Where’s the money, Anthopoulos?

Shi Davidi checks in with more excellent work for Sportsnet, having digested the comments Alex Anthopoulos made to reporters earlier this afternoon. He looks mostly at the depth moves that the club is aiming to make as they set their roster for the coming season, but as we see from the most fascinating part of the piece, it sounds as though that’s mostly out of necessity.

Anthopoulos pointed out that with the Miami Marlins blockbuster, the Blue Jays have left the payroll parameters (remember that fun term from last year’s winter meetings?) initially set for 2013 “in the dust, the rear-view mirror of where I thought we were going to be.”

Going to ownership for more money again is sure to be a tough sell for anything other than an impossible-to-pass-up bombshell, so the Blue Jays will probably need to build their depth through prescient minor-league free agent signings.

Of course, the idea that they might not have a whole lot of money to spend isn’t entirely a new or surprising concept. Thinking that club would be able to take payroll up to $120-million, then keep on spending on whichever Sanchezes or McCarthys that might have come along required some rather wishful thinking, given all we’d known about Rogers all the way up until a month ago.

Looking at it another way, the downplaying of expectations here may not necessarily even be true. It really depends on how you define an “impossible-to-pass-up bombshell.” And as I noted in a post earlier today, it’s not like Alex Anthopoulos is about to announce to the world that he’s ready get real fucking extravagant.

I certainly hope it’s the latter, and not for the obvious reason: because I’ve already turned into a spoiled, entitled, dick-head fan. No, the real problem with pulling back now is that the Jays have taken their roster so close to being a genuine threat in the American League– to the point where every additional win they can accumulate makes a serious, serious difference. With the rosters they’ve tried to compete with in most years past, adding a three win free agent wouldn’t have pushed them far past “hope everything breaks right” territory.

I mean, they’ve already done so much more than enough that the idea of this off-season somehow turning disappointing is out of the question, but why go this far and then act like it’s enough? I’ll never get it. I hope they don’t.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Would be dumb to take on all that money in the Marlins deal and then refuse to put the team over the top for ‘money reasons’

  2. Thats what i was worried about when the big trade was completed. Jays would have no flexibility to add payroll. Hope rogers can give them another $5-10 M to work with atleast.

    • Yeah I was really worried after the trade and melky that the jays wouldn’t spent another five million bucks……..I would rather go back to 75 million payroll than worry about this!

  3. Jack Z said he wouldn’t want to move Felix Hernandez, but aside from that: “…if you can look at a scenario where you take a weakness and make it a strength, that’s something you have to entertain. You can’t sit there and say, ‘I’m not moving anybody.’ That would be foolish. You have to entertain any opportunity to make your club or organization better.”

    Do it! Trade all the prospects and do it!

  4. Really payroll parameters my ass, adding payroll at this point can be considered an investment. More fans more money simple as that. I say jays have 20 more mill to spend and im not even joking. I know we all know how rogers operates but this isnt the time to stop spending, if we want to contend need a couple key pieces: A DH, and one more starting pitcher, along with one more depth pitcher eg Carlos V

    • “more fans more money simple as that. I say jays have 20 more mill to spend” Oh and your basing this on what? Yes Rogers communications has 20M sitting around within their organization without a doubt, but there has to be an expectation that the marginal increase in payroll produces atleast an equal marginal increase in revenues. “We all know how rogers operates” What like a fiscally responsible publically traded corporation that has a fiduciary duty to its shareholders, just like every other fucking coproration out there. Adding payroll at any point is considered an investment, but it is really naive and just plain stupid to think that because Blue jays jumped 35M in payroll that they have the ability to spend 20M more just because…

  5. How much more is Rogers really spending when you include the extra dough from the TV deal? I know they didn’t have to spend it, but it doesn’t feel like the purses were opened as widely as we’re being led to believe.

    • Word up. I mean, what is a 50% increase in payroll really? Other teams, like Marlins, are putting in waaaaaay more than that

      Fucking cheap Rogers

  6. Looking at the free agent deals that have already been signed – or going by $/WAR, adding a 3-win free agent is asking for another $15m/year bump in payroll. If you went back to October and said Rogers was going to bump payroll from $84m to $120m, nobody says not going to $135m is stupid.

    I’m sick and tired of ‘why go this far and then act like it’s enough’, because you can keep making that argument up until you’re 90% confident you’re going to win the division, which in the AL East requires either a superlative crop of early-service-time players or flirting with the luxury tax, and often both. Seriously, if we signed, say, Sanchez to complete the rotation, you’d probably just copy-paste this post, make a few tweaks, and post it again saying now we need a 3-win 2B because we’re so close! Or a real 1B!

