really been offered is that the club didn’t want to lose Pete Walker, which… yeah, maybe that makes sense, but there’s got to be more to it than that (and, now that I remember, in a radio hit last week Dirk Hayhurst noted that he thought Walker would be more approachable in the room).

Elsewhere, Lott goes over the claim from Anthopoulos that he pulled the Marlins deal off the table because they wanted to add the Jeff Mathis-for-John Buck element, which… can’t possibly really be true, can it? Just lip service to the whole “loyalty” emphasis they like to play up, right?

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels gets set for his top Jays prospects list with an open threat for an organizational discussion. Some interesting comments.

Jim Bowden tweets that the Reds are looking for a left fielder who could bat leadoff. Presumably they’d want someone who can actually play every day, meaning Rajai Davis isn’t really a possibility, but a boy can dream, can’t he?

Keith Law of ESPN.com loves the Hanson-Walden deal for the Braves, thinking that their new reliever is fixable, while the deteriorating Hanson is very possibly not, while Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs also sees risk in Hanson, who brings his own risk as the replacement for the risky Dan Haren. Sullivan includes a GIF of Hanson’s delivery that illustrates well Law’s statement of concern about how Hanson generates so much of his velocity with his arm, and so little from his legs.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jack Moore looks into how the stolen base has grown in importance in recent years– something Alex Anthopoulos seems to have noticed.

Lastly, an interesting event from the guys at Tallboys Craft Beer House– specifically, Kevin, who has run the Jays Days events at Opera Bob’s– as on Thursday, December 6th, they’ll be showing Dave Stieb’s no-hitter in full, with beer tastings from Amsterdam Brewery, cheese pairings by Taste Bud, and Jays trivia. Check out the Facebook event page.

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  1. Fucking Cox…

    How would living in Ontario first make him feel differently? It’s pretty black and white. You can’t move here with a pitbull. So, what’s to digest by living here?

    • Agreed. You don’t need to live in Ontario to know the ban is wrong.

      The fact then-Att. General Bryant didn’t ramp up penalties for the owners of dogs like the one that killed the woman in 2005 in the wake of that tragedy, instead of banning the dog itself, defies common sense.

      Logically, the ban is tantamount to banning cars after a fatal hit-and-run.

    • I had just finished reading the Cox article before I came here and saw this post up. My first thought was “How hasn’t Stoeten ripped this to pieces yet?”. He didn’t disappoint.

      I really don’t get how Cox maintains his air of smug self assurance while writing trash like that. Talk about appealing to the lowest common denominator. Surprised The Sun hasn’t backed up the money truck to steal him away. He’d fit right in.

      • when cox co-hosts PTS why does he always do that smug little laugh sometimes bordering on a belly laugh at his own jokes that arent even remotely close to being funny?

        • Because he’s scared of McCown.
          He wants to avoid the mess that occured his first time around, when McCown thought he was being witty by ridiculing every thing Cox said.
          The show is a fucking disaster.

          • maybe, or maybe he’s drinking again

            you know, you’ve got to at least ask the question

          • @Wilner’s bald spot

            Did he ever stop?
            I know I’d want to be drunk if I had to hang out with McCown. He’s an insufferable fool.

      • Personally, I blame the NHL. Cox can only keep quiet for a few months of no hockey. By August he’s generally starting to make ridiculous statements about the Jays out of sheer boredom and trollery. Now he’s definitely hit the point of “Fuck My Life Give Me Something to Write About” frustration, and tearing his hair ou… oh wait.

    • Fuck. I read that this afternoon and tried to comment, but apparently the Star does not like the name TonyRage, because I cannot post a fucking comment anywhere on there website.

      But Stoeten nailed it. What kind of special knowledge does Buehrle needs about Ontario to form an opinion on that particular law.

