Because, why bury all this in an upcoming Late-Afternoon Snack post, it’s a bunch of minor moves!

Shi Davidi tweets that Corey Wade, one of the many waiver pick-ups Alex Anthopoulos has made this winter (I think I can call it the winter now, yes? It’s damn cold out there!) in the hopes of sneaking them through waivers to create depth at Triple-A, has elected free agency rather than accepting his assignment to Buffalo after clearing waivers.

Clearing waivers and landing in Buffalo are Joel Carreno and li’l Mike McCoy, who will at least face fewer indignities than last year, with the commute to and from Western New York being much shorter than the one from Vegas, not to mention the fact that he’ll be behind an actual MLB player on the depth chart, rather than been deemed sub-mascot as he was in 2012.

Not clearing waivers, however, was first baseman Mike McDade, who was claimed by the Clevelands, as appears to have been first reported by Paul Hoynes of the Plain Dealer. (MLBTR, naturally, has a nifty round-up of the transactions.)

We saw the McDade loss coming when it was announced that he had been D’d FA in the wake of The Trade, and maybe even seemed odd given that Bobby Wilson remains on the roster as the club’s fourth-best MLB option behind the plate, as well as Dustin McGowan, whose injury history and the $3.5-million remaining on his deal may have seen him clear. But while he’s not a nothing prospect– a switch-hitting first baseman with an alright glove (reportedly, I think) who seemed to learn how to take a walk during his repeat year at New Hampshire– he’s certainly not the kind of high-upside talent that Alex Anthopoulos has begun to emphasis, and probably isn’t someone who was ever going to be looked at as a regular first baseman here.

So, things sure have changed around here, haven’t they? A loss like this, minor as it may be, would have been decried for days had McDade not lost his 40-man spot largely due to The Trade. Now… meh. Just a guy. Didn’t have trade value. It is what it is. Oh well.

We’re too big time now to concern ourselves splitting hairs over whether he or Wilson (who gives the Jays the ability to trade a catcher), or McGowan (who would frustrate us to no end if he left and had success– and health– elsewhere), or Jeremy Jeffress (an interesting power arm, but out of options), or anybody else should have gone. We have a genuine, top-heavy roster to drool about.

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  1. This is kinda the problem with having a lot of vets on the 40 man in AAA. if your injury contingency includes players who have not hit the majors yet, you can keep them off the 40 until they’re called up. having a 40 full un-waiverclearingable guys means less flexibility.

    But like Stoets says.. meh. were splitting WAR hairs.

  2. Ya its close enough to winter.

  3. Losing muffin top because of our top-heavy roster. lol.

  4. Losing McDade really makes you understand the concept of a 40-man roster, and perhaps how deep it is to compliment the 25. The 40-man all of a sudden so deep that McDade went from a prospect to keep an eye on, to being filler in a relatively short period of time.

    It’s a good sign to see that your 40-man is built more for success, and less to be prospect whores. It actually makes me even more excited about the 2013 season.

    • I remember prior to the 2012 season, there was a ton of people talking about him being Lind’s divine replacement. However, I guess it just shows you nothing is certain when it comes to prospects.

      • Truth is McDade was never that good, and so it goes with a lot of last year’s propect porn. We are contenders now, and are well on our way to champions. Guys like McDade, Snider (no thats not a shot at anyone), Cooper, Thames etc are just filler, and have nothing to contribute to the Jays future World Series win.

  5. Speaking of non-tendered players here’s a list of a few of the more interesting pitching names along with the free agents still out there and finally Happ for comparison.

    Karstens looks interesting if you go by recent results among the non-tendered guys. Jurrjens if you go on older performances.

    • I’m still all for McCarthy. 2/$16M with a vesting option on games started for $10M with a buyout?

      • Consider me sold. Either McCarthy or Haren. I probably would wet myself with excitement if the Jays got one of those guys.

        However, I think it would more along the lines of maybe 1 year at $7-10 million with a much bigger option in the 2nd year with a decent buyout. They’re trying to build value more than anything. The 2nd year at say $12 million+ rewards them for doing well in 2013. Even then they just might prefer to take their chances on a one year deal.

    • I like Karstens a lot actually. I’m not sure he’s good enough to displace Happ, but he’s great starting pitching depth.

  6. Losing McDade is tough, he has a load of potential as a hitter. Switch hitting with contact and power abilities, I get the feeling he is going to be a solid pick up for Cleveland. Good luck to him.

    Also Jair Jurrjens was non tendered today, AA should be ALL OVER this..

  7. Ok, I’m not up to speed, completely, on this 40 man assignment. When Mcdade was DFA’d it was written that we had 10 days to trade or release him etc.
    So, did he have absolutely no value to any team anywhere in a minor deal of some kind?
    It’s been about a week, so I kind of wonder why we just didn’t trade him to Cleveland say, for someone in A ball, or use him as filler in another trade rather than just lose him outright. Comments?
    Notice that fukstik Mccoy did manage to skate all the way thru and he will play in Buffalo. Remember a couple of years ago when Buck was gushing about what a valuable piece he was to the jays and we actually had him batting lead off as our speed guy? I guess we are still the only team that has any use for him and his .191 avg

  8. Lol claimed by the Cleveland’s

  9. I figured they might bounce Lind down again to see if there were any takers on him after his better 2nd half.

    Call me crazy but with contracts going up ridiculously, Lind’s improvement after his demotion and his team options he may actually have some trade value. Not much, but I bet they could unload him to save a buck if need be.

  10. Hrmmm so far im finding some of these non tender names interesting for the Jays..

    Jurjjens – We know he hasgreat stuff, maybe a change of scenery to a team like the Jays would kick his shit right in gear. Could be a low risk high reward guy.

    John Lannan – Weve heard the Jays linked to him in the past though Happ is a better pitcher straight up so I doubt youll see movement there.

    Jeff Karstens – Great swing man option right here. He’s coming off two pretty decent years with the Pirates and he would be a cheap and decent arm for the 5 spot or a swing man.

    Manny Parra – His name might come up but again, not better than Happ, at all.

    Rich Hill – If old man Oliver is leaving, here’s a guy I sure wouldnt mind seeing in the jays pen this season. This should be a big name to watch for AA if black magic does indeed want out.

    Daniel Schlereth – hard throwing lefty, lots of talent but kind of a bandaid, when hes healthy hes pretty solid but that doesnt seem to be all that often.

    Mark Reynolds – Sure he’s one dimensional, but he’s a solid defender (AT FIRST) and it sure would be fun watching him smash balls into the LF upper deck. But something tells me that someone more in need of power will snap him up. But maybe coming to Toronto and working with a more contact oriented hitting coach and hitting in a line up built to insulate the bigger bats would bring out more in him.

    Ian Stewart – lefty bat, lots of talent and a very diverse defender. he can play 1B, 3B and the corner outfield spots so… I dunno, maybe? But again, the Jays dont have a huge need for him.

  11. No more Muffin Top on the Blue Jays

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