It slipped by me when it was tweeted out by the Jays late last week– crotch grab in the direction of @HumandChuck for the tip– but apparently the club has released its first commercial for the 2013 season, and while there’s no Frank Thomas child abuse, or any of the recently-acquired Jays, but… uh… yeah, I think it’s probably gonna move some tickets…

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  1. Oooooo My Ludaaaa cuttttiieeee BABBYYY !!


  3. How much do you read into seeing a portion of an Arencibia shirt in the commercial?

    I know a quick cut like that can be edited out, but pretty heavy on the Lawrie-Bautista shirts/jerseys, and other than a few faces in the slow-motion team salute that might not be back, looks like a pretty solid endorsement for Arencibia to remain.

    My two cents.

    • AA is not involved in marketing

      • Understood, but I don’t see any other prominent player shirts/jerseys represented int he commercial other than Lawrie and Bautista, and obviously they aren’t going anywhere.

        Just an observation.

    • Thames was all over the 2011-2012 off-season. Especially the winter tour. So… yeah.

      • Yes, and he wasn’t traded until the deadline. Marketable player with an outgoing personality, and fan-favourite-type facial hair (hahahaha).

        As I’ve said, just an observation. Seems to me to be a small endorsement that he might not be going anywhere…. yet.

    • This is a joke right? You see half his name while the camera focuses on a Lawrie shirt.
      You consider that a ‘solid’ endorsement?

      • You see any other player names on any other shirt?

        Me either.

        • Ya JPA is the new face of the franchise by the looks of this video. Must be a clear conclusion that because a partial name means he stay for sure. Nice reach, while youre reaching over there pass the salt.

          • With all of the female Blue Jays fans I personally know, he is definitely a face of the franchise.

            I was just trying to point out that other than Lawrie and Bautista, he’s the only visible name shown.

            Harsh place, this is.

          • I’m sure the ‘all the girls Timmy knows’ demographic doesn’t factor too much into AA’s thought process.

            Back to your original question: Please don’t read anything into half a second of half a name.

    • One of the shots shows Villaneuva, who is no longer with the team.

    • This is akin to looking at the Abbey Road cover and saying that Paul McCartney is dead because he is walking barefoot in the picture.

  4. Carlos Villanueva is the face most prominently featured. (see: irony, delicious)

  5. not bad. not bad.. Wish I lived closer.

  6. Mike Scioscia in the crowd?

  7. As an adult without child it appears that I’m no longer allowed to attend games.

  8. Any chance for a Winter Meetings CoverItLive type thing like in past years?

  9. You guys need serious help. It’s a fucking commercial. It tells you nothing about JPA. It doesn’t mean you can’t attend if you don’t have a kid. Fucking hell. Get some hobbies.

  10. Red Sox close to signing Napoli for 3 years. Already sounds like an overpayment.

  11. White people sure like their baseball!

  12. Interesting..considering the majority of the city is now of color, just spottedone asian kid

  13. Soooo uhhhhh, only white people go to baseball games? Commercial is awful.

    • maybe they’re tryiing to get the hockey crowd to buy tickets..

    • I dunno, they had to use the footage they got. Would it be better if they made the conscious decision to get minorities in? I think that would be pretty cynical. If these are the people who go to games that’s what they gotta do. Go to a White Sox game and it’s mostly african and latin americans, and their marketing reflects that.

      • This ain’t Petetown bud, it’s not difficult to find visible minorities in the crowd. In fact, it probably takes something of an effort to avoid them.

      • I go to crap loads of games and the crowd is always much more diverse than this commercial. If this is “the only footage” they have its still problematic

    • @ Chone

      So in your world, it’s better if the commercial featured token shots with people of colour, as if they if they were some ‘add on”?How about some token gay couples or amputees or old people?
      How about it’s a commercial about a ball team and stop worrying about the minutiae?

      • In my world you don’t call the footage “token”. In my world the footage would be ample and, naturally, some of it would become a part of the commercial. In my world you would see my comment from a marketing angle and not get all paranoid PC on me. You’re right, its a commercial. It should be effective as a commercial. It isn’t.

    • Well sorry to say it but it is mostly white people that support the Jays. Brown people usually stay in Brampton and stink that place up and refuse to support anything but cricket.

  14. Baseball fans>The Humans

  15. “@Ken_Rosenthal: Napoli is three years, $39M with #redSox.”

  16. A-Rod news just keeps getting more tragic (light tragedy of course) but the hips of a 58 year-old – the Bo Jackson story all over again??

  17. M83 could make a hair removal commercial inspirational.

    • “Now and forever” are kinda perfect lyrics for AA’s plan, amiright? at least far more fitting than that lumineers tune which made zero fucking sense

  18. So Stoeten is sending a crotch grab to Joanna?
    If she accepts the crotch grab, is that the start of something or is it like the “friends with benefits” thing?
    Fuck, I’m old.
    I was thinking about joining twitter but after reading the humandchuck twitter feed, I’m having second thoughts.
    Is there a deep message that I’m missing or is it just babble?

    • Just give up your blue bills for Dickey! #doitnow

    • @Radar – twitter is amazing for breaking news. Doesnt have to just be babble of you follow the right people. Follow stoetem, mlbtr, Rosenthal etc etc

      • @ James
        I think I’ll make the leap in the next couple of weeks and lurk (creep) um,follow some of the usual suspects,gaduating from there.

        How long do you I’d last,sending Stoeten tweets, before he’d block me?Over/under 2 days?maybe 2 hours?

        • lol judging by his feed you’d have to be pretty bad considering some that argue with him are still around

  19. Sox going to be lefty killers this year. Gomes and Napoli signings look pretty good from an AL East standpoint. Romero, Buehrle, Happ, Pettite, Sabathia, Price, Moore, Chen, Britton.

  20. Man Wilner and Blair bumming me out this morning with their comments about the Jays not getting any more decent pitching. Hope AA goes out and does something nice just to spite them lol

    Though interestingly enough they are also thinking it’s possible that Buehrle gets flipped for someone else.

    • These guys are just spitballing like any of us.

      Almost nobody in the media saw the Jays payroll going up to $120 mil this year.

      And now all the local media are implying that the budget is likely tapped.

      How can they possibly know this and why would we trust their gut instincts when they were very recently completely wrong?

      The Jays could go up to $130, $140 in 2013 and it wouldn’t surprise me. It just depends on whether or not it’s the right player(s).

      • Agreed Jays2010.Even Davidi,who seems as plugged in as anyone and who has been credible in his reporting getting the inside scoop,stated that the Jays payroll wouldn’t top 95 million for 2013.

  21. The only thing missing would have been a quick cut to the “I Love BJs” girls.
    THAT sells tickets.

  22. Part if me wants Hamilton to sign with orioles just to fail

  23. Any idea when single game seats go on sale?

  24. Shoutout to Saukrates for the voice over!

  25. Does anyone know the ARTIST/TITLE of this song?

    • Hi Serena,

      The artist is M83 and the song is called “Outro”. It’s on youtube. It’s a great song.

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