Well, OK, it’s not quite as fun as having the double-whammy of seeing him and John Farrell both return as members of the Boston Red Sox– as we being rumored earlier– but… actually, it is kind of fun in a social experiment kind of way: Yunel Escobar appears set to become a member of the Tampa Bay Rays:


I say “social experiment” because I’m certainly going to be very curious to see– or, more specifically, hear– the reaction from the Rogers Centre crowd on his return, especially so that we can contrast it with the muted response to Escobar’s return from suspension last year, back when he was paid to wear our clothes.

Had he been with Boston, a lot of the boos may have been tough to differentiate from the ones for Farrell. But I digress…

Dietrich, Knobler adds, that Dietrich was the Rays’ second-rounder in 2010. Baseball America, in their recent organizational rankings, placed him ninth among Rays prospects. DRays Bay passes along a paywall’d BA scouting note saying that “one of the better power hitters in the system, Dietrich could be a poor man’s Jeff Kent.”

That’s not a nothing prospect, certainly, but… Escobar can still be a pretty solid contributor– or better– at a fantastic cost. But oh well.

Awesomely, buried in a Bob Elliott piece at the Toronto Sun that I’m about to do a deeper post about, we find this:

Former Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar met with the Miami Marlins and agreed to a move to third base.

He left the meeting, drove home, and called the team and said he wanted to play shortstop.

Now, the Marlins are trying to move him to the Oakland Athletics.

The A’s were reportedly one of the small number of teams the decision was going to come down to, but it looks now like it’s going to be Tampa.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Frist!

  2. Watch escobar have a great season, reyes have a crappy season, and the jays missing the playoffs by one game to the rays… kind of like the vernon wells – mike napoli scenario

    • *kind have

    • It’s true. Being a jays fan is kinda like being gill. Watch Reyes and Johnson flame out and Alvarez and hech win multiple cy youngs and mvps. That would be too funny. And really fucking shitty.

    • WHATEVER!!!!! WE GOT THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Who would rather have? Escobar or Reyes?

      So what the fuck are we talking about here?

      Yunels talented, Reyes is much, MUCH better. We upgraded, get over it.

      And what all you guys are failing to acknowledge in these posts is his attitude, which is a complete energy suck. (don’t make me list why…Bobby Cox, Yunels pouts, his fortitude, eye black……etc)

      Kids a talent but we are so much the better for having Jose instead of Yunel.

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how many mouth breathers heckle him calling him the word he had written on his eye black despite the fact that the whole reason he got in trouble was that it was a homophobic slur that shouldn’t be uttered in public.

    • I was thinking the same thing. You know the drunkards will be yelling it, maybe at Farrell too.

    • I find it interesting how people care about it in the first place. I’ve yet to meet or talk to a person that was upset about it AND knew what the word meant before this happened. Yunel rafted over from Cuba – the guy isn’t hip to how fucking cool it is to be friendly to the gay cause. Too bad Cuban refugees aren’t the hipster fucking sympathy inducing cause – maybe then people would have a little sympathy for him.

      And note well, I fully support gay rights. And I think they have WAY bigger issues to overcome than Yunel mistakenly offending them.

  4. kind have

  5. Great deal for the Rays. It has the potential to be a tremendous coup for them especially if he starts hitting anywhere near his career norms (although even if he doesn’t, he’ll still likely be worth it on that contract). If that’s all it took to get him, I’m a bit disappointed AA didn’t trade back for him (although it sounds like he would have been less than willing to play 2B considering he’s still a plus defensive SS).

    • Yes very nice move for the Rays. If they can trade one of their starters to fill in a hole or two, they are going to be very tough to beat.

    • I’m guessing AA wouldn’t want to give up more prospects when Izturis and Bonifacio might not be much worse than Escobar. Plus Miami would look like an even bigger train wreck if they traded Escobar right back to the same team. Plus AA might’ve wanted to cut ties with Escobar anyways. It just seems so unlikely that would happen, but it might’ve actually been a pretty good move, especially keeping him away from the Rays.

      • It’s not rocket science, AA/Jays clearly wanted to wash their hands of Escobar. So why the fuck would anyone even think that AA might trade back for him?

        You don’t ask the garbage man back for your trash after you’ve thrown it away. I could care less what kind of season Escobar has next year, good riddance to him.

        • We don’t know that AA wanted to wash his hands out of him at all. That’s an assumption you’re basing on just about nothing. In fact, he’s said several times that he would have been fine with keeping Yunel before Reyes fell into his lap.

          And why would he trade back for him? Well, that’s simple. This is incredible value and AA has always been a value whore.

    • @Fullmer.

      Agreed. Escobar should recover in 2013. He’s a great defender & showed in 2011 that he could hit. It’s a good deal for the Rays

      I don’t think the eye patch issue will ever happen again. Maddon runs a tight shop.

