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Now remember, the DJF Twitter is mostly just a feed setup to give you only links to the posts, and none of our arguing with various commenters and trolls out there in the Twitterverse. If you’d prefer to get all the links and to argue with us– or just a little of that human touch– follow us all individually:


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Stay tuned for a podcast today (I think!), thanks for your continued support, and welcome to those of you checking us out for the first time, waiting for the Jays to make their big move in Nashville. Though… um… don’t hold your breath.

Comments (18)

  1. coming across as desperate now, dude.

    • Explain.

      • Probably Been spoiled by the moves so far this offseason wanting more like everyone else eg ra dickey

        • No it’s apparently some kind of affront to his poor widdle eyebaws that I have the audacity to promote all the places where you can follow our shit at a time when we have a lot of people at the site, because, one supposes, he’s entirely unfamiliar with the real world.

          • This blog used to be so cool when, like, no one knew about it.

          • woa. touchy.

            • You provoked him with a silly and unnecessary comment. What did you expect? Promoting the site and ensuring a solid readership base is how he keeps his job.

          • christ, I guess people cant take a fucking joke anymore.
            what’s next? day 3: housekeeping, day 4: housekeeping, day 5: housekeeping, etc…

            I don’t have a housekeeper, but if I did, she sure as fuck wouldn’t be coming in 7 days a week.

          • this is what makes this place a happy place.. love this :P

    • Why would anyone complain about too many posts, espescially at this time of year?

      Stoeten & friends continue to do an excellenet job.

      And, personally, I don’t mind the occasional Gavin Floyd’s alleged cousin on twitter post.

  2. I guess this is the right place for it – thanks for your awesome work and crazy hours the last few days, Stoeten.

    • I would second that notion. Good job with the updates, the posts, and providing Jays fans with a one-stop venue to check up on the Winter Meetings.

    • +1. Stoeten is in overdrive with all the posts. I still think it would be cool to send him to Nashville to cover the winter meetings directly.

      JPA lives there in the offseason. He could have interviews with the players. he could confront Wilner & griffin etc..

  3. Nick Swisher wants to be a Giant – I could see him fit on that club, personality wise

    But Blanco put up 2 WAR last year in the OF . . . he goes back to being a superutility

    Unless they dont think Pill or Belt will ever do much, they could play Swish at 1b a bit

  4. I follow everyone up their on twitter minus parkes.

    • I follow nobody up there on twitter,including Parkes.
      But it is amazing to see how the brand has expanded.
      Don’t know how Stoeten keeps it all current.
      He must type real quick.

  5. Cheers to the crazy great coverage over the past couple of days/weeks. Exciting time to be a Jays fan, and all of the crazy dreaming and speculation now seems just a little more possible.

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