It’s the eve of MLB’s annual Winter Meetings, which begin tomorrow in Nashville, and even though we may be salivating for the season to begin, especially after seeing everybody’s new favourite, Jose Reyes, goofing around with Carlos Delgado here, but for most of baseball, there’s a lot of work to be done over the next few days– and maybe even for the Jays too. Here’s what’s out there rumbling…

For whatever little it’s worth, on Friday afternoon’s Prime Time Sports on the Fan 590, Jon Morosi of Fox Sports said that he thinks the Jays are still interested in Anibal Sanchez, though he wasn’t certain that they’d be into going five years with him. “I think there’s a chance Alex has another move or two up his sleeve,” he said. Translation: keep sending traffic in the direction of my rumour-mongering! [Note: will do.]

In the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott gets us set for the meetings, speaking to a ridiculous “veteran evaluator” who calls Josh Johnson a three, and says the Jays need “a dominant number one” like, among others, Jack Morris– he of the career ERA+ that, even when you subtract his awful two final years, barely scrapes just a point ahead of Gustavo Chacin’s.

Elliott also runs with the rotation setup that Alex Anthopoulos tossed off in his conversation with reporters this week– as quoted by Gregor Chisholm at North of the Border– which places Mark Buehrle at the top. He says it’s “the way the Jays have been listing their starters”– plural– so maybe there’s something to it. I could see maybe the Jays wanting to thrust Buehrle into a leadership role that way, though I could also see Anthopoulos having listed the names of his starters in no particular order at all.

“Could they deal Rasmus and give the centre-field job to Gose?” Elliott asks elsewhere. “A number of teams have been asking about Rasmus.”

Elliott also notes that JP Ricciardi, now in the Mets front office, made JP Arencibia a first round pick in 2007– his club’s second of that round, after Texas forfeited the 16th overall pick to the Jays for signing Frank Catalanotto!?!!? (Which the Jays used to take Kevin Ahrens)– and therefore may have a special interest in him, particularly if his new club is looking to move a pitcher, such as RA Dickey.

Speaking of Dickey, in his pre-Winter Meeting piece for (Insider Olney), Buster Olney stokes that fires– which is burning inside all kinds of Jays fans, apparently– noting as well that the Mets may be getting more serious about moving Dickey, and “on paper, there could be a match between the Jays and the Mets, given the Mets’ need for a catcher and Toronto’s catching surplus.”

Continuing to spitball, Olney writes that “on paper, their best trade partner might be the Rays, who will not hesitate to trade within the division if they find the right deal.” David Price you very much? I was asked about this last night, and yeah, you’d have to give up the farm. I wouldn’t hesitate to include d’Arnaud, Sanchez and Syndergaard if it meant landing three years of Price. Fuck it, and more.

Another piece from Elliott in the Toronto Sun takes a look at a number of things: the Jays’ fancy new playoff odds, the club’s history at Nashville-based Winter Meetings, the importance of getting players to show respect for umpires, the addition of Tim Leiper– who’ll be Canada’s third base coach at the upcoming World Baseball Classic– as the Jays’ new director of player development, and the retirement of Wayne Morgan, a Jays’ pro scout and lifelong baseball man who signed Terry Puhl in 1973.

Speaking of the WBC, Canada has announced its coaches for the event, including Leiper, manager Ernie Whitt, first base coach Larry Walker, pitching coach Denis Boucher, bullpen coach Paul Quantrill, and coaches Stubby Clapp and Greg Hamilton.

Jayson Stark surveys big league executives in his preview of the Winter Meetings for, including a couple (i.e. a very small minority) who think that the Jays might end up signing reliever Rafael Soriano. Hmm…

At FanGraphs, Marc Hulet looks at some B and C grade prospects who have some value to organizations, and may factor into some deals this winter, including Jays reliever Marcus Walden, who may be a Rule V draft option for some clubs.

Steve Melewski of MASN speaks to Orioles GM Dan Duquette, who says he doesn’t feel the need to make a big response to the Jays’ huge splash this winter. Good. Good. Melewski also writes that he disagrees with the O’s decision to non-tender Mark Reynolds, who is now a free agent, and I suppose a potential platoon partner for Adam Lind, if he can be had at the right price.

