Earlier in the day Nashville residennt and Jays catcher JP Arencibia joined Jamie Campbell of Sportsnet saying that, regarding his role for the Jays next season, Alex Anthopoulos told him “the same thing he told the media when he addressed the media preceding [sic] the trade, you know, ‘You’re our starting catcher, you’re our guy– that’s the everyday guy– and John Buck knows that he’s the backup, and he’s accepting of that role, and that’s the way it’s going to be.’ ”

“I know where I’m going to be, so I’m OK,” he confidently adds.

Well, that is pretty much what Anthopoulos told the media on the day that John Gibbons was announced as manager, minus the rather important caveat “right now.”

Later in the day the waters managed to get muddied even further, despite what was purported to be clarification:

OK then, right? Well, except that’s not quite how it came out in Jeff Blair’s piece in the Globe and Mail, where Arencibia is quoted thusly:

At the end of the day, I know I’ll have a career in baseball,” he said. “Now, that being said, I know that I’m going to be with the Blue Jays. I’ve been born and raised with the Blue Jays, and that’s where my loyalty is and where my heart is. I won’t buy into [trade rumours] until the day I’m asked to take off the uniform. Then, we can talk about it.

Oh. Well, then that doesn’t exactly sound like Arencibia is fully confident at all. Or… was there an off-the-record comment Hayhurst is referring to and an on-the-record comment quoted by Blair? Who knows.

UPDATE: I know! Because, like an idiot who has written far too many posts in the last 24 hours, I managed to skip right past the more Hayhurst-looking quote in Blair’s piece:

 “I know I’m going to be with the Blue Jays all year.” He wouldn’t elaborate. But when asked if the chances were better of him having a multiyear contract by 2013 opening day than being traded, Arencibia said: “That’s a tough question. I’ll just say I’m not going to be traded, and leave it at that.”

So… OK, that is indeed some on-record confidence. Still, what I do know (for reals this time) is that the whole notion that in late November the Jays would have guaranteed a starting job to a pre-arb player who has yet to have his on-base crack .285 with two other viable-ish options for his position is kinda ridiculous. Which doesn’t mean they didn’t do it– and I don’t blame Arencibia for his confidence, his attempts to defuse the rumours, nor am I at all adamant that he ought to be moved– but… it sure doesn’t mean I’m no longer interested in any rumour where his name comes up.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Well, JP also is quoted with this nugget in the Blair piece:

    Arencibia, who lives in Nashville, dropped by the Opryland Hotel and said: “I know I’m going to be with the Blue Jays all year.” He wouldn’t elaborate. But when asked if the chances were better of him having a multiyear contract by 2013 opening day than being traded, Arencibia said: “That’s a tough question. I’ll just say I’m not going to be traded, and leave it at that.”

  2. Why the fuck would AA tell arencibia he wont be traded? Whats the point of that? If it makes the team better then he has to do it. I wish one of these toronto baseball writers/hacks would ask AA flat out if a promise was made to him that he wont be traded. That would clear up quite a bit.

    • Also, what has arencibia shown to deserve being a core piece. Other than above avg power for a catcher? Nothing. Makes no sense on AA’s part.

      • Well, shit. Maybe AA thinks that the Jays don’t actually have “two viable-ish” alternatives at starting catcher. Maybe AA thinks that there is utterly no guarantee that his AAA catcher, who’s coming off a pretty serious knee injury and has yet to swing a bat or receive a pitch in the major leagues is simply not a viable option to start the season. And as viable-ish as John Buck might be, if he goes down, or we rediscover his worse-than-JPA defense, we’re now looking at a pretty unviable-ish backup catcher named, IIRC, Whiteside.

        JPA doesn’t need to be the greatest catcher in MLB to help this team this season. He just needs to be what he has been so far: an improving defensive catcher (improving, hopefully, to an average level) with above average power, who isn’t a total drain on the offense.

        Does that make him impossible to trade? Nope. But it makes it very unlikely that he’d be traded until such time as TDA demonstrates his recovery from injury and that he possesses, at the major league level with a pitching staff that’s entirely new to him, the viable-ish abilities everybody seems so maddeningly certain he has.

