There’s not a more to say about this one that you’ve already learned from the title, but… yeah. Per Wilner:

I know there’s all stuff about the Jays working in silence and nobody ever quite knowing what’s going on, but… there really doesn’t appear to be a whole hell of a lot happening here. I buy it.

The Rule Five is, of course, tomorrow. The Jays’ 40-man is full, so they won’t be acquiring anyone in it– as Anthopoulos has already said.

So… there’s that.

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  1. AA has a cell phone anyway.

  2. way to fucking ruin my day AA

  3. You know its been a shitty winter meetings for jays fans when your only acqisition is eli whiteside.

  4. AA likes to make deals when things simmer down. I am sure he has talked to everybody and will get back in TO and start going through his list and his charts and stuff.

    Big news that might come out of these Winter meetings could be the Upton trade out of Arizona, Greinke, Hamilton and maybe Swisher. Everything else is just filler.

  5. AA never bullshits. He is secretive not deceptive.

    • i don’t believe it because there is never nothing going on with that guy

    • And therein lies a huge difference. He wisely always says the truth. But he also knows it is not always wise to say the truth he knows.

      I appreciate that about him. Sometimes it is almost as if we are so unused to that straightness that we find it hard to believe. i.e. the Yu Darvish circus.

      • “…. He wisely always says the truth. But he also knows it is not always wise to say the truth he knows.”

        If JPR had said that his reputation might still be intact. Hell if he even understood that…..

  6. mid season moves are more fun anyways.

    this team has improved more than anyone could have hoped.

  7. Who’s the best free agent or trade target RH bat to platoon with Lind? We still need that guy.

  8. He already expected to not have depth signings until January when players can’t get 25 man roster spots.

    AA moved aggressively out of the gate and now he can just see what develops.

    I somewhat call bullshit on the winning and that brings free agents in etc. By the time you are good, you have no spots left or money to pay for these other guys that are now interested if you can get close to the dollars that they want. I guess it just allows you more ability over time to decide which guys you want to invest in. Oliver hasn’t even decided if he wants to come back to be part of this super exciting team.

    • it can help with bringing in guys like Melky. Youk will probably take the same route and sign short term with a contender. it might not help with Greinke or Hamilton, but those will almost certainly end up being awful contracts anyways

  9. Problems at the end of the season.
    New manager–solved
    Starting rotation–solved
    Is it perfect?–no
    Are other teams willing to give up their #1 or #2 SP?–yup but it ain’t gonna be cheap
    The Jays have potentially 4 players who may be starters in the all star game.
    4 switch hitters
    Upgrading on what you have is gonna get harder.
    You always are looking to improve but, with the exception of Lind,is anybody upset with how the team looks right now?

    • Other than Lind, and a little pitching depth…not at all. And really, those worries are miniscule.

    • Nicely put Radar. You know me, I am still concerned about starter depth but could live with an upgrade at the all-star break. As for Lind, I’m not worried about him at all especially if they end up using him correctly. Imo it won’t take long for him to take a seat vs LHP and that’s the majority of battle with him. I am looking at guys like Rasmus, Lawrie and Lind as getting fresh starts with the new manager and coaches.

      The beauty about the Lind situation is that the precedent of sending him down if he sucks has already been set. Furthermore, I think Cooper proved he could fill in nicely as DH last year at the major league level after having a lot of people shit on him for a couple of years. Sure I’ll admit the power isn’t ideal for the position, but an .824 OPS vs RHP isn’t anything to sneeze at either.

      • After crying myself to sleep for a few nights because Lind was still marring an otherwise wonderful team, I’m feeling better. IMO AA and Gibby have no intention of using him at all next year. Unless he rakes likes some kind of demon in spring training, which is not gonna happen, he starts the season in Buffalo. Agree with you about Cooper. He will be an average DH on a good offensive team. (Sure he’s an average DH. DH’s are remarkably crappy, actually — it’s one of the strange things about baseball.) Team need #1 is more pitching.

  10. yea i didnt expect a ton from the winter meetings

    i am sure AA’s really trying hard to downplay his disinterest in whatever has been offered which is good because he was pretty displeased with how much the Jays were being used as benchmarks and an avenue for rumour mongering last year

    seems this year the Indians and Mariners are “in” on everyone – similar teams to where TO was back a year ago, so it’s obvious that the lack of rumours is a reflection of both the Jays newfound stance as a playoff threat, having already made a big move with The Trade, and AA better deflecting and diffusing any trade speculations

    • not sure how true this is but it makes some sense. AA certainly keeps his cards close. IF the jays were in fact close to landing Dickey or Niese or whatever I doubt we would hear a peep from AA. What is he going to say? “Oh yeah, big trade on the horizon” only for it to fall apart

      • If the Greek is going to bring the Dickey to TO, its going to cost d’Arnaud +. JPA + Gose won’t do it.