    We saw this season – Orioles, for example – that while you can cite the marginal win curve all you want, there’s just so much uncertainty in any one given season that you need to acknowledge the additional free agent isn’t the slam-dunk case you’re making it out to be.

    Do I hope Rogers spends the money and signs someone? Some two? Some three? Absolutely. Will I hold it against them if they don’t? Absolutely not.


    • Agreed.

      The Rangers were the “best team in baseball” when 2012 started.

      The Giants needed more offense to put them over the top.

      The Orioles and A’s were possibly the worst teams in the AL.

      No team is perfect and even ones that seem like it drop easy fly balls in the wildcard play in and get eliminated.

      The Jays are right there with the big boys for talent. Of course adding more would be great but ownership and AA have done their part IMO.

    • Well said, my friend. It’s really too bad Stoeten’s encouraging all the raging idiocy and rogers talk.

  7. Jays could go back to ownership at the deadline if they are still in it.

  8. What makes you think they’ve gone this far and are now “acting like its enough,” when three paragraphs earlier you included a quote which said, in as many words, that they’re likely done spending because they’ve already blown the projected budget way out of the water? Those sound like two different things to me

  9. They’re getting a shit load of national tv money, already ore season ticket holders increase in sponsors and their own tv ratings revenue. Not being able to spend a shit load of money on the draft and international free agents, plus the over 8 million the marlins sent, They might not be done. I realize that Rogers could pocket all that money, I think they’ve given the red light of another Sp, one that would push Romero to the five. I think AA is waiting for the market to drop a little and then pounce. He’s not going to tell the media what his plans are, nor I, but I do think a free agent starter is the most likely saving their prospects for the trade deadline. Free agents is just money but probably to much right now.
    A Jackson or Haren coming up north maybe but I actually believe it’s a name that’s been linked to them and has continued since the offseason began Anibal Sanchez I now crazy right. Cone of silence and all that but the it’s no shortage of teams interested in Anibal and Sp yet the blue jays have been constantly linked to him. AA probably just checked in on him but with former teammates of his, the whole team really maybe he’d come here and maybe They’ve asked… Or not just being a now spoiled fan( we can actually say that now)

  10. let’s all remember that when everyone usually thinks they know what the blue jays and AA are doing, they are usually 100% wrong

  11. Not the best news on the Dickey trade front:

    “The Diamondbacks met with the Mets on Dickey, but talks didn’t get far, tweets Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. Martino hears the Mets’ asking price is very high. He also notes that there’s not much happening between the Mets and Blue Jays.”

    It will be interesting to see what eventually happens with him, Jays are probably in the top 5 front runners.

  12. All these comments and no one is going to say a damn thing about the masterpiece at the top of this article? I spit coffee onto my keyboard over Alex’s goatee.

    As for actual content; I do feel like this club has been given a great chance to succeed with the moves that have already been made. As another commenter pointed out, the Giants looked an awful lot worse than the Rangers on opening day so I don’t think we should focus on creating some kind of unbeatable statistical juggernaut just to allay the fears of a twenty-times-scorned fanbase. Even if the Red Sox field a team and the Rays replace some offense and the Yankees Reunion Tour actually pans out; we have a team capable of competing against them on even ground, and we did not have that in September. We had to pull wins out of the ether on heart and hustle; now we can get wins everywhere save first base vs LHP. I’m pretty happy with the boat we’re in, personally; even if the opener were tomorrow.

  13. Jays have done more than enough this offseason, anyone who complains is fucked.

    They added 6 major league players to their roster, I dont think any one could have envisioned that.

    lets just be happy.

    • Agreed.

      I used to accuse Rogers of being cheap constantly, but they’ve proved me wrong. Even if AA doesn’t make any additional moves, this is an exciting team and I can’t wait for the season to start.

  14. Maybe you should put Shi’s face on Steve Buchemi’s.

  15. I still think they’re going to add another starter of at least solid #3 calibre. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling they’re going to sign Anibal.

  16. The Jays should be all in, right now, Rogers is Canada’s evil empire so why don’t they stop making all those really shitty cell phone commercials and fuckin invest into their baseball team full force. The trade and the melky signing were nice, but hell the team is back where it was in the mid- to late 80′s and if they make a couple more intermediate moves we could have a ’89 season all over again, and hopefully a ’92 or ’93 season as well.

    • Whoa, slow up hoss. The best course of action might be to add a couple complimentary pieces like a platoon partner for Lind and a long man and if the jays are close at the deadline, make some moves. Gotta be patient and see how these moves translate to the field and if they are competing late in the season, it’s darnaud for halladay

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