It is indeed the most traffic-whoringest time of year! Here’s what’s out there that I wasn’t about to make full posts out of, as Day One of the Winter Meetings turns into Night Two down in Nashville…

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet reiterates the comments from Alex Anthopoulos today about the meetings being quiet, explaining that, even though they could ask for money to do more, they’re probably thinking they need to “be careful about going to the well too often.”

Thank fuck we I didn’t notice this, or we’d still be talking about it: earlier in the day Jim Bowden tweeted that a mystery team might be involved on Zack Greinke, and listed the Jays among the potential candidates to be it. The latest, according to the ever-updating thread at MLBTR, seems to have either the Dodgers or the Rangers walking away the winner. And according to the latest at Fox Sports from Ken Rosenthal, doing so wouldn’t stop the Rangers from also retaining Josh Hamilton.

At, Gregor Chisholm recaps what John Farrell and his bottle of Just For Men had to say to the assembled media hordes in Nashville. And over at North of the Border, he transcribes what John Gibbons had to say to reporters yesterday.

Bob Elliott sits down at some kind of fancy digital typewriter and has a chat with Toronto Sun readers.

Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star wonders if the A-Rod injury is the indication that, finally, the AL East is ready for a sea change.

Elsewhere in the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin goes ahead and says what Alex Anthopoulos wouldn’t, calling the Jays the odds-on favourite to win the division, at least, as far as things stood this morning. (On today’s Baseball Today podcast, Keith Law put them “right there with” Tampa, who he felt was the favourite.)

Speaking of, at (Insider Only), Law says Shane Victorino’s deal is “doomed to fail,” which is a sentiment I can get behind.

Eno Sarris of FanGraphs (and now the BBWAA!) examines the deal as well, and wonders if it suggests something about Jacoby Ellsbury’s future– and according to the rival executives whispering sweet nothings in Buster Olney’s ear, it does.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels informs us that his Jays top prospects list is very close to being released, and that he figures the system features three A-, one B+, two B, five B-, eight C+ and 21 C-grade prospects. Any guesses as to who slots where?

Behind the paywall at Baseball Prospectus, Brent S. Gambill goes through the anatomy of the Jays’ massive trade… of 1990, in which they netted Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar.

Lastly, the Winter Meetings coverage at Getting Blanked continues to be spot on, with Drew diving into Goose Gossage’s opinions, Scott going ROFLsauce on the Pirates, and Parkes heaping scorn on Dave Perkins for his recent Hall of Fame column in the Toronto Star.

Comments (13)

  1. D’arnaud, Sanchez, Syndergaard for A-?

    • Stroman as the B+ with Osuna and D.J Davis as the B’s, Norris, Smoral, Jiminez, Cardona and Alford as the B- guys.

  2. Yunel close to being traded to Tampa.

  3. Friggin Escobar better not be a beast when we play the Rays.

  4. god i hate farrel

  5. Great pickup for the Rays. As much a dink Esco has been, there’s no denying his talent and potential. He could add several WAR to the Rays easily – definitely an upgrade over Reid Brignac and Eliot Johnson can be super utility

  6. How awesome does the Cabrera signing look in light of the Victorino/Pagan contracts? I liked it at the time but holy smokes. 3/39 for Victorino?

    The Rays are the biggest threat, without question. Yankees have 2014 reset in mind, no big additions.

    • Rays have great pitching no doubt. But without further moves they’re going to have a lot of trouble scoring runs. They’ve lost B.J. Upton and Keppinger off a team that could not score last year. Adding Escobar and Loney (as a replacement for Pena) is not going to be nearly enough. They are going to need at least two more bats before 90 wins are on the horizon.

    • Boston’s just trying to show the chowderheads they’re trying. The Napoli and Victorino contracts are both stupid, but also both short and as we well know they can paper over mistakes with $$$. Freakin’ Massholes…

  7. This is the best blog ever. I mean, look at that picture. I may be high but you are putting together some impressive work lately, Stoeten. #notsarcasm

  8. The fact he dyed his grey hair for his return to Boston really pisses me off for some reason.

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