Holy fuck, it seems as though there may be a biiiiit of a gulf between the valuation of RA Dickey that we’ve sort of thought we might almost have a a handle on and the sky-high asking price that the Mets have put on their Cy Young winner.

Via MLBTR, here’s the latest tidbit:

I mean… shit. You can’t blame a team for asking but, for example, in the top Red Sox prospects list Marc Hulet posted two weeks ago at FanGraphs, those guys ranked number one and number three.

“Bogaerts is an exciting prospect who is just beginning to get the attention he deserves from the non-Boston crowd,” Hulet wrote. “One of the best hitting prospects in the minors, the native of Aruba played the 2012 season at the age of 19 and reached double-A. He has an advanced hitting approach and generates outstanding power despite having a slender frame with tons of projection remaining. His pop comes from above-average bat speed.”

Mike Newman added that “at best, the Red Sox have an elite offensive force at the shortstop position. A more likely scenario is for Bogaerts to slide to a corner where his ceiling is that of a perennial All-Star.”

And the Mets asked for that and another very good prospect in Bradley– twelve years of control, including six of one of the top hitting prospects out there (John Sickels’ preliminary 2013 list at Minor League Ball had him fourth among hitters, with Travis d’Arnaud of the Jays ranking ninth)– for one year of Dickey.

I mean, I understand that maybe to a team looking to make one last push through a closing championship window, maybe you can stomach trying to negotiate down from that starting point towards something more sensible, but… that’s insane. The price absolutely has to come down if the Mets have any hope of actually dealing him– and I can’t possibly imagine Alex Anthopoulos getting anywhere near him at even half the cost.

So… there’s that.

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  1. I am not worth it…

  2. Is “So… there’s that” Stoeten’s “And that’s all I’ve got to say about that”, a la Forrest Gump?

  3. Way too much for one year.

  4. I was expecting a double-entendre with the name Dickey. I’m glad you resisted the temptation.

  5. another flaccid post?

  6. if theres one thing i hate its soft dickey

  7. jon niese > cost of ra dickey

  8. holy fuck dude

    you are really maxing out this ‘paid by the article’ arrangement you have today!

    Thank you!

  9. I doubt the Red Sox pay that price in a year that they don’t look as strong, so that pricetag is perhaps a bit over what the mets might eventually get for Dickey. If I was AA I would offer JPA+Gose for Dickey on the condition he signs an extension. Maybe the trade could be expanded such as the Jays throwing in Cecil with the Mets sending something back in return.

    • i think its great that everytime someone puts together a trade proposal they try to find a way to include cecil or lind. “we’ll give you our catcher for your cy young award pitcher”
      “you’ll have to throw in a shitball lefty who was demoted last year”
      ” no deal!”

      • well apparently the biggest trade in blue jays history almost fell apart because of an argument over back up catchers

  10. classy…

    its come to dirty puns?

    …I didn’t say stop.

  11. Using Keith Law’s midseason top 50 prospects list puts Boegarts/Bradley in a similar value range to Sanchez/Marisnick. Why are these demands being seen as outrageous, would Jays fans really have not done this if Marisnick was stlll on the team? Christ we’re overrating kids in A ball.

    • um because you aren’t comparing them properly? boegarts is a better hitting prospect than d’arnaud, so the fact that you are using Sanchez and Marisnick as “equals” is the first problem. gotta do an equal comparison (ie. TDA + Sanchez )

    • Not for a second if they were still on the team. One year of Dickey.

      Different story if it’s even two, I think. But for one year? No chance.

  12. Fuck Boston. Let them trade their best prospects for one year of a guy who isn’t worth it. I’m all for it.

    • they will probably extend him if they did the trade, and the thought of Dickey going to Boston makes me want to puke. with price in tampa and CC in nyc the Jays could use an ace.

  13. “Mets demand for large package leads to softening Dickey value!!”

  14. That’s Monday morning’s asking price.

    By Wednesday evening, reality will set in that, sadly, they’ll get a couple of good assets and that’s it.


    The above article seems to suggest a trade is the most likely outcome here.

    It also sounds like they want ML or near ML pieces. Which bodes well for the Jays if JPA is in play.

  15. No thanks. Until the ask comes way down, let’s turn our attention back to Marcum, McCarthy, et al.

  16. It is way too much for Robert Allen

  17. I guess he isn’t coming.

  18. With a negotiation window to sign him for another couple of years…. that’s still quite a bit, but it’s in the neighbourhood of what I could actually see happening. For one year? ick.

    What would the Jays equivalent be? How do you measure JPA’s value against a prospect? Four years of a 1-3 WAR catcher = Bradley? Bradley+? Would JPA + Syndergaard be an equivalent package? I’m not saying that’s a good deal, just trying to make it apples to apples. And again, that only makes a lick of sense if Dickey can be extended 2 more years. And I’d probably want a B- prospect back as well as Dickey.

    • I’d have to imagine a trade like the Mets proposed would include a 24 hour exclusive negotiating period. Still outrageous

  19. Hes not going to become a jay too many rumors connecting him and this team

    • This.

      • what about every Jays fan under the sun calling for Cabrera on a one year $8mil contract? There’s nothing connecting the Jays to negotiations in this story, just rampant speculation that the interest is there.

  20. What’s up with Dan Haren?

  21. I’m controllable until 2017, I have Brandon Morrow stuff, and I can be had for Buck, Black Magic’s option, and the outfielder formerly known as “Duelling Banjos.”

  22. I’d rather have McCarthy. He only costs money.

  23. Hahahahahaha, Bogaertz projects to be a Giancarlo-hitting infielder. The Sox, muchasihatem, are not going to give him up for the whole farm+the tractor, let alone for a year of Dickey. I’d wager that if you could guarantee you’re getting 2012 DIckey the Sox are still out. If your opinion of Dickey’s coolness and awesomeitude (there is a lot of both, granted) lets you think that even Bogaertz straight up (sans Dickey extension) is a fair deal you and I probably don’t have a lot of ‘common baseball ground’ anyway..

    So, there’s that?

  24. Knee-go-she-ayshuns. The Red Sox aren’t gonna give up the farm for the Dickster. They know they’re not contending this year anyway.

  25. If your looking to win, now you make the push its all in. You cannot bank on maybe being a better team IF one of your prospects pan out. How many prospects choke and don’t come around till many years later. If the Blue Jays are looking to win you make this trade happen and Dickey can give them 2-3 years. You can always draft/sign/trade for players. Once you are a winning team you have the money and control hence the Yankees. You buy proven young talent teams did a great job developing.

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