Is it possible that, in the wake of The Trade with the Miami Marlins, and how the rest of the off-season has gone so far, that Alex Anthopoulos actually misses having scorn heaped down his throat? That he misses the infuriated bellowing of fans that we all got so very used to over the summer?

Because there aren’t a whole lot of other explanations for this:

Insanity. But as far as alternate explanations go, here’s the one I’m repeating to myself in order to keep my blood from boiling: he’s posturing.

Perhaps it’s just a fanciful notion, but I just don’t see how anyone with anything resembling a goddamn lick of sense could possibly not think that, at this point, Adam Lind– who was only ever league average against them when he was good THREE YEARS AGO– has not demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he should never see a left-handed pitcher again.

I mean… FUCK. I’ve even managed to wrap my head around the idea that it’s somewhat OK for Lind to stick around as the left-hitting side of the club’s DH platoon, but to let him hit lefties?!!?! Aaron Hill didn’t get this many chances with this team and he got all of the chances.

So… no. It can’t possibly be a real thing. It… it can’t.

And, fortunately, there are reasons to think it’s not: the statement that “as of now” this is the plan, for example.

A lot could change, and while another tweet from Davis indicates that the GM said he’s mostly just looking for depth at this point, I think it’s important to remember how Anthopoulos values leverage– as evidenced by his stance on the “cone of silence.”

I realize that it doesn’t exactly seem like his style to play games through the media, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to see a statement like this as possibly a message to teams and agents that he’s not as desperate for a lefty-masher as they maybe want to believe.

If it is that, though, it’s a well-coordinated effort:


Davis adds a few more nuggets, none of which are nearly as infuriating…

So… there’s that.

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  1. AA was also drunk

  2. Rajai Davis
    Moises Sierra
    Maicer Izturis/Emilio Bonifacio
    Travis d’Arnaud
    John Buck

    What do these names all have in common? They could all do a better job as the DH against lefties than Adam Lind and are already in the organization.

    • In my opinion this is precisely what Alex was saying. “Adam will get a ‘chance’ to hit lefties. Read: Spring Training. After which we will defer to one of our myriad acceptable internal alternatives to get on base vs. southpaws. Should we feel that an intense lack of offense remains due to position player injuries; we may look to acquire this kind of help by July so don’t rule anything out.”

  3. All of those “tweets” sound like posturing.

    AA, in his last media scrum, already alluded to how shitty Lind has been vs LHP. he’s obviously aware of it.

    I’ll withhold my scorn for now.

  4. Anyway, if Adam Lind starts regularly against lefties, the Jays won’t make the playoffs.

    I don’t think John Gibbons will let that happen though.

  5. This has to be some serious fucking BOOLSHIT, right?

    “Give him a chance”? Fuck right off with that. He’s a steaming pile who’s used up ALL of his chances & THEN some. Is AA so confident in this lineup that he thinks he can just punt the DH spot? He can’t be. He just can’t.

  6. Im the only David Cooper supporter in all of Blue Jays land, give him a chance come on.


    • i’m a huge cooper fan, but i really believe he belongs in the national league as a pinch hitter.

    • +billions and billions
      SOME production from Cooper is better than NO production from Lind-a

      on the other hand

      If AA brought up Motorolla , and Motorolla helps Lind, maybe that’s what the plan is.

    • The fact that Lind sucks doesn’t make Cooper good or some kind of real option for a contending team.

      • ^^^ Yep. Cooper is also a shit bag.

      • He’s a better option than Lind. Use him to spell off Edwin at 1B and put him in at DH some of the time and DFA Lind to BBB Tranquillity Base Luna. All that’s done for no added money. Money is needed to buy more pitching.

  7. Slightly unrelated to this (although the first comment is about Lind) but the TSN comment thread is full of shit today

    • Just today?

    • Why are you still reading comments?

    • this one is my favourite:

      “I smell a trade to Texas of Buck, Lind and Sierra for a pitcher (Derek Holland?). This fills multiple holes for Texas and flexibility to add to the Blue Jays starting pitching, possibly flipping Rasmus and one of (Romero/Happ) for Shields. TB then gets a CF and a starter, Blue Jays left with Johnson, Buerhle, Morrow, Shields, and Holland. Then Toronto signs a Bourne or some other defensive CF and they are set for years. “

    • @Sharkey. The TSN message board is hilarious. JPA for Dickey straight up??

      Wow. I would be the voice of reason on the TSN board :))

      I do like the thumbs up/thumbs down feature.

      • If you tried to post anything even mildly intelligent there, it wouldn’t see the light of day. The threads are heavily moderated, and the mods seem to have an unusually high quota of ‘fucking moron/troll’ comments to get through.

  8. AA could of course be bullshitting again though

  9. Words on December 1 carry little value. I think the Jose’s will get most of the DH starts on turf versus LHP this year anyway. And Lind can’t play field (except where a power RHB is already located).

  10. At least there’s not payroll parameters talk this year

  11. Fuck me, if he’s serious then I’d rather he let the pitchers hit for themselves.

    • But I actually think what “Jays2010″ posted above is more the case. It’s posturing and smoke.

  12. They’ll let him “face” left-handed pitching, literally, as in Gibbons won’t make Lind turn the other way and face the dugout wall with a dunce cap and his ass firmly on the goddamn bench.

  13. Why is Lind still on this team??? Because he’s infuriatingly inconsistent (unless he’s facing LHP, in which case he’s infuriatingly CONSISTENT), equally teasing us with his 2009 production – yet more often than not, showing us his 2012 numbers.
    He’s like the drunk husband – whose wife says “Oh, he’ll get back on the right track. All he needs is just a little bit of ….”
    The Jays have been trying to move him, quoting his 2009 figures…but all the other teams are looking at his 2012 figures. You don’t want to move him and get NOTHING – because sure as shit sticks to your dress shoes, he’ll revert back to the 2009 Lind once he leaves.