    • It seems sort of a Pot-Kettle-Black column from a guy who wrote about a soccer match that he only watched a third of…

    • I’ll explain it to you dipshit. you see laws are passed by elected officials. The citizens decide what laws they approve of, not foreigners. Just like we don’t decide the laws of buerhles backwater country. Buerhle is coming here to WORK so shut the fuck up and keep your dog in the states along with your guns, debt and romney.

      • More twatery.

        Both of our country’s take great pride in something we like to call ‘freedom of speech.’

        We’re enduring your dickishness for the same reason, although God knows it’s growing old.

      • So by your logic, opposing a law calling for the death of homosexuals in Uganda is something we shouldn’t oppose because we don’t live there? Doesn’t fly, my friend.

  2. because Canadians NEVER comment on the ideas/laws of Bush or Obama…

    • +1.

      I think there is a bill to lift the ban on pitbulls in Ontario, but it died because mcGuinty prorogued the legislature.

      It could pass once the legislature resumes sitting.

  3. Went to Tallboys a couple months ago when they showed Game 6 of the 93 World Series. Fun time. I recommend.

    I’ve been to a couple of the Opera Bobs things. Fun, but I find some of the staff there to be crazy rude, which kinda killed that place for me.

    Either way, love that these Jays events are happening.

    • There was one guy who used to work there who was a complete dickhead. I am pretty sure he was let go. But Greg Cockerill is fucking awesome nice.

      • Well I’m moving to Miami for 160 days, after I win the lottery, and I’m going to change the law on the death penalty. I’m sure Americans won’t mind.
        Toronto ain’t some fucking back-water place waiting to get enlightened by a red neck. Stick to pitching thats why you are here.

      • Yeah, one guy there is great, I think I know who you mean. Its some bearded guy that consistently acts like a massive prick for no apparent reason. Hopefully he’s the one let go! Cool bar otherwise.

  4. That FanGraphs article on the SB is one of the most interesting reads I’ve seen recently. Nice find.

    Also makes me feel pretty good about the Jays lineup (and bench) as there’s a ton of speed there. Not to mention it makes me think (as you alluded to Stoeten) that AA and the front office are paying attention to such trends in the league. It obviously affects how they value various players and construct the roster.

    Personally I just find it a more interesting brand of baseball than we saw in the “wait for a three-run homer” era.

    • I would like to find out more about to what extent the Jays management studies the moves made by other teams in order to see the extreme beginning of a trend. I think it would be quite interesting……but then again It could be the liquor.

      • In light of AA’s prime dictum ‘Thou shalt be transparent(ish) wrt the blogosphere,’ I urge you to proceed on this tack.

        Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

        I wish you blue sky sailing, and all the rum you can drink.

        (But then again it could be the wine.)

  5. I used to think Cox was just a terrible analyst of baseball, and that presumably he has some insight into hockey. But then the other day I heard all the geniuses on the Hockey Central show saying he doesn’t know a damn thing about hockey and should stick to tennis. Reading between the lines I sensed there was some genuine feeling amongst the testosterone-fuelled bonhomie.

    Sports journalism … apparently a profession where ‘knowing what you’re talking about’ is increasingly a disqualification from the best jobs.

    • Baseball, Tennis & Hockey are my three favourite sports.

      Please everyone who wants Cox to go cover a sport other than baseball…he is insufferable covering anything.

      So stop with the suggestions that he is out of his element covering baseball. He’s a twat, regardless of the sport.

    • Cox lobbied hard to be the voice of the Leafs for the Star when his predecessor left for greener pastures.
      I’m astounded he got the job.
      Not only is he a bad writer, he rarely offers an insightful or thoughtful idea. His columns are the epitomy of bland.
      At least he gives Cathal Kelly props for being a far better writer.

  6. They could repeal the law on put bulls, and at the same time require dog owners of any breed deemed dangerous to carry liability insurance against their dogs attacking or injuring someone in an unprovoked manner…problem solved.

  7. I say pass even more bans on dogs, if you can hold a full grown dog with one hand and it requires a sweater to go outside in the winter. BANNED.

