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Now remember, the DJF Twitter is mostly just a feed setup to give you only links to the posts, and none of our arguing with various commenters and trolls out there in the Twitterverse. If you’d prefer to get all the links and to argue with us– or just a little of that human touch– follow us all individually:


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Stay tuned for a podcast today (I think!), thanks for your continued support, and welcome to those of you checking us out for the first time, waiting for the Jays to make their big move in Nashville. Should be a fun week!

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  1. Great post, keep ‘em coming. #nails

  2. I eat poo

  3. DJF’s pageviews must go through the roof when winter meetings hit. Great work as always to all the contributors. Its nerdy – but I love this time of year.

  4. Jeez Stoeten,you even posted on the weekend.
    How much Red Bull did you drink?
    Keep it coming.

    • 10,000 twitter followers?
      Get the fuck outta here.
      Gonna have to watch my fucking language aroound here.
      Does this qualify DJF and Stoeten as MSM?
      10,000? really?
      Hellava big bar you got here.

    • I wanted to make a Red Bull comment. He must have had the 20oz. I do not know what that is in milliliters but its probably a hell of a lot. Every time I click on the page I see the Facebook numbers going up its awesome and definitely deserved. The DJF and Getting Blanked guys are putting out some great content.

    • They laced the new Red Bull formula with Charlie Sheens blood.
      It’ll jack you up for weeks but you need to get your Twinrix vaccine before you drink it.

  5. Not a single curse word in that whole post… must be the Rogers ownership influence… shame, it is :-P

  6. It’s only halfway through day 1 and you’ve already loaded us up with excellent content.

    Last year’s winter meetings coverage was exceptional. This has been even better.

  7. With AA and the jays being so aggressive this offseason I wouldn’t be surprised if the there is a deal during or shortly after these meetings for a pitcher and possibly another blow our socks off player that no one is thinking about.

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