    • Lind must have naked pictures of Anthopolous.

    • Might as well platoon him this year, his last year, and buy him out of his options afterwards. 5M for half of a 1B/DH platoon is not so bad, especially if we can scoop up a guy like Scott Hairston on the cheap.

    • Why is he still on this team, you ask, fastball? Because he’s under contract for five freaking million dollars a year, that’s why. That’s why he’s untradeable — nobody will pay that kind of money for an injury-prone DH/1B-only player who can’t hit particularly well and can’t hit left-handed pitching period.

      So, all we can do is cry? No, I live in hope. It’s entirely possible that AA is just doing PR here and Sleepy will never tread the turf at Rogers Centre again. There are some realities that a GM just cannot acknowledge in public no matter the situation. He has to keep Lind at least trying to act professional while the faint hope of a trade is still alive — of course I’m talking about a trade where the other team has to take Lind or the deal’s off, and the Jays pay most of his salary.

  14. Yeah, none of that really means anything. Maybe he’s wary of the say nothing approach that had the Jays rumoured in on everyone last winter, so he’s just saying he’s happy with the club to quell that. Or maybe he means it.

    Either way we know he’s talking to every GM and agent at the meetings, so if he comes across something he likes that’ll make the Jays better, he’ll ninja strike, if not it’ll just be filler.

  15. and yet travis snider couldn’t get any AB’s

    but adam lind gets a million chances

  16. Ahhhhhhhhh…FML

  17. Rays signed James Loney and Red Sox signed Mike Napoli, both to play 1B. Tex is in decline and O’s have Chris Davis. Were the Jays to play Lind at 1B, they could argue that he’s an “above average” bat in the division! Yikes, whodathunk something like that would come to pass.

  18. Expectations leveling.

  19. Sadly it doesn’t sound like AA is going to do much else of note, at least to me. I know, I know, cone of silence and all that but from all the other comments I am reading, I am pretty sure it will be a gaggle full of Laffey types if anything else happens. Hopefully I will be surprised.

  20. It’s because they have a plan.

    Lind is going to sit with Motorola on the bench.

    Lind: So what do I do.
    Motorola: See fastball, hit fastball.
    Lind: What if there is a slider.
    Motorola: Nothing.
    Lind: Nothing?
    Motorola: Well, you could just watch it spin away out of the strikezone, but that’s up to you.
    Lind: What about change ups?
    Motorola: Crush them.
    Lind: That’s it, then?
    Motorola: Go get’em, tiger.
    Lind: Sure thing.

  21. I wouldn’t take AA’s comments too seriously. Of course Lind will get a chance to hit lefties….in Spring Training and go from there to see where he’s at. I’m sure they want Adam to be motivated and at least given a chance.

  22. It won’t happen, fret thee not. I for one think Lind will have a decent comeback season vs RHP, but it ain’t too hard to find a RHB to face LHP, the bench will be full of ‘em, Rajai is an obvious choice (although Colby’s .554 OPS vs LHP doesn’t make my heart sing).

  23. I am predicting a 3.5 fWAR season from Lind. He has periodically shown flashes of brilliance since 2009… all being interrupted by injury. This is the year he comes to camp fit, stays healthy and puts it all together.

    It happened with EE. Why not Adam Lind?

    • Because he has been fat and out of shape for the past 3 years, why would he change now? He has been demoted, told to get in shape, all that shit….yet he is still, well, Adam Lind.

      I see no reason to buy into this garbage. But hey, thats just me.

    • Nobody’s saying Lind couldn’t be at least league average against righties. But the ship has sailed on him being better against lefties than a right-handed platoon option.

    • Mrs. Lind is that you?

      It’s so nice when you see parents taking such an active interest in their children’s career.

      How old was Adam the first time you caught him pulling hits?

  24. The picture says it all.

    Adam Lind can’t hit LHP because he has been doing it with his eyes closed!

  25. I can’t stop laughing at that Adam Lind struggle face at the top of the article. I’m gonna take a guess and say that’s him after chasing an 0-2 curveball low and inside?

  26. So just like Lind, AA doesn’t look at stats. I joke It could be for leverage, but if it’s not…. I agree WTF!
    I even think AA saying he’s happy with his five is a lie. If your planning on contending in 2013 and they now most definitely are after the season Romero had and JA Happ not having great succes in the NL can not be your 4 and 5 starter. One of them yes, both of them no… in my opnion.

  27. Why not Morse? What would it cost to land him? He would mash in the Dome.

  28. Two words that give me hope for Lind……FINAL YEAR. It’s his final year on the contract – so by extension, that means monster year coming up.
    Anyone remember Esteban Loiaza – got 11 wins in 1997 in his final year, and cashed in. Best signing in baseball history was him signing with the White Sox in 2003 for 400K and had one MONSTER year, getting 21 wins – and did basically shit after that. But he got the big seasons just when he needed them…right at contract renewal time.

  29. As direct as AA was last week in talking about Lind’s splits (and basically how he could still be a redeemable player if you eliminated his AB against LHP), I’m leaning towards bullshit posturing on this one. It’s not like AA doesn’t know how to read the same splits that we all do. And he’s certainly not going to let Lind of all people ruin this team’s playoff chances with his hacking.

    Besides, we have Gibbons now. He knows how to utilize a platoon.

  30. AA is posturing…Lind might get a chance or dealt IF a few guys they covet become available at a more reasonable price.

  31. The fuck Anthopoulos be posturing for, exactly? To trick these other GMs into taking Lind, as if they’re really THAT stupid, or to have leverage against those super-expensive platoon options on the open market?

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