Lastly, forget anything to do with pitching depth, let’s just keep Joel Carreno, recently assigned to Buffalo, in our thoughts, as he took a ball off the side of his head last night in a Dominican Winter League game. Via Twitter and Google Translate, it appears that his club, Leones del Escogido, is saying that he will be operated on, though his vision is fine, his right eye is intact, and that, according to a team physician, he may be able to return to pitching in a month or two. That’s terrific news, but still scary stuff. Bluebird Banter, in addition to a frustratingly unlinked-to tweet, has video of the incident, if you’re not like me and actually have the stomach to watch it.


Image via @carlosdelgado21 (h/t @Broloccini).

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  1. Why the hell do the jays want soriano?

    • Perhaps because he is a good reliever??? Just my guess though…

      • considering he opted out of a 14 million dollar option, he will not be cheap. he is also a Boras client.

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    • We don’t need a Soriano, he’s way to expensive at this point. Wouldn’t be surprised if AA made every effort to persuade Oliver to stay another year.
      On a separate note, I think Jose Bautista is going to hit a career high in RBIs with all the guys getting on base around him in the lineup, from Reyes to Melky to Encarnacion. Bautista will have an MVP year!

      “JOSE BAUTISTA aka @JoeyBats19  Toronto Blue Jays Highlights”

    • I think this is a bullshit guess by some execs based on the way AA went after CloZers by trade or free agency the last few seasons. But I get the impression from a few AA interview transcripts I read that he’s not that into building a bullpen with just a guy at the back-end but looking for strength throughout and not at the kind of money Soriano wants.

  2. Fuck ya to David Price. If the Rays were willing I would walk into their “office” and say pick 4 minor leaguers.. any 4 and it’s done. The Farm would be devastated but, they would have time to build it back before it was needed again.

  3. damn doe. My boy Reyes has hella swag. bout time jays got playas with style.

  4. Price is a stud. I for real think we ws champs if we land the bawse

  5. File under “huh”: Delgado and Reyes have both been members of the Jays, Mets, and Marlins, just backwards, both being shipped outta Miami one year into their fancy deals. I hope Reyes’ deal ends up being a steal as well.

    Also: Carlos be looking old.

  6. fuck r a dickey

  7. Good news about Carreno. I read something about a kevlar lining being developed for the inside of a pitcher’s hat, which they hope could be used in the minor leagues if they can perfect it soon. Let’s hope that happens before a pitcher gets killed out there.

    • I really don’t understand that idea. How is kevlar suppose to mitigate the damage done from the impact of a baseball. Sure it stops projectiles from penetrating by dispersion of the force but it still leaves damage. It’s not going to prevent your brain from rattling around your skull due to the impact. I just can’t imagine it would greatly change the outcome of accidents of that ilk.

      • Oh I have no idea. I just hope they find something that can work safely and not disrupt the pitcher’s motion.

      • Obviously it isn’t going to completely mitigate damage but you’re crazy if you think it won’t help. For one thing, I’m sure it will help prevent skull fractures.

        • +1

        • Precisely. The relatively light mass of a baseball wouldn’t have the same effect that say the mass of the boards or another player’s body would have in a sport like hockey. These collisions that involve greater combinations of mass and velocity (momentum) are what cause your brain to “rattle around your skull”.

      • You answered your own question when you used the term “dispersion of the force “.

        That’s how it helps.

      • Understandable that there is confusion. Unequal Technologies has over 70 patents and patents pending on coating “high tinsile strength fibers” like Kevlar. We’re the ones anyone is talking about when “Kevlar pads” are mentioned. Unequal® absorbs disperses and dissipates blunt force trauma and impact shock better than anything on the planet of equal weight and thinness. Used in bullet proof vest it stops much of the energy associated with a bullet strike. In helmets our Unequal CRT knocks down Severity Index Readings by as much as 50% or more. The tests we did on a hard plastic typical baseball hat were simply not to be believed. We haven’t published the numbers yet. as we figure out how to deal with blow-back that they are too good to be true. As a liner in a soft baseball hat, the numbers were significant enough that MLB is taking a hard look: This posted Dec 3:

  8. Spending 14mill over who knows how many years to sign Soriano when the bullpen has Jansen and Santos doesnt look very practical.

