I entirely get what Alex Anthopoulos is saying when he explains that so much trade talk happens over the course of the off-season regardless that the Winter Meetings is more like a glorified dog and pony show (my words), but… fuck, does he have to be such a damn spoilsport?

And another helping of the same cold gruel:

Ugh. And the Rule 5 isn’t until Thursday? And the Jays’ 40-man is full?!?!

Double ugh.

Though I suppose that doesn’t necessarily mean that something can’t change in a hurry. I mean, we know how much Alex Anthopoulos loves to get in on deals as a third-party facilitator– maybe he’s in on the dormant Diamondbacks deal that both Buster Olney– who tweets that it’s a four-teamer in which Asdrubal Cabrera would land in the desert– and Ken Rosenthal– who tweets that the Clevelands are into Tyler Skaggs, while others are looking at Trevor Bauer.

Of course, the key word here, I suppose, is “dormant.”

Some GM needs to hit the sauce, and pronto. Let’s liven these damn things up already!

So… there’s that.


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  1. Okay relax on the posts I can’t get any studying done LOL, every time I look at my twitters theres something new to read.

    • I agree completely: how is a man supposed to pay attention to studying Game Theory with this constant trade talk!?

  2. I was at work all day and to my surprise I was able to catch up on all the DJF posts very quickly

  3. Fuck it.

    Let the Red Sox and Shane Victorino do all the partying tonight

  4. Cover of “Ride the Lightning” would have been a better picture.

  5. not that i wouldn’t want to see a move or two that would really propel this team over the top, but i think we’ve been spoiled enough this offseason. i bet we still come out as the big winners of the offseason when spring training rolls around. importing johnson, reyes, cabrera, buerhle, bonifacio, izturis…is even a chance another team trumps this? sure we shouldn’t be content and always hoping there’s a deal that improves our WS odds from 11-1 (or whatever it is) to 17-2 or better, but i won’t be at all upset either if this roster as it currently stands is the one we see on opening night.

  6. When I heard of that three or four team deal, I kind of thought Lee to Texas for Profar or Andrus, Upton to Phillies. and for some reason after that quick thought I had this thought of Gose going to Phillies and Olt coming to Toronto.
    It was clear from MLBTR that it had not been discussed but it kind of made sense for Texas, DiamondBacks,Phillies or Indians,Phillies, Diamondbacks to discuss such a deal.
    I don’t believe Lee is leaving the Phillies even before their GM comments.

    • Andrus or Profar would be going to DBacks in trade with possibly Perez or May going to DBacks aswell.

  7. AA is sniffing around AZ for pitching.

  8. So…. there’s that.

    I like your new catchphrase Stoeten.

    “It’s me, Robert Goulet. That’s my catchphrase.”

  9. Well he did say he wasn’t a big fan of the Winter Meetings earlier in the week, that he found it harder to get things done with the extensive media coverage and what not.

    So this probably isn’t a huge surprise…though of course more hope that something could happen at the Winter Meetings would have been nice.

  10. Last year during the Winter Meetings it seemed that the media were reporting rumours of the Jays being in discussions for every available free agent. There doesn’t seem to be nearly as much of that this year.

  11. I could be wrong but the year he traded for Santos(last winter meetings) he said he wasn’t in on anything and did the same speech of leaving the winter meetings empty handed but he didn’t. I do think he’s coming home without anything; but you never know with this guy(AA)

  12. Meetings may be a little slow but still enjoying all the work Stotes.

    Keep it up.

  13. We should speculate more about the right handed bat they are looking for.. but have reasonable expectations. I suspect if there are any trades, it’ll involve Buck, not JPA so again, reasonable expectations. Lind can’t be given away so I’m curious who would be the best free agent platoon partner for that 25th spot.

    For pitching it’s kinda just speculation which is the best free agents that’ll accept starting in AAA. We probably already have a better rotation than anyone hoped for a few months ago.

    • Teams likely aren’t lining up for a catcher who hit a buck-something (oh the irony) getting paid $6M per. Rotation includes a Houston Astros castaway and the worst pitcher statistically in the majors last season.

  14. You know what’s fun? Go onto a Red Sox forum or Twitter and paste shit like “Report:Farrell having Second Thoughts” or “Insider Source: Ortiz to Yankees for cash”

    Sometimes you just gotta make your own fun.

    • If you did that, links?

      • I would never do something that evil.

        • I like the cut of your gib Tom W.

          We definitely gotta get hammered together on Opening Day, if not in Tdot, here on the Island.

        • A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

          • I am the god of hell fire and I bring you…

          • Fire
            To destroy all you’ve done.
            To end all you’ve become.
            I’ll feel your burn!

          • perfect spud. Opera Bob cannot hold us back now-fire up the JAYS!

          • So I went to the DJF facebook thing , looking for addtional content and all I saw was a Parkes article ranting on Perkins and the usual stuff from here at DJF.
            Am I missing something?

          • Radar…do Twitter……. it will free your soul.

          • @ Tom

            I’m filled with trepidation.
            I made one step.
            Next step is twitter.
            Half a bottle of rye, close my eyes and take the leap.
            If I don’t make it back,tell everyone I went out with a smile and both guns a blazing.

          • Atta make the leap Radar, I myself am still clinging to the edge with Spud – the last of the luddites.

            I’m worried if I get a cell /facebook or twitter that the world will suddenly morph into something that looks like Tron and black helicopters will start following me.

          • Smasher
            I’m more worried about the pod people of twitter and their spores.

          • I know, those fuckin spores will getcha…

            Can really fuck up a guys week if you have to sit around in a cocoon waiting for metamorphosis.

          • So it’s happened to you too!
            Thank you God.I thought I was the only one.
            How did you get that stuff outta your nose?
            I used a shop vac and a turkey baster.

  15. When you see the piddling moves that other teams have made, I still can’t believe we landed Johnson, Buerle, Reyes, Cabrera and Emilio.

    Like..holy balls.

    • Exactly if AA didn’t strike early there would be pitchforks at the dome right now marching for him to be fired

    • After seeing what players are signing for because of the new tv money It makes Burehle and Reyes contract as a whole not look so bad. Yes the back loaded deals don’t look great but after seeing the free agent prices, they’re only going to continue to get higher. Why I’m glad Joey Bats, Romero and Morrow asell as EE locked up to team friendly deals. Even Lind doesn’t look as bad. Helps that we have guys like Rasmus, Bonnie, Jp still under control, as well as having a good farm system and years of control for guys that might be here soon in Gose, D’arnaud and the new Lansing 3 Sanchez, Syndergard, Osuna.

  16. I miss twitter rumours from random no-names.

  17. Was looking forward to the really heated Redsox rivearly now Rays are about to bring Yunel Escobar back to the Al Beast.

  18. Looks like Yunel to Tampa. Balls

    • Not much of a haul if the rumour is right…Derek Dietrich AA middle infielder.

      I say embrace it if it happens, give us an opportunity to wear eye black to the Dome with clever phrases…

      Tu es irrelevante

      A little weak, help me out here fellas……

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