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Jon Heyman tweets that the Jays are one of many clubs still looking to add a starting pitcher, and this afternoon we’ve seen some interesting-ish names thrown out there who might be a fit (or who might, at least, make for a humours lead picture for a blog post).

MLBTR has a nifty roundup of the suggestions, which include the Dodgers’ Aaron Harang and Chris Capuano, and the Phillies’ Vance Worley– or as I prefer (h/t @flipflopflying) Van Swirly.

No, they’re not the sexiest names available, but this is pretty much where we’re at.

Harang and Capuano are… good lord, am I really posting about this?

Harang edged just barely under the 5.00 xFIP mark (4.95) in the effing NL West, and Capuano– while better– is still Chris Capuano, and is owed $6-million for 2013, with an $8-million mutual option for the following year.

Jon Morosi tweets that the Dodgers seem to be more aggressively shopping those guys, as their confidence grows on landing Zack Greinke. Thing is… who cares?

But OK, Worley is actually a somewhat interesting name. A two win right-hander who could eat some innings, posted a 3.85 FIP and 4.04 xFIP last season, was even better the year before, and is under team control for four more seasons. He’s a guy who could compete with J.A. Happ for the final spot in the rotation, and isn’t a guaranteed money guy who the club will feel obligated to stick into the rotation.

Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly writes that the Phils are dangling Worley– as well as prospect Trevor May– in their search for help in the outfield, or at third base. Moises Sierra doesn’t come close to getting a deal done, but Colby Rasmus? Anthony Gose?

We know the Phillies, who drafted him, have always been high on Gose, and while I’m certainly not suggesting a one-for-one swap (I don’t think), it’s not exactly the craziest thing I’ve ever heard either, is it? At the very least, it could be a starting point. Or… well… no, at the very┬áleast it’s something actually Jays-related to talk about.

So… there’s that.

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  1. All three suck, I doubt AA is going to bite at all on these guys especially for Gose.

  2. pfft! Van Swirly is a sexy name

  3. Rasmus or Gose for Worley? I’ll pass on that one.

  4. Ugh. I’d rather stick with the status quo & sign 3 AAAA pitchers than any of those options.

  5. No Gose for Worley.

    That’s the opposite of landing high upside guys.

    Hi Mr. Gillick. Might I interest you in a pair if Davis? Rajai and DJ?

  6. Wow, I absolutely hope we don’t make that trade. Or sign any of these puss-arms unless it’s to a minor league contract. I’d be happier if we kept the assets (Gose etc) and sign a bunch of guys coming off injury or bad seasons to minor league deals with an invite to spring training. As it stands we have 5 capable starters, don’t waste our prospect depth on this filth.

    That said, If he pulls the trigger (given the opportunity) on a difference maker for some of our PP porn but then, by all means, but not for this filth.

  7. i always thought harang was a fatass

  8. If the Jays are giving up Rasmus or Gose they might as well go all in and make a competitve offer for Dickey rather than settle on a below average or average pitcher.

  9. at this level of quality, i’d rather have minor-league-contract lotto tickets than lose Gose. use the Buffalo-not-Vegas advantage to scoop up more than one.

    Happ, after all, isn’t really the problem. the problem is that we need to dice to throw when someone gets hurt. Baltimore showed very well how it can be different dice every month.

  10. I would hope AA passes on any trade for a depth starter that sees a player such as gose or Rasmus going the other way. Why trade what I consider a useful piece for a depth guy who you could very easily find a free agent to sign instead.

  11. This is making my Dickey shrink

  12. How about nobody plus some cash for Carlos Villanueva?

  13. WTF makes Gose so special? Speed? The guy can’t hit worth shit. Rather have Juan Pierre or Rajai Davis if speed is so valuable. I’d do Worley for Gose in a heartbeat.

    • He has 80 speed on the 20-80 scale. Very rare.

      He showed promise and improvement with the bat in his second stint last season, no?

      He is electrifying and has been compared to Kenny Lofton.

      The bigger question is: What in the hell are you doing comparing Gose to Rajai ‘part-time-player’ Davis?

      • Yes

      • The only thing electrifying about Gose is the electricity created from the wind power he generates when whiffing at pitches all over the place almost every single at bat. And you want to reference Kenny Lofton? Yeah ok. He only had a lifetime batting average of .299, including .349 in ’93, and a bunch of years where he hit over .320 and .330. Anyone who thinks Gose can come even remotely close to that is smoking some horrible crack. Probably the most disrespectful comparison I’ve ever heard. I don’t care if he has 160 speed on a 20-80 scale, you can’t run from the facts. The Davis comparison is unfair to Rajai, at least he can swing the bat every so often. Gose sucks, plain and simple.

        • And he’s 22.

          Give him a bit of time.

          Granted the Lofton comparison is a bit optimistic but even if he gets to a .260/.330/.400 line he’s one king hell of an asset.

          This line is a realistic hope I think.

        • I like Hasseys style. Love the agression

      • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen his speed graded more often as a 70, which of course is still really impressive but still short of prospects like Billy Hamilton and DJ Davis.

    • Pierre? Rajai? Seriously?

      Gose is ridiculous faster than both of them. If anyone can name a guy with a better speed/arm combination I’d be surprised.