      • After being in and out of Bobby Cox’s dog house, I’m sure the same words were uttered. “I’m sure it won’t happen again”

        He get’s a new lease on life in Toronto and pouts when a rook takes some starts from him “I’m sure it won’t happen again”

        Eye Black. “I’m sure it won’t happen again”

        You can roll the dice if you want but what do they say about someone who repeats the same mistakes over and over and expects different results?

      • He’s showed his entire career he could hit. Has a 282/353/390 line. Even if he does something in between that and his 2012 year, that would be more than fine for the Rays’ purposes I’m sure.

        • No one is questioning his talent.

          No one questioned the talent of Milton Bradley, Jose Guillen, Carl Everett …. etc

          Good ball players but they bring an X-factor to put it politely, that I for one am glad won’t be a Jays issue.

          I don’t dislike Yunel the ball player. It was his posturing, his demeanour, his looking at the camera out of the corner of his eyes after a whiff with a pouty, pissy, doe eyed look. If we as fans can see all that from watching him on TV, I can only imagine the drama behind the scenes.

          I’m not saying Bobby Cox is baseball’s moral compass but if he finds the kid uncoachable then I think it should carry some weight.

      • The eye patch won’t happen because he found out it offended a bunch of people who don’t even speak the language it’s written in. No one in baseball cares about his faux pas.

  6. I haven’t even started reading but the headline on that Elliot article already makes we wanna stab my own eyes

  7. Good move for the Rays. I have no idea what the fuck the Marlins are doing, but that franchise is doomed.

  8. ♬♪♭♫ …. Yeah, yeah, ♪♬

    O pruny night,

    The stars are sweetly wrinkled .. We are the fruit.. That your grandmother loves…♬♪♭♫ Yeah.

  9. Says the Elliott chat is tomorrow afternoon.

  10. dang…. tampa’s a 90-95 win team… big time competition for the Blue Jays….

    • Tampa still doesn’t have a good enough offense to make this certain. An injury to Longoria would be pretty devastating. Tampa has had pretty good fortune over the last 5 years, they had good teams sure, but you can only get the most out of a cheap roster for so long.

      I hope that AA responds and adds one more piece to the puzzle, it could make or break the team. This is why I believe Dickey is the best opportunity out there and would be worth overpaying a bit for. This seems pretty remote now though, if AA is going to do another relatively significant move it will probably be a total surprise.

    • That was just as true before this trade. They won almost 90 games last year and they didn’t have Longoria for most of it.

  11. This sucks. I think Escobar is going to be a great value for Tampa.

    Fuck the Rays. I hope they have a miserable season.

  12. R.A. Dickey is on the Daily Show Right Now.

    Jon Stewart asked him about the human impact of being traded. He said that its hard to move your family to places like “L.A. or Toronto”.

    I’m probably reading to much into this, but why choose those two destinations, unless they are first on your mind. Possibly because of very real trade talks.

    This is all probably bullshit, but a guy can dream.

    • … or he’s just being a prick? … in other news…

    • Another stupid hick reply about Toronto.

      • +1

      • If he included it with L.A., I don’t think so. Just sounds like he’d prefer to sign the extension in New York and keep his family in the same place.

      • One of those hicks with a fondness for literary fiction who hangs out reading indie litblogs.

      • I don’t think a lot of hicks read Murakami. I think maybe he’s speaking from the perspective of playing in NY and having to move across the country or across the border. Sounds like just making a point about the upheaval involved in being traded.

    • ummm why would anyone be hostile about Dickey saying that? It is a bitch to get traded in general. I’m sure Dickey knows more than most about the situation so it is a pretty good sign, although it would be stupid to bank on it.

    • Saw the same thing, decided to write it off as “moving them across the country or to another country” rather than anything else at all.

    • He’s not coming to Toronto, let’s get over it. The top two prospects in the organization for one season of a 37 yr old pitcher…. no thanks. If were talking Felix or Price, sure, sell the damn farm but for Dickey, fuck that noise.

  13. 3 year 20M for Scutaro is someone fucking around here

  14. As for Escobar, he is a selfish player that while solid in most areas could be and should have been above average if not for his attitude and slack level of play. He rarely gives 100%, he doesnt have that “dig hard dig deep and get it done” mentality which is one of many differences between him and Reyes. Reyes has had injury issues because he plays his ass off. Even last year when the Marlins was a big fat sinking ship, he was playing his ass off.

    That is something i will love watching with Reyes and wont miss in Escobar.

  15. Fucking weasel marlins

    • Alguien miente. El ngioceador oficial, Carlos Pretto, dijo esta maf1ana: “Hay que estar atento a los conflictos y afrontarlos”. Y el nuevo Jefe de Policeda que “los huelguistas nunca tuvieron otra intencif3n que no sea la salarial”.Una pena que compaf1eros compren cuentos de perritos falderos de los radicales.

  16. Once again, Tampa takes sloppy seconds!

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