Uh… OK, well here’s something new. And kind of hilarious– though probably not the worst notion for the Red Sox, at least from an on-field perspective.

Call me crazy, but I still have some faith that Escobar has good years ahead of him. Obviously, from his past results, the bat is a whole lot better than he showed last year, and he still plays a solid shortstop. That said, I’d be much happier having a team like the Red Sox counting on him than a team like the Jays. And much, much happier with John Farrell managing him again. Because that went so bloody well the first time.

Hilarious, frankly. I mean, you want to talk about a Sox-Jays rivalry? Giddy up. Make it happen, Boston.

But even if it doesn’t, things are still going to be fun when Boston comes to town next season (apart from the fact that, as Buster Olney notes, the Sox’ lineup will be murder on lefties, and the Jays have three of them currently in their rotation).

Not as much as we are, Johnny boy.

Ahh, but Farrell did lay on the “saying the right things” stuff that he does so well, trying to smooth things over with the all of us (via Jen Royle)…

So… there’s that.


Image via Sportsnet.

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  1. This would literally make me laugh constantly during all Sox / Jays games.

  2. The combination of Escobar’s reported clubhouse issues in Atlanta and the eyepatch incident have lead many people to suggest he was a clubhouse problem in Toronto.

    There really wasn’t any evidence of this. In fact, Farrell often spoke about how much he liked Escobar.

    I’d rather the Sox not acquire him on the cheap because it seems very possible for him to be a 3 WAR SS next yr.

    • Good point. I definitely didn’t like hearing about him going to Tampa or Boston. Pity AA couldn’t have included a non-compete clause lol

    • Agreed. Escobar and his contract could be a boon for whichever team has him next season.

    • man, it would have been so much better if it had been a homophobic eye patch

    • Considering how questionable Farrell’s control of the clubhouse was, I wouldn’t put much stock in his defense of Escobar.

      The fact that two good organizations have given up on Escobar now, despite his decent performance and favourable contract, speaks for itself as to his off-field/clubhouse failings. Good riddance.

  3. lol if he went to any al east team i hope he’d suck shit, any other division and i hope he does a decent job

  4. Pollo y cerveza en el vestidor? Sì, por favor

  5. I hope Farrell left the eye black packages in Toronto.

    Seriously, that would make things fun. Get Romero to plunk Yunel in the first inning.

  6. bahah this would be so great

    all the Jays should wear eyeblack the very first game they play – brawl breaks out before the 1st pitch is even thrown

  7. The fact that seemingly every other AL East team wants him is all the more reason to re-acquire him for 2B. I don’t want them getting that value out of his contract.

    • While I wouldn’t mind seeing this, as I think Escobar would likely be a more productive 2B than Izturis & Bonifacio, you’d have to think AA could have swapped out Escobar for a prospect in the Marlins trade if he wanted to keep Escobar.

      • Good point. It’s not as if the Marlins were just getting 1 SS. On the other hand, the Marlins were dumping Reyes so if Escobar wasnt in the deal, the Jays would’ve had 2 SS’s and only one of them had a homophobic mini-scandal in his history.

    • The Marlins really are looking to go cheap cheap cheap, that is for sure. Even YE is too dear for them.

  8. red sox are making copycat jays move in my opinion
    like signing victorino,etc

    • these moves could hurt them in the long run though. They are locking up a core of somewhat average and aging players. Napoli, Victorino, Gomes, and Escobar looks like a lineup the 2012 Blue Jays would run out rather than the 2013 Jays.

  9. That first Jays-Sox game is going to be nasty. Jays are going to be playing with a chip on their shoulder to show up Farrell, Sox will be going hard to protect their manager. Shit’s gonna fly both ways and it’s gonna be fun.

  10. I would throw at Escobar. I hate the red sox

  11. Yunel Escobar on the Red Sox would be good for the Red Sox.

  12. wonder how Stanton reacts if they flip Yunel for younger pieces

    • Ya, because the possibility of Yunel leaving is the reason why Stanton would be furious.

      Like it matters at this point. They`ve pissed off their star and they clearly dont care.

      I doubt they are checking with Giancarlo before making any more moves.

  13. Lady in red!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. John Farrell mudda cunt. Fuck him and those mudda cunt fuckin’ Red Sox assholes.

  15. Gibbons vs Farrell fight!

  16. As much as I hate the Bosox both of these are legitimately defensible baseball moves. I have always liked Victor Ino and his numbers from last year did not exactly fall off. He went from being an established CF in a park that played to his strengths to fucking Dodger Stadium and his numbers suffered, but hardly fell off completely. He still struck out only 80 times in 150+ games, hit 10+ triples and 10+ HRs and even in LA his OBP never dropped below .300.

    Escobar will mash a million doubles down the right field line at Fenway and probably provide a disgusting amount of WAR/$.

    I’m sad to say it but its true, we can’t just count out the Red Sox willy nilly, Toronto.. Not yet anyway, unfortunately.

  17. Well, at least we know who the eye black was meant for. Farrel eres un maricon.

  18. Don’t really understand all the hate for Escobar now that he’s in Miami, with people suggesting he burnt bridges in Toronto or that the FO turned their back on him.

    He was traded for Josh Johnson & Jose Reyes, not some journeyman AAAA shitbag.

    • It puzzles me as well.

      • His body language on field reminded me of ARoid.
        I admired what he could do with the glove, ok bat, but if you played the game you’d know what kind of an energy suck one of these guys can be in the clubhouse.

        I admire Bobby Cox and he said several times that Yunel was uncoachable and self centered.

        • Agreed.

          If you can’t play for Bobby Cox, there’s a problem.

          Frankly, I don’t get how people don’t see the problems with Escobar. For starters, his body language is terrible. In the dugout, he’d always look like he was scowling or disinterested and aloof.

          Two organizations with respectable front offices have given up on him now. That’s not by accident. Personally, I suspect that dumping Escobar was an unspoken item at the top of AA’s off-season to-do list. And ajob well done.

    • Anthopoulos has said quite a few times since the deal that the Jays didn’t view SS as a need. I have little doubt he was fully prepared to keep Yunel going into the 2013 season before Reyes entered the equation.

  19. Geez you pussies make it sound like if Boston were to aquire Escobar it would propell them to the top of the East. He’s a good shortstop with an above average bat for SS (in a good year, not last year) but he’s hardly Albert Pujols. He’ll add a win or two.

    We wanted him out of town because he’s a pouty little bitch who has the onfield demeanour of a stagnant corpse. Not to mention he likes to write clever slogans on his face, he’s soft, and seems to have turned into a singles only guy.

    Let the Sox have him, let them give up valuable assets doing it, let he and Farret add to the poisonous clubhouse in Beantown.

  20. farrell likes having escobars big marricon lips pumping his ol knob

  21. It’s the 4th game of the season right? So Ricky or Happ if things stay the same. I think all the Jays should be out there with ‘tu es…(insert unpleasant but not homophobic slur here)’ on eye-black. Let’s start a little something going on.

    • I wonder if the Jays would setup the rotation as LLLRR so the Bosox would only face one lefty opening week

  22. I’m going to poop in my hand and throw feces at Farrell…I’ll be sure to eat LOTS of corn the day before too, so I can see those yellow submarines all over his dirty face.

  23. Reyes>>>>>>Escobar…..so who gives a flying fuck. Let boston have are sloppy seconds, wouldn’t lose any sleep over it if Escobar went to boston

    we got best SS in the ALE

  24. Danku!

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