Jays Claim Eli Whiteside

Well well well, remember all those words I bothered spilling the other night when the Jays decided not to tender a contract to Bobby Wilson, thus potentially– albeit debatably– making them less likely to be interested in moving JP Arencibia or John Buck? Turns out it didn’t take them long to put themselves back into the catcher-heavy position they were in last week.


Despite the picture, Whiteside was actually claimed by the Jays from the Yankees, after they had claimed him the Giants a few weeks back, and signed him to a $635K split contract, according to River Avenue Blues– who also note that he’s out of options and would have to pass through waivers to be sent down to the minors.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what the Jays try to do here, very possibly losing him in the process. But with the Winter Meetings in full swing, it sure adds a layer of intrigue to the whole catching situation, doesn’t it?

And just as this happens, we’re hearing that the catching-starved Mets are “getting serious” about trading RA Dickey– per both Jayson Stark and Jon Heyman. MLBTR has some details on that as well. Interesting… yknow, if you want it to be.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Hmmm. I wonder which catcher will start opening day. I’d still like to keep a little something in the bank for the trade deadline, though.

  2. Is it just me or do the Toronto Blue Jays have the largest revolving door at catcher of any MLB team ever?

    • i think since last yr:


      hahaha AA pure clown

      • Yes, all while not contending, building the value of a young player to the point where he might be the main piece in a trade for a Cy Young winner and developing the best catching prospect in baseball.

        Real clown.

        • um, what?

          im saying clown as in such a funny guy with his catcher obsession and rotating of that position to gain other things

          geez learn to read between the lines

  3. AA just keeps one-upping himself with these shitty-ass catcher pickups

  4. Sweet, the love-in with Cibia may very well be coming to a conclusion

  5. What advantage does this have over keeping Wilson? If they hadn’t non-tendered Wilson, they would have only needed to pay 1/6 his salary. Could it be that there is a trade possibility they are mulling over, so they just wanted to keep their butt covered?

  6. Here comes the Dickey!?

    I wonder how highly JPA is valued by other teams.

  7. Ohhhhh shit plan the parade!!! lolz

    Opening day will be JPA, Buck as back-up. This has to be a AAA depth move; Buffalo needs a catcher when Travis gets the call for whatever reason (trade, injury, etc.).

  8. I’ll be surprised if this turns into anything. With his career .608 ops, won’t Whiteside likely just go to Buffalo and be TDA’s backup catcher?

    • Or 3 months of backing up Buck until TD’A takes the reins. Bye JPA…hello 5th starter (or better)…

    • Out of options. Would have to clear waivers to get there (which as Stoeten mentions, is very possibly what the Jays intend to do. They love the waiver shuffle).

  9. Idk how gung-ho I am about moving JPA. He’s cheap and you have a pretty good idea what you’re getting out of him, which cannot be said about the other options we have at backstop.

  10. Bad news. A Rod is out til June – wanted him claiming a spot in the Yankee lineup – now they have an excuse to actually get someone better.

  11. jpa for david wright lol …… trollin

  12. Hopefully this is an indication that JPA is being traded for a pitcher.

    Bobby Wilson never had any bearing on a JPA or Buck trade. Neither does Whiteside, who could easily be DFAd and put on waivers down the road. Just a warm body.

    • Ugh I have to stop hoping for something like this to happen so much. The more I hope the less likely it will happen. Same reason why I haven’t won the lottery yet lol

      Give me a shout when we’ve signed or traded for someone better than Happ.

  13. Blue Jays sign shitty backup catcher who spent most of 2012 in Triple A. Still could trade Arencibia or Buck.

    Blue Jays sign John Gibbons. Still could trade Arencibia or Buck.

    Blue Jays freeze ticket prices. Still could trade Arencibia or Buck.

    Blue Jays to honour Carlos Delgado. Still could trade Arencibia or Buck.

  14. Everyone is talking about Jays trading for Dickey… So clearly its not going to happen. AA doesn’t work like that.

    • Such a falsehood. This is merely speculation from reporters because of an obvious fit. EVERYBODY mentioned the Jays in connection with Rasmus when he was on the block and he ended up coming here. I seem to recall some Brandon Morrow and Brett Lawrie speculation back in the day too.

    • Jpa for Brett Anderson?

  15. At least the latest Dickey rumors don’t have the Jays linked to him specifically. If he was, that would likely be the kiss of death with AA and his secrecy.

  16. jpa for ross detwiler

  17. fuck dickey i dont know why everyones losing their shit over a 38 year old knuckleballer whos had 2 good seasons and is gonna go for a lot of money

    • yea fuck pitching!
      why do you idiots want to pick up one of the most dominant pitchers in the game.
      dont you know we already have five pitchers?