    • I don’t dislike Santos or Janssen, but it takes a whole lot of faith to just turn up your nose at a fantastic bullpen arm like Soriano.

      Not that I think relievers are ever great pieces to spend a tonne on, but he definitely has big value.

      • Fair eought but if there is that kind of money at AA disposal why not take care of the rotation first as I see my self having more faith in Jansen and Santos doing their jobs closing then I do with Happ and Jenkins starting.

        I dunno it just doesnt seem like the right fit now to spend on considering the lack of depth in the rotation even after the Marlin trade.

      • I get the sense that because Santos had labrum surgery, he may recover more slowly ala Janssen, who wasnt as good his 1st year back.

      • At 14+ mill you’re paying him to be a 3 win pitcher. Considering he’s a relief pitcher, that’s not great value. You might as well throw that money at Edwin Jackson if you’ve got it

        • Yes, he’s never been 3 WAR (only 2 years in which he’s been over 2 bWar, and only 1 year over 2 fWAR), and is 32. Granted he’s a reliever, so WAR may be a weak means of assessing, but I’d say pass on that.

      • Of course he has value.

        He didn’t turn down a $13 million dollar contract from the Yankees for nothing.

        But the Jays can better spend this much money elsewhere….. Assuming they have any more to spend.

        McCarthy, Haren, Johnson extension, Sanchez even. All would be better uses than Soriano.

        • He turned down the offer because he thinks he’ll get more or he’ll get that much for longer that doesn’t mean he is actually worth more. Besides value usually lies in the difference between what you get out of a player and what you have to pay that player.

    • Except for that Santos is as far from a sure thing as you can be right now. Though I agree with you that they don’t need Soriano.

    • Who cares how much he costs if Rogers is willing to spend? Saying that I highly doubt that seems like the kind of contract AA would be interested in. Obviously there is a limit but I wouldn’t care how much they spent if they felt it was a good fit.

      • Because there are always limits to spending and you have to assume the Jays are near theirs as it stands now. And if there is an extra 14 mill kickin around I would rather sign/aquire a starter all things considered.

        • See your considering it an either/or. Which is fine if they only had 14M to spend. I’m saying its a both. Obviously depth in the rotation is #1 but what if they can do that and sign Soriano? Does it matter how much he costs then?

      • because splurging on one risky free agent could mean they don’t extend Johnson or put the money to good use elsewhere. the Jays’ dont have unlimited financial resources

  9. I’d think I’d be more comfortable trading Rasmus and starting Gose in CF than I’d be with trading JPA and starting Darnaud. At least until we see Darnaud healthy and with a bit of time in the major leagues.

    • Could not disagree more

      • I don’t think Gose will have a better bat than Rasmus and they have similar defense. If Rasmus matches or even betters his best season (not even all that unlikely for a guy his age) then he is worth about as much as Lawrie. assuming he can sustain that kind of hitting

        • Gose > Rasmus defensively.

          It’s not even close.

          Defensively Gose could be the games top CF. Other guys may compete with his range, but I can’t think of any speedy CFs with a cannon like him.

          You thought Devon White was fun to watch?

    • Darnaud should be a much better hitter than gose so I disagree with this. Plus, I think rasmus is a better hitter than gose and darnaud is a better hitter than arencibia.

  10. I’m such a beaut.

  11. I wonder what the value of rasmus is right now, what do you guys think we can get back for him. I was thinking perhaps a solid first basemen, and a reliever.

    • As in both a 1B and a reliever? Not sure what you mean by solid, but no way we get two quality major league pieces for Rasmus.

  12. Personally I think trading Rasmus right now is selling low. I think he has more in that bat. He could be a valuable guy with that power. He could even profile in LF if he could just get a little more consistant. I look at what Granderson does, and Rasmus isn’t that far off. He doesn’t have the same SB threat but the power and contact skills are similar. Rasmus as a poor mans Granderson isn’t a terrible thing.

    • That’s a pretty decent comparison, although Rasmus plays better defence.

    • a very poor man’s granderson.

