If some team was going to come along and broker a deal with the Marlins that would break the spirit of young Giancarlo Stanton, I can’t say I’m not glad it was us, but I wish no ill on the poor remaining Marlins star, Giancarlo Stanton, who… uh… doesn’t quite seem to be coping well:


I mean, awesome! But… aww.

And while  this may seem like an awfully good time to go fishing to get him out of Miami– and hey, he already knows a bunch of guys on the Jays, right? Would fit right in!– according to a follow-up tweet from Heyman, Stanton apparently hasn’t requested a trade.

I’d still offer Miami my whole farm system for him, just to be safe.

And while I try to not be one for laughing at the misery of others, and I really do feel for the fans in Miami, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t still feel a little bit terrific how Alex Anthopoulos somehow managed to scoop up so many of the good bits of that club just as it was being blown to smithereens. I dunno…

So… there’s that.

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    • It’s 2:33am where I am. I can’t stop checking DJFs for news. Keep the updates coming Stoeten

  1. I’m sure AA was pushing for him during The Trade to begin with…

    • but he wasn’t unhappy then

    • I remember AA saying that Stanton didn’t make sense as a starting point because he knew he wouldn’t be available. He didn’t even ask. Not that there would have been an answer other than no anyway.

  2. Gianni Hates Jazz, run away to Toronto. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPb6e6EscEM

  3. I’d seriously give up anything for him.

  4. Would D’Arnaud, Gose & Syndergaard work?

  5. Rosterbating at work.


    Too many outfielders I know. But fuck it. Lawrie can cover two bases.

  6. AA needs to hand the Marlins a blank piece of paper, tell them to put 5-10 prospects’ names on it (or simple “New Hampshire Fisher Cats”) and we’ll throw in a briefcase full of cash for Loria, and that will be that.

  7. As always I feel the need to remind everyone we took on the more expensive (and older) years of already high contracts. AND gave up significant young cheap talent to get it.

    The issue is more that the Jays are now spending and the Marlins are now not spending.

    And to that, I say I have been faithful to the Jays for a long time now. And when AA came in and traded away Doc, I didn’t complain. It had to be done. Now 3 years later, we have reason to rejoice.

    I understand Stanton’s upset at losing the core of his teamates, but this is business at the end of the day.

  8. what would “throw the farm” at him mean? What would it take?

  9. To Marlins fans… What goes around comes around :)… You guys were dancing in the streets when the Heat stacked their team

    • Not all Marlins fans were dancing in the streets.

      You know, like the ones that like baseball and don’t give a shit about the NBA.

  10. For the Jays to acquire Stanton, it would start with at least the top 3 prospects in TDA, Gose & Sanchez. It probably still would require either Osuna or Syndegaard.

    It would likely also mean trading Colby and living with Melky in CF.

    I mean, I’d be all over this. But it would be a pretty gigantic undertaking.

  11. There needs to be a meme of Jays fan giving AA suggestions and AA pounding his chest saying “I got this”

  12. There aren’t enough prospects in the world. Seriously, he’s basically untradeable at this point. HE HAS FOUR YEARS OF CONTROL LEFT. Won’t happen for two years, sadly.

    • I think it could happen next year if he’s making $8 – $10 million.

      The Jays really couldn’t make it happen without something like Lawrie, TDA & Gose. And, honestly, I don’t think it’s the best use of assets as awesome as Giancarlo is.

      Texas starting an offer with Profar & Olt is maybe the only team that can do it purely with prospects.

    • +10 to Drew.

      Unless Stanton walks into the offices and tells them he’s holding out until a trade – on what reason would the Marlins even consider this? He was their 19th highest paid player last year and doesn’t crack free agency until 2017!! Nothing would replace him. He is found money for the foreseeable future. Any team that would trade him should be folded instantaneously.

      • “…Unless Stanton walks into the offices and tells them he’s holding out until a trade”

        If we’er fantasizing, can’t we fantastize about this too?

