Not that I’m afraid of what the Red Sox lineup would look like with Josh Hamilton in it (though I am), but this sounds like a pretty fantastic turn of events for the outfield down there in Fuckface Farrell’s Masshole Nation:

Cafardo had earlier called the Sox front runners, and says that there’s “optimism” a deal could happen.

Jerry Crasnick adds that “things are moving fast” and the Sox are in “good position” to make it happen.

Uh… forgive me for disrespecting the very nice career that Victorino has had, for maybe acting like he’s older than his 32 years, or for putting too much weight into the career-worst offensive season he just completed– which, granted, wasn’t helped by a move to Dodger Stadium– but… I sure am fucking glad it’s them and not us.

Sure, any hitter would be helped by a move to Fenway– he’ll need it, if he lands there, after putting up a .128 ISO, .383 SLG, and .321 OBP last year– but… man, I don’t know. Maybe I’m falling into the trap of trusting my eyes too much– his speed factor on FanGraphs took a dip last year, but was pretty much in line with his career– but Victorino has never struck me as a guy who’s going to age well.

At the same time, if he’d hit the market a year earlier, after his six win 2011, this deal would look like a damn bargain, so… who’s to say? I’m just glad they’re very possibly not bringing in someone better– though it’s not like there isn’t still a chance that they could.

So… there’s that.

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  1. can’t wait to see farrell fuck up the red sox in 2013.
    He’s my most hatred former Toronto sports figure since Vince and Bosh

  2. He’s had over 3 fWAR for six consecutive seasons now. Don’t really think the contract is too out of line here.

    • It’s totally true. But it turns out I just don’t really like him as a player– or as a player going forward, at least.

  3. For the Red Sox to be legitimately scary again they need to rebuild their core.

    Napoli and Victorino may be decent finishing touches on a team that’s close, but not the AAA Sox we saw last year at the end.

    Well see what they do, but I think the Sox need to go full rebuild. Napoli and Victorino almost seem like relatively low cost and low risk signings to placate fans that they’re ‘doing something’.

    Watch them sign Greinke and Hamilton now that I’ve said this, but I really think the Red Sox cycle of being an elite team may be over for now.

    • I don’t know. They still have nice pieces like Pedroia and Elsbury if they extend both and lots of cash. Unfortunately, the new CBA doesn’t really let you rebuild as quickly as you once could.

      • I think they can still be decent to good… But it’s hard to see them looking like a 95 win elite team for a while. Who the hell knows though.

  4. Victorino / Gomes / Ellsbury / Napoli / Pedroia / Iglesias / Middlebrooks / Saltalamacchia / Ortiz?

    Not sure what to make of this starting 9, but they might not be done adding players. Left side of the infield looks weak.

  5. I like seeing Boston add players that aren’t good at playing the base-ball.

  6. Did the Sox learn nothing from the Carl Crawford deal? Why would they want an older, shittier version?

  7. On the one hand, I like the Red Sox’ general strategy of signing good players on short term deals, though Victorino seems like a reach.

    On the other hand, this kind of reminds me of the teams JP Ricciardi used to build. A lot of decent players, no real stars beyond Roy Halladay (and occasionally Wells & Rios).

    It seems as though the Red Sox want to build a $150 million 80 – 85 win team.

    • I don’t think that is a very good analogy. The Sox have a much better system for one thing and there’s a huge difference in payroll to cover the other holes. Of course you could ultimately be correct on the win totals but at least on paper there’s a much higher upside with the Sox team than there ever was for 06-08 Jays teams. As for star players, Ellsbury, Pedroia and Ortiz are nothing to sneeze at especially when they are healthy.

      • Is Ellsbury, Pedroia & Ortiz better than Doc, Wells & Rios from 06 – 08? I don’t really think so.

        Hey, if they go out and sign Greinke and Scutaro, for example, they’re back to being a contending team. But that would mean a dreaded long term deal.

        • That’s my point, after that a couple of big names the depth wasn’t the same in terms of systems or financial resources.

          • That’s fair.

            Though I’m not sure the Red Sox are going up to $180 – $200 mil and they seem unwilling to give long term deals, which precludes a Greinke signing.

        • Scutaro to play SS? Really? He’s not that good and he’s old

      • If Jacoby can find his MVP runner up form and Ortiz doesn’t regress like so many he think he is bound to, they still have good players in the lineup. The LHP mashers in Gomes and Napoli are nice but the positional flexibility isn’t ideal.

