In yet another blow of the kind that the Yankees, and fans of the senior citizens on their roster, are probably going to have to get used to, Alex Rodriguez– fresh off a horrific playoffs, and second half of the season– will undergo “a left hip arthroscopy to repair a torn labrum, bone impingement and the correction of a cyst.”

We’d been hearing most of the morning that surgery would be necessary for A-Rod– MLBTR has a handy timeline– but the club made it official in a press release around 1:30 PM ET.

Not to wish anyone– even A-Rod– poor health, but it certainly appears to be good news for a newly-competitive Jays club, but I don’t think it’s quite so simple as that.

Ken Rosenthal tweets that Yankee doctors are saying that there’s a good possibility A-Rod’s poor end to 2012 was due to the hip. While he’ll never again be the same guy he was at his peak, even a return to his early season form makes Rodriguez a quality player– albeit one still on the decline and maybe not so suited for third base any longer.

That’s a problem, as Dave Cameron points out at FanGraphs, since the market for third basemen isn’t great. “The league just lacks interesting young third baseman who haven’t already become franchise players,” he says. But that doesn’t mean the Yankees can’t get creative– and Jon Morosi of Fox Sports think its time they do it, arguing that they can’t wait for A-Rod, and that they ought to make a play for Padres star and Brett-Lawrie-dream-projection Chase Headley.

It’s a terrifying thought– not enough people know how good Headley is, but they’d find out in a big hurry once he moved from Petco to the Bronx– but one we don’t have to worry about too too much, as Morosi suggests a package built around Phil Hughes and David Phelps, which… seriously?

Still, they’re probably going to do something here– otherwise the Jays window, I think, creeps open just a little bit more as the Yankees wait.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Holy fuck, you guys are pumping out posts faster then I can read them.

  2. “Not to wish anyone– even A-Rod– poor health”

  3. Fuckin Morosi..

  4. I wish A-Rod excellent health so the Yankees are forced to start him or have it be a long, lingering, very expensive detriment to their team chemistry for the next few years.

  5. david phelps and phil hughes for chase headley would be the exact kind of deal that the yankees are historically able to get away with. trading a non-ace starter and a prospect for some organization’s top prospect. padres would probably even throw in money

  6. I can’t escape these feelings of schadenfreude.

  7. look at there 2013 payroll obligations. this hurts them big time with tax threshold.

  8. Moar schadenfreude!

  9. I say the Yankees stitch his head to a horse’s body and make it the new mascot.

  10. I didn’t know guys had labrums. And I’m not dead.

  11. So, lets say the Yankees trade for Headley.

    Then what do they do in July when ARod comes back? I guess ARod can be their DH.

    But injured or not, they still have to pay the guy the next 5 years. I really doubt any other team would going to take him on… and ARod claims he wouldn’t approve a trade.

  12. Was anybody else offering A-Rod even HALF the money the Yanks paid him? I guess the same could be said for Jeter. Maybe the days of the Yankees overpaying guys as a “loyalty bonus” are finally over.

  13. Headley’s good, but they are going to have to seriously deplete their farm system to trade for him.

    It would be interesting to watch Headley and Lawrie in the same division.

  14. Josh Hamilton signs for 33 million on one year deal with Yankees.
    This what I predict, crazy I know but I thnik the Yanks have something up their sleeve.

    • Better chance of jays signing Greinke than Hamilton going for 1 year.

      • Make him highest paid player ever in a year. Which is why i think his agent and Yanks will explore it, since it doens’t look like he’s getting his seven year contract. Players love setting records. Roger Clemens the best pitcher at the tiem took a one year deal to be the highest paid palyer ever. Still stands at 28 million he could have gotten more than on year but wanted that record. We just seen it with David Wright, not a coincidence that David Wright is now the highest paid paler in Mets history by 500,000. EGO’S!

        • Spelling mistakes galore, I know.

        • Comparing Hamilton to Clemens is stupid. Also Clemens never made 28 million for that season he only made 17 million. Also the David Wright example is trivial. because in 1992 Rickey Henderson was the highest paid player at like 2-3 million. Players salaries have skyrocketed in the last 20 years. However, players also like some level of security in case of injury, Hamilton could take a beaner of the head and never play again and thus never make $$$ I think he would rather take a 5 year 100 over 1 33 million deal.

          • According to Cot’s in 2007 MLB season Roger Clemens made 28 million making him highest paid player in MLB. Maybe Cot’s is wrong, but that’s where I read that information. Just google Roger Clemens highest paid player.

          • I don’t know if Hamilton wants to break records, but I wouldn’t't be surprised If Yanks sign him for one year. Hamilton can receive a four year offer next year. Apparently that’s all in any team is willing to offer according to the American media. Is it true… I have no idea.

            • No way Hanilton signs a one year deal.

              Fuck even Melky signed for 2 and he’s looking to rebuild value.

              Hamilton has already built his value. MVP performance next year won’t remove the character concerns and raise his value much.

              A lot more to lose than to gain at this point.

          • Clemens 28 was prorated to 17, he signed it at the end of May that year.

  15. Well, I’m glad to see that the hip problem didn’t stop him from wooing fine young ladies in the stands during a tied playoff game and then later going out on a date with one of them — and presumably doing things that involve hip movements later on.

    Whaat a hero to fight through the searing, stabbing pain!

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