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It is indeed the most traffic-whoringest time of year! Here’s what’s out there that I wasn’t about to make full posts out of, as Day One of the Winter Meetings turns into Night One down in Nashville…

Drew lays down some Winter Meetings know-how over at Getting Blanked. They’re killing it over there for all your non-Jays-related stuff from the Winter Meetings, bringing us all the low-down on the latest moves, plus– sadly– the end of Derek Eater.

At the Mockingbird, Jon Hale breaks out the Pitch F/X tool and goes ridiculous in-depth on Josh Johnson. Great stuff, as always.

MLBTR is keeping tabs on the reports that the Marlins are shopping Yunel Escobar– apparently the Rays and A’s are interested.

Matt Klaassen of FanGraphs looks at the Rangers’ re-signing of catcher Geovany Soto, and thinks he actually has value as a primary starter. So… no deal, then?

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, David Laurila gets his hands on some Buns– read: he does a Q&A with Alan Ashby!

Jim Bowden of (Insider Only) lists one trade candidate for each of the thirty MLB teams, tossing out– surprise!– JP Arencibia as a potential commodity for the Jays to deal, and the White Sox (along with the more obvious Mets and Rangers) as a possible destination.

Hal Bodley of sat in on the John Gibbons media conference in Nashville, and gives his take on the answers from a man he feels will be on the hot seat, given the tremendous expectations on the Jays.

At Grantland, Jonah Keri lists the Jays among several teams who might make a big splash during these Winter Meetings, figuring that they might be a good fit for Michael Morse, the Nationals slugger who may be available.

On today’s Effectively Wild podcast at Baseball Prospectus, Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller go through Bob Elliott’s excellent breakdown of how The Trade developed in the Toronto Sun.

The Fan 590 has sent the Jeff Blair Show down to Nashville for the winter meetings, and Blair and Dirk Hayhurst did some great stuff– especially in the 10 AM hour, when Hayhurst did an excellent job breaking down the way J.A. Happ pitches, as well as some great stuff about Brandon Lyon and Casey Janssen– the latter of whom he doesn’t see as being quite as safe in the closer’s role as most tend to believe.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star chatted with readers about the Jays’ plans earlier in the day, and prior to that gave a little bit of history on how the Winter Meetings evolved.

Shi Davidi and Barry Davis of Sportsnet talk about day one of the Winter Meetings… or something.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun talks about John Gibbons, Rush fan, going to see the band in his hometown of San Antonio. Definitely didn’t see that one coming.

According to the Boston Herald, the Red Sox are into this whole higher-AAV-for-fewer-years thing they did with Mike Napoli, and are thinking about pitching something similar to Josh Hamilton, as well.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels gives us his preliminary list of Jays prospects, in anticipation of the rankings he’ll be doing of the players in the system in the very near future.

The Tao of Stieb tries his best not to groan his way through a Winter Meetings preview.

Lastly, Extra Base Hit notices that the MLB Fan Cave dug up a high school yearbook photo of Mark Buehrle, for some reason. And Darren also takes a look at some World Series odds– doing so just before the Winter Meetings kicked off. 8-1 for the Jays. PLAYOFFS!!!1!

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  1. So much for it being slow for the Jays Stoeten. Excellent work today (so far?).

    • Indeed

      • Yeah, Stoeten did an okay job ,I guess.

        Naw just fuckin around.
        Great job Stoeten.
        Noticed the DJF thingys on facebook went up by over a hundred in the last 24 hours.
        Still blown away by the 10,000 twitter thingys too.

        Fuck, I remember way back when Stoeten…..

  2. Fuck yeah. Probably took me an extra hour to finish all my school work cause of the continuous updates. Beats the shit out of no updates though. Keep it up!

  3. Stoeten is absolutely killin’ it.

    Truly well done, homie

  4. Hayhurst tweeted that JP told him, Blair and others that he’s been guaranteed the opening day catcher job soooooo

  5. Had a friend in Vegas last week, I now have a Blue Jays World Series Champ ticket in my wallet that will pay me $450.

    Should cover my bail the weekend I go down to claim it.

    K.G.B.S. – you in?

  6. Why didn’t they send you guys to Nashville? Either way excellent work as always.

  7. Thanks DJF. This is the best site going for Jays coverage.

    So glad AA took care of so much already. He needs to wait for the right guys to spring up
    ( they do every year). Unless of course the right deal falls into place. Hopefully if they are looking at a 5 they can work it out with Charlie V. Can’t wait for spring.

  8. John Gibbons, Rush fan!

  9. Stoeten seriously fantastic work today. This site is always fantastic in the offseason.


    Gregor Chisolm posted the full transcript of AA’s comments today, and it’s a lot more positive than the way some of the beat writers quoted him.

    What I take away:

    -John Gibbons thinks it might be a good idea to give Lind ABs vs. lefties to start the year, but they’re not set on that, and certainly could add a right-handed bat with the 25th roster spot.

    -Carlos Villanueva is a pretty real possibility.

    -Where as he says that there probably isn’t much money left to go sign free agent starting pitching, he still seems pretty open and involved in looking for upgrades via trade – saying a few times that he doesn’t want to sign a starter like Villanueva and promise him a rotation spot in case he can land an upgrade in trade. He makes the same type of comment about re-signing Frasor or Lyon.

  11. I really liked Soto for the Jays but I suppose it would have been a hard sell.

    “Come to Toronto and be a backup until our stud prospect takes the job next year”

    Not the best situation to rebuild value.

  12. Hayhurst tweeted about Jp being the starter.But did anyone see him on sportsnet connected saying buck would be a better starter.

    • Dirk’s a fucking idiot.

      • Yes, he has leaned toward the idiotic the last couple months hasn’t he. Trying to be a bigger fish in the pond perhaps.

        • He comes across much more intellectual in his books. I think you’re right.

          • Well, compared to Zaun, who is apparently still doing his maple dick tour (donned goalie pads, again), Dirk is a fucking brain surgeon. If only if changed his last name to Diggler, then we could have an interesting baseball analyst.

  13. Toronto Blue Jays with the best odds in the AL to win the world series? Even over Texas?

    What the hell is Vegas smoking?

    • Well there is all kinds of differing odds. I’ve never understood the thinking that there is one official set of odds coming out of Vegas. Who’s putting out these odds?

    • Momentum is not on Texas’ corner right now. Basically looking like the team that put a lot of pieces together over the past few years that on paper look like a sure thing. You can only do that so many times.

    • With no Hamilton I’d put the Hats in the same ballpark as Texas.

      If they re-sign Hamilyob or get Greinke then obviously that changes things.

      Or if we do. :)

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