        Perhaps that won’t take long. After all, he’s the best prospect the Jays have had in 20 years, or so I read earlier today. I’d've thought we’d learned something about prospect value by now, but I guess not.

    • Here’s what AA said recently:

      “I told J.P. John Buck is coming in to be the backup, you’re still the starter,” Anthopoulos explained. “I just do that out of courtesy, not because people call me. I know if trades happen it’s going through someone’s mind. They’re getting texts and they’re getting hit up by media so you just do it right away.

      “Beyond that, I don’t promise anyone anything. J.P. is our everyday starter, he’s the guy we plan on starting.”

      Anthopoulos added while he understands rumours are a part of the business, the amount of talk surrounding Arencibia, “bothers me a little bit.”

      “J.P.’s name is getting thrown around so much right now and he has to deal with it. It’s an unfortunate part of the game, but at the same time, we don’t have any no-trade clauses.”

      Seems he has not promised him anything, but J.P. is pretty sure of himself.

  3. 15 posts yesterday.
    Trying beat the record?
    Keep it coming Stoeten.watch your Red Bull intake.

  4. I like JPA, he seems like a solid dude. I really don’t like it that some people hate on him so hard. Just because you can read a stat line doesn’t mean you need to act like a douche. If we was our opening day starter, I’d be ok with it.

    That being said, i’d rather D’Arnaud pans out as planned and we get another starter.

    • He*.. obviously.

    • He might be a great guy, but as a baseball player he is ok at best. At the end of the day, that matters much more.

      • Nobody expects him to be a cleanup hitter.

        But i think we can agree that we’d rather have him hitting in the bottom of the order over Bobby Wilson or Eli Whiteside.

    • d’Arnaud obviously projects as the better catcher long-term, but I almost hope we keep JPA at times because of how many people seem to outright hate the guy for no good reason.

      • No good reason? It could be the largely shitty defense (get the fuck out with your defensive metrics for catchers, because I know they’re coming) and throwing to bases for no good reason late in games

        I’m not saying he’s a bad player, he’s not, but when people “hate on him,” they usually do it with good reason

        • What defensive metrics? The ones that JPA doesn’t fare well in at all?

          I understand all the reasons why people don’t want him as the long-term catcher (and I agree with most of them, especially if there is someone superior waiting in the wings as there seem to be), but none of those reasons explain the level of vitriol that emerges whenever his name is brought up.

          Nor does it seem that many want to acknowledge the significant defensive strides he made last season, which I seriously doubted would ever happen based on what he was when he first came up (he’s still below average defensively on the whole, yes, but he’s not anywhere near what he was in 2010/2011).

          And really, when you consider the team’s best catcher over the last two decades has been Gregg Zaun (for a total of 7 WAR over 5 seasons), it’s even more difficult to understand the fan disgust behind starting JPA.

          • Not a fan of JPA at all as a hitter. Very poor vernon wells esque approach. Has nothing to do with defense.

          • Fangraphs had his fielding value at just 1.1 runs below average, but kudos to you for not getting sucked into that propeller like other J.P. apologists. Personally, I don’t see as many people taking a shit on Arencibia as you’re making it out to seem, but maybe I’m looking elsewhere. The reason he’s getting shat on now is because he’s coming across as an entitled douche bag

      • … the haters are hatin’ because he comes across as cocky, but so far he hasn’t backed up the talk with the All-Star stats that would make that bearable. Arencibia would be wise to ‘walk softly and carry a big stick’, and lay off Twitter and FB ’til his play catches up with his mouth.

        • He’s an entitled douche bag for saying that he wants to play for the Toronto Blue Jays organization and for being defensive in the face of numerous trade rumours being thrown at him nonstop (an understandably human reaction)?

          Let’s get some perspective here.

          • Uh, yeah, if he was saying he wants to play for the Jays, that would make perfect sense. But that’s not what he’s doing here. He’s TELLING us that he’s going to be playing for the Jays and essentially saying we need to fucking deal with it (or “#getusetoit,” if you prefer). Every time the rumours get going, he gets butthurt and starts mocking the entire the entire idea, like J.P. Arencibia is so above being mentioned in trade rumours

          • “I’ve been born and raised with the Blue Jays, and that’s where my loyalty is and where my heart is.”

            Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a guy that wants to play for the Jays at all. What an asshole.

            • Its not he wants to remain loyal (thats great) but a player of his magnitude doesn’t deserve a starting major league job. Catchers with no offense and very poor defense are a dime a dozen. He is only given a long leash because he is cheap, once he starts making millions of dollars his attractiveness will plummet

      • That’s a great reason to keep a player on a major league baseball team

  5. Also, this

    Andy Martino ‏@MartinoNYDN

    Also, lots of talk about Mets and Blue Jays on Dickey, but person briefed on those talks said not much happening there right now.

    I hope those last two words are key.

  6. Every time I hear him respond now I hope he gets traded that much more. I have a soggy card board box that could stop more balls than he could.

    • I would pay serious money to watch you situate yourself directly behind said soggy cardboard box buddy.

  7. JPA is a nice guy but he says some questionable things sometimes. I remember after his rookie year he said that he felt he was among the best catchers in the game, or something along those lines. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if AA told JPA that he was (at the moment) their starting catcher, and he took that to mean that he wouldn’t get traded.

  8. How many times have we heard that there are no untouchables on the Jays roster? If you look at it from that perspective JPA would be so far down the list of untouchables it’s laughable. Maybe AA had a chat with him, but I’m sure he’ll be having another one soon telling him that he took his words out of context.

  9. I’m all for trading JP for pitching, and recoil somewhat because of his cockiness, but I’m having trouble understanding this new (?) hatred being directed at him for strongly saying he is and always wants to be a Blue Jay. The nerve of him.
    Toronto sports fans worry to excess about free agents refusing to come, or wanting to leave, about where their dogs will live, taxes, turf, education system, TV channels, whatever.
    JP is a likeable, media-savy, best buds, Hispanic heart-throb, hockey-loving hoser who seems to genuinely want to be an integral part of this team. What the fuck is wrong with that.

    • This is why a part of me believes AA will trade d’Arnaud not JPA. Also because he would yield a higher return. Also because it’s what no one is thinking he’ll do. If we know AA, since we’ve heard the JPA rumours, doesn’t that mean it probably won’t happen?

      • They aren’t really rumours, its people looking at the jays catching depth and assuming JP is on the block…big difference

  10. JPA does have a great attitude and he is a very loyal blue jay which is great. If he is traded the team loses a very well liked guy. But with that said, JPA cannot ignore that baseball is a shrewd business and almost nobody is above getting traded. He sometimes kinds off as quite cocky. I almost feel like he’s saying some of this just to make it awkward as hell for AA to trade him.

    • comes off*

      He’s got to be professional and face the reality that he could be traded like anyone else. AA wanted to be loyal to Mathis but he had to do what he had to do. I think he would do the same with JPA, in fact if he didn’t trade JPA when it would clearly better the team, then he simply isn’t doing his job.

    • Jim Bob, he’s one cocky SOB (to a fault), but to me he seems real and authentic. Far from ignoring baseball as a business, he’s simply straightforwardly staking out his own claim, and has every right to do so.
      AA will do what AA wants to, as he should. JP has simply given him something else to ponder and weigh.

      • Jose Bautista is one of the more cockier players the Jays have had in a long time. Is that a bad thing? Or is it only considered a bad thing with mediocre players like JPA?

        • Jose is more of a pro though (and has 100000000000000000000000000000x more reason to actually be cocky). But I can’t defend the JPA haters because he doesn’t deserve it.

          • but yeah if you are batting near the mendoza line and aren’t a top defensive catcher in the league then it is rnot the best thing to overrate your own game out loud.

          • I don’t know what “more of a pro” is supposed to mean.

            And both are among the very best in the world at what they do. I imagine they both have very good reason to be confident in their abilities.

          • Bautista is very far from being more of a pro. See: reaction to every called strike in 2012.

            • When he’s heathly he is a top 10 hitter (possibly top5) in the major league, he can say and get away with a lot more then Jpa should be allowed

      • So cocky he makes Lawrie blush.

  11. D’Arnaud will be traded.

  12. Management loves the guy. So much so that they don’t just ignore pitch framing data they refuse to read it. I don’t doubt for a second that he’ll be the opening day starter.

