Yikes. Remember when we thought that maybe the driving factor in the Jays’ big off-season would be the market for Yunel Escobar– a tainted but talented shortstop with a nice contract, but coming off a down year.

With a dearth of available shortstops, we theorized, maybe the Jays would be able to turn Escobar– who had a ready-made replacement in Adeiny Hechavarria– into the starting pitching the club so desperately needed. Hey, and the A’s had a surplus of starters, and could have used a cost-controlled shortstop. Perfect, right?

Yeah… about that…

“The Marlins are trying hard to trade shortstop Yunel Escobar, with the A’s , Yankees and Raysthe most likely teams to get him,” writes Danny Knobler of CBS Sports. “Conversations with the A’s have centered on either Brad Peacock or Grant Green, while discussions with the Yankees and Rays have included younger minor-leaguers, according to sources.”

Sure, we always figured the deal would have had to expand to include prospects, but still… Brad Peacock???

Let’s just say we should all still be pretty thrilled that the Jays managed to get pitching help the way they did.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Well done AA, well done indeed.

  2. Honestly…such a great move….wow

  3. I think by the end of this offseason even Mark Buehrle’s contract is going to look pretty decent.

  4. Who is going to do the grounds work before the game now that Yunel is not there to wipe half the infield on his pants?

  5. Miami likes to acquire players in themes. Last year it was latin players

    This year, it’s players with last names of Clue characters. why? Because why not? Since when does anythibg the Marlins do make sense?

    They tried to call the Emporia Nationals looking to acquire Charles Scarlet for Yunel but found out he’s 85

    • Are you plum surprised by the Marlins ineptitude? I mean, if that new stadium was the best they mustered

  6. Not to mention the upgrade at SS. I hear that this Reyes guy is pretty good.

    The Marlins trade, or if you want to be technical, the Jeff Mathis trade, might turn out to be a pretty reasonable assumption of payroll considering the package of players the Jays are receiving. In comparison, the Hamiltons and Greinkes of the world are gonna get paid.

  7. The last Escobar to blow this much in Miami was named Pablo.

    • Should have saved that one for the season, in hopes that he would play in Miami and well… blow. See he hasn’t actually blown yet… But then you might not have been able to use it at all if he was traded or was good…

      I’m thinking about this too much.

      Nice one.

    • I read that in Peter Griffin’s voice

  8. It’s hard to believe that he’s worth that little. We’re talking a consistently healthy, proven shortshop, with at least average defence, with a very friendly contract, who’s probably better than every SS on the free agent market. Is the eye-black that big a deal?

    • There is the fact that he’s practically burned bridges with the two major league (soon to be three) teams he’s played with. He pissed off the Braves, got a second chance and pissed off the Jays and now the Marlins don’t want to even wait till he pisses them off too

      • word’s floating around that he already changed his mind about playing third…so a pre-burned bridge of sorts, perhaps…

  9. Check out the AL East Preview with projected lineups:


    • Worth following the link just to get the translation of “los 4 que cagar en bolas rápidas”
      Thanks for that. Provided a good laugh on a dreary, rainy day.

  10. I don’t understand why they’re trying to flip him for so little? they should let the season play out, let him build value then flip him to a team in need of a highly skilled defensive SS with a bad attitude, but who can produce.

  11. The sad thing about this whole thing is he was an above average major league player. He could hit, handle the bat, draw walks and play defense. He played so poorly this year and still had value as a starting SS. It’s hard to watch a guy have a career year in his first full season with the Jays and have such a team friendly contract lose so much value……..but Jose fuckin Reyes is the starting SS now, what more can I say.

    • It still hasn’t fully sunk in for me that Jose Fucking Reyes is the Blue Jays starting shortstop.

  12. The eye black thing may factor into it????!

  13. Is it a coincidence teams that try to ‘actively shop’ players always end up with shitty deals?!?! Fucking Marlins

  14. If he can be had for that little, the Jays should just re-acquire him and put him at 2B.

    • I wouldn’t mind that, its not like he got “ran” out of town. People didn’t even boo when he came back from suspension.

    • Shit, in baseball terms that’s not a bad idea.. Don’t know if it could actually be done PR-wise though.

    • That would be awesome. However, if he’s worth so little to the Marlins, why was he even included in the deal in the first place? Either the Jays value him similarly or this story is bogus.

    • Well if the last deal is any indication, Beinfest and Hill will hold out until AA finally relents and includes Eli Whiteside.

    • Hmmmm, thinking outside the box is interesting but … no, they should just move on. He really is something of a space cadet. The team needs focus.

      May I stipulate, as the legalists would say, that I did not and do not give a nanogram of a rat turd about the eyeblack thing.

  15. Possible trade target’s agent amenable to contract extension with new team:


    As far as I’m concerned, confirmation that he is willing to sign an extension is enough. A proper extension window isn’t needed.

    I still wouldn’t give up much more than JPA, Happ & Sierra, though.

    • Yo you’re stupid bro. If a shitty package like that is all it took for Dickey he would’ve been on his new team by now.

      • word to ya mother. that deal does not get it done. plus i think their reluctant to add the $…unless someone like lind was going back the other way.

  16. Grant Green?? He can only be traded if this is his walkup music.

  17. I’d be surprised if Escobar went for that little in this market. to be honest.

  18. If you were happy when Yunel left town, think of how happy you’ll be when Lind is finally gone.

    • I will be ecstatic when Lind leaves town. Deep waves of transcendent happiness will wash over my soul.

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