      • So far – Rasmus is still a kid

        • Ramus is going to be turning 27 this season, he’s not a kid, this will behis 4th season. That being said he’s entering his prime and can still improve somewhat, but calling hima kid and insinuating he still might “figure it out” and become a different player is unrealistic at this point. Rasmus/granderson comparison isn’t that off, taking away granderson’s career years where he magically made better contact they have pretty similiar batting profiles. Although Granderson walks alot more.

          • considering we have 2 pretty good examples on this team of “guys figuring it out late,” I’m not willing to close the book on Rasmus, just yet

          • Grandy and Rasmus age 23-25 seasons:


            In his Age 26 season (Which is what 2013 is for Rasmus, he doesn’t turn 27 until August), Granderson put up 8 WAR.

            Seems like a good reason to wait him out a bit more.

  13. gose is a walking 2 war floor right now

    • not true, if you were too extrapolate his results form last season over a fullyear he’d be below replacement level, he hasto cut down on the strike outs like crazy.

  14. My thoughts are with Carreno, hoping he gets well quick. How long before pitchers wear some sort of protection for their head on the mound? I hope it doesn’t take a player getting critically injured for the league to take action. Whether its wearing a helmet or using the kevlar material that Sharkey mentioned, something has to be done.

    • See I think pitchers wouldn’t wear actual helmets. Imagine them rattling around, it would disrupt their mechanics. But I’m not a scientist so I have no idea.

  15. You pretty much have to keep Colby cause of his D, his offence can carry the Jays for the week or two when he gets hot. Catching and 2nd should get the attention, not CF

    • I was pretty sure that his defense was no longer that well regarded. Didn’t the fielding bible have him as below average in the league?

  16. In before the, “Ermahgerd let’s trade Arencibia for Holland or Ogando” crowd.

  17. I don’t think a Gose/Davis CF platoon would be all that bad right now.

    Hell, it should be more valuable than what Colby did last year. And Bonifacio can get some time out there as well.

    But I do think it would be selling pretty low. Considering his pre and post all star numbers it does lend credence to the notion that he may have been playing hurt.

    Although that was a plausible explanation for Adam Lind’s tale of two halves in 2011 and obviously he didn’t rebound well enough in 2012.

  18. I have to shake my head at some people who are saying they want guys like Hamilton, Grienke and Brian Wilson on the team. It reminds me of a spoiled kid at Christmas who gets a big toy car and then two days later he’s bored with it and demands another toy.

    • Way to be more of a buzz kill than Buzz Killington.

    • What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense.

      This is a good Jays team. They’ve gotten much better. Why shouldn’t people be allowed to dream? I’m not saying those are all good signings, but let’s not pretend that they wouldn’t all make the Jays better (assuming that Wilson could get back to being the Beard that’s feared).

      • He is saying that Jays fans always want want want. We should be happy with what we have right now and just because we don’t get another top player, fans shouldnt be disappointed.

        • Wanting is different than demanding.

          I want the Jays to win. I like it when the Jays win.

          Do you not want Grienke on your team? if not, you’re crazy. It’s an unrealistic hope, but then again, so was the hope that the Jays would pull of that giant deal, and then it happened.

          I’d also like to see Brian Wilson on the team, because I think he would be fun (good interviews and the like), and I think he could bounce back.

    • go sell some more cologne

  19. Kevin who? if only JPR would try and get every failed prospect he drafted.

  20. When AA lists the teams’ pitchers as Buerhle, Johnson, Morrow, and Romero it is clear that this reflects an exhaustive review of their 2013 potential with the starting rotation already set in stone or… it is simply alphabetical. I lean towards the latter option.

    Johnson is obviously a ’3′, by the way, on any team that includes Verlander and Price. Goodness, toss in Kershaw and any veteran talent evaluator will tell you that he is no better than a ’4′. Such stupidity.

    • Agreed. The slotting of the pitchers means absolutely nothing.

      Johnson and Morrow are your 2 best (probably) but I’d be very surprised if the Jays start their two slider throwing righties back to back.

      Morrow, Romero, Johnson, Buehrle, Happ is how it should roll out regardless of who’s better.

  21. I don’t want Gose anywhere near the starting lineup of a team that is trying to contend next season. He can’t hit…not yet, anyway.