      He’s a 2 WAR guy with no contribution from his bat. If he can learn to hit even a little he’ll be a fan favorite and a huge asset.

      • Last I checked, hitting and plain old getting on base are pretty important when it comes to being good at the game of bases and balls. Still haven’t seen a single baseball scout at a track meet.

        • It makes a person wonder why coaches are constantly referring to their stop watches–any views on the subject?

      • His upside potential is Kenny Lofton; his downside risk is a bit better than Juan Pierre.

  14. I actually wouldn’t mind Worley as our #5 (IMO he’s better than Happ), but I wouldn’t give up Rasmus or Gose for him.

  15. I think rasmus for Worley makes sense, one for one. Gose and not much more really, I believe. Phillies are realistic about Worley.

  16. Karstens. For nobody plus hardly any cash.

  17. What’s the knock on Capuano, seems like a guy who has pretty consistent peripherals that suggest he can be a 4 in any division. For his carer he sports a 7.42 k/9, 2.45 bb/9 and 1.25 hr/9…pretty solid stats and a career 4.31 xFIP. I think he’s slightly better than Happ, but a combo of him and Happ as our 5/6 guys would make for a very deep rotation. If he only costs a couple low-end prospects, which he realistically should, then he’d be a great pick-up at 6M a year.

    • Villanueva stacks up pretty favorably, won’t cost any prospects, and won’t cost much more than $6MM AAV.

      • as do marcum, liriano and mcarthey. trading for 6 million 5th man when u can pick up 1 year flyers for as much makes little sense.

        • I’d prefer they bring back Juan Guzman on an incentive only one year contract… $50 per strike thrown and $333 per out. The flyer of all flyers.

    • I think the Dodgers need a C don’t they?

      Trade Buck for him.

      Adds some depth with no impact on payroll.

      Or trade JPA for him and “expand the deal” to Capuano and a legit prospect.

    • I don’t mind Capuano… Veteran guy who who would add half-decent depth… But all things considered, successfully pitching in the NL West is like successfully dieting in Ethiopia. Lets not give the guy too much credit.

      • Hasseys killin it…..keep em comin

      • fuck youre lame

      • My wife’s from Ethiopia, Hassey. So listen, fuckface, can you make an intelligent comment without being a fucking racist or sounding like someone who never passed high school. Your previous comments suggest that you’re a Sun reader. Go jerk off in your mom’s basement, asshole, and stop trying to sound so “man” as an anonymous fucking commenter. What a fucking piece of shit you are. I’d fucking love to rip you a new one. Of course, you’re probably a fat fucking tub of shit still hiding a bunch of VHS porn in a box under your bed.

        • Listen Steve, I jerk off on my moms roof because it turns the neighbourhood on. Don’t make assumptions, fuckwhistle.

  18. If these are the only options out there, I’d rather take my chances with Happ. He actually ptiched really well before breaking his foot. If he pitches that well, he’ll do fine.

  19. Who was the dick head that suggested D’Arnaud for Worley a few weeks ago?

    Found it. This asshole:


  20. Convince Black Magic Oliver to play one more year, sign Villanueva, Lyon, and two more depth starter Aaron Laffey-esque kinda guys. Fire Jamie “no baseball knowledge” Campbell, Gregg “out to lunch” Zaun and Pat “state the obvious” Tabler. Hire a legit play-by-play voice with a Gary Thorne-esque voice, and move Buck Martinez back to colour commentary only. Reduce Rogers Centre beer prices and hire scantily clad cheerleaders. Dream season.

  21. I’d give up gose for worley for sure. So what if he has 80 speed on 20-80, the guy cant hit. We have plenty of speed with rajai, bonifacio and dj davis, in the minors. Another solid pitcher is much more important to this team (win now) then a propspect with speed as his only asset.

  22. Whorley and maybe May too, for the centre fielder formerly known as Duelling Banjos?
    HELL YEAH!!!!

  23. Worley was money in 2011-he had bone chips in the elbow last year, so maybe. But you can’t trade Gose now-and yes his swing(slasher) does remind me of Lofton.

  24. Please do not pick up either of these has beens. 5 years ago maybe:

  25. Carlos still appears to be the best option as the long-man/starter option, but how about the following additional possibilities in no particular order:

    Erik Bedard (minor league contract maybe?)
    Kevin Millwood – would want a commitment to be in rotation, but should be cheap & veteran presence
    Brett Myers (could be bullpen depth/starter depending)
    Dallas Braden (minor league contract)
    Jair Jurrjens (bullpen/rotation)
    AND Roy Oswalt…was horrific with Rangers, but give him a commitment to start and who knows???

    While none excite me any more than Carlos V would, it does match up with AA’s desire to have options beyond Happ and build depth in advance of a decision to go for it close to the trade deadline.

    • Bedard – huge decline in performance last season and tail end of season before
      Millwood – too old and risky
      Myers – wouldn’t mind him in the pen, still has a nice arm… went unnoticed in Houston because of lack of save opps
      Braden – overrated partly due to perfect game (or was it just a no-no, I cant remember), Oakland skewed his stats too favourably
      Jurrjens – too risky, nightmare season last year
      Oswalt – too risky and age scares me

      Carl V is the best of the bunch.

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