  13. I want this shitbag off the team even more than I do Lind. Far and away my least favorite player.

    Such an annoying little cunt.

    • Bitter much? I bet he fucked your girlfriend. Oh wait, he would never touch the hideous beasts that might go out with you.

  14. Breaking: Player known to lack statistical self-awareness also lacks roster management self-awareness

  15. Day One is versus Cleveland again so we’ll probably need him for a 3-run tater in the 16th. He will be officially traded after he touches home plate.

  16. http://www.sportsnet.ca/baseball/2012/10/03/anthopoulos_farrell_prime_time_sports/

    October 3, 2012: Anthopoulos says absolutely, 100 percent, John Farrell will return to the Jays and doesn’t foresee a circumstance by which he doesn’t return short of being thrown in jail.

    AA has a tendency to act as though the forseeable is unforseeable, so JPA would be wise to not take any assurances he’s been given as being unequivocal.

    • AA lied your right, lied again to when he said he didn’t see it coming. Farrell said he told them he wanted to leave for Boston job after year one. My point is AA could still be a straight shooter, meaning Jp could be right. In a video interview on sports net at the winter meetings AA says he doesn’t lie to his players. I could be wrong but I don’t think we could find any evidence that he does lie to his players. In saying that, to respond to your AA lied about Farrell, well I’ve seen and heard AA say he doesn’t lie to his players, never have I heard him say he doesn’t lie to the media.

  17. AA told him, right now your our catcher, most likely. AA says he doesn’t lie to his players, so if Jp is telling the truth there’s no reason why at the mid season point D’arnaud and Jp can’t co exist on the 25 man roster. He’ll even Buck could co exist with those two, not likely but right now gibbons still has an empty seat on that bench in that dugout.
    Who knows maybe Triple A manager Marty Brown is on to something, Travis D’arnaud has played first base with us and he’s quite capable. Now does his bat play at first, I’d say more than Jp and Lind( at this point) we want him behind the plate, maximize his value, you can always find a power hitting first basemen but a good defensive and offensive catcher… Dynamite!

  18. Blue Jays fans got butt-hurt and shit all over John Farrell when he bolted for what he described as his ‘dream job” in Boston, but when a player starts to get a bit defensive about trade rumours and says that he wants to stay in Toronto those same fans call him cocky and collectively clamor for the team to trade him for some other player who doesn’t necessarily want to be here. Weird.

    That said, players who have soft skin – like JPA, Bautista and Romero – really should give serious consideration to deleting their Twitter accounts. The internet is not a kind place. If they can’t deal with it, they should avoid it altogether.

  19. Even if AA did tell JP that he’s here for the season, wouldn’t it piss AA off that JP is now going out of his way to tell everyone?
    The more JP talks the more I dislike him. I already disliked him because he’s a shitty baseball player. But now there are more and more reasons to dislike.
    ANYONE (yes, ANYONE) can hit 20 homers over the course of the season when their goal EVERY at-bat is to swing for the fences. Maybe if he didn’t try to hit a home run every fucking time he went to the plate he would get on base more and strike out less.
    Either way, trade his dumbass.

  20. JPA must be blackmailing AA

  21. What do we have, three possibilities?

    1) AA explicitly lied to JPA and said he will not trade him when he actually plans to
    2) AA told JPA or his agent that JPA is a “core part of the team” or even “was not being shopped” – Both of which would be true, but would also not preclude a trade. Both of which would also lead to JPA’s confidence that he won’t be traded
    3) JPA is making it all up.

    It’s pretty obvious that it’s door #2.

  22. I guess there is a 4th – JPA is truely untouchable and AA told him he would never trade him in a million, zillion years and was telling the truth.

    Still – door #2

  23. Groucho Marx: secret Canadian?

  24. I actually like Jp as a player at catcher you can certainly do worse, but if D’arnaud even has a chance to be a Posey or Joe Mauer, you have to keep him and give him some at bats in 2013… and Hope he even comes close to a mix of power, OBP, AVG and defensive catcher. They’re just too hard to find.

  25. All it means is AA will need an extra day or two to struggle & come to terms with the promise he made to JPA (and then broke) before ultimately announcing the Dickey trade.

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