    • yeah, why would we want the reigning Cy Young winner who is only going to make $4 mil this year. That is a real tough one!!!!

      • He’s 38. I’m not saying you’re wrong but you’re making a pretty shitty argument acting like it’s a no brainer.

        • 38 for a knuckeballer is hardly the same as for a conventional pitcher. He’s a Cy winner, had several good seasons back to back since learning the butterfly (and its getting better) and can easily pitch 2-3 more seasons at a high level as long as he’s only throwing 70 mph. Maybe you don’t trade a lot for him on a one year deal, but it you can extend him reasonably, then you might think about it.

        • It’s a give and take, if he was 25 and put up that season, he’d be untouchable.

  18. Dickey for jpa + make too much sense for both sides in a trade

    • how could it make sense for anyone to trade the Cy Young winner unless they are rebuilding for the next 5 years….I don’t know much about the Mets….

      • Well they are rebuilding.. And they appear to have a young starter ready for a full time rotation spot in Matt Harvey, with a few others knocking on the door.

        It would make a lot of sense for them to move Dickey now, and potentially Santana at the trade deadline if they’re not in the thick of a playoff race.

  19. lol its as if its a crime to not like r.a. dickey on here …………

    • It’s also a crime to have no concept of the ‘shift’ button on your keyboard. GTFO.

    • It’s not really as much a love for Dickey as a realization that he is the cheapest top of the rotation starter available for 2013.

      All of us would prefer Verlander, Kershaw, Price of King Felix. But that is unlikely to happen.

    • What’s not to like? 600 innings with a sub-3 ERA since 2010, not a lot of miles on his arm and it sounds like he can be had fairly cheap. Extend him immediately and it’s an absolute steal.

  20. I’m wondering what James Shields would cost. Not just for the Jays, but in general. He’d be cheaper than Price, but by how much?

  21. For those who are worrying about trading 4 years of JPA for possibly just one of Dickey.

    Remember, Dickey could very well provide $20 million of surplus value in ONE year. Even a more realistic projection is probably at least $10 million of surplus value as well as the possibility of a draft pick if he is not extended.

    It may take JPA all 4 years to do that and that’s if he isn’t non-tendered after 2015.

    And, really, is it that hard to find a 1.5 – 2 win catcher for $5 mil or less? I’d have to look into it but I highly doubt it. Which is why I have zero qualms about moving JPA.

  22. Exactly jays are contenders now
    Brett Anderson for jpa should be a good trade

  23. I’d take Niese for JPA. I think for Dickey the Mets would want some younger higher upside prospects plus jpa/d’arnaud.

    • You’d need more than JPA for Niese but, I agree, he’s a good target for a JPA trade.

      • The length of the Neise contract is great, as well is his new nose. I’d like to see him at the back of the rotation. Let’s not forget last year the Jays were talking about Neise as a potential #3 in the rotation. If he slots in at five,gives your 3 production, and has 5 years of control I consider that really really good.

    • They already have Niese and he won’t cost you JPA (Happ). Very similar pitchers.

      • They are quite similar but Niese is young and under a very reasonable contract for the next 5 years.
        Besides, assuming we aren’t going to have the 5 same healthy starters all year, we need another arm. Adding Niese would be fantastic.


        • Niese is definitely a good young pitcher and likely an upgrade over Happ (the delta becomes the “so what”). If just worry about too many lefties in the AL East. I’d like to see Morrow and Johnson going against the aces, with Buerhle/Romero/Happ/New Guy rounding out the staff. I’d love to see a righty in there to break up the lefties…

  24. if JPA is so good(all I keep hearing) why do you all want to trade him, when the pitcher spot can be filled through free agency. keep JPA, sign a pitcher, drink

  25. AA does these strange transactions on purpose…

    As the league’s head is spinning about our revolving door of catchers and relievers – he goes in for the kill like how he fleeced Miami. and got Melky for half the cost per year (and half the years) of BJ Upton when no one was looking

  26. It’s a nice warm day here but stormy tomorrow. AL East about to get a shake up.

  27. Arencibia is going to fit right in with the Mets.

  28. JPA’s latest tweet: #notgoinganywhere?

  29. Question for everyone including Stoeten- do the Blue Jays even have a cathcer who can catch a knuckleballer? I KNOW JPA wouldn’t be able to but can Whiteside? If so that might be the reasoning behind this move.

  30. I know Dickey is good bu isn’t he like 40yo? Or close to it.

  31. Why give up good talent for a guy that can drop off the table at any time?

  32. eli is more powerful than my spicey curry chicken……faster than my taxi cab in rush hour….and is able to leap over my turbin, when im laying down…thank you come again.

  33. You Dickweeds always think we are trading Arencibia, IT’S NOT HAPPENING!

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