        CF. Ellsbury: He’s a MVP talent with injury problems.
        LF. Nava/Gomes: Gomes can’t hit righties.
        RF. Victorino: A defensive, no power, speedster, coming of a down year
        SS. Iglesias: all D, no hit shortstop.
        3B. Middlebrooks: coming off a wrist injury
        2B. Ratface: who is good even though I fucking hate him
        1B. Napoli: Can’t hit righties
        C.Salty, Ross: Not terrible baseball players by any means.Lavarnway sucks balls.
        DH.Ortiz: Proven but old

        Gomes will play lf and dh occasionally if they sign Victo. if they don’t Gomes is the guy in right.

        • The interesting thing about the Sox lineup is that 9 of 20 opponent starters in the AL East are lefties. Could have quite an impact on a lot of the games if their numbers hold up.

  8. I think the 3 years more than the $12.5-13 million might be a bit much. Considering he’s likely to play a corner position, his 2012 OPS makes me think Rajai Davis more than anything else. At least they’re not spending their cash on upgrading their rotation for now.

  9. And they want him to play RF too which is ludicrous because he has little power.This is what happens when a GM is pressured into spending $ because of the entitled masshole fans.

  10. The Red Sox are rebuilding a core that is much worse than their core of the last decade. They used to have some of the best players at most positions, not anymore. Plus they still need pitching, I really hope they don’t win the Dickey sweepstakes.

    • they could by giving up bogarts and bradley fucking up their farm system for years and not resign dickey however

    • I’d rather 5ickey go to Boston rather than a team the Blue Jays actually will be fighting for a playoff spot with

  11. John Farrell cuts off question on coming to Toronto for second series of the season: “Looking forward to it.”

  12. So, I get that it’s Morosi and all, but he tweeted something very interesting a few minutes ago: “Red Sox not done, have interest in Yunel Escobar.”

    Well now.

    • Escobar reunited with Farrell. Wouldn’t that make for a nice locker room atmosphere! LOL

      • I always love your phoots on Facebook, but don’t get here often enough, which is a shame because there are always so many more wonderful images to see. Beautiful family, gorgeous light!

  13. I am so looking forward to a whole year of this. I knda hope the Sox actually do something, because nothing gets the fans excited like a good rivalry. Can you imagine a one game play in against the Sox with Farrell at the helm?

    Fuck that would be good for fan interest….. and an awesome story line.

    With that said, that likely won’t happen.

  14. We might wanna be a bit more careful before brushing off the red sox. At this point, their lineup stacks up nicely against the Jays. Their offense is already equal to or better than ours. Granted our pitching as of now is way better than theirs, but they presumably still have money to spend. If they get themselves an ace, I think they’re pretty much on par with the Jays, so maybe we should just tone down the cockiness a bit.

    • Ummmm.. the Red Sox are nowhere near to being comparable to the Jays. They don’t have one starting pitcher as of right now that’s any good, and 2 decent hitters (Ortiz and Pedroia).

      • You have to remember how some of their hitters do vs lefties of which the Jays have 3 and all of which have the potential to be somewhat dodgy. Napoli, Victorino, Gomes all rake vs Lefties. Take a look at their splits the last two years.

      • You’re forgetting Ellsbury. And if your standards for “decent” are that high, then the Jays also only have 3 “decent” hitters: Reyes, Bautista, EE

        • Ellsbury is always injured dude, and he was only decent in his one healthy season (2009 was a beauty 98 wRC+ season).

          My standards aren’t set that high. It’s fact that outside of those two guys, no one can really hit on the Sox on a full-time basis.

          Melky is another “decent” hitter for the Jays by the way.

    • I think it’s being fairly realistic versus cocky.

      Boston is doing their best to make moves that fill as many seats as possible in a small ballpark during a what is almost definitely a bridge year.

      • bridge towards what? They don’t seem to be rebuilding. I think they’re still planning to contend. I can’t imagine they stop here and don’t do anything for their rotation.

    • How is the Red Sox lineup better than the Jays? I’ll take Reyes EE and Jose over any Boston player

      • I agree with you on that point Inaddition we have two players you would say would squeeze out 2 of their namely Cabrera, likely a .300 hitter and Lawrie…290+ perhaps. I’ll take cabrera over either Gomes or Victorino and lawrie>middlebrooks. And frankly, overall..I’ll take JPA>SAlty or lavernay. That gives us at least a 6-3 advantage w/o even talking about pitching

  15. I’m with Stoeten, it’s just not terribly concerning.

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how Boston is anything better than a .500 team (at best) next year? Especially after they unload Ellsbury before the deadline since he’ll never re-sign there.