  8. Would like to see Haren here. Big upside, minimal risk on a one year deal. However, a hitter’s park in the AL East may not be the best place for a pitcher to build up some value. Were I he, I’d look to San Diego, or either LA team. Some non tendered guys would be ok on minor league contracts if it meant they could reside in Buffalo and be available as 8th, 9th,& 10th starter type guys. Hopefully, Jays are past that level of guy for the opening day roster.

  9. MLBTR says the Diamondbacks are looking for veteran starters. Which means they may trade a younger guy if they sign one.

    I’d love to see some of the Jays pitching depth come from Arizona. They’ve got a bunch of young guys who would look nice in Buffalo.

    Skaggs, Bauer, Corbin… Even Collmenter wouldn’t be terrible.

  10. i like skaggs and bauer. collmenter wouyd be terrible.

  11. i think jays should be dealing catchers for dickey (maybe not), niese or even santana from mets or ogando or perez from rangers… otherwise, jump on this ruiz drug suspension. very timely. deal catchers and a CF (gose) to philly for pitching.

  12. Damien Cox should work for the Passionate Eye or something because he only covers the poignant issues.

  13. Imagine if we had given up Syndergaard too, and not gotten Bonifacio back.

    I’m not so sure I’d have liked that deal as much.

    Props to AA for getting a good deal out of those discussions.

  14. So Beeston is saying Grass in 2013 ? ” on March 1st and leave it there until the end of the baseball season. It can be done.”

  15. Oh wow John Lannan just got released. If I were AA I would be all over that.

    • Yup perfect guy for AA to have compete with Happ for fifth starter job.

      • no. bedard, oswalt… maybe prior.

        • Lannan lines up pretty well with Happ – definitely a good guy to compete with Happ for 5th starter, agreed

          Still hoping AA goes after another better pitcher instead (like a Haren) but all those guys are waiting for Greinke to sign first to determine the market value. So it looks like scraping the non-tender/minor league heap might be more reasonable to expect

        • Those guys both seem like projects with good upside. Problem is they probably wont play in AAA and I wouldn’t want to give either of them many innings unless they have a good spring training. I could see Happ being a better #5 than both of them.

        • Prior? As in Mark Prior? Ya, cuz he has accomplished so much in recent years. Ridiculous.

        • Prior? Mark Prior?

          Fuck no, please.

        • Mark Prior? What is this 2001? Has he even started a game in the last five years?

    • Lannan was pissed about being buried in AAA all of last year. Doubt he’d want to risk going through that again. He’s not coming here, he’s going to sign somewhere where he has a clearer path to a rotation spot in the majors.

  16. re haren.

    i get that san diego is a good place to pitch 16 stars, but other GM’s know that don’t they?

    So it shouldn’t really help your value, if its taken in context

    • if Haren wants to pitch in the playoffs Washington or Toronto are probably his best bets. It sounds weird saying that haha.

  17. And Bobby Wilson has been non-tendered,

  18. I can’t believe that trading either JPA or Buck was dependent on Bobby fucking Wilson.

    Finding another random catcher won’t be hard if one of those two are dealt in Nashville.

  19. And Adam Lind’s platoon partner gets non-tendered:


    No, wait, that was back when Rogers was cheap.

  20. I wonder if AA is planning on trying to do with Nolin what he did with Molina. Brag him up and dump him after a good year.

  21. If Cox is as dumb as he obviously is, I wish he’d just stop getting linked to and getting hits. If we really want to marginalize his “ideas,” the only way to give them less time is to provide less rationale for the paper to keep printing them. As long as the hits keep coming, it’s worth it for the Star.

  22. It honestly depends

    Id stick to the latter (purple people eater)

    Once you get a taste of the soul searchers union the syrupy paste keeps flowing

    Lets embrace in that whirlwind

    Not the 4500 calorie brunch with multiple condiments OPTIONS!!!

  23. I wish cox would travel to Florida, cop a real nice sun tan, put on a hoody, play music loudly in a parking lot and report on “stand your ground” legislation

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