One of the many outstanding reporters doing the lord’s work down there in Nashville who I didn’t happen to follow on Twitter until sometime during these Winter Meetings is Andy Martino, Mets beat writer for the New York Daily News. Fortunately for me, there is nary a rumbling that isn’t picked up by the ridiculously invaluable MLB Trade Rumours, which is where last night I was first alerted to Martino’s work, and one Jays-related tweet, in particular…

Ahh, the Winter Meetings: post number three on a deal that doesn’t have any traction whatsoever. At least, it appears that way– and I’m especially confident in saying so, since I’m currently also working through transcribing a bunch of comments from Alex Anthopoulos this morning, in which he says that there isn’t a deal on the horizon that he thinks would fundamentally change his team.

Is he being coy? It’s certainly possible, but in that same interview on the Fan 590′s Jeff Blair Show, he also says that he doesn’t quite get why an event like the Winter Meetings is needed in order to get trades done, and that if there was something he was interested or working on, they probably would have come to the meetings having long started the discussions.

Situations with other clubs can obviously change. The Mets’ interest in dealing Dickey certainly seems like a new thing. But given the asking prices we were hearing yesterday– Martino speaks to a Mets person who explains that there’s an astronomical ask because “It should be. He won the Cy Young.”– it seems a little more plausible to think that the Jays’ checking in was just good, old fashioned due diligence, and that talks maybe took on a life of their own because of the Jays’ catching surplus, and the Mets’ need in the wake of Josh Thole’s brutal 60 wRC+ 2012.

On the other hand, though, Jim Bowden just laid this on us:

If that’s really the case, the price will have to come down, and more talks could certainly be to come. Meaning… we’ve basically learned nothing here. The Winter Meetings, you guys!

So… there’s that.

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  1. Mets are likely asking for TDA ++ for Dickey. Alderson was quoted as saying that he wants a game changer for Dickey. As an illustration, talk of a Dickey trade with the Royals would begin with Wil Meyers.

    Fuck that crap.

  2. I think I’d rather have AA wait and see how the team performs. See who meets expectations and who fails.This way he leaves room to add the missing pieces at the July 31 trade deadline.
    Unless he, of course, gets an exceptional deal that he can’t refuse.
    In the meantime,maintain flexibity.
    Things on paper rarely come true without some problems from somewhere.
    If the jays add another 13 to 15 mil in payroll,will they have the room to take advantage in JULY,without busting the budget..

    • But then you’re losing out on a few months of benefit from whomever you’re trading for. To win the ALE (or WC), the Jays need to claw together every win they can. If there’s a deal which they perceive can help club (like adding last year’s Cy Young winner), you’ve gotta try get the benefit for the whole season.

      That being said, fuck giving up TDA for a year of Dickey.

      • You sound like you may have had some experience with “a year of Dickey”. Please tell us more.

      • @GBL
        You’re assuming everything will be just rosy with the current roster.
        There WILL be issues during the season. When AA needs to make a move, it can’t be a desperation move.He needs the flexibilty.
        If for example Romero shits the bed or bautista or EE or Reyes goes down and the Jays need something,he still has the abilty to deal, both player wise and financially.

  3. Jays act like they’re interested in getting some Dickey, but all the “I love Dickey, give me the Dickey” talk turns out to be empty gestures to get bargaining power, and Dickey returns limply to his home team.

    The Jays are such a tease. Don’t act like you want the Dickey when you really don’t.

  4. Fuck, cant this shit be done with already. I mean, the fucking mets had all of october and november to decide what they want to do with dickey. Its already december and theyre still not sure. Baseball offseason is the best in terms of rumors but teams move so fucking slooowly.

  5. AA has both a short term and a long term outlook. After the moves made so far, doubt he depletes the farm much more. Would be shocked if any of TDA, Gose, or the Lansing pair ended up in a deal for anyone not named “Price.” He also won’t sign a guy that would cost a draft pick. With Haren off the board and teams lining up to give money and term to McCarthy, Jays will re-sign CV if they can. Otherwise, they’ll look to sign a Braden/Jurrjens/Karstens/Lannan type of guy to a minor league deal, likely with an invitation to spring training and incentives if he makes/produces at the major league level. It someone promises CV a rotation spot, he won’t be back. If he does not get it, I expect to see him back. Would like to see both CV and one of the other guys added.

  6. Honestly though – if the money is there to take on Dickey + an extension.. why would you give back prospects etc when you can sign a guy like McCarthy or Jackson?

    Either way payroll is going up. And while Dickey has been better than those two, he hasn’t been so much better that its worth giving up D’Arnaud. That’s just fucking crazy. We didn’t give up D’Arnaud in a trade that brought us Johnson, Reyes, Burhle, Bonafacio + Buck. In what dimension does it make sense to give him up for anyone not nick-named “King”.

    • Thing is, im not sure the money is there for a dickey extension considering they have to might have to extend johnson also and he would be first priority because hes younger.

    • That’s kind of why stroking Dickey isn’t a good idea. There’s not much free money to afford his extension, and between the two, I’d much rather see the better Johnson get extended.

      • @ Indestructible, Agreed. With JJ’s velocity being down it could actually benefit in his long term health, and who knows maybe his shoulder is getting strong after a full season and offseason to work on it. he is 28 and in “down” year was still worth three wins. I see him being a long term solution to the rotation. He has age and lacks the volatility of a knuckballer….provided he stays healthy.

      • I think Dickey would take 4 years/10Mil per…that’s a pretty good deal for a guy who just won the Cy Young.

    • To sign “King” would require a pretty Penny.

  7. No way I trade darnaud for dickey. I would do Arencibia + Gose + a pitching prospect if the mets throw in something else on their end that could be useful to the jays. I would hope also that they could extend dickey for another year or two as well. Its possible since they have some salary coming off the books next offseason.

    • I agree on JPA + Gose as a basis for some kind of Dickey trade. We’re talking about seriously competing for the World fucking Series. The guy was terrific in 2012. He’s not going to fall off a cliff and immediately start sucking. JPA is not part of the long term plan and Gose, for all his gifts, has not yet shown that he can hit major league pitching. Getting and extending Dickey has risks — but what move doesn’t? Those risks could also keep the price down to where Dickey turns out to be a bargain: a reasonably priced really fucking good pitcher for 2-3 years. Johnson, Morrow, Dickey, Buerhle, Romero — you’d feel great about your chances to win every single day, with Happ as insurance. I vote Fuck yeah.

  8. Mariners about to sign Jason Bay. Damn they are desperate for any semblance of power in their lineup

  9. Dickie Dickie Dickie, can’t you see? Sometimes your moves just hypnotize me.

  10. Kelvim Escobar making a comeback LOL!

    Holy shit, almost 5 WAR in his last full season in the bigs

    Kick those tires AA!

  11. Any excuse to re-use last names so they dont have to toss out the old jerseys of recently departed players!

  12. Ok, I know it’s a small sample size, BUT…

    Dickey has pitched in a Dome 15 times and given up 11 homers.
    In his other 223 games he gave up 113 homers.

    His ERA in Domes is 5.29 and his WHIP is 1.571 (3.90 and 1.311 elsewhere).

    SO/BB in Domes is 1.40 and everywhere else its 2.35

    Duck Fickey.

  13. Can’t believe no one’s giggled at the Dickey “overBLOWN” headline.
    Am I the only person with an inner 14-year old kid in my head?

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