Yeah, his mechanics seem slightly out of whack…

Remember when this was a pipe dream?

No? Because I seem to vaguely recall a time when I found myself breathlessly writing posts about Dan Haren, who was nearly traded to the Cubs earlier in the off-season, before his medicals scared Chicago off. The Angels then declined to pick up his option, making him a free agent, despite the fact that it left them with a hopelessly thin rotation, having already traded Ervin Santana, and with Zack Greinke testing the market.

That probably should have seemed like enough of a red flag right there not to bother, but in the days before The Trade, and everything changing, it seemed like one of the best hopes the Jays may have had in landing a pitcher with a chance to be a ridiculous talent. Sure, he was hurt, but Haren also was worth a staggering 23 wins above replacement over the four seasons preceding 2012.

Ahh, but the Jays aren’t so much into $13-million fliers, and it turns out that’s precisely what it took to land him. MLBTR has the details. The Washington Nationals have signed him, and… hey, you never know, maybe it will work out. But it’s funny, I can’t claim to be nearly as pained by the loss as I surely would have been if Rogers had still been sitting on its damn wallet at this point.


So… there’s that.

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  1. Boom

  2. I love the caption under that pic.

    Why can’t the winter meetings last longer? Two weeks of heavy rumor mongering, that would be great.

  3. Somewhere Night_manimal is in the fetal position.
    Sorry for your loss, big guy.

  4. Yeah, Marlins’n'Melky have changed the whole Blue Jay world. So life is still good. But I wanted them to sign this guy.

    Washington is going to win 100 games.

    • The nats rotation is looking pretty stupid. I assume this puts an end to the Shields rumours but maybe not.

      Strasburg, Gio, Zimmerman, Shields, Haren?


      • Haren replaces EJax, essentially. Is that an upgrade though?

        If they get Big Game James, that would just be unfair.

  5. The Angels really hedged the wrong bets, didn’t they?

  6. I think Haren is a risk worth taking on – a perfect fit for the Nats actually because most of their SP are young, controllable assets – if Haren doesn’t pan out, oh well, only 13 mil down the drain and try again next yr with a different 1 or 2 year pitcher

    I cant envision Haren costing the Nats any wins, but he may not put them from a playoff team to a WS winner – but because alot of their young pitching core still could all improve it wouldnt make much difference

    good pickup

    • Considering that most people expected that Hunter Pence wasn’t going to turn the Giants from a playoff contender to a WS winner I would wager that the transition you’re referring to doesn’t exist. Nothing ‘turns a team into a WS winner’ except for winning the fucking World Series. The Giants were arguably the worst team on paper of the Division Series champs, and a player or two having a hot game or two a piece is what ‘turned them into WS winner’

      blah blah blah, the season isn’t won in the offseason etc

  7. This is going to sound douchey, but is there any chance for a moratorium on the use of the phrase ‘so there’s that …’ to end an article?

    I can put up with ‘X got ALL the Y’, I can even handle the word ‘narrative’ occurring almost as often as the word ‘the’, but for some reason ‘so there’s that’ is doing my head in.

    • Meh.
      It’s Stoeten’s tagline, if thats the worst thing that happens,I got no problem with it.

      Reminds me of a tagline from an old TV sportscaster.
      “If you don’t play a sport,be one. Goodnight”

      Funny,I got more of a problem with the constant use of “narrative”

    • You’re right. That sounded douchey. Not about anything else, but you were right about you sounding like a douche.

      • It may sound a little douchy but Ben is on target. “So … there’s that” ranks right up there with Boom and +1 … its a bad tagline

  8. Off topic post here, but the “So…..there’s that” jokes are being slightly overused. I do like a good “so…..there’s that”, just when they apply, and not every article…

    This post has been brought to you by the “so…..there’s that” police, counting all the “so…..there’s that’s”.

  9. Haren was never the answer. His best days are behind him-unless his back is magically
    returned to prime health. He may toss a couple gems this season, but overall he’s no longer worth it.

  10. your sister Anna has fuckeed up teeth.
    so… there’s that.

  11. Everyone who plays fantasy baseball knows that Dan Haren is genetically incapable of pitching well in the second half. I did, however, just check his splits and they don’t really bear this view of him out. In any event, obviously fantasy baseball conventional wisdom should always be followed, so it’s good that we didn’t get him.

  12. should have just extended a healthy ejax for that money

  13. So the Angels have a slo-pitch team?

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