    There are too many holes and/or untested players all over the field at Fenway (e.g. SS, Middlebrooks, everyday 1B, RF).

    • how’s this:
      Pedroia- Reyes
      Victorino- Rasmus
      Ortiz- EE
      Ellsbury- Bautista
      Napoli- Melky
      Salty- JPA
      Iglesias- Izturis
      Gomes- Lind
      Middlebrooks- Lawrie

      From a purely offensive standpoint it’s hard to say which lineup is better. They seem pretty equal.
      Now pitching:

      Lester- Morrow
      Buchholz- Buehrle

      I wouldn’t put it past the Red Sox to sign or trade for a pitcher who can potentially match Johnson. Ok, so Happ and Romero are probably a lot better than Lackey and Doubront, but you see where I’m going with this. The Sox still have more money than we do to play with, and assuming they go for a top pitcher, if the only difference between the two teams is the 4 and 5 starters, then I sure hope the Sox are better than a .500 team, because if they’re not the Jays wouldn’t be too far ahead of them.

      • Why didn’t you match them up by position?

        1b: Napoli – EE = Jays
        2b: Pedroia – Izturiz = Sox
        SS: Iglesias – Reyes = Jays
        3b: Middlebrooks – Lawrie = Split
        LF: Gomes – Melky = Jays
        CF: Ellsbury – Rasmus = Sox
        RF: Victorino – Bautista = Jays
        C: Salty – JPA = Split
        DH: Ortiz – Lind = Sox

        4 Jays, 3 Sox, 2 Splits

        Jays have edge in pitching right now imo but as you said Sox still have cash to play with and if Lester and Buchholz bounce back they could be a decent threat. Also I like the Jays bench much better.

        • I didn’t go by position because if I did, I’d get your results of Jays winning 4-3. But that doesn’t tell the whole story because it matter how much you win each position by. Some are very lopsided and others are close. If you go down the list, all three Sox wins are very lopsided, but only 3 of the Jays wins are lopsided, and even then Melky over Gomes might not be as lopsided as some of the other ones. In other words, the dif btw Lind and Ortiz is way bigger than the dif btw Napoli and EE.

          That’s why I matched up based on offensive talent level. I thought it showed more clearly how equal the two lineups really are.

          • I wasn’t trying to say the Jays lineup was overly better than the Sox I think that after you factor in the Jays bench they will still have the edge. Though I have to disagree about the Jays wins being smaller than the Sox wins. Reyes destroys Iglesias as does Bautista with Victorino I just figured it would be easier for illustration purposes. I think the Sox will be plenty dangerous in 2013. A lot of people forget just how many injuries they had in 2012.

      • see my comment above . We outmuscle them 6-3 as far as I am concerned

    • I just feel like i got lucky that the gumball toy idea came a while after mine. That idea roekcd. I cant wait for the image to come out! i love your work terry.


  17. the three lefty starters will be good against nyy, but id rather have three righties with Ogando

    • why all the love for Ogando? He’s pretty unproven as a starter, and I think Happ is likely at least just as good over a full season.

      • Look at 2011, he was pretty fucken sweet as a starter.

        • Good ERA overall, but that’s mostly because he managed to pitch way above his peripherals for a month or two to start the season, and then came way down to Earth after that. Check the progression of his numbers through that season, not just the final result. There’s a reason the Rangers moved him back to the bullpen

  18. Is Lucchino makings these decisions? Seems to be trying to get all of his paisans…

    • Uh… Lucchino is Hawaiian?

      • lol

      • hawaiian-italian?

      • RADAR, please give the man a crotch grab.

        It is to laugh.

      • katy – Mom,Tears fell down my cheeks when I saw these petrucis. They are SO beautiful and full of color! I love them and wish I could be there but seeing these help me still feel a part of all that goes on back home. I am So thankful God has given you the talent and skills to capture these moments. Your petrucis truly bless my heart each and every time I see them. Thank you! I am SO proud of you and all your hard work!

  19. I kinda like the Flyin Hawaiian. Salary seems excessive but he’s a passionate little bastard who can go get the ball. He’s had some good numbers with the stick too.

  20. Who gives a flying fuckin shit about the Red Sox, watching them not make the playoffs and suck all year was extremely satisfying. It’s time for the jays to start beating up on Boston and other teams for once.

  21. I know this phrase is incredibly played out, but my God have the Red Sox jumped the shark.

  22. Right on-ihts helped me sort things right out.

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