  13. I’d do TDA, both Lansing pitchers, Gose, Lind and probably even Rasmus or another young MLB ready piece of their choice – Chad Jenkins or Cecil or some bullpen depth

    You would have to include top 4 prospects – that’s what it would take – just like the Tex deal and even then that may not be enough

    Leverage that Jays have is they have a nice variety – Marlins are more into position players than pitchers, so that helps – top catching prospect helps, a top OF prospect helps, but IF would be better

    I think Miami needs a couple mlb ready pieces to play this yr which is why i say Rasmus, Lind or those pitching guys

    Marlins would probably do that deal if they intended on truly rebuilding as they would have a top 10 prospect at many of the positions

    However Selig would veto it in a heartbeat unless some big names came back in return

    • if you actually look at the tex deal, you’d have to be a retard to think Atlanta got the better of that deal. Maybe when you start with a comparison like that you should pause and say to yourself… hey… maybe this fucking stupid.
      it would be fun to watch EE jose and stanton hitting together pre game and seeing who can actually take one out of the park

      • I was just looking over some of the prospect reports on the guys the Braves gave up at the time. It’s pretty shitty luck for them that Andrus and Feliz turned out the way they did. The odds were against that happening.

    • I don’t know what’s more deulsional. The fact that your proposal is ridiculously light or that you’re trying to dump Adam Lind in a Giancarlo Stanton trade.

    • I am not sure where to start with your terrible post…

    • There’s no sane trade for Stanton. He’s cheap, under control, and provenly awesome. Florida wouldn’t even take a bunch of top prospects back, because though they would also be cheap and under control, it’s not likely they’d turn out as awesome as Stanton, regardless of who they are.

      They’ve clearly said “fuck it” to the next couple years, at which point Stanton will still be awesome and under control, while whatever prospects anybody can think of in their pipe-dream trade scenario probably won’t be.

  14. Mark Texieira was 1.5 years from free agency at the time of the ATL trade. Giancarlo Stanton doesn’t become a free agent until the end of the TWENTY-SIXTEEN season.

    • Right, but a Tex sized package would be fairly easy for the Jays to put together.

      TDA, Gose, Sanchez, Syndengaard, Rasumus(?) is already a stronger package than what Atlanta sent, from what I can tell. It doesn’t get ou Stanton but it has to at least start conversations, no?

      • well of course it would have to be stronger
        Stanton is better, younger, more control,
        and tex doesn’t take a bat with him to the plate for the first month of the season. Stanton led the league in no doubters

      • No. Not even remotely. Even if you swap Rasmus for Brett Lawrie you are still dreaming. No hope.

        • You think Lawrie, TDA, Gose, Sanchez & Syndegaard isn’t enough for Stanton?

          Stanton isn’t Mike Trout.

        • Those are the 4th and 5th most valuable pieces in the trade.

          Brett Lawrie is worth more than a top 10 prospect.

          TDA is a top 10 prospect.

          Gose & Sanchez are probably top 50 prospects.

          Syndegaard is a top 100 prospect.

          That is a bit of an overpay, imo.

          • TDA, Gose, Lawrie, Sanchez, Syndergaard and another piece for Stanton and a contract the Marlins don’t want may work, but I doubt it. There’s a lot of the quality there, but it’s verging more toward quantity.

  15. He’s my favorite player in the MLB. Man crush. Sorry Jose.

  16. What might it take for AA to land Billy Butler? M’s and O’s are said to be interested….I would make a serious offer for him – love his bat.

  17. It would be funny if the Marlins demanded the Jays take Mahis back because he’s making money.

  18. Stanton comes off as he would be a bad dressing room guy, all this public sulking and such. Love him as a player but, seems like he could be a Shea Hillenbrand in the dressing room

  19. Ok so after all that……. Seriously now, he’s not coming. After you’ve finished with the entire list of TDA, Gose & Sanchez. Osuna and Syndegaard, he’s still got 4 years of control. And that means he’s still a part of their future. I’d like to keep my farm developing too.

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