        Personally, I would pass if the Mets insist on d’Arnaud.

        • Exactly homer bailey could be cheaper

        • Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi

          AA on potential moves: “If anything was to be done it would be well after the meetings, but we’re really not getting anywhere.”

          That just tells me the prices for everyone they’re looking at are sky high right now. Wouldn’t surprise me if prices come back to earth a little more in January.

        • yup JPA + d’Arnaud makes total sense, not that the mets will get anything close to those three

        • JPA and Gose should do it. But I’d hate to lose Gose.

          The Mets are staring at getting a supplemental draft pick for him in 12 months.

          Or worse. Regression To a point where they non-tender him.

          Extend him or trade him for the best offer, but do it now.

  11. Adam Lind quote gold:

    “… I have to use my head, and not be in the next half inning playing defence thinking, ‘Why wasn’t I smarter?’”

  12. AA has been pretty clear about his preference to deal from his office. The Winter Meetings get everyone all torqued up and it may be harder to find the kind of value AA is seeking. When some of the big FA dominos fall it’ll be easier to make a deal for another starter if that’s still on the agenda.

    I really believe players are going to want to come to Toronto and be a part of this renaissance. Maybe some vets on short term Yankees-style deals? Whatever happens, I’ve been at full chub since the Mathis Trade, and will be April 2nd even if no more roster moves are made. Playoffs!!1

    • AA stated on Prime Time Sports that more agents are saying their clients want to play in Toronto now

      Also Santos is ready right now but teir not letting him pitch. McGowan will be ready for Spring Training. Hutchison and Drabek will be back at All star break at the earliest

  13. Bob Elliot continues to bring up the jays are pursuing Dickey, check out the sun newspaper chat today. He is also one of the most respected writers in the city and is highly regarded for his accurate info.

    • Jays would be stupid to not be “in on” Dickey to some extent. He’s a CY Young winner with a $4 mill pay cheque. Deserving or not of the CY Young he’s a ridiculous asset next year.

      But what constitutes “in-on” someone?

      If AA calls the Mets every 3 hours to ask if they’re ready to take JPA straight up I don’t know if I’d call that “in”.

    • accurate info like when he said lind was going to boston for farrell?

      • Elliott says in that same tweetfest that Boston was interested in Lind at the time of the Farrell trade, and still interested until they acquired Napoli. Read it, that’s what he says — not that I understand it. Hell, I would have given them Farrell and Lind and a couple million $ rebate on Lind’s bloated salary just to get rid of him.

  14. I’ll be curious to look back in spring training to see what AA “could” have bought on the FA market for a $120 million payroll.

    Of course I know all FAs wouldn’t come to Toronto for equal dollars that they recieved from other teams this year…. But it will still be a neat comparison.

  15. Curious to see if a package of Arencibia, Drebek, and Sierra would be enough for Dickey.

  16. any ideas on the 25th man depth spot, reynolds, garret jones, etc…

  17. AA doesn’t like to bluff at the table. He much prefers online poker where he doesn’t have to show his poker face.

    Plus, you know, most of the top free agents are still available and teams will probably exhaust free agent options before giving up assets in trade.

    Still lots of time to upgrade the team, though it’s probably already a 90 – 95 win team so I can’t complain much.

    • that’s hilarious, just like anaheim was a 95 win team?

      • 89 wins, so pretty close to the 90 – 95 threshold above. That was with Pujols’ shitty start and VDub as a starter. I don’t think it’s that big a stretch to think they could have had 4 to 6 more wins.

  18. The keppinger deal shows what a stupid signing izturis was. kep had a monster year and iz had a shitty one and the diff is 1 mil? I would much rather have gone after kep who has much higher upside. there wasn’t any stampede for izturis, AA outbid himself.

    • Oh shut up. They’re practically the same player.

      • big mouth has to be one of the dumbest posters here

        i already broke down twice how they are exactly the same fucking player

        odds of kepp repeating his 2012 are slimmer than izturis rebounding

        diff also isn’t 1 mil, it’s 3 mil over 3 years, im pretty sure AA looks at things longer term not year by year

  19. AA has some stuff brewing. He’ll add in due course.

  20. Like AA is going to have a heart to heart with Mike fuckin Wilner.

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