    • True but his bat did take positive strides as the year went on and he did show an improved ability to draw a walk.
      His defense is gold glove caliber obviously. Im not against him being on the opening day roster unlike most but if he isnt thats okay too. Batting first in AAA opposed to last with the big club will prolly be of more benefit

      • Gose needs as much or more time in Buffalo than TDA

        • Chanse, Gose struck out over 30% of the time during his stint last year, which is fine nobody expected him to light the league up, but to say he’s mlb ready isn’t even a stretch it’s just wrong, theres no way Gose should be starting in CF unless Rasmus and Melky both go down with injuries

  22. I know this is gonna get ripped but I think if AA wanted to do this I think he could

    Trade for David Price. Going the other way could be obviously a couple of pitching prospects and you know we’d have to give up both Sanchez & Syndergard, with their need also D’Arnaud and then see what else they need. First base I think Cooper could be a player they get a lot more out of. Outfield if they Gose, you know they value good defense and speed. That’d be five really good prospects that might be enough.
    If we worry about salary maybe when all the dust settles teams like the Angels and ones that don’t get their free agent target could be interested in Buerhle. Maybe will need to include another prospect from the depleted farm system ( yes I get it it’s not a bottomless pit of prospects but a sb prospect could do) so we can also get back something of some value. But the main thing would be the salary dump of Mark’s $48 mil over 4 years vs Price’s around 40-48 over the next 3 years. The money could be a wash with maybe saving and hopefully keeping Price in Toronto after a going for it and hopefully becoming a winning team again. Well worth the price I think.
    For the next few years I could live with that rotation. And yes I believe both Morrow & Johnson could be aces. We can afford it. You pay for quality. Looks like Rogers is finally getting it. Who cares if we pay 160 mil a year in four years if we have a championship calibre year in year out maybe 4 million people will come back and great tv numbers and maybe even Rogers brand loyalty. They could be the big corp who also entertains the masses. If anyone can do this its AA. Great job prospect hoarding it can really pay dividends now
    Go Blue Jays!

    • this is a popular idea mentioned already in this thread and the afternoon snack, so no one is going to rip you much. I think if AA wants to make this team a world series contender he could use one more elite pitcher. I think the huge cost for Price or the much smaller cost of Dickey are his best bets. Dickey probably has 2-3 years of great baseball left in him and Price would be around for 3 years at the minimum (although would need a gigantic contract to keep around). The thing is that if they go after Dickey once he is winding down they could still have kept their best pitching prospects around to take his place. If Price walks in three years there probably won’t be much left on the farm.

    • stop dreaming that is not happening for more reasons i care to list.

      • Only if you can convince price to sign long term the your fucked

      • Price? or Dickey? or bringing in an ace?

        sure the chances are slim either of these moves actually happen but that is the same with any potential trade. The Jays + Rays + Mets look like good trade partners, if AA overpayed it could happen.

    • Top 4 prospects for Price?

      Shit that’s steep but probably about right.

      Jays got the top 3 prospects from Philly for Doc. Doc was probably more dominant but also less years of control.

      Not sure if I would roll those dice. Sure Price wins you a few more than Buehrle, but you still have no depth and you just gutted your farm system.

      AA keeps talking about sustained success and a big part of that is maintaining a decent farm system.

      • I’m pretty sure the deal was contingent on Doc signing an extension (which he did), so it was more control. And Price, over the next three years, is going to worth more than just a “few wins” over Buehrle

        • Yea Doc deal was more about getting exclusivity in signing him to longer term

          I would think the Rays would want a couple “now” pieces for Price – JPA over D’Arnaud possibly – seeing as without Price they could still contend

          They could look at Lind too, he’d be an upgrade over Pena probably or split with him.

          Either way, I could see Rays ask for JPA, top 2 pitching prospects and something else – be it Lind or bullpen help or salary relief

          Considering it’s in-division the Jays will be wary to get ripped off and Tampa surely knows that, so if it’s fair enough swap so that each team improves in tandem/let the best man win sorta thing I could see it happen

  23. “Insider Olney.” Brilliant.

  24. Speaking of inflated salary levels, have the Jays given any indication as to how many season ticket packages they have sold in the weeks after The Trade? And how those numbers compare to last year at the same time? Must be alot of Maple Leaf dollars floating around looking for a place to land.

  25. Even if we do trade Rasmus, I think people are forgetting about Bonifacio, who played there quite a bit. Melky and Davis could also take a couple days in CF, and Gose can still get some much needed time in AAA.
    I still don’t see it happening though.

    • I’ve been talking about the depth the Jays have in CF for a while now. While I wouldn’t necessarily want to play Cabrera or Davis there at least they can without hurting the team too much.

      As for as what Colby would be worth, I guess the best reference is Span and him bringing back Meyer. I think the Twins didn’t get as much for him as I thought they would. If they had waited until one more of Bourn, Pagan and Victorino had signed they’d have a lot more leverage with the teams leftover.

      Still I have a feeling Colby bounces back in a big way this year. If Gose can show he’s taken a step forward in AAA to start the year and Colby has a big first half then his value should only increase. Of course maybe Gose or Bonifacio are the ones to go in a trade. With Colby and Bonifacio under control for this year and next, it gives the Jays time to build some depth there again.

      That said, just sign Haren or McCarthy and all the talk about moving Rasmus or JPA becomes a moot point.

      • Dexter Fowler for Homer Bailey has apparently been discussed, not much of a stretch to think a Colby for Homer exchange could happen although it seems clear the Reds prefer a leadoff guy. Rasmus would be too similar to their other young outfielders – more power than batting average

        • I just dont see any way in hell the Reds would part with Bailey for Rasmus. That just sounds ludicrous to me

          • they wouldnt but for people expecting anything in trade value from colby need to work from there down – Fowler is about a 2.5 WAR avg player right now – if Reds think Homer is the same – then Colby is a downgrade from Fowler, let’s say a 1.5 WAR so reasonable to think someone slightly worse than Bailey

  26. I hope the new Jays players can mesh well together. I like that the guys from the Marlins have already played together and must have some chemistry. I think in baseball, more than any other sport, team chemistry is make or break for a team. The difference between teams like the Giants and Angels is that both had talent but San Fran had good chemistry.

    • Actually alex, the biggest difference between San Fran and LA was that LA plays in the AL West where there were three 85+ win teams and 2 90+ win teams whereas San Fran plays inthe NL west where the padres, rockies and diamondbacks reside. BIG difference in divisional quality.

  27. They look like real life Bobble Heads.

    Reyes looks like a NYC hip hairdresser on a coffee break.

  28. Ho ho ho!

    Merry Winter Meetings Eve, everybody!

    Ho ho ho

  29. I would trade Rasmus for pitching and put Gose in CF. It’s not a saber comparables thing, it’s Rasmus appears lazy and disinterested most nights. I like Gose’s ability and although he’s cocky, it’s not in a way that he doesn’t want to get better from working with the coaches and the vets. His intensity level is twice that of CR. We should know soon how AA intends on making a really good team into a powerhouse.

  30. I think its important to listen to some of the things AA has said post trade.

    1. He said its not like they went all in. they still have lots on the farm. He clearly values this and is not at all likely to trade his top 4 prospects for Price or anyone else. If they don’t win this year he still has to have a future to point to or he is gone.

    2. He said he has already gone above his salary threshold. Relatedly he talks a lot about picking up minor league free agents as depth moves.

    Bottom line: As much as I’d like to see a JPA+ move for Dickey, that should be the STRETCH move we should hope for. Much more likely is nothing happens this week, other than maybe moving someone like Lind to dump salary.

    • Exactly maybe an Aaron laffey like depth signing but AA will remain silent on the acquisition front for now

  31. Makes sense, so its trade time at the winter meetings. I’m sure it will all be revenue nutral in the end.

  32. Alderson seems very open to trading Mr Dickey. Almost as though it’s his preferred choice to trade him to address their C & OF needs:

    • JPA + Gose for Dickey under the condition that they are able to re-sign him, probably through 2015. Mets get their starting catcher and a promising outfielder while the Jays turn their rotation into the best in the AL east. The trade also wouldn’t change their 2013 payroll much at all since Dickey only makes $5 Million in 2013. Do it AA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Happ, Cecil, McGowan, Drabek

      Could be the best Blue Jays rotation of all time.

  33. I have faith in Gibby as Colby-whisperer